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Cool-Jams Electric Cooling Mattress Pads Reviews

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Sleeping hot? Then, these Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads are exactly what you need. These best cooling mattress pads offer you excellent temperature regulation which will give you the best sleep every night. This is our Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads review.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads User Reviews & Ratings

There aren’t many reviews available for Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads. While many review websites talk about these cooling pads, only a few testimonials are available online. You can also find a few reviews on the official website.

Based on the Cool-Jams Temperature Regulating Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews, the ratings are 5 out of 5.

People claim that the product keeps the body cool so that one can sleep peacefully (especially on hot summer nights). It also works in alleviating hot flashes during menopause that can be excruciating at night time.

Best Mattress Models from Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

There is only one model of cooling mattress pad that is available in different sizes.

Sleeping hot is one of the common issues seen by many sleepers. At times, the body can become hot. For instance, during menopause. Sometimes, it’s the mattress that overheats making the sleeper uncomfortable. If you are using a memory foam mattress, you will know what we mean. That’s because memory foam mattress tends to release heat.

These Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads are not electric cooling mattress pad. They come with natural fabric layers that absorb the body heat and keeps you cool. The exclusively formulated fabric regulates the body temperature and eliminates night sweats. The temperature regulating mattress will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.

The Cool-Jams fabric is made using specially designed polyester Microfiber that is engineered to make it look like soft cotton. It also has the features of cotton such as soft feel, ability to wick and dry the material. This is called the MST (Moisture Transference System) that uses fine long strand fibers. They are called filaments. These filaments are much firmer than the human hair and offer exceptional performance. They are twisted and interwoven in such a way that increases the speed of moisture absorption.

Here is the three-step process of how Cool-Jams work.

  • The body sweats and the moisture is transferred to the material from the skin to the outer layer of clothing.
  • The moisture is absorbed by the fabric and spreads over the surface area of mattress pad that is transported or disbursed.
  • This disbursement process allows the outer air to evaporate the moisture.

Once the sweat fades away, the body’s built up heat is evaporated with the assistance of the mattress pads. This will regulate the body temperature of the body. It also reduces the body temperature from dropping too low after the cool down period.

It also controls odor and prevents bacteria occurrence. The antibacterial properties give you impeccable performance that will enhance the longevity of the product. The manufacturer says that the cooling mattress pad will last six times more than the cotton fabric. It also maintains the color for a long time without fading easily.

The product is made in the USA and has received excellent reviews from users.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Cool-Jams Cooling mattress pads are available in all sizes.

  • Twin – 39” x 75.”
  • Twin XL – 39” x 80.”
  • Full – 54” x 75.”
  • Queen – 60” x 80.”
  • King – 78” x 80.”
  • California King – 72” x 84.”

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Cool-Jams Cooling mattress pads provide come with 30-days return policy. While the company states that they do not accept any used returns, the company is willing to bend the rule once they see that the returns are genuine. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the company whether to accept or reject the returns.

There is no warranty on this product.

Discount Prices On Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

Currently, the company does not offer any discounts on the price for Cool-Jams Cooling mattress pads. However, you can subscribe to the newsletters through which you can avail of any interesting offers and promo deals as and when released by the company.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

There are many online sites such as Groupon that offer discount coupon codes for Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads.

Buy Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

You can buy Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads either from the official website or from Amazon.

Independent Reviews On Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

Here are few of the independent reviews provided by Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads.

  • Lisa – I took the advice of other and got this mattress pad and bamboo sheets. I had the best night sleep. The first night I slept for like 7 hours straight without waking up sweating. Every night since then has been quite good. I have much more energy. The extra money will help. It is so worth it.”
  • Lori Ploetner – “The mattress pad helps in cooling my mattress and keep me cool through the night. I have a tempur-pedic mattress and also hot flashes. This mattress pad keeps me cool.”
  • Barbara – “I love these pads as it helps in keeping my daughter cool while she sleeps. She sleeps comfortably through the night. I recommend it to everyone.”

Bad reviews of Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

So far, there have not been any complaints of Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads. The product seems to be loved by many users worldwide.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Return Policy

The company offers a 30-day return policy. So if you are not happy in any way,  return the product and claim a refund.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Shipping & Delivery

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads charge a small amount of $8.95 flat rate to all US states. If you are ordering from Canada, they cost $19 based on the weight of the package.

You also have the option to choose “Free Ground Shipping US” option during checkout. The company will ship the cooling mattress pad anywhere in the contiguous US without charging a penny.

The company also ships worldwide. This means that you need to bear the additional shipping charges for this mattress pad.

If you require the mattress pad urgently, you can order via USPS Priority Mail that will cost you $9.95 per order.

USPS Priority Mail will take 2-3 days to get delivered to your doorstep. If you are ordering via standard shipping, it takes 3-10 days to have it delivered. For Canadians, the shipping delivery is 6-12 days.

For international shipping, the company has partnered with through which you can purchase Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Setup & Installation

Using the Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads is a breeze. Just uncover the package and affix it on the top of your mattress. Voilaa. You are ready to enjoy peaceful sleep with Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pad.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads BBB Business Profile

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads has not been registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Scam

Cool-Jams is not a scam website, and neither are their products. The company is 100% genuine and offers high-quality products to the consumers.

Are Bedbugs in Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads a Possibility

The fabric material of Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads come with antibacterial properties. While they protect the mattress to an extent, it also comes down to how you clean and cares for your mattress and mattress pads.

You can also use the Cool-Jams cooling mattress protector that will protect the mattress from dust mites, pet dander, spills, and stains.

Is Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Good For Back Pain Problems

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads work not only maintaining healthy body temperature but also in reducing back pain. It offers the right amount of firmness that will correct the spine alignment and reduces any back or joint pain.

Are Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Non-Toxic

No. Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads are non-toxic as they are made using 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiber. The company also uses 100% pure cotton that is safe on the skin and does not trigger any side effects. Cool-Jams mattresses are made using Outlast®-certified technology that is safe on the skin.

That said, you might notice a faint smell on when you first uncover the mattress. However, the fade dissipates within a couple of hours and are harmless.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Factory Location & Headquarters

The office of Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads is located in San Diego, California. However, proper address is not mentioned.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Dealers & retailers Near Me

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads is available online at the official website and can also be purchased from Amazon. They are not available at other sites such as Walmart, Costco, etc. You cannot find it in retail stores or any mattress showroom.

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Customer Services Phone Number

For any queries regarding the product, refund policy, you can contact the customer support at (888) 849-0013.

Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads Delivery Fee & Time

It all comes down to the shipping and delivery that you choose. If you prefer a standard free shipping option, it will take 3-10 business days to have your product delivered. Delivery fee is free, and the company charges only for the shipping.

Maintenance On Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

  • It is easy to care for your mattress pad.
  • As the product can be cleaned on the washing machine, just toss it in and use the gentle cycle.
  • Make sure to wash along with the bedding accessories to prevent other laundry color indulgence into your mattress pad.
  • Also, use low to medium dryer setting to dry the mattress pad.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads

Just like any other new product that comes straight from the manufacturing unit, there is bound to be a certain smell. However, so far, there are no reports of any such issues.

If at all, you notice such issues make sure to leave it under the open air for a few minutes for the smell to dissipate. There are no off-gassing issues as such.


Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads are an excellent choice that calls for a small investment than changing the whole mattress. If your bed is in excellent condition and all that is required is a minor change, then Cool-Jams Cooling Mattress Pads are best recommended. They not only upgrade your mattress to a whole new level but also speak comfort, support and induce peaceful sleep by keeping you cool. Enough said. BUY NOW and enjoy your sleep to the optimal.

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