Buy CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for the best price

A cozy blanket could make the difference in the sleep quality. The CMFRT Weighted Blanket works on the ‘deep pressure touch stimulation’ method that improves sleep and can reduce the stress level. It has been proven scientifically for aiding in sleep. The CMFRT Weighted Blanket is made with a unique silica blend to be safer and more comfortable to the user.

CMFRT Weighted Blanket

The CMFRT Weighted Blanket is available at the manufacturer’s official website You will get the CMFRT Weighted Blanket in Amazon as well. You will have options with the weight of the blanket to suit your need. The CMFRT Weighted Blanket price ranges from $89-189 depending on the size and weight of the blanket.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket specifications

  • The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket hugs you well to provide the snug and comfort feel.
  • It helps reduce stress and promote sleep and calmness to the mind.
  • It has been effective for reducing anxiety, improving attention span and productivity
  • The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket uses minky microfiber, cotton, and silica beads to get the right effects
  • One side of the blanket is minky microfiber material while the other side is 100% cotton and the blanket is inside this. The blanket comes with the cover over it and is ready to use.
  • The blankets have a removable cover with zipper lock for maintenance and cleaning
  • The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket is available in 3 sizes for adults, teens, and children
  • The weighted blanket needs to be 10% of the total body weight of the user for the best results. The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket is available for different weight capacities.
  • The blanket cover is available in a color combination of gray and blue or gray and sea green. The sea green option is exclusive at Amazon.

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CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket models size and dimensions

There is only a single model for the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blankets. The blankets vary in only their size. There are three size options.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for Adults

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for adults measures 60” x 80” in size that fits perfectly for a queen bed. The adult size blankets are available in 3 weight options

  • 16 lbs for individuals up to 150 pounds
  • 20 lbs weighted blanket with a duvet cover for individuals of 180 lbs
  • 25 lbs weighted blanket for individuals of 230 lbs or above

The weighted blanket should be 10% of the total body weight of the individual to choose the correct size for the best effects.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for teens

The teen size weighted blanket is 48” x 78” in size. It is enough to cover their body entirely and generously to feel the weight on them.

The teen size blanket has only one option- 12 lbs weighted blanket that is enough for all who are up to 110 kg in weight. The color option is blue-gray and sea green-gray.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for children

The child-size CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket is 41” x 56” in size. It would easily cover the child generously. There are two options for the blanket weight.

  • 5 lb weighted blanket set for those who are 40 lbs in weight
  • 7 lb weighted blanket for those who are 60 lbs in weight

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket duvet cover for children

There is a duvet cover available separately for the child-size blankets. Children could have occasional ‘accidents.’ So you may have an extra duvet cover for the emergency use.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket weight chart

The weight chart shows the convenient weight for the blanket for each body weight group.

5 lbs 40-60 lbs
7 lbs 60-90 lbs
12 pounds 90-140 lbs
16 lbs 140-180 lbs
20 lbs 180-220 lbs
25 lbs 220-280 lbs

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket reviews

  • Grace-“ I have restless legs, sleep apnea, and back pain. My sleep was always disturbed. Ever since the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket, I have been sleeping better. The first night I woke up only once and gradually was able to sleep through the night.”
  • Albert- “I have used weighted blankets from other brands as well. This one is highly comfortable, durable and well made. I am happy with the purchase and will be using it for a while.”
  • Marge- “I bought this because of the removable and washable cover. I take the cover off and put it in the washing machine. It is effortless!”
  • Jim- I bought this blanket for my anxiety and panic disorders. This is a terrific option. I liked the idea of getting the blanket and the cover together. I highly recommend this to everyone.”
  • Joseline- My friend recommended having weighted blankets for my sleep issues. This one is great. It is very comfortable, and I didn’t feel too hot as I thought I would feel.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket price & discount sales

  • The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for adults price start from $249.99-279.99 which is currently on sale that has the prices slashed too, $169.99-189.99.
  • CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for teens is on sale at $159.99 from the actual price of $235.99.
  • The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket for children is priced at $119.99 or 129.99 which are on sale at the price of $89.99 and 99.99 respectively.
  • The CMFRT Cozy duvet cover for children costs $29.99 right now from the $119.99

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CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket coupon codes & promo codes

There are coupon codes that you can use to get discounts on the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blankets. The coupon codes will give you discounts of 32%, free shipping or a few dollars off on the weighted blankets from
Refer to or to get these coupon codes and promo codes.

