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A mattress plays an important role in your life just like your better-half or may be better than that I would say. Getting a restful sleep after a tiring day helps to ward of worries and give the body ample time to repair and mend itself for the challenges coming its way.

For some, mattress isn’t an important aspect in their life but after you read this article you will change your opine about the whole mattress thing.

Back Pain & Mattress

I never used to give importance to a mattress and hardly bothered to change it even after nine consecutive years. Yeah nine long years! We got this mattress after shifting into a new house just after our wedding blues. Back then the mattress was great and we hardly had any regrets about buying it. After that we stepped into our busy lives and things began to change and seriously who gets time think about a mattress or other comforts.

Okay now the story begins as I started getting bad back aches at the middle of the night, while sitting at office or even during household chores. I had lot of visits to different doctors and ended up getting bills and meds like a never ending list.

When I spoke about this to my friends they asked me to change my mattress but as usual I wasn’t convinced to buy that suggestion. My back pain became a chronic problem and years passed with this ongoing problem. By the time I was happily waiting for my newborn to pop out into this world as we had a long wait due to some personal problems.

Causes Of Back Pain

Pregnancy isn’t an easy task and the baby weight in my womb was adding to my back pain. My midwife suggested buying a pregnancy pillow that would support my baby weight and lessen the stress on my back. I did as she suggested as I was left with no other option. But somehow I was feeling light and felt easy to rest with all those stress and pain. The pillow did a great job until my little John safely came into our lives. Motherhood the most important part of a woman’s life had finally bestowed its shadow upon me and I was like at cloud nine wrapping my baby close to my heart. But one thing which always pestered me was my back pain and I seriously found it difficult to keep in pace with my little ones demands.


Again one of my friends named Ramie suggested me to buy a new mattress as it can help me to find some comfort according to her. This time I had terrible pain that I was ready to try anything and everything. She suggested me to buy a new mattress that was medium firm so that it can support my spine better. I had a C section so not to mention had extra back pain and leg pain due to that. So all in all I needed something comfortable to relax on.

Finally me and hubby managed sometime to buy a new mattress that was thicker as well a medium firm one. For my surprise my postpartum back pain had eased on, way better than any medicine could do. My new mattress was supporting my extra pounds comfortably and helped the curvature of my spine to relax every bit. For me it was like having a new life and all those early morning aches had vanished completely. All these years I was spending sleepless nights with pain. Had I taken my friends suggestion seriously long before never would I have to suffer much. But as always “better late than never”.

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Every woman out there have some kind of back pain either due to menstrual cycles, job related, stress or even postpartum pain. It is really difficult to ward of back pain with the help of meds. But I guess giving the spine the needed rest would help a lot. And this can be achieved by buying a new mattress according to ones physique. Seriously I have found my right mattress that is helping me a lot so why don’t you also try the same?

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