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I don’t know what to do with my mattress?? My situation has become similar to the story of Goldilocks. Where you need to try a bed to choose the better ones. All the mattress are not of same kind. Some might be too soft, while others too firm. Don’t you remember the three bears……… We all share similar characters to them. Where everyone’s mindset is different and are in need of different types of mattresses. Moreover we cannot ignore the factors like our shape and size.

Why you need a right mattress?

You spent your valuable time on the bed. Not getting enough sleep will lead to certain spinal issues. This is mainly caused by the damage to the vertebrae. Just standing and sitting straight is not enough. We have to choose the right bedding’s for the dilemma. Always go for a bed that supports the natural curves of the spine. Choosing the correct mattress for spinal issues is very important.

Different levels of mattresses

  • Firm: Good for people who sleep on their tummy. Firm mattress will keep their spine aligned.
  • Medium: Medium mattress is best if you sleep on your back. Since this will support the spine, back and neck areas.
  • Soft: Best option if you sleeping on your side. Maintains your body’s curves.

Adjustable mattress for spinal issues

This mattress serves as a best choice for persons with back issues like spinal stenosis.

Tips for choosing

  • Explore online resources before purchasing.
  • Take consultation from your physical therapist.
  • Firm mattresses are not always a better choice for back pain.
  • Adjustable beds are a better choice than ever.
  • Ask for both comfort and money back guarantees.
  • Search for warranty.
  • Purchase some waterproof mattress protector.
  • Have a test drive on the mattress.
  • Most crucial point is to shop from a store which specializes in mattresses.

Methods to make your bed look comfy

  • Hang string lights or normal tree lights behind your sheets: Believe this will surely make your bedroom look like a heaven. If you have kids in your home they will surely love this creativity.
  • Replace your bed sheets with duvet cover: Duvet cover is something made of soft, natural fiber offering you a good night’s sleep.
  • Tuck the covers: One should master to tuck in the covers neatly. This makes your bed look impressive.
  • Add pillows: This will escalate your comfy factor to a great extent. Ultimately, will add on beauty if we use pillows of different cover textures and shapes.
  • Bedside lamp: A bedside lamp is one of the best idea. So there is no need to get up to switch off the overhead light.
  • Foam pads: Add Feature pillow-top pad to soften your mattress.
  • Rugs: Make an habit to keep away the bedside rugs in another area. Which will make things painless for your feet in the morning.

Make your bed regularly

  • Making your bed everyday is very important. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But usually nice beds makes a person feel fresh and motivated.
  • Linen sheets:If you’re willing to upgrade your sheets, go for linen sheets instead of cotton. Linen gives you comfort both in winter and summer. This is made from the fibers of the flax plant and thus its valued for their unprecedented coolness in hot weather.

Mattress For Spinal Health

Choose the Right Mattress for Spinal Issues