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Yes, getting a right sleep mattress is not an easy task… But no worries anymore with Comfort Sleep beds available online. This Comfort Sleep Mattress is a sleep-promoting mattress, made with a cool sleeping surface. It helps at relieving the pressure points and offers a body contouring support to the users. Further, read out the honest reviews stated for these mattresses. Check out their user testimonials and other related details.

Update:Live and sleep mattress comes with 20 years warranty and free shipping. Also get an additional $150 off if you purchase now.

Comfort Sleep Mattress

Comfort Sleep Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There are 5/5 user reviews stated for these beds. This is a pressure relief, well-supported mattress giving a luxurious sleep experience to the user.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, these Comfort Sleep beds are available in single, double, king, queen, twin and California sizes. Just get into their website for more info.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Specifications

Comfort Sleep Palatial Medium Mattress – Luxury Hotel Collection

This is a top selling luxurious sleep beds which offer a good night’s sleep to the user. Equally, this natural, gel-infused latex memory foam beds have three comfort layers namely:

  • First comfort layer – This is a high count micro pocket unit needed for pressure relief and support.
  • Second layer – Features a medium density foam layer which aims at providing a firm lateral support to the users.
  • Third layer – Offers a cool, well-supported sleep experience with its gel-infused latex memory foam.
  • Uses thermosleep technology – The bed makes use of the thermo sleep technology which includes quiltec and coolex foam in its construction. This, in turn, helps in dissipating moisture, promotes air circulation and breathability.
  • Promotes cool and comfortable sleeping surface – This palatial medium bed features a woolmark blend knit fabric. It helps you stay warm and cool in the summers. Equally, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and dust mite.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress – The bed makes use of the Purotex probiotic mattress fabric that helps at promoting a healthy sleeping zone to the users. Besides, it defends the growth of harmful allergens, mould, bacteria etc.
  • Features contourtech pocket spring system – The contourtech 3 zone pocket spring system of these beds utilizes thicker coils and offers additional central support to the users.
  • Edge to edge support – Similarly, the manufacturer here uses an edge boost foam encasement for a long-lasting durability. This, in turn, helps you allow the full area of the mattress.

Comfort Sleep Chiro Posture Pocket Spring Plush Mattress

This is a finely crafted Australian mattress which offers a memorable comfort and excellent sleep support to the users. It features a premium high-density foam, responsive three zone pocket springs and comfortable fabrics. Besides, it satisfies air circulation and ventilation. This offers you a well-supported sleep experience every night of the year.

Comfort Sleep Penthouse Plush – Luxury Hotel Collection

This bed features an active response system needed to provide a perfect balance and comfort to the users. For a unique sleep experience it features 3 main layers namely:

  • First comfort layer – Includes natural latex + gel to offer you a cool, responsive sleep.
  • Second comfort layer – This layer is made of a hyper-soft, high-density coolex foam for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Third comfort layer – Made of medium density foam, for needed cushioning and lateral support.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Trial period – These beds come with a 100 night’s trial period. So you can easily try them for the comfort offered or return them in case you are unhappy with these beds.

Guarantee & Warranty – BedWorks offers a 2 year warranty period on their products. So, you can repair them for any defects in the materials added.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Comfort Sleep Mattress

BedWorks has plenty to offer to their customers. You can avail 10% discount on all purchases, $40 off on first purchase or initial subscription of their newsletter, 40% off on luxury mattresses, $2000 off on selected mattress collections, free shipping and 75% off on clearance items and much more.

Independent Reviews On Comfort Sleep Mattress

  • Ashley Kern says “The bed comes sealed and rolled very nicely. It was ready within 48 hours and my husband loves it  a lot.”
  • Sam says “Very nice mattress for the paid amount. Highly recommended!”
  • Sarah says “Super comfy… nothing much to exclaim.”
  • Rigo says “Great comfort all is what I can say.”
  • Ray Cuellar says “5 stars. Must purchase if you are not happy with your existing old mattress.”
Best for

A Luxury Feel



Bad reviews of Comfort Sleep Mattress

You will find no bad user reviews mentioned for this product.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Comparison

The site doesn’t specify much on brands equivalent to Comfort Sleep beds. Simply check out other sites for greater insights.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Return Policy

The manufacturer offers a 100 days return policy on their beds. Thus, you can return them anytime (if you are unhappy with these mattresses).

Comfort Sleep Mattress Shipping & Delivery

You couldn’t find much on shipping details. But the company offers free next day delivery on all their products. Further, refer the site for more.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Setup & Installation

Installing this mattress is quite easy. You can refer the setup video links or call their two-man delivery team for assembling your new bed.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there are no negative reviews or bad responses stated for these mattresses. Just check with the site for everything.

Comfort Sleep Mattress BBB Business Profile

Comfort Sleep beds are BBB accredited. It has received the A+ rating and there are plenty of positive reviews mentioned for these products.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Scam

No, the bed is not a scam! Comfort Sleep is a great, bouncy mattress available for a cheaper price tag.

