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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Puffy Lux Mattress – Luxury Mattress for Back pain

The Puffy Lux is a Chiropractor approved mattress. The Luxury mattress is Conforming and pressure relieving. The Cool mattress is designed to help with back pain. the Hybrid mattress with pocketed coils provide the pressure relief and Support for your back and specifically the lumbar region. The Puffy mattress works for all sleeper types and positions.

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  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.
  • best mattress for degenerative disc disease
  • Stain-resistant Cloud Cover.
  • Safe for sensitive sleepers.

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Amerisleep AS5 For Better Circulation & Lower back pain

The Amerisleep AS5 and AS3 Are pressure relieving and supportive but the AS5 is more plush and luxurious. Amerisleep Mattresses are made of Bio-Pur which is conforming and Supportive. The mattress is suited for people with lower back pain. The cover is designed to improve circulation and increase recovery from pain and increase muscle recovery

Best Known For

  • Improved Circulation
  • best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease
  • Excellent Lumbar Support
  • 100 Night trial 20 Year Warranty

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Nolah Evolution Luxury Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain

The Nolah Evolution 15 inch mattress may look like a luxury mattress and it is but what’s under the sheets makes the Nolah Mattress one of the best for people suffering from back pain related problems. The Nolah Evolution is a Hybrid mattress with HDMax Trizone coils which are perfect for pressure relief. Awarded the best mattress for Back pain and pressure relief, the Nolah hybrid is Comforting, cool and pain reliving.

Best Known For

  • Airfoam Ice with ArcticTex Cooling
  • TriZone Spinal Support
  • 15 inch, 7 Layer construction

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Saatva Classic Designed for Lower back Pain

The Saatva Classic is chiropractor approved mattress, crafted for people with back pain and pain related problems. it is conforming and supportive. the Pressure relieving ability’s of the Saatva classic is commendable. The mattress features one of the best Lumbar Zone Technology that ensures spinal alignment. The Euro pillow top is plush, conforming and Supportive and relieves pressure points

Best Known For

  • Chiropractor Approved
  • Excellent Lumbar Support
  • 365 Night trial Lifetime Warranty

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight Luxe is best suited for Side sleepers and offers a medium-firm feel. The mattress is cool with Tencel covers and can be upgraded to a Glaciotex Cover for extra cooling. The wrapped coils provide the bounce required for comfortable and pleasurable sex while the design of split coil separation in the centre reduces motion transfer. The mattress has dedicated edge support and provides advanced lumbar support.

Best Known For

  • 100-night trial
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Medium Firm , supportive

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Plank Mattress

When you need a relatively firm mattress and no other mattress has the firmness you really want, the plank comes to your rescue. The plank mattress is the firmest mattress that is comfortable. the Plank mattress comes in 2 models to choose from. The mattress by Brooklyn bedding is specially crafted for people with back pain and need a firm mattress. ITs also one of the firmest mattress for sex

Best Known For

  • Firmnest Mattress
  • Ultra firm, Cool and Supportive
  • 10 Year warranty, 120 night Trial

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

The Bear elite mattress is a high-end mattress from Bear. Copper-infused foam is an anti microbial, for a cool healthy, clean sleep that eliminates body heat. cool to touch hand quilted hyper soft cover, Dynamic transition foam for excellent support, Contouring with the seamless progression of your body weight. Encased coils for that extra bounce when you are having sex and the high-density support foam for durability. The bear elite hybrid is one of the best mattresses for sex and its luxurious

Best Known For

  • Cooling, Quilted covers
  • antibacterial copper infused foam
  • 120 Night Trial, Lifetime Warranty

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Saatva Latex 5 Zone Hybrid Mattress

The Saatva Latex Hybrid has 5 zone pressure reliving latex mattress which provides optimum pressure relief to the lumbar region. The mattress is cool and the encased coil prevents motion transfer. The Saatva Latex hybrid provides the responsiveness of the latex and is naturally hypoallergenic. The mattress is natural, organic, Hypoallergenic and non toxic.

