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Factory Direct Denver Mattress

Factory Direct mattresses are mattresses coming directly to the customers without any agencies, wholesalers, retailers or distributors in between. This will ensure you will get quality products at a reasonable price. No additional costs of the middlemen are included here. The products offered in the factory direct category are explained in detail. Denver Mattress offers mattresses to its customers direct from the factory at a reasonable price.

Denver Mattress Company

There are around 20 products in the Denver Mattress category. The 10 top rated products are:

  • Denver Mattress Winter Park Plush Mattress Review –The Winter Park Plush by Denver Mattress features alternating zone coils that provide immense support. The coil count is 650 which is a good coil density. Top-quality foam is used in this mattress that improves the sleeping quality and provides comfort. The height of this mattress is 9.5 inches and uses EF Ecoblend technology.
  • Denver Mattress SilverCreek Firm Mattress – The SilverCreek Firm mattress by Denver Mattress has a height of 7.5 inches with a non-prorated warranty of 5 years. The quilt layer is made of damask ticking with one EF EcoBlend of half inch and acts as a natural rayon fire barrier. It has a coil count of 460 end offset coils.
  • Denver Mattress Telluride Plush Mattress Review – Denver Mattress Telluride Plush mattress is on sale now. It is known for its superior comfort levels and enhancing the sleeping experience. Telluride Plush Mattress puts your body into total rest with better pressure relieving comfort. It also provides a motionless support which does not disturb your sleep at the time of tossing and turning.
  • Denver Mattress Arapahoe Euro Top Mattress Review – The Arapahoe Euro Top mattress is also another mattress by the Denver Mattress which is on sale now. This also provides pressure relief sleep as it is made of high-quality foam. It is available at a reasonable price with 10 years warranty that is non-prorated.

The other products available under this category of Denver Mattresses are Doctor’s Choice Plush, Winter Park Firm, Doctor’s Choice Euro Top, Durango Firm, Steamboat Firm, Madison Euro Top, Doctor’s Choice Firm, Richmond Euro Top, Breckenridge HeveaPur Euro Top, Madison Plush, Breckenridge Visco Euro Top, iChoice Air Memory Foam, Summit Mattress, Aspen Plush and so on. To check all these various products, click on the following link:

Denver Mattress Green Choice Mattresses Review

  • Green Choice Carefree Mattress – The Green Choice mattress is specifically made for providing comfort to our back. The maker of the Green Choice Carefree by Denver Mattress is designed to provide the right spinal alignment for the user. It features ViscoElas technology that limits the motion transfer and increases comfort. It uses the HybridCore inner support system that easily conforms to your body contour and is also good for relieving pressure points. The quilt is made of double jacquard zip outer cover. It dept of the mattress is 9 inches and this mattress has a prorated warranty of 15 years.
  • Green Choice Bliss Mattress – Built on two technologies, ViscoElas and Hybrid Core, the Green Choice Bliss by Denver Mattress provides perfect comfort and support to the sleeper. It gives you a complete state of relaxation by relieving the depression spots and adjusting completely to the body contour. With less motion transfer, you can toss and turn comfortably as much as you want. This mattress provides superior comfortability as it is made of 2 memory foam layers, ViscoElas Memory Foam of 1 inch and ViscoElas Memory Foam of 3.5 inches of 3 lbs.
  • Green Choice Loveland Denver Mattress – Loveland Denver Mattress is another mattress from the Green Choice category that looks into the health aspects of the user too. It is equipped with Memory foam of 2 inches weighing 2.5 lbs and improves the quality of sleep. There are two support systems for the Loveland brand of Denver Mattresses. High density core foam of 5 inches and 1 inch of 2 lb. the quilt layers uses velour ticking and FR fiber wrap to make it more comfortable.

These mattresses are delivered in a roll, so unroll it and keep it open for about 4 to 5 hours before you sleep on it. Place an order for these products here:

Specialty Mattresses by Denver Mattress

Specialty mattresses are the ones that suits anywhere and everywhere. That is, apart from your bedrooms, you can place this mattress anywhere to sleep. It easily fits vehicles or your living room. The ultimate aim is to never deprive you of a peaceful sleep. With different specifications and price range, you will surely find one suitable for your needs at a reasonable price here. The Specialty Mattresses provided by the Denver Mattress are as follows:

  • Denver Winter Park Firm Bunk Bed Mattress
  • Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Waterbed Insert
  • Steamboat Firm Bunk Bed Mattress
  • Winter Park Sofa Sleeper
  • Truck Sleeper by Denver Mattress
  • Truck Sleeper Pro by Denver Mattress

Denver Winter Park Firm Bunk Bed Mattress Review

Winter Park Firm Bunk Bed Mattress is a one of the top rate Speciality mattresses by Denver Mattress. With a built-in hardwood foundation this mattress has 3 quilt layers, 2 comfort layers, and 2 support systems. The quilt layers are double knit ticking, EF Eco blend of a half inch and a natural rayon fire barrier. Density EF Foam of half an inch and 1.8 lb and fiber pad are the comfort layers. The support systems provide a coil density of 650 alternating zoned coils and a 14.5 gauge which is twice tempered steel.

Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Waterbed Insert

Another top rated product under the Specialty mattress category of Denver Mattress is the Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Waterbed Insert. It is a waterbed replacement mattress that has high-density foam, foam edge, and pressure response coils. It is available in 3 sizes, Super Single, Queen Insert and King Insert. The quilt layers have Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking with one density convoluted EF Foam of half an inch and 1.8 lb, one EF foam and a natural rayon fire barrier.
To place an order for any of these Specialty mattresses by Denver Mattress Company, click on the following link:

Doctors Choice Mattresses by Denver Mattress

Denver Mattresses’ Doctor’s Choice mattress is recommended by the doctors. It includes the supervision of doctors during the time of manufacture and so guarantees a healthy and quality sleep. Three mattresses are available in this category:

  • Doctor’s Choice Plush – The Doctor’s choice Plush uses a high-density foam mattress that serves the purpose of relieving the depression spots and pressures points. It gives a total relaxation state. There is 2 density convoluted EF Foam that is ¼ inches thick with 1.8 lbs. the Perfect Edge feature of this mattress by Denver Mattress gives a foam edge and ensures that you do not fall off the edges. It provides a full edge to edge sleeping surface. The coil density of this mattress is 750 and there are special pressure response zoned coils.
  • Doctor’s Choice Euro Top – The features of the Doctor’s Choice Euro Top are High-Density Foam, Spring Training and The Perfect Edge. It provides complete support to the health and comfort while sleeping. The quilt layers of this mattress have Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking with one density convoluted EF foam that is half inches size of 1.8 lb weight. There is also an EF foam for the quilt with natural rayon fire barrier. There is 15 years non-prorated warranty for this mattress.
  • Doctor’s Choice Firm – The Doctor’s Choice Firm mattress by Denver Mattress is a product available at a reasonable price without any compromise on the quality. it also makes sure that your sleep experience is the best and supports your back. With the high-density foam, a perfect foam edge and pressure response coils, this mattress provides for ease to move around on the mattress and relieves pressure spots.

Compares the features, specifications and price ranges of these three mattresses here:

Denver Mattresses iChoice Mattresses

the iChoice mattresses are unique for its two personalized features. iChoice Air and iChoice Latex iChoice Air gives you adjustable air support system with just a touch of a button. iChoice latex is a sleep system that uses latex which benefits breathable material and durability. Using latex for a mattress ensures that no heat is withheld inside and cool surface is provided. The iChoice mattress has body conforming memory foam of 3 inches.

  • iChoice Air Memory Foam – The iChoice Air Memory Foam has a 3-inch memory foam that is of weight 3 lb. the quilt layers has a luxury stretch knit with density EF Foam of 2 inches and weigh 1.5 lb and a natural rayon fire barrier. Tri-Zone air chamber and Whisper quiet air pump are the support systems of this mattress.
  • iChoice Air HeveaPUR™ – The iChoice Air HeveaPur mattress has a foam topper of 3 inches 14 ILD which is a complete natural HeveaPur. The quilt layers have a luxury stretch knit with density EF Foam that is of 2 inches and 1.5 lb weight and a natural rayon fire barrier. The support system of this mattress by Denver Mattress is the Tri-Zone Chamber that comes with 2 remotes. There is a whisper-quiet air pump too.
  • iChoice HeveaPUR™ – The iChoice HeveaPur mattress by Denver Mattress also uses pure natural HeveaPur foam with a support system of HeaveaPur core and a high resilient EF Foam that is 3 inches with 1.8 lb weight. There is a 15-year non-prorated warranty for this product.
  • iChoice HeveaPUR™ Memory Foam – A memory foam version of the iChoice mattress is the iChocie HeveaPur memory foam mattress by Denver Mattress Company. It features a 3 inches 3 lb memory foam, high resilient EF foam, ILD that is 100% natural HeaveaPur and a stretch knit ticking quilt.

These products are available for purchase at the, click here to place an order right away:

Partner Brands of Denver Mattress – A Review

Another type of distributing provided by the Denver Mattress is through the Partner Brands. There are 5 products in this category.

Denver Mattress Beautyrest

Beautyrest by Denver Mattress uses the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology which provides immense comfort and improves your sleeping experience. These are the durable mattress and uses high-quality memory foam layer in it that provides total relaxation. There are 18 products in this category. The top-rated Beautyrest Denver Mattress are:

  • Evie Luxury Firm Box Top – This Beautyrest by Denver Mattress has a finish of model yarn with a phase-change material that does not disturb your sleep by maintaining an ideal sleeping temperature. There is a Sleep Climate Surface Technology used for dissipating the body heat and giving a cool surface for sleeping. With the Advanced Pocketed Coil technology, it easily adjusts to your body contour and relieves the pressure spots.
  • Katherina Extra Firm Mattress – The Katherina Extra Firm Mattress is based on a memory foam that is air cool and maintains the right sleeping temperature. It also features the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology that conforms to the body contour. It is compatible with Renew Powerbase and Renew Powerbase Plus and has a warranty of 10 years. The depth of the mattress is 12 inches.
  • Alexia Extra Firm – Alexia Extra Firm uses a luxurious fabric for its make and has a phase-change material that not only maintains a cool sleeping temperature but also provides a comfortable sleeping experience. It uses the technology of Sleep Climate Surface and Advanced Pocketed Coil which dissipates the heat from the mattress surface and easily conforms to the body contour. There is a Dynamic Response Memory Foam used in this Beautyrest mattress by Denver Mattresses.