Are Bed bugs in Comfort Sleep Mattress a Possibility

Hard to say! as bed bugs often get attracted to the mattresses. Hence, it’s suggested you check for some home remedies or look for some heat treatments to get rid of this bed bug infestation.

Is Comfort Sleep Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

A wrong mattress can worsen your back pain. But this is not the case with Comfort Sleep beds as it encourages a good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and provides a healthy, restful sleep for the users.

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A Luxury Feel



Is Comfort Sleep Mattress Non Toxic

The mattress is non-toxic in nature. It is free of harmful components like benzene, formaldehyde, and naphthalene. So, it is not linked to serious issues like cancer, obesity, and brain developed disorders.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Comfort Sleep Mattress

No particular information is stated on the thickness and dimension of these Comfort Sleep beds. Still, you can refer their official website for in-depth analysis.

Adjustable base For Comfort Sleep Mattress

Yes, Comfort Sleep Mattress works on all kinds of adjustable base frames. Equally, it helps you experience an ultimate individual comfort.

Mattress Pads by Comfort Sleep Mattress

Mattress pads prevent moistures from getting into the surface of your beds. Equally, it protects the bed from the wear and tear, prevents stains and helps your bed last longer. Hence, it’s recommended you get one for your Comfort Sleep bed also.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Cover/Topper

The cover of this mattress is excellent! as it’s breathable, dissipates moisture and aids a comfortable, cooling support to the users.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Bedding Accessories

You won’t find any Comfort Sleep bedding accessories available with Thus, it’s suggested you look into other top-selling websites for more understanding.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Firmness Analysis

When it comes to firmness, these beds offer a soft firmness and cushioning support to your hips and shoulder areas.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Frames & Foundation

Yes, Comfort Sleep beds work on all kinds of frames and foundation support. It provides an even surface and offers the needed comfort to the customers.

The Comfort Sleep Mattress Blog

For Comfort Sleep Mattress blog you can refer the link This could help you with interesting blogs on sleep patterns and related info.

The Comfort Sleep Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

You will find two – One is their Greenacre superstore and warehouse and the other one is the Stanmore showroom at Parramatta Rd Stanmore. Further, you can check for their opening timings and other relevant details.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

For Comfort Sleep beds doubts and queries you can contact their customer support team at 1800984903. Their working hours are from 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday).

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Comfort Sleep Mattress

With BedWorks Black Friday you can avail 10 to 20% off on all their mattresses, along with eye-catching deals. But, currently, there are no such offers with BedWorks. Further, visit out the site for everything.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Usually, it takes 5 to 7 days to deliver your orders at your doorstep. BedWorks offers next day delivery to customers in Sydney. All you need to correctly put the postcode details and check out the standard delivery options available with them.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Financing

At present, there are no financing options available on these Comfort Sleep beds by BedWorks. Hence, it’s suggested you check out the top-selling websites for everything.

Comfort Sleep Mattress in Stores

It’s hard to find these mattresses at local stores in your destination. Thus, it’s suggested you get them from the seller’s website for a cheap, affordable price tag.

Comfort Sleep Mattress Safety & Certifications

Nothing to worry on the quality of these beds as Comfort Sleep uses good quality materials that comply with the environmental standards. Thus, we can conclude it is safer for you and your environment.

Maintenance On Comfort Sleep Mattress

It’s quite easy to maintain this mattress. But, the site doesn’t produce much info on the care and maintenance of these beds. However, it’s suggested you look into the site for everything.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Comfort Sleep Mattress

Well, hard to say as off-gassing occurs due to the breakdown of volatile organic compounds in most of the mattresses. But, you can go for some proactive steps to get rid of this mattress smell.

Motion Transfer on a Comfort Sleep Mattress

These Comfort sleep beds reduce motion transfer across these beds and minimize partner disturbance. Overall, it helps at creating a customized support to you and your partner.

Sagging Problems in Comfort Sleep Mattress

This is not a saggy, lumpy mattress as it provides an even surface to the sleeper. Equally, it won’t lead to any unnecessary pressure on your muscle, joint areas and will let you stay calm (every night you sleep on them).

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Comfort Sleep Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For Comfort Sleep beds video ads and promos, you can refer the link This could help you with better insights on Comfort Sleep mattresses.

The Comfort Sleep Mattress Giveaway

Currently, there is no giveaway offers available with But you never lose hope, instead, keep checking their site or login with your email address for more info on upcoming deals and offers.

The Comfort Sleep Mattress Lawsuit

So far, there are no legal issues or criminal cases reported for these beds. However, the bed is good at promoting an individualized sleep experience to the user.


Hope this article could provide you with better insights on Comfort Sleep beds.  Buy them! as this is a sleep-promoting mattress with more than 80% customer satisfaction. You will never regret its purchase.

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