Best Known For

  • hand Tufted Natural Organic
  • Responsive and Pressure Relieving
  • 365-night trial, Lifetime warranty

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Loom And Leaf Mattress with Dedicated Lumbar support

The Loom and Leaf mattress has a dedicated lumbar crown layer which makes the mattress the best memory foam mattress for people with back pain. Most memory foam mattresses have a 5 zone layer but they dont do as well as the loom and leaf. The Loom and Leaf mattress has better lumbar support which makes it the ideal mattress for people with back pain.

Best Known For

  • Available in Relaxed Firm & Firm
  • Lumbar Zone Quilting and Crown
  • 365 Night trial Lifetime Warranty

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best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Layla Mattress Copper Infused Foam Mattress For Allergies

The Layla mattress comes with 2 firmness levels and is flappable the hybrid mattress comes with Copper infused foam which is naturally antibacterial and prevents allergy. The mattress is medium firm on one side and plush on the other. It is perfect for people with lower back pain and are not sure of the firmness levels, specially for those who are below the weight of 180 lbs.

Best Known For

  • Flippable 2 Sided
  • Copper infused Foam
  • Removable cover with Flip handles

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  • Saatva Mattress : Designed for people with back problems. Conforming, Pressure Relieving hybrid mattress known to adapt to your body shape and weight effortlessly. Tested by numerous people and has a great review overall. Suitable for all sleeping positions.
  • Bear mattress : Designed for sportsmen and women, Athletes especially who require quicker healing. Medium firm mattresses available in both hybrid and pure foam. The celliant covers make all the difference when it comes to healing and is the most important feature of the bear mattresses
  • Puffy Mattress : One of the most affordable mattresses in the market and its Firm. For people who want to sleep on their stomach (which is recommended for most people who suffer from Degenerative disc disease) , This is a perfect mattress. 
  • Plushbeds : Available in pure latex and Latex hybrid, the mattress is medium firm, Natural and affordable. Recommended by chiropractors and Orthopedic specialists, the mattress is compatible with adjustable bases and its great for back sleepers.

A Mattress is suited for Degenerative disc disorder (its hard to call it a disease when it’s a natural occurrence due to old age) if its medium firm, supportive and pressure relieving. If you have been to a doctor to be diagnosed with the condition, they would have explained the cause to the condition. Degenerative disc disorders are common with aging and occur due to natural wear and tear of the rubbery disc between the spines. This creates excruciating pain in the back and runs down to your shoulders, neck and legs. The treatment involves medication, therapy, weight loss and exercise.

The other option would be to inject steroids and painkillers between these joints to reduce pain, which is often recommended in extreme cases. No matter what the treatment is, it all sums down to pressure relief. With 8 hours spent in bed, you can take this time to relieve all the pressure from your back by resting it right. With a poor mattress, you will exert more pressure to your back than required. Knowing the right Sleeping position and getting the right mattress can help with degenerative disc disorders a lot.

The best mattresses for Cervical Degenerative Disc disorder

best mattress for degenerative disc disease

If you are diagnosed with Cervical Degenerative disc disorder and experience excruciating pain in your neck or feel stiff in your neck, you may need a good pillow along with a good mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper, ditch the pillow altogether from under your head. On the other hand use the pillow to elevate your hips and stomach, if you are a stomach sleeper. If you are a back sleeper, get an adjustable mattress and an adjustable base. Elevate your head and knees for the right position. Do not use a very high pillow. Ensure that the pillows are well aligned and do not exert pressure to your neck. The whole point is to ensure that your neck and upper back has no pressure applied to it.

The best mattress for Cervical degenerative disc disease is one which is firm or medium firm. Most people do recommend a medium firm mattress for degenerative disc disorder. It is supportive and relieves pressure effectively. While the question always arises as to which type of mattress is recommended , the Hybrid mattresses are one of the best for pressure relieving. Mattresses like Saatva are known to have done a lot of research on issues related to back problems and sleep and they have crafted their mattresses to cater to the needs of people with conditions similar to degenerative disc disorders.

