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It was later improvised with the introduction of gel infused memory foam layers. The main motto was to reduce the heat accumulation on the memory foam. The gel helped in heat dissipation and let the person sleep on a cooler environment. The comfort gel memory foam mattresses by Gel Infused Memory Foam, offers mattresses having different thicknesses. The thickness is determined, by the various memory foam layers that are added to the mattresses.


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Types Of Memory Foam Used In These Mattresses

Gel infused memory foam

Gel memory foam has the gel medium added when the memory foam is made. The gel helps in eliminating the heat coming from the sleeping body. There also are other benefits of having this gel. The gel infusion makes the memory foam resistant to microbes. It also helps reduce the motion transfer on the surface. The best advantage is that it can effectively reduce the pressure points far better than the normal memory foam. The pains, aches etc formed due to the wrong posture would not affect if there is the gel infused memory foam layer.

The gel infused layer can keep up the body conformity and can even better it. It can mold to the body and adjust itself with the weight that is falling over it. One last is that the gel infused layer can be a bit firmer than normal memory foam but that doesn’t affect much. Because, the gel infused memory foam layer is used as thinner layers, in comparison.


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Convoluted Foam

Convoluted foam is similar to that of egg crates. It has lots of highs and lows. The convoluted foam is most often used inside the mattress between the top and bottom layers. This layer is softer but not hard enough. It helps in the smooth transition from the soft to firm layers.

This convoluted foam has lost of air spaces, as we call it that allows the air to pass through. A mattress should be breathable material that helps reduce the accumulation of toxins and stale air within it.

People have concern about how it works. Here with the Gel Infused Memory Foam mattresses, these convoluted foam is placed face down where the open areas of the foam is facing down. The base foam of the mattresses here also have air channels. Since the open areas of the base foam and the convoluted foam are facing each other, the air flow is uninterrupted and smooth.

This way the mattress is breathable and each foam layer serves its purpose completely and efficiently.


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Base Foam

The base foam used here is the channel vented HD 3 zone base foam. The foam is made divided into 3 zones. The base foam has many perforations to allow the air flow. When the foam is zones, the size of these perforations differs. The difference in the size and their placement allows the area to be softer or harder. Moreover, these mattresses here also have channels on the base foam that ensures the air to flow without hindrances.

Top 4 Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattresses

Comfort Gel 8 inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress size Twin XL

This twin XL Comfort Gel memory foam mattress has only 2 layers of foam. The upper layer is the 2 inch thick gel infused memory foam layer and the lower high performance base foam. The upper layer is channeled and has zones. The mattress can neutralize the surface temperature. The mattress can contour to the body and extend enough support as well.

The popular size of this type of mattress is the twin XL. The other sizes available are twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Comfort Gel 10 inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress size Cal King

The 10 inch Comfort gel mattress has got 3 layers. The upper layer is the gel infused memory foam; middle layer is convoluted foam and the base foam at the bottom. All of these foam layers have channels for air circulation. The upper and lower layers are zoned to give ample support to the body according to their weight.

The upper layer is 3 inches in thickness, middle layer is just 1 inch, and the base foam is 6 inches in thickness. The top layer keep the heat away and the middle layer makes the transition smoother.

The popular size is the Cal King size and the other sizes are twin XL, full, queen and king. Do be aware that these mattresses are NOT the cheaper mattresses. They are a bit high priced for the memory foam mattresses.


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Comfort Gel 12 inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress size Cal King

This is a softer mattress with the comfort level towards the softer side. This mattress uses 4 different foam layers. The upper layer is as usual the gel infused memory foam, the second layer is the convoluted foam, third is the HD foam and the bottom most is the 3 zone base foam. The thickness of these layers is 3 inches, 1 inch, 2 inches, and 6 inches respectively.

The softness and support of this mattress are complemented by the poly cotton blend fabric for the covering material. The mattress is no less than a luxury mattress and quite liked by all, especially the couples. Evidence is in the popular size- California king. Other sizes are also available for this type of mattress.

Comfort Gel 13 inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Size Cal King

This mattress has an amusing arrangement of the foams. The top most layer is the softest memory foam layer with a density of 7 pounds. The thickness of this layer is 1 inches only. The second layer is the comfort gel memory foam which is 3 inches in thickness. The third layer is the 1 inch thick memory foam with a density of 5 pounds. The base foam is 8 inches in thickness made of vented 3 zone base foam.

Here only the comfort gel foam and the base foam are channeled for air circulation. The other 2 layers are for softness at the top and a better transition in the middle. The mattress can still contour to the body and provide support from the base.

The available sizes are twin XL, queen, king, and California king. The largest size is the most popular of all.


The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that the memory foam mattresses are ultimately memory foam mattresses. It is all in the type of foam used and the arrangement of these foam layers that makes the difference. In that regard, do know that the mattresses mentioned here are comforting and luxurious as well. Moreover, the mattresses are all eligible for the 25 years warranty period extended by the manufacturers.