Buy CoutureSleep Mattress For Best Price

CoutureSleep mattresses are specially designed mattresses that offer you a lot more variety to choose from. There are types of memory foam mattresses in the varying thickness as well. It makes an ideal destination to see all varieties and evaluate to see which one is most suitable for you.

CoutureSleep 8 1/2 Inch Summer Gel Memory Foam Mattress – TwinXL
The CoutureSleep mattresses are a low cost that has a price starting from $256-660, depending on the model. You get the better deals on this mattress on Amazon.

The CoutureSleep mattresses are made using high-quality materials that helps you into a peaceful slumber and wake up with a refreshed body. The mattresses are certified, eco-friendly and come in a smart package (compressed and rolled) to reduce the troubles while shipping.

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You can refer to the for more details.

CoutureSleep Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

CoutureSleep mattresses have got an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. You can buy the mattress from Amazon as well as from CoutureSleep directly. The mattresses seem fairly priced, not at all expensive. It has free shipping and is available in different comforts.

The use of good quality memory foam and that too the infused foam makes the mattresses feel cooler than the normal memory foam.

The mattresses are definitely allergen free and safe for one and all. You have 7 models of CoutureSleep mattresses to choose from and choose the favorite comfort level as well.

The mattress is body contouring and is found durable. You can find mattresses from 8-12 inches in thickness.

Best Mattress Models from CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep mattresses have got 7 models of mattresses. They are,

  • Harmony Mattress
  • Pasture Mattress
  • Summer Mattress
  • Haven Mattress
  • Renew Mattress
  • Tranquil Mattress
  • Meadow Mattress

As you can see the mattresses are all made of memory foam and a few of them have the Gel infusion to keep the mattress cooler. All these models are available in all the sizes. The mattresses have multiple layers and a strong base to support. The 2 most popular models are

  • CoutureSleep 8 ½ Inch Summer Gel memory foam mattress- Cal King: The mattress has a ¼” of Super Soft foam at the top, followed by 7/8” of memory foam quilt top. The inner layers start with 2 inches of Advanced Gel technology memory foam and high density support foam that makes up for the rest of the 5 3/8” of the mattress. The total thickness is 8.5 inches. This model is available in twin, twin XL, full, and queen and king sizes also. The dimensions of this model are 72 x 84 inches. The comfort level is medium firm.
  • CoutureSleep 10 Inch Renew Memory foam mattress- Queen: This is a simple model for a comfortable mattress. There are only 2 layers of foam inside. The top layer is 3 inches of standard visco elastic memory foam with a standard density. The base foam is 7 inches of moderate density support foam. These layers are covered inside an attractive and removable Velcro cover with a border. The dimensions are 60 x 80 inches. The other sizes available are twin, twin XL, full, king and Cal King.

You can find the CoutureSleep Mattress in all the 6 sizes. The mattresses are all made to fit on standard foundations. The mattresses are in varying thicknesses between 8 – 12 inches.

  • Twin – 38 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches
  • Full – 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen – 60 x 80 inches
  • King – 76 x 80 inches
  • Cal King – 72 x 84 inches

CoutureSleep Mattress Specifications

CoutureSleep mattresses have multiple layers, at least 3 in all of them. A very few models have 4 layers of foam in the mattress. The usual layers of foam in the CoutureSleep mattresses are

  • Visco memory foam that makes the top layer. This is soft t touch and makes you comfortable while lying down
  • The next layer is Advanced gel technology memory foam that is body contouring and makes a comfortable transition between the soft and harder layers. This is also the layer where the gel infusion happens. The gel infusion allows this mattress layer to dissipate heat faster and keep the mattress fell cooler and not generate too much heat
  • The base layer is always the high-density foam core. The thickness of this layer varies with the mattresses.
  • The mattress cover is embroidered and is embossed. It is allergen resistant and can keep the mites and bug off the bed. The mattress cover is not removable but is removable for some models.

The CoutureSleep mattresses have a 20-year limited warranty. It has faster and free shipping within the USA.

CoutureSleep Mattress Trial Period & Warranty

CoutureSleep mattress does not offer a trial period. You pay for the mattress and you end up using it, whether you like it or not. That doesn’t mean that you will not like it. The mattresses are comfortable enough that hardly needs any trial period or return later. Still, having a trial period would have been better for the sake of our mind, wasn’t it?

The CoutureSleep Mattress has a 20-years limited warranty. The warranty covers indentation of more than ¾ of an inch. The warranty coverage differs from the first 10 years and the next. You will get a replacement mattress in case of any kind of manufacturing defects.