View the other high rated product of Beautyrest Denver Mattress here:

Denver Mattresses’ Serta Mattresses

Serta by Denver Mattress uses iComfort and iSeries sleep systems with the latest make of gel memory foam and provides an excellent mattress for improving the quality of sleep. some of the top rated mattresses of the Serta by Denver Mattress is:

  • iSeries® Vantage Firm – This series by the Serta Denver Mattress uses the gel memory foam which dissipates the heat and keeps the surface cool. It also uses the Cool Action Dual Effects to increases these effects. It follows the Coil-in-Coil Support system which provides the body with both cradling comfort and deep postural support. The height of the mattress is 12 inches and it has a limited warranty of 10 years.
  • Acumen™ Plush – There are three comfort layers here, EverCool Gfx Memory Foam, Serta Pillow soft Foam and Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam. All these foams combined give a luxurious sleeping experience to the uses. There are pods which are gel-activated support and cool the surface. It has a firmer edge seating too. The support system has a ComfortLast Foam Core and Ultimate Edge support. There is a warranty for 10 years.
  • Reinvention™ – This mattress by Serta Denver Mattress has four comfort layers. They are the EverCool Gfx memory foam, Serta Pillowsoft foam, Cool Reaction Slow Recovery Latex foam and Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam. All these foams together provide extra support and comfort. Gel activated support is given to the pods. The support system has a ComfortLast Foam Core with Ultimate Edge support. This mattress too has a warranty of 10 years.

View the other 15 products of Serta by Denver Mattress here:

Denver Mattress Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic by Denver Mattress is a custom fit mattress that promotes better sleeping patterns. You do not have to worry about your sleep getting disturbed when you toss and turn often and with the Tempur-Pedic, by Denver Mattress you will not even know it. These mattresses are also known for its pressure management and help in relieving the pressure points. It is also good for back pains, arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.

  • TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze by Tempur-Pedic – The Tempur Cloud Tempur-Pedic by Denver Mattress gives that extra soft effect on the sleeper and easily conforms to your body structure. It gives you total relaxation by supporting and aligning with your body.
  • TEMPUR-Contour Allura™ Mattress – The Tempur Contour Allura Tempur-Pedic by Denver Mattress perfectly contours to your body, just like the name suggests. It gives a customized fit. The height of the mattress is 13.5 inches and has a warranty of 10 years. There is a blend of silk or bamboo cover with contracting microsuede sides. There is a non-skid bottom that makes sure the mattress stays put. It can resist allergens and dust-mite and unlike other mattresses, there is no built up of such pollutants.
  • TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze Mattress – The Tempur Cloud uses the Tumpur Breeze three-stage process for its manufacture. It first uses the Tempur-Breeze cover, Tempur-Breeze Comfort layer and the Tempur-Climate support layer. There is a dual support base that supports these Tempur layers and provides for a better air circulation. This too is hypoallergenic.

To place an order for any of these mattresses and to view the other mattress in the Tempur-Pedic by Denver Mattress series, click on the following link:

Denver Mattress Sealy Mattresses

The Sealy by Denver Mattress gives a unique experience of sleeping. There is Opticool Gel Memory Foam that provides an optimum temperature range for better sleep and Posturepedic experience.

The Sealy by Denver Mattress features a cooling gel foam that keeps the surface cool and dissipates heat. Isofresh is infused as a scent guard in these mattresses to get rid of the foam odors. It absorbs motion and provides for a flexible sleeping pattern. There is full replacement limited warranty for the products of the Denver Mattress Sealy for 10 years. Apart from the OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, the other foams used are OptiSense Memory Foam and Gel OptiCore.

Mattresses of different dimensions and memory foams are available with the Denver Mattresses’  Sealy Mattress. In some, the OptiCool Gel Memory Foam is fused with Outlast Gold. This is very effective for removing the excessive heat and keeping the surface area cool. All these features together provide a deep down support and improve the sleeping environment and sleeping patterns of an individual.

The Denver Mattress’s Sealy also provides relief to pressure spots and depression points giving you a total mental relaxation too. You can wake up fresh and energized the next day and maintain your energy levels all day long.

The different types of Sealy by Denver Mattress are:

  • Inspiration Gold Plush
  • Radiance Gold Cushion Firm
  • Cobalt Firm
  • Copper Plush
  • Copper Cushion Firm
  • Silver Plush
  • Gold Ultra Plush

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