It’s almost always a good fit, but memory foam mattresses and Latex mattresses are just as good as long as you find the right mattress. Do not go for a mattress which is too soft. Comfort matters but should not come at the price of your health. A soft mattress may feel extremely comfortable to sleep on, but its not always the best choice when it comes to your back problems and surely not with conditions like degenerative disc disorders. Opt for the firmest mattress you are comfortable with. It should do a great job. While comparing memory foam to Latex, Latex has an upper hand when it comes to durability , heat retention and they don’t sag so easily. Memory foam mattresses are usually the last choice for most people when it comes to durability and cooling features.

Best Type of Mattress for Degenerative disc diseases

The best type of mattress for degenerative disc disease is one that is firm or medium firm. To be safe, always go for the medium firm. While the type does not matter, every type of mattress does come with a few benefits and in some cases, flaws. For instance the memory foam mattresses sleep hot and the Hybrid mattresses will sag a bit faster. These factors come handy when considering a mattress for degenerative disc disease. A mattress that sags over time will worsen the condition without you realizing the cause. A mattress which sleeps hot will cause other problems due to lack of sleep or disturbed sleep. A mattress that is not pressure relieving will not help the condition at all. Let’s check some of the types of mattresses and how it helps you with your condition.

Hybrid Mattress for Degenerative disc disorder

best mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease

Hybrid mattresses are essentially advanced inner coil mattresses. They are designed with encased steel coils , topped with memory foam or latex. As simple as it may sound, there is a lot going underneath the construction of a hybrid mattress. They are tested for motion transfer, Heating and most importantly, Pressure relieving abilities.

While memory foam and latex mattresses are pressure relieving in its own way, the hybrid mattresses take it a a step ahead by activating the steel coils in the mattress to align the mattress perfectly to your body based on your weight. Some of the hybrid mattresses even come with zoned technology which puts 3 to 5 different levels of pressure on your mattress. Your upper body is heavier than your legs and head so the coils in this area are designed to ensure that they can take the weight accordingly, aligning your body perfectly while you sleep and no matter in which position you sleep. 

This makes Hybrid mattresses one of the most preferred mattresses for people who have issues with their back, neck or even those who have just gone through a surgery and need to be in bed for a longer period of time. Remember that hybrid mattresses, though sounds like a hospital bed, feel and look entirely different. For instance, a saatva mattress is a luxury mattress! They are designed to help people with conditions but are perfect for anyone.

Apart from being able to align your body perfectly while sleeping, hybrid mattresses are much cooler than pure foam or latex mattresses because there is plenty of space in between those coils. It helps air out well. They are also conforming and easy to move around when you are in bed. You will not feel like you are stuck in mud. Hybrid mattresses are almost always a perfect mattress to sleep on if you get the firmness levels right. A medium firm mattress usually does the trick.

Saatva : Saatva is one of the most recommended mattresses for all back related and sleep related problems. Degenerative disc disorder is one of the few conditions which require an adjustable bed and saatva is compatible with all adjustable bases. Being a hybrid mattress its also conforming and pressure relieving. With a 15 year warranty and 120 night trial, the saatva is one of the few affordable luxury mattresses in the market.

Zenhaven:  The Zenhaven mattress is a Latex Hybrid mattress which takes pride in its 100 % organic mattress tag. Its free from all chemicals and all materials for the mattresses are sourced from reliable partners. The cotton, wool and latex are all organically produced and the mattress is manufactured in the USA. It is a medium firm mattress and suits best for people who are a between 100 and 180lbs if you are suffering from Degenerative disc disease

Plushbeds : Plushbeds offers a range of latex mattresses and one hybrid mattress. Its one of the best quality mattresses in the industry and takes pride in its construction. Its also one of the best selling mattresses online. Plushbeds come with a 25 year warranty and 100 night trial

Latex Mattress for Degenerative disc disorders

Latex mattresses are known for its durability and its ability to recover. MEmory foam mattresses are conforming but retain heat and it takes a bit more time for the mattress to recover from its shape than latex mattress.You lay down on a position on a memory foam mattress and the mattress adapts to your shape and applies the right pressure throughout the body.