In order to be eligible for this warranty, you need to register the same within 30 days with the CoutureSleep to make it valid.

You could contact the customer service at 1-866-300-4226 or send an email at

Discount Prices On CoutureSleep Mattress

The CoutureSleep mattress price starts from $300-660 at the manufacturer’s online store. The same mattresses are available at the Amazon at a discounted price. You could also find them in a few other stores as well.

  • Harmony Mattress-$480-940
  • Pasture Mattress- $320-700
  • Summer Mattress- $300-680
  • Haven Mattress – $660-1180
  • Renew Mattress- $380-860
  • Tranquil Mattress – $460-900
  • Meadow Mattress- $560-1140

It is hard to find coupon codes or promo codes to have further discounts on these mattresses. There is no financing either.

Independent Reviews On CoutureSleep Mattress

  • Iris- “I am totally amazed at this mattress. I was skeptical about this mattress but decided to go ahead with it. It took 2 hours to inflate. No more sweating, very comfortable and has a beautiful cover. It definitely looks like an expensive mattress.”
  • Doug- “Bought this as a bunk bed for my son. He loves it and is able to sleep longer. The mattress is a bit softer. Need to go for firmer of you prefer firm.”
  • Barbara- “The mattress had arrived in a box and was easy to carry upstairs. It is comfortable and suits to be a non-box spring bed.”
  • Tagban- “I am a heavier person and this mattress holds me up very well. This is most durable and works for my fiancé and me.”
  • Anonymous- “The wooden foundation works just fine. It needs more tools to assemble. It has pre-drilled holes, you just need to be careful to put the nails through. Once assembled and the cover is put on, this makes some fine foundation.”

Bad reviews of CoutureSleep Mattress

There are not many bad reviews about the CoutureSleep mattresses. Except for the few negative remarks about the wooden foundation that you can get from Amazon, there is hardly any complaint about the mattress. Just an offhand comment about the mattress being firmer than expected did come up. But that did not affect their general opinion about the quality.

  • Steve- “I expected better quality with the wooden foundation. The slats were cracked and the end pieces were not cut properly.”

CoutureSleep Mattress Comparison

The CoutureSleep mattress is compared with other mattress brands such as LUCID, Zinus, PrimaSleep etc. There are differences among many features. What makes this brand stand out is the price that is much lower than the other brands. The quality of the product and the fact that there are no complaints about the product makes it to the top. The only problem is that you cannot choose your desired comfort level for each mattress model. The comfort changes with the model, not within.

CoutureSleep Mattress Return Policy

CoutureSleep mattresses are non-returnable. Once you purchase the mattress, you cannot return it if you are not satisfied. The only possibility is to replace it in case there are any manufacturing defects; otherwise, it is simply a gamble.

CoutureSleep Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The company does the shipping and delivery of the CoutureSleep mattress directly. The shipping is done free of cost, no matter if you purchase it from the manufacturer or from Amazon.

The mattress is deflated, wrapped, rolled and packed inside small boxes for convenient shipping.

The delivery can take 1-2 weeks depending on the location of your stay. The mattress is shipped to all parts of USA.

CoutureSleep Mattress Setup & Installation

Mattress setup and installation are very easy.

  • Take out the packed mattress from the cardboard box.
  • Place it on the mattress foundation and unroll it.
  • Carefully remove the plastic wrap from the mattress.
  • Let the mattress inflate itself. It can take a few minutes or few minutes. The inflation is also dependent on the room temperature and how the mattress adjusts itself.

CoutureSleep Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

There are no complaints regarding the CoutureSleep mattress. Even the replacement mattress has got only positive reviews.

The complaint is only about the wooden foundation of the company. The quality of the wood, slats and the general processing of the wood is under question. Still, those who have got it right and are using it say that it is sturdy enough.

CoutureSleep Mattress BBB Business Profile

It is not listed as an accredited member under the BBB Business profile.

CoutureSleep Mattress Scam

There are no scams associated with CoutureSleep mattresses. They are comfortable and accepted good quality mattresses. Almost all the mattress sizes are popular and stay true to all the claims.

Are Bed bugs in CoutureSleep Mattress a Possibility

NO, there would be no bed bugs with the CoutureSleep mattress. The mattress uses anti-allergenic foam and bed cover that can resist the bed bugs and mites. You can stay assured that none of these parasites can bother you.

Is CoutureSleep Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

CoutureSleep mattresses are regarded as comfortable mattresses to sleep on. It has not caused back pain to any of the users thus far. At the same time, it is not explained if the mattress can reduce the pain either. Since there is no trial period and it is non-returnable, you will be taking a gamble with this mattress, unless you get the right kind of comfort for you back. The right comfort level can ease many of the pressure points.