CMFRT Weighted Blanket shipping details, warranty, and return policy

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blankets have shipping charges that are visible only during the checkout. The shipping charges vary with the location.

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket FAQs

What are the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket washing instructions?

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blankets are non-washable, but the duvet covers are machine washable. Remove the duvet cover that comes with the blankets. There is a zipper for the easy opening and closing. Put the cover in the machine in a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Wash the cover regularly to keep the blanket clean and safer.

How good is the CMFRT Weighted Blanket?

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket makes the sleeper feel safer and comfortable with a slight snug. It effectively reduces fidgeting, stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, restless legs, sleep apnea, and even autism-related symptoms.

How useful is CMFRT Weighted Blanket for autism?

The blankets like the CMFRT Weighted Blanket contains small bead-like structures on them that exerts some pressure on the body that calms the mind and body to drift towards sleep. People affected by autism have difficulty falling asleep and feel anxious. The weighted blankets help ease them and make sleeping a more natural process. The CMFRT Weighted Blanket work as a sleep aid and is not any cure for autism itself.

Does CMFRT Weighted Blanket help reduce stress and anxiety?

It helps reduce stress levels and improve the happy hormones serotonin inside the body. It also promotes the sleep hormone melatonin to provide better sleep. The weighted blanket exerts a minor pressure on the body pulses and critical points as well as making feel comfortable, which stimulate some positive effects inside the body to get these results.

Do I feel overheated under this CMFRT Weighted Blanket?

No, the natural cotton material of the duvet cover keeps the CMFRT Weighted Blanket cooler. The minky material is also breathable that does not accumulate heat inside. You can sue the cotton side towards you during the summer season and use the other side for the colder season to feel warmer inside.

How effective do partners use CMFRT Weighted Blanket?

The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blankets for adults are quite large enough for partners. Though it is large enough, it may not have the full effects of the deep pressure stimulation. For the full results, you need to use separate blankets for individual use.

Is CMFRT Weighted Blanket non-toxic?

Yes, the CMFRT Weighted Blanket is made of hypoallergenic material. The beads are made of special silica that has a texture of small grains that are slightly bigger than sand. The covering material has the safer Minky microfiber on one side and the 100% cotton on the other. The minky side can be slightly warmer while the cotton side is cooler that effectively removes excess heat.

Is CMFRT Weighted Blanket safe for babies?

NO, the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket is not suitable for infants and babies. You may use the child size blanket for children who are at least one year old or can bear the weight. Otherwise, the weight can suffocate the baby.
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What is the CMFRT Weighted Blanket customer service phone number?

The company does not provide the CMFRT Weighted Blanket customer service phone number. You can contact the customer service via email. You can send the queries or issues to

Once the email is sent, the customer service personnel would contact you very soon. You can leave the contact number, email id with your message.

Which side of the blanket should I use?

You may use whichever side of the blanket that you are comfortable with. The one side of the blanket that has cotton fabric is cooler than the other side. If you are sensitive to cold, you can use the warmer side or minky side, and if you were usually feeling hot and sweaty, the cotton side would suit you better.


Weighted blankets are the blankets that have weight n them. They are made weighty to feel the pressure that calms the body and mind to a sweet slumber. Since the weight comes with some heat effects, you should choose the one that has cotton fabric cover. The CMFRT Weighted Blankets have the cottony side and the other side with breathable material to let out the heat. They are economical, at least do not cost much higher and comes with a return policy and warranty as well. If you are to choose a weighted blanket, the CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket seems one of the best choices.