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Cool Jams Cooling Pillows Review – Temperature Regulating Pillows

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Pillows are a necessity for comfortable sleep. It supports the neck and lets you have something soft under the head and neck. The problem with pillows is that they get hot quicker. It leaves you hot and sweaty, an uncomfortable scene in the middle of the night. The Cool-Jams cooling pillows would not let you end up wet or interfere with the sleep.

Buy the Cool-Jams cooling pillows for the best price

The Cool Jams cooling pillows and pillowcases allow you uninterrupted sleep with no heat issues. The pillows with the Outlast technology that are used by astronauts are now available for the common man. Though a necessary, the Cool-Jams cooling pillows are nothing short of a luxury that one needs to be treated with.

You can buy the Cool-Jams cooling pillows from the manufacturers for the best price. Go to the makers’ official site Cool-Jams to get these pillows, pillowcases, shams and their covers for discounted prices.

These cooling pillows are also available from a few other online stores as well. The Cool-Jams cooling pillows are NOT available on Amazon as of now, though you may find other Cool-Jams products there.

Cool-Jams cooling pillows specifications

  • Cool-Jams cooling pillows are suitable for those who get sweaty and hot at nights. These pillows allow them to sleep cooler.
  • The pillows use Outlast technology to regulate the temperature by absorbing the excess heat and release heat when the temperature drops.
  • These pillows are suitable to use with all kinds of changes that lead to temperature variations.
  • The pillows feel smooth and soft.
  • You may get suitable firmness for the pillows to suit the sleep position or style.
  • The key to the cooling effects of Cool-Jams cooling pillows is in the fabric that is used for covering the foam. The fabric can absorb excess heat and reduce the temperature on the surface.
  • The pillows are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and can wick the moisture away quickly.
  • There are Cool-Jams pillowcases that have the same effects as temperature regulation to have an extra layer for the cooling.

Cool-Jams cooling pillows models & sizesModels

The Cool-Jams cooling pillows are available in 3 models to add to the comfort of the user. They are available in soft, medium and firm ranges.

  • Soft: The soft pillows are for the stomach sleepers. This pillow is slightly higher than others. The pillow has more filling inside to place it between the knees for the spinal alignment.
  • Medium pillow has medium weight filling that supports the neck very well. This will suit better for back sleepers.
  • The firm pillow is for the side sleepers that keeps the body in a horizontal position through the night.


The Cool-Jams cooling pillows are available in 3 sizes- standard, queen, and king.

The standard size is 20” x 26”, queen- 20” x 30” and the king size is 20” x 36”. The standard pillow is the default size with no extra charges. The other sizes have extra charges of $7 and 15 for the queen and king respectively.

Cool-Jams cooling pillowcases

The Cool-Jams cooling pillowcases are of 2 types according to the fabric materials.

Cool wicking Rayon from bamboo pillowcase set

  • This pillowcase is silky smooth and hypoallergenic.
  • The natural bamboo material is antimicrobial and reduces bacterial growth on the pillowcase or the pillow. It is soft to touch and feel smooth.
  • This pillowcase is suitable for people with ailments like eczema and can regulate the temperature of the pillow effectively.
  • These pillowcases can be sued with all the standard pillows and stay slightly larger in size so that the pillow can slip in easily.
  • It is available in standard, queen and king sizes.

There are 10 color choices to suit the bed sheets. The available colors are butter, cayenne, champagne, ivory, mocha, platinum, sage, sky, white and indigo.

Temperature regulating pillow cover set of 2

  • These are 100% cotton fabric that can regulate the heat as well as reduce the moisture on the surface.
  • These pillowcases are made with Outlast technology to have temperature regulation on the surface.
  • This is perfect for those with hot flashes after menopause, various ailments, after the cancer treatment and for anyone who feels the heat during nights.
  • The pillowcases are available in 3 sizes. The pillowcases fit for all the standard sized pillows.

Cool-Jams cooling pillows standard sham set

The Cool-Jams cooling pillows standard sham set comes with 2 covers that are of the size 26” x20”. The sizes are slightly larger so that the pillows go in easily.

The fabric is rayon from bamboo that is soft and smooth. The fabric gets softer with each wash. The material is hypoallergenic and can resist bacterial growth as well.

Cool Rayon from bamboo quilted Euro Sham

The Euro Sham is 26” x 26” in size. The sham cover is quilted with piping on the edges. The outer layer is bamboo that makes it suitable for sensitive skin. The material resists all kinds of allergens and allows the sham to breathe. The sham is available individually and not in sets. The sham has poly filling inside and is non abrasive.

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Cool-Jams cooling pillows reviews

  • Lisa- “I slept for straight 7 hours on the first day with the cooling pillows. I ordered a medium and one firm pillow. It feels great and I have taken them with me for my travels as well.”
  • Anonymous- “The bamboo pillow cases stay cool and can absorb more moisture. It is soft to touch. Now, no more head sweating during nights”
  • Ginger- “I have been searching for the perfect cooler pillow for many months. This fits my needs. I can sleep better and stay cooler while sleeping.”
  • Jennifer- “The sham covers feel more like pillow covers. If you can combine the shams with the quilted shams it is more substantial.”
  • Sandi-“The bamboo pillowcase feels good on the hands and face. It washes up great. Definitely going to buy more!”
  • Anonymous- “The bamboo pillowcases saved my nights. I am a cancer survivor and was going through hot flashes and night sweats. Since these pillowcases, I am sleeping through the nights.”

Cool-Jams cooling pillows maintenance and washing instructions

The Cool-Jams cooling pillows are machine washable.

All the cooling pillow covers are better washed in warm water and use only the low tumble dry option. Do not use any harsh chemicals on them as it can damage the fabric and it may lose the cooling effects. Using dryer sheets or balls are also NOT advised.

Cool-Jams cooling pillows price and coupon codes

The Cool-Jams cooling pillows price ranges from $49-79. The discounted prices would be $39-73 as of now. There is also the Cool skin sleep mask that costs $13.95. There are no discounts of the Cool wicking rayon from bamboo standard sham set as well as for the quilted Euro sham that costs %59 and $49 respectively. The pillowcases come at discounted prices. There also are a few Cool-Jams coupon codes that might get you further discounts.


Cool-Jams cooling pillows are really cooling. Using the cooling pillowcases as well as the cooling bed sheets can get more effective results. There also are the cooling comforter cover, duvet cover and even the cooling sleepwear for men and women. Together they can make the hot sweaty summer nights into cooling ones. There would be no overheating, sweating or disturbed sleep. You can sleep through the nights if the reviews are to consider. These hypoallergenic fabric suits one and all to have a cool and safe sleep.

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