The Couture Sleep mattress uses visco foam at the top for comfort, advanced memory foam for body contouring and good quality and dense base foam for support. Since it supports heavy weight effortlessly, it is likely that it reduces the pressure points as well.

Is CoutureSleep Mattress Non Toxic

Yes, the Couture Sleep mattress is non-toxic. The mattress has used only safer materials for the environment. It has no latex and causes no kind of allergy or irritations.

Are CoutureSleep Mattresses Any Good

CoutureSleep mattresses are made for all types of sleepers. The mattress is comfortable for everyone when they buy the right comfort level for the mattress. The mattress layers are of high quality.

The gel infused layer offers heat dissipation and keeps the mattress cooler and tolerable. The free shipping gives a nice touch as well. The mattress has been in use for many years and there are no complaints so far.

How is CoutureSleep Mattress Made

The CotureSleep mattresses are made in China and assembled in USA. There are multiple layers of the mattress in varying thicknesses. The base foam is sturdy and dense enough to support heavier weights as well.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the CoutureSleep Mattress

Dimension, height, depth, weight, the thickness of the CoutureSleep Mattresses

  • Dimensions: All the CoutureSleep mattresses are made to meet the standard dimensions for the mattresses. It can fit into any of the standard sized foundation or bed frame without problems.
  • Weight: The weight of the mattress is not clearly mentioned anywhere. The mattress could weigh much lesser as it comes deflated.

The thickness of the CoutureSleep mattress varies from model to model. Some mattresses have a quilted top while it is lacking in others. Overall, the thickness varies from 8-12 inches. The thickness of the various models is,

  • Harmony Mattress- 11” Gel memory foam mattress
  • Pasture Mattress- 8” Memory foam mattress
  • Summer Mattress- 8.5” Gel memory foam mattress
  • Haven Mattress – 12” Gel Memory foam mattress
  • Renew Mattress- 10” Memory foam mattress
  • Tranquil Mattress – “10.5” Gel Memory foam mattress
  • Meadow Mattress- 12” Memory foam mattress

Adjustable base For CoutureSleep Mattress

It is not mentioned if the CoutureSleep mattress is compatible with an adjustable base or not. The adjustable bases are not available from the manufacturers. Since the mattress is pure memory foam, you could use it for the adjustable bases. Anyways, please contact the customer care and ensure the compatibility before using them.

Mattress Pads by CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep Mattress Company does not make mattress pads that can go with these mattresses. All the mattresses are in a standard size so you can use the mattress pads by other brands as well. Using a mattress pad or protector does prolong the life of the mattress and protect it from accidents.

CoutureSleep Mattress Cover


CoutureSleep Mattress Topper

There are no mattress toppers from the Couture Sleep. You need to get them externally. There are no even the replaceable mattress covers. Some of the mattress models have a removable mattress cover that you can wash. But for the others, you have to find some other toppers or covers for its longevity.

CoutureSleep Mattress Bedding Accessories

The only bedding accessory from the CoutureSleep mattress manufacturer is the pillows. There are 4 varieties of pillows from Contour Sleep.

  • Visco contour memory foam pillow uses the solid molded memory foam that has contoured shape t support the neck. It relieves pressure. It has removable and washable cover. There are 2 sizes available- small and large. The dimensions are 12 x 20 inches and 15 x 24 inches respectively. The pillows weigh 1.3 and 4.2 lbs.
  • Viscollite memory foam pillow: This is a standard type pillow that is available in standard queen and jumbo sizes. The high-density memory foam is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and can resist dust mites as well. The dimensions are 15.7 x 24 x 5inches (2.3lbs) and 15.7 x 29 x 6 inches (3.3 lbs)
  • Viscotex gel memory foam pillow is a single sized pillow with a gel pad on the pillow surface. This reduces heat from the pillow and gives a softer feel. The pillow cover is removable and washable. The size of the pillow is 29 x 16 x 6.5 inches and weighs 3.3 lbs.
  • Faux Down pillow is also a single sized pillow with the dimensions of 30 x 20 x 7 inches with a weight of 2.2 lbs. this is traditionally shaped made of microgel fiber filled.

CoutureSleep Mattress Firmness Analysis

The firmness of the CoutureSleep mattress differs with the model type. Each model has only one type of firmness. Here is the firmness of each of the mattress models.

