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Crave Mattress
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Crave Mattress Review

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She knew how to build a great mattress from the inside out, learned the tactics and high markups of other reputed retailers and decided to make a better bed at a much lower price and sell directly to the consumer. After months of research and development, she perfected a comfortable, cost-effective and compressed foam as well as a hybrid innerspring mattress, giving consumers a choice to sleep on foam or innerspring mattresses. Keep reading to know everything about Crave Mattresses.Over 90 years of combined mattress experience in manufacturing, designing, and engineering, Crave Mattress has more than just a comfortable mattress. Unlike other overpriced, low-quality mattresses, Crave’s expertise and knowledge can produce both foams based and innerspring mattress. The company believes the consumer deserves options and one mattress does not fit all. Hence, now you have a choice to buy the very best, most affordable mattresses on the market and get the best night’s sleep.

Crave’s bio-based foam mattresses are designed to offer excellent back support by conforming to your body shape. Their memory foam is breathable and will keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. The layer of convoluted (egg crate) latex is entirely hypoallergenic and provides better airflow. Also, the latex layer ensures to provide support where you need the most. In combination, this mattress design provides the ultimate sleep comfort.

Crave is proud to be the only manufacturer of an innerspring memory foam mattress that ships to your home conveniently compressed in a box.

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Crave Mattress Reviews

Customer reviews for Crave mattresses are amazingly positive. People say it has excellent quality and provides terrific comfort. Moreover, this great product is easy to set up. Just open the box, open the bag, and you have a full-size mattress in minutes. People also really appreciate its price for the quality.

  • Hailey was surprised to receive a comfortable, supportive bed delivered in a box at her doorstep. The Crave plush innerspring exceeded her expectations. She says its soft, supportive, eco-friendly, convenient and superior to any of her other mattresses.
  • Elizabeth got the 12 inches innerspring and felt like sleeping in the clouds.
  • Harry bought the 12″ luxury plush mattress which arrived within four days. He says this is his dream bed as being a side sleeper. This mattress isn’t too soft and cradles him right.
  • Miranda tried both the foam and the innerspring Crave mattress. She couldn’t believe how soft the foam mattress was, but innerspring is also unbeatable.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

Why To Choose Crave Mattress? Crave Mattress Reviews

With several features included these mattresses will become your first choice –

  • Superior materials – They contain cooling memory foam, zoned latex and pocketed coils inner materials
  • Multiple choices – Crave believes that one mattress does not fit all, hence, choose an innerspring or foam based mattress
  • Technology + design – No mattress leaves the manufacturing facility until rigorous testing performed to give the perfect sleep
  • Eco-friendly Material – It contains soy based foams and no harmful chemicals, contributing to a small carbon footprint.
  • Affordable – These beds give unbelievable value by eliminating the middleman and no retail stores while saving dollars.
  • Lifespan – Backed by 10-year lifespan
  • Shipping – All Crave products ship free by FedEx. Shipping takes 1-5 working days depending on your location. Ships to the Continental US only
  • 100-day trial – All mattresses come with a 100-night sleep. It takes a little while to adjust to a new mattress, so the company allows you to sleep on your new bed for a few weeks and decide.
  • No-hassle returns – If you decide that the Crave mattress is not right for you, inform them, they will arrange to have your mattress donated to a local charity and issue a 100% refund for your mattress purchase.
  • Made in the USA – All components sourced from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

Crave Mattress Models & Specifications

With over 25 years experience in real mattress manufacturing, the Crave team offers four mattresses design to suit everyone’s sleep needs. Two Mattresses are Hybrid Innerspring design, and another two are Firm Foam Mattresses.