That’s perfect. But when you have to move around, it takes time for the existing shape which the mattress has taken to change to the new position. This in turn creates problems for people when they want to change positions while sleeping. Often , people find it extremely hard to change positions when sleeping on a memory foam mattress and complain about having to wake up at night for no particular reason other than to change positions. With a latex mattress, you can move around, change positions without worrying about waking up. Latex Mattresses are also available in both medium firm and firm options.

The talalay latex is known to be soft and are perfect for people who want to sleep on a soft plush surface and the dunlop latex is a bit on the firmer side. Both Latex are organically produced by various sources and known to be free from chemicals.  Latex mattresses last a bit longer than memory foam mattresses. They don’t sag that easily and are usually free from allergens.

While Latex mattresses by themselves are not in any way therapeutic because of the material used, their firmness and ability to conform and relieve pressure has a lot to do with their acceptance in hospitals. Patients feel a lot comfortable when they are on a latex mattress which is medium firm, compatible with an adjustable base. For people suffering from degenerative disc diseases, a firm mattress which is adjustable goes a long way towards helping with recovery.

Latex for less comes with 2 firmness levels in one mattress. You have the firm mattress on one side and the medium firm on the other. Its a simple mattress with simple construction and is compatible with adjustable bases. Its flippable and chances of you going wrong with the firmness is next to none.

Plushbeds : Plushbeds latex mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases and are tested by chiropractors and orthopedic specialists. It comes in 2 firmness levels and a 100 night trial. The mattress comes with a 25 year warranty. It’s 100% organic and free from chemicals.

Memory foam mattress for degenerative disc disorders

MEmory foam mattresses are the most tested and marketed mattress types for health conditions. They are tested for back problems, post surgery , recovery, sleep apnea, sciatica, scoliosis and a lot more. Its probably one of the few reasons why memory foam mattresses are the most recommended for most medical conditions. Unfortunately its not the most suited mattress for all conditions.

Mattresses have evolved over time and today latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses are known to perform better because they can be crafted based on the requirements of an individual. But this does not mean the memory foam mattress is all bad. For most of us, the memory foam mattress may just be suitable for our daily use and it may also be good for some of the health conditions.

There are a few drawbacks with the memory foam mattress. Its conforming but it does not recover from its shape as fast as a latex mattress. This makes it hard for people to move on a memory foam mattress. This can be easily countered if you are using a medium firm mattress. Medium firm mattresses are also recommended by most health professionals for its ability to keep your spine aligned and relieve pressure.

The other problem with memory foam mattresses are that they are a bit hot to sleep on. A gel infused mattress or a charcoal infused carbon is used to help with this problem.

Apart from the above two problems, the memory foam mattress is one of the best options in the market. There is no motion transfer like most of the innerspring mattresses and its even  better than most hybrids when it comes to motion transfer. Most mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases and their warranties are usually a lot longer.

Puffy The Puffy mattress is a medium firm mattress according to the website but most users say its a firm mattress. Its suitable for most people who are heavy but for people below 180 lbs its recommended that you use a topper which is a bit soft. ITs perfect for people suffering from Disc injuries and is the most affordable mattress in the market.

Loom and Leaf : The loom and leaf is a Luxury memory foam mattress which comes in medium firm. ITs compatible with adjustable bases, comes with its own proprietary cooling technology and has a 120 night trial with 25 years warranty.

Bear : The bear mattress is crafted for athletes. Its known for its celliant cover which helps recover from daily fatigue. The mattress is compatible with adjustable bases andis one of the best mattresses for recovering from disc injuries and other health problems related to spine.

