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CouchBed Memory Foam Mattress – Sofa Beds Compared

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  • Certipur US Certified material
  • Minimalist design
  • Extremely affordable
  • 10 years warranty
  • Free shipping

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As the name suggests, a Couch Bed is a couch cum bed that serves this dual purpose. It can stay as a Couch for the day and turns easily into a couch for the night. The couch uses memory foam for comfort and flexibility. It can give some good support as well.

The Couch Bed is ideal for small condos, men’s caves, kids, and anywhere space is scarce. It is sturdy, has ample seating and cool gel memory foam to keep you cool. Buy the Couch Bed from the makers, in 5 different colors to suit your interior. The prices are $399-499.

The mattress is comfortable to sleep on. I bought it for my son’s room for his friends’ sleepover. They are big guys over 6’ in height. It’s a great product and way better than air mattresses.

Couch Bed is decently priced when compared to futons. The transition from a futon to a mattress is easy. You can simply flip the back of the couch to make the bed.

I bought the twin-sized for my spare rooms. My nephews say that it is awesome. The only problem is that it is not as comfortable as a couch. The mattress is more suitable for small kids and light-weighted adults. Moreover, the platform which is available for the couch is not worth paying for.

Mattress Models 

The Couch Bed model has the backrest of the couch coming down to rest on the floor on the front side to make wider room for sleep. Once the couch is open, it makes a rectangle-shaped bed that has comfortable seams that stay hidden without noticing. The seams would not disturb you while sleeping. There are 5 color choices with the Couch Bed

  • Charcoal CouchBed
  • Limestone CouchBed
  • Blue CouchBed
  • Red CouchBed
  • Black Couchbed

Couch Bed Sizes 

Couch Bed is available in 2 sizes- twin and queen. The sizes allow a small couch and an averagely sized couch that comes out to make a twin and queen bed. The dimensions of each of the mattresses are

  • Twin mattress 10” x 38” x 75”
  • Twin Couch 20” x 29” x 75”
  • Queen mattress 10” x 60” x 80”
  • Queen couch 20” x 42” x 80”

 The weight of the Couch Bed is 47 lbs and 70 lbs for the twin and queen size respectively.

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Couch Bed Specifications

  • The Couch Bed, when unfolded or flipped, becomes a 10-inch thick mattress
  • The mattress has multiple layers inside.
  • The mattress is an all-memory foam variety that uses cool memory foam, comfort foam, and a support foam.
  • The mattress has a hinged cover that covers the mattress when it is laid flat and folds neatly to create a finished look couch.
  • The Couch Bed has a thick upholstered cover that comes in 5 different colors. The cover has a zipper to open and maintenance.

Discount Prices On Couch Bed

The Couch Bed twin size price is $399.99 which is available at a discounted price is $349.99.

The Couch Bed queen size price is $499.99. This larger size does not have a discounted price as of now.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Couch Bed

There are several Couch Bed coupons and promo codes available online. The coupons allow $50 off or other discounts. Find these from the websites like,,, etc.

Couch Bed Shipping & Delivery

Couch Bed has free shipping for all orders. The couch/mattress would be shipped the very next day if the order is placed before 3 pm from Monday-Friday EST.  the delivery would happen in 1-6 days. The shipment starts from either California or Arizona facility.

The Couch Bed warranty is 10-years against all manufacturing defects.

The return policy says that the return should happen within 30 days of purchase. The shipping arrangement is the customer’s responsibility. Once the couch reaches the factory premises, the refund process will be initiated.

Adjustable Base for Couch Beds

You can get the adjustable platform for suing with Couch Bed. As per the design, the Couch Bed is compatible to use on the floor. This adjustable base could be used instead of placing it on the floor. The adjustable base would be the size of the Couch Bed as when it is a couch. The same can expand to the sides to make space for the mattress form and support it well. The base is slated so that when sliding together it stays firm and flat to support the couch. The platform costs $299.99.

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Temperature Control memory Foam Pillow

There is also a pillow option that you can use with the Couch Bed. The Pillow is memory foam that uses gel infusion that helps regulate the temperature. The pillow has a soft cover that has visco-elastic foam for the filling. The memory foam has an infusion with Charcoal and Bamboo as well. This will help in deodorizing the pillow. The pillow has a 10-year warranty, free shipping and costs $99.99. The discounted price is $69.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couch Bed BBB Business Profile

Couch Bed has BBB accreditation and has got an A+ rating.

Couch Bed Customer Services Phone Number

The toll-free customer care number of Couch Bed is 800-683-1316.

Maintenance On Couch Bed

The Couch Bed is a piece of upholstered furniture. The maintenance tips say that you use a proper mattress protector over the couch when using it as a mattress to avoid any accidents. Otherwise, it needs the same care as any other couch.

Odor & Smell in Couch Bed

Couch Bed is completely safe from any odor or off-gassing issues as it uses memory foam that has CertiPUR-US certification. The memory foam used here is safe from all kinds of harmful chemical emissions.

Motion Transfer on a Couch Bed

There is no clear information about the motion transfer issue on the Couch Bed. Since this is not primarily meant as a mattress, motion transfer is only a minor issue. Moreover, only queen size is available for the use of partners if needed. If any, users have said that the mattress is comfortable enough.

Sagging Problems in Couch Bed

Being a couch cum bed, Couch Bed may not be widely in use as a mattress like the normal mattress. Sagging issues in Couch Bed is less likely.

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The Couch Bed which is a couch that converts into a mattress is one of the most useful and space-saving furniture. It does not take up much space which can easily turn into a mattress. You just need to flip the back of the couch. The 2 convenient sizes make it more palpable. It has got mostly positive reviews, but the platform does not have the same privilege. The pillows are comfortable and cooling in effect. The Couch Bed price is affordable, given the fact that it is a piece of 2-in-1 furniture. It can be a good investment.

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