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Classic Gold mattress is a spring coil mattress from Tristan Gold mattress company. These mattresses are semi-orthopedic and orthopedic mattresses. The mattresses show remarkable support from the coil system and ample filling to be in a deluxe range.

The mattress price range is £99-259 with free delivery and a one-year guarantee. You can buy the Classic Gold mattress from Mattress Online UK store where you will also get a next day delivery as well.

Classic Gold Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Classic Gold mattress user reviews say that the mattresses are springy and quite comfortable. The mattresses have helped people with back pain problems. The major compliment for the Classic Gold mattress is that it is good value for money.

The Classic Gold mattresses get a rating of 8.8 out of 10 from the various users. Comfort and affordability are the highly appreciated factors for these mattresses.

Best Mattress Models from Classic Gold Mattress

There are 3 models of Classic Gold mattress

  • Classic Gold Mattress
  • Classic Gold Ortho mattress
  • Classic Gold Deluxe mattress

Classic Gold Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Classic Gold mattress is available in 10 different size options. All these sizes are UK sizes. The availability of each of the mattress size depends on the specific model.

  • Small single short 2’6” x 5’9”    (75 x 175 cm)
  • Small single 2’6” x 6’3”    (75 x 190 cm)
  • Single short 3’ x 5’9”        (90 x 175 cm)
  • Single 3’ x 6’3”        (90 x 190 cm)
  • Small Double             4’ x 6’3”        (120 x 190 cm)
  • Double 4’6” x 6’3”                (135 x 190 cm)
  • European Double 4’7” x 6’6”                (140 x 200 cm)
  • King size 5’ x 6’6”                    (140 x 200 cm)
  • European King 5’3” x 6’6”                (160 x 200 cm)
  • Super King 6’ x 6’6”                    (180 x 200 cm)

Classic Gold Mattress Specifications

  • Classic Gold mattress: This is the basic design Classic Gold mattress with an open coil system and quality fillings for comfort. The mattress gives a real springy feel and great support. The greatest quality of this mattress is that it is double-sided. The mattress gives a medium comfort level on both the sides equally. Being a double-sided mattress, this mattress can last longer than many other mattresses in the market. The depth of the mattress is 24 cm or 9.4”. The mattress is available in the UK sizes- Small single, single, small double, double, king size and European King size.
  • Classic Gold Ortho Mattress: This orthopedic mattress has the open coil, deep upholstery layers, and tailored borders for more stability on the surface. There is also a rod-edge support system. The mattress is double-sided with the equal support on both the sides. The mattress cover is a knitted fabric for the plush feel. Classic gold ortho mattress can give ideal support to the body according to the parts and weight. The mattress has a depth of 26 cm which is approximately 10.2”. The mattress comfort is medium to firm for the ideal back support. The available mattress sizes are small single short, small single, single short, single, small double, double, European double, King size, European king size and Super king size.
  • Classic Gold Deluxe mattress: The deluxe mattress has open coil system, fiber filling for comfort and Damask cover for the luxury feel. The high tensile coils are interconnected and have side support as well. The fiber fillings give pampering feel and great sleep experience. The comfort level of the mattress is medium, and the mattress has 2 useful sides. You can turn the mattress upside down and still use it with the same comfort. With a depth of 28 cm (11”) the mattress is available in 7 mattress sizes of small single, single, small double, Double, European double, king size and European king size.

Classic Gold Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty, Discounts, Coupon Code, Price

Classic Gold mattresses do not have a trial period. But they do have a 1-year guarantee period within which you may return the mattress. There is no specified warranty period applicable on these mattresses.

Discount Prices On Classic Gold Mattress

The Classic Gold mattress has an actual price range of £199-504. The discount sale reduced the price to the current range of £99-259.


Classic Gold (£)

Deluxe (£)

Ortho (£)

Small single short


Small single




Single short






Small double








European double



King size




European King




Super King


The mattress has a current discount sale of 35-65% off. The Classic Gold series have 55% off, The Deluxe series has 35% off on the mattresses and the Ortho series has 65% off on the mattress prices.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Classic Gold Mattress

There are no coupons or promo codes that are applicable to Classic Gold mattress. But the Mattress Online coupons and promo codes are applicable for the discounts when buying these mattresses from Mattress Online UK online store.

Classic Gold Mattress Shipping & Delivery

All the Classic Gold mattresses get a free shipping and delivery to all parts of the UK. All delivery from Monday to Friday is free of cost. The Saturday delivery costs £17.50 in addition to the mattress price. There is no delivery on Sundays. You get the chance to schedule the delivery date for up to 4 weeks as per your convenience. The earliest possible delivery of Classic Gold mattress is next day from Mattress Online store.

  • The usual delivery is doorstep delivery at free of cost.
  • Two-man delivery will cost £19.99
  • If you add the removal of the old mattress, the additional cost is £24.99 for the same.
  • The delivery usually happens between 7 am to 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Classic Gold Mattress Firmness Analysis

Classic Gold mattress is available in 3 models and each model has a specific firmness or comfort level.

  • The Classic Gold mattress model has a medium feel with a value of 3 out of 5 on the scale that has the soft valued ay 1 and firm value of 5.
  • The Classic Gold Deluxe mattress is also a medium feel mattress with a firmness value of 3. The mattress is neither soft nor firm in feel.
  • The Classic Gold ortho mattress is medium to firm in feel with a firmness value of 4. This firmness is ideal for back support.

Classic Gold Mattress Frames & Foundation

Classic Gold mattresses are most suitable with a box spring that can give better support for the open coil system and stabilize their movements. You may also use a platform bed if that is what is available.

Maintenance On Classic Gold Mattress

Classic Gold mattresses are all double-sided mattresses. You can flip the mattress from top to the bottom surface as part of the maintenance. You need to flip the mattress once a month. This allows even wearing of the mattress and can also avoid sagging issues.

In addition to this, the mattress needs rotating from head to toe region which you can do every week. Rotating the mattress is highly recommended specifically for all the larger sized mattresses.


Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Classic Gold Mattress

Classic Gol mattress use no materials that can cause any kind of off-gassing. There is no memory foam in these mattresses. Instead, it has the open coil system that allows better airflow that can reduce any lingering smell inside the mattress.

Financing Classic Gold Mattress

There is no financing option for buying Classic Gold mattress from Mattress Online or from other online stores. The mattresses are available at a reasonable price during the discount sales. Even otherwise, the mattresses have affordable prices as well.

Motion Transfer on a Classic Gold Mattress

Classic Gold mattresses have an open coil system that is interconnected. So, you can expect some motion transfer. The motion transfer may be more on the basic model and Deluxe models while the Ortho model may have better motion isolation with the firmer comfort filling.

Sagging Problems in Classic Gold Mattress

There are no issues reported for the sagging problem in Classic Gold mattress. The double-sided mattress shows better resilience and can prevent or reduce the sagging with the flipping and rotating exercises.

Service Phone Number Classic Gold Mattress

The customer care phone number of Mattress Online is 01709 780 881. Alternately, you can send in the queries at the online store’s Contact Us page. They will contact you at the earliest.


Classic Gold mattresses are affordable and comfortable. The different comfort levels are suitable for most. The availability of the ortho mattress at such a low price is also making it a popular brand. There are not many complaints regarding this brand and neither does it cause any health issues. The mattresses have due fire prevention methods in it and all of them are approved by the National Bed Federation of the UK.