Best Sleeping Positions for Degenerative disc disorder

Its not recommended that you sleep on your stomach in most cases. ITs one of the most uncommon sleeping positions and often related to a range of problems. But when it comes to degenerative disc disorders, sleeping on your stomach is the most effective way to remove the extra pressure from your back. While it’s recommended that you do sleep on your stomach, it also comes with a lot of fine print.

The right pillow, the right firmness of the mattress and the pressure relieving features are all very important. The mattress should be firm or at least medium firm for stomach sleepers. The pillow should be soft , well aligned to exert NO pressure to your neck or back. If the mattress is soft, chances are you will have an uneven spine which will create pressure on some points.

This is not recommended. ITs also recommended that you place a pillow under your stomach or hips to elevate it lightly. When elevated, it’s important that you do not use a pillow under your head. This position is usually not the most comfortable for people. But if you are a back sleeper, you are in luck

For people who sleep on their back, its important that you have your shoulders slightly elevated and have your knees tucked up. Place a pillow under your shoulder and under your knee to achieve this position. With an adjustable base and an adjustable mattress this position is easy to achieve. Sleeping in this position (often called zero gravity) relieves pressure from your back and is one of the best positions after sleeping on your stomach.

Weight Loss and Exercises – The key to Regenerative Therapy

If you condition is just starting , chances are you can control it by understanding the cause. If you are overweight, have a weak back, you can correct it with a bit of routine exercise. Its important to understand that exercises and weight loss are to be treated separately. Consider a diet which will help. Do not go on a diet without doctor’s consultation. Going on a water diet or a Very low calorie diet may be harmful if your age does not support it. Get a good dietician or a doctor to help you with the diet. Avoid meat, Dairy, high fat, sugar and you will most likely reduce a lot of weight over a period of time. The results may be slow but it’s completely harmless. You will not require a doctor to avoid any of those foods in your daily routine.

When it comes to exercises, keep them light. Do not exert pressure on your back from day one. Your muscles are weak and you lifting a 200 pound barbell on day one is going to result in injury or worse. Try bodyweight exercises for as long as possible. If you are overweight, avoid running and cycle as an alternative for cardio. Focus on your overall body rather than just your back. It’s a time taking process and you cannot expect recovery in a week or a month. This may take several months, but be assured that once your back muscles are stronger, your overall body fat is reduced, you will feel a lot better. Lifestyle changes make a big difference.

Yoga is also one of the best ways to work out. There are certain asanas or positions which can help relieve pressure from your back. It’s good for your body overall. Get a trainer to understand the right positions and help you with the progress.


Q: What is cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: Cervical degenerative disc disease is a condition characterized by the deterioration of the discs in the neck region of the spine. It can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility in the neck.

Q: How does the right mattress help with cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: The right mattress can provide proper support and alignment for the neck and spine, relieving pressure on the discs. It can help reduce pain and improve sleep quality for individuals with cervical degenerative disc disease.

Q: What features should I look for in a mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: When choosing a mattress, consider the following features:

  1. Medium-firm to firm support to maintain proper spinal alignment.
  2. Pressure relief to alleviate discomfort on the neck and shoulders.
  3. Responsive and contouring materials like memory foam or latex.
  4. Breathable and temperature-regulating properties to prevent overheating.
  5. Motion isolation to minimize disturbances from movement.

Q: Which mattress types are recommended for cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: Mattress types that are often recommended for cervical degenerative disc disease include memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. These types of mattresses offer excellent support and pressure relief.

Q: Can you suggest some specific mattress brands for cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: While individual preferences may vary, some mattress brands known for providing suitable options for cervical degenerative disc disease include Tempur-Pedic, Casper, Purple, Saatva, and Loom & Leaf.

Q: Is it better to buy a firm or soft mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: It is generally recommended to choose a medium-firm to firm mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease. These mattresses provide better support and alignment, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort.

Q: Should I consult with a healthcare professional before choosing a mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease?

A: Yes, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a chiropractor or orthopedic specialist, before selecting a mattress for cervical degenerative disc disease. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific condition.

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