Is Saatva  Mattress an Organic Mattress?

Comparing an Organic and Memory Foam Mattress

Saatva mattresses have been in the news lately for gaining very positive responses from customers and popularity within a short period of time. Now the question that many have asked is, ’is Saatva a completely organic mattress?’ The answer is NO, Saatva mattresses are not 100 percent organic, but they partially are. When a comparison is made between an organic mattress and a memory foam mattress, the main difference that is noted is that the organic mattresses are safe and eco-friendly, whereas memory foam mattresses are not. In this case, the difference does not exist, as it is eco-friendly as well as safe. Yes, it is true it too has memory foam in it, but the memory foam of bio-based type. And on top of this, the bio-based foam used in the Saatva mattress is a certified one. The cover of Saatva mattress is prepared using 100% organic cotton and the steel used for coils is of recycled type. The flame retardant is prepared using natural thistle. So, the safe and eco-friendly difference vanishes completely.

The second difference between memory foam mattress and organic mattresses are, memory foam mattresses are more comfortable than organic mattresses. This is true to some extent. It actually depends upon which type of organic mattress is for comparison. If it is a latex mattress with Saatva mattress comparison, then Saatva mattress definitely ranks way higher than latex mattresses. But if it is cashmere wool or organic cotton or horsetail upholstery then Saatva mattress and the organic mattress both will be somewhere in the same level.

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The next comparison feature is durability. In the term of durability both Saatva mattresses and other organic mattresses like latex mattresses, wool mattresses etc. all showcase more than average performance. Sagging is a part of mattress life, and at some point or the other, a mattress is definitely going to sag. But how long can a mattress withstand the sagging period determines the strength of the mattress. Saatva mattresses have been very strong and so are latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are considered to be highly durable.

Then comes the pressure relief feature. Saatva wins on this feature completely! Saatva is simply awesome at relieving pressure when compared to other organic mattresses. The Saatva mattress contouring property allows the body to relax completely without body stress. The pressure points wipes out completely with Saatva mattresses, that is the support and comfort they offer.

Saatva Mattress

Durability, comfort, pressure point relieving and the safety are the main points of comparison. There are many more factors like price, look etc. but such comparisons can be done only when the comparison is between two brands, here we have only one brand Saatva. But if we talk about looks and quality, then Saatva is an elegant lady that can comes to you at an affordable price. Saatva mattresses are considered “America’s best priced mattresses”. You can get a luxurious queen size mattress for just about $899.

Saatva mattresses though not 100% organic like other organic mattresses, are safe and are available at the lowest price.

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