  • Crave 12” Ultra Plush Hybrid Innerspring – This is the ultimate in plush – makes you feel like sleeping on a cloud. This mattress is best suitable for side sleepers or anyone who appreciates plush layers of memory foam and latex on top of resilient, individually wrapped coils.
  • Crave 10” Luxury Firm Hybrid Innerspring – If you like the feel of a luxury hotel bed, then this is the one for you. On a firmness scale where one is the firmest and ten the plushest, this bed scales at 7. It comes with individually wrapped springs for great support, topped with layers of better upholstery foam and memory foam for supreme comfort.
  • Crave 10” Luxury Firm Foam – On the firmness scale, this bed is somewhere in the middle. This mattress has all foam, including memory foam and a layer of latex on top for extra cushion and support. The Luxury Firm mattress is best for you if you like not too firm and not a too plush bed. This medium-firm mattress promotes a cool night’s sleep perfect for back sleepers.
  • Crave 9”Medium Firm Foam – If you like sleeping on a firm bed, then this Medium Firm mattress might be right for you. It has two comfortable layers of specially designed foam; Top layer for better comfort and a second layer of true support. It is an excellent mattress for stomach sleepers at a great value price.
  • Accessories – Apart from mattresses, Crave also offers accessories to support your slumber. Select comfortable foundation/ base starts from $210 or slim steel bed frame starts from $100.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

Crave Mattresses Product Features

Hybrid Innerspring and Foam Mattress Common Features

  • Comfort – Zoned Pressure point support, Latex, and memory foam and Increased air flow
  • Cooling – Quick responsive latex and memory foam reducing body heat buildup, convoluted latex layer eliminating retentive body heat
  • Eco- friendly – Oeka-tex certified, Certipur-US certified, hypoallergenic, 30% of the petrochemical-based ingredients replaced with a polyol made from soybeans.
  • Affordable – Free shipping and no hassle returns at no cost to you

Hybrid Innerspring Mattress Features

  • Responsive plush sleep surface
  • Pocketed coils system
  • Pressure relief
  • Open cell memory foam with individual fiber encased springs
  • Price range $500-950

Memory Foam Mattress Features

  • Conforming sleep surface
  • Resilient open cell technology
  • Pressure distribution
  • Open cell memory foam
  • Price range $450-900

Crave Mattresses – Layers

  • Soft and Stylish Cover – Heavyweight poly nylon blend is breathable and cool. Comes fully zippered for seamless comfort.
  • Egg crate latex top layer – It allows greater airflow and temperature regulation — three zones with middle third firmer for greater support.
  • Memory foam layer – relieves pressure and allows higher air flow for cooling and quick response for support without sinking in.
  • Individually wrapped coils – For no motion transfer and zoned for individualized comfort and pressure point support.
  • Polyfoam layer – Provides a solid base for the springs to rest on.
  • High-density foam base – For proper support and integrity.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

Crave Mattress Coupon

Crave mattresses are inexpensive in nature, and you will get a great deal on these beds with their special discount, coupon code. Equally, you can purchase them without any worries as they are purely made with the eco-friendly materials. Setup is easy and is definitely worth giving a try. Further, visit the site for more info.Crave Mattress – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my Crave mattress?

After you place your order, they will manufacture and ship your mattress from North Carolina in 1-3 working days. FedEx free delivery will take from 1-5 weekdays depending on your location in the Continental US. You will get a tracking number via email as soon as your order ships.

What are the Mattress Dimensions?

The following are the Dimension details –

  • Twin: 38” x 75.”
  • Twin XL (Extra Long): 38” x 80.”
  • Full (Double): 54” x 75.”
  • Queen: 60” x 80.”
  • King: 76” x 80.”
  • California King: 72” x 84.”

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

How much high are the Crave mattresses?

The different height of these beds is –

  • The Ultra Plush model is 12” High
  • The Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush models are 10” High
  • The Medium Firm model is 9” High

What is the perfect base for these mattresses?

Crave mattress is compatible with a platform bed, slatted bed base, box spring or foundation. Buy a new base if you have one that is not warped or sagging.

Can I use Crave mattress on an adjustable bed?

Yes, all Crave mattresses can comfortably lie on adjustable bases.

Do Crave Memory Foam mattresses sleep hot?

No, all memory foams beds are not made equal. Crave engineered their memory foam to be open cell, which reduces heat and allows increased airflow is keeping your mattress cool, fresh and dry.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

Crave Mattress Conclusion

The Crave mattress is an excellent choice for people who want a bed that will perfectly cradle your body. It provides excellent support and feels like a traditional innerspring mattress but with the advantage of extra cushioning on the top layer. If you are finding a softer innerspring mattress, then your search ends at Crave. Try a mattress from Crave today with absolutely no risk – no shipping costs, high-quality and low prices.

Visit the Official Crave mattress website at for full details and purchase

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