  • Harmony Mattress- medium
  • Pasture Mattress- medium firm
  • Summer Mattress- medium firm
  • Haven Mattress – medium plush
  • Renew Mattress- not mentioned
  • Tranquil Mattress – not mentioned
  • Meadow Mattress- not mentioned

CoutureSleep Mattress Frames & Foundation

CoutureSleep mattress foundation is available from the manufacturers as well as from Amazon. The foundation is wooden and comes in parts. You need to assemble them yourself with a few necessary tools. The assembling seems simple enough.

There have been complaints about the nuances of the wooden slats and planks. If everything goes right, you can assemble the foundation in no time. The foundation can hold weight and lasts long. There is also a cover that goes over the base, but that does not cover the bottom part. This is one complaint about the base that this lack of concealment lets the insects enter the making home.

The CoutureSleep Mattress Blog


The CoutureSleep Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

CoutureSleep mattresses are available only online. You cannot find them in any of the showrooms or stores.

CoutureSleep Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

The factory location and headquarters of the manufacturer are not mentioned at their official site. The factory is in USA.

CoutureSleep Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me


CoutureSleep Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

  • Customer services phone number is 1-866-300-4226.
  • The fax number is 1-866-300-4226
  • You can also send an email at

The customer service centre works from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on CoutureSleep Mattress

Unfortunately, there are n major deals and discounts running for the CoutureSleep mattresses. You will have to be satisfied with the discounted price on Amazon.

CoutureSleep Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

There is no delivery fee for the CoutureSleep mattress, foundation or for the pillows. All of these are done on standard shipping with free shipping within the USA.

The estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks depending on your location.

CoutureSleep Mattress Financing

CoutureSleep Mattress does not have financing option at the moment. You have to buy it for the whole amount at once.

Maintenance On CoutureSleep Mattress

A few models of the CoutureSleep mattresses have a removable mattress cover. You can slip the mattress cover off that opens with a zipper. You can wash them and put is on again.

For those mattresses that have no removable cover, you need to do the regular vacuuming and do spot cleaning whenever necessary. Use only a mild detergent and use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not let it soak the mattress.

Another tip for the mattress maintenance is to rotate the mattress from head to toe, every 3-4 months. This allows the mattress surface in use to regain its shape and does not succumb to too much indentation. The CoutureSleep mattresses are single sided mattresses that you cannot flip them.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to CoutureSleep Mattress

No one has complained about off-gassing from the CoutureSleep mattresses. The makers used only the eco-friendly memory foam that does not emit the chemicals. It was mentioned on their site but no details were provided as to the specifications of the memory foam used.

Odor & Smell in CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep mattress has only had a mild odor due to the packaging. Even that odor was soon gone with some aeration. Still, in comparison with the other memory foam mattresses, the CoutureSleep mattress has a lesser odor for sure.

Motion Transfer on a CoutureSleep Mattress

There are no particulars about the motion transfer on the CoutureSleep mattress. A few users did mention that there was not too much motion transfer on the mattress and that it was ideal for couples.

Sagging Problems in CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep mattresses do not yield to sagging or indentation. The mattress does not have an edge support that could have its effects on the side of the mattress. If you are using the edge of the mattress too often it is bound to show its effects. Otherwise, the mattress is safe from sagging as the memory foams used are resilient and can regain its shape sooner. Rotating the mattress regularly would also prevent this problem.

Brands That are Equivalent to CoutureSleep Mattress

Brands That Are Equivalent To CoutureSleep Mattress

CoutureSleep Prima Sleep Zinus Sleep Innovations
Type Memory foam, gel memory foam Memory foam, I-gel memory foam Memory foam, Gel memory foam , hybrid SureTemp memory foam
Thickness 8-12 inches 6-13 inches 5-14 inches 8-14 inches
Size All sizes All sizes All sizes All sizes
Shipping Free Free Free Free
Warranty 20 years 10-years 20-years
Price $200-660 $173-357 $97-279 $315-690

CoutureSleep Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

You can find a few videos and reviews of the CoutureSleep mattress as well as on the wooden foundation on YouTube.

The CoutureSleep Mattress Giveaway

Unfortunately, CoutureSleep mattresses are not in the giveaway category of mattresses. You can either get discounts as per the online stores or have them at the price of the manufacturer’s. There could be seasonal discounts that can get you better deals on these mattresses.

The CoutureSleep Mattress Lawsuit

So far, there are no lawsuits filed against the CoutureSleep mattresses. CoutureSleep mattresses are one of the most satisfied mattresses on the market. There are hardly any complaints if you can ignore the wooden foundation issues.


CoutureSleep mattress is a no-hassle mattress that offers comfort and refreshing sleep. The gel technology keeps the mattress cool. Add in the cooling pillows if you want, you get a ‘cool’ package for a good night’s sleep.