Why don’t you change your mattress? Do you know, how your work related stress can affect your spine? Moreover, if you do not sleep on a good mattress, you may end up with a serious spinal issue like Degenerative disc disorder.


What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

To understand this term, initially you should understand the anatomy of your spine. Our spinal column is comprised of individual vertebrae which extend from the base of the spine to the base of the skull (extending from the lower, middle, upper back and neck).

The discs are round, spongy cushions called as inter-vertebral discs. Damage to the fibrous outer tissue of the disc may cause fluid leakage from the inner disc. Repeated damage to this disc can add up to major spinal problems in your future life.

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What are the results of a Damaged Disc?

A damaged disc is unable to provide normal support to the vertebrae. Hence it loses normal bend, torsion leading to serious pain. Degenerative disc commonly affects the lumbar and neck regions.

How to Choose a Right Mattress to Help Heal This Problem?

Study conducted by Laser Spine Institute shows sleeping in a stressed position for eight hours can augment spinal and disc problems. Using a medium-firm mattress which balances support can keep our spine in proper alignment.

What Is The Need To Diagnose Degenerative Disc Disease?

The disease can worsen your health if left untreated over time. Degenerative disc disorder can be improved but not reversed. In most of the cases certain complications can arise leading to surgeries. Finding an appropriate solution for the problem can bring a great difference in your quality of life. A quality and best mattress for degenerative disc disease can alleviate the risks efficiently.

Latex Mattress & Inner Spring Mattress For The Disorder

Latex mattress

  • This is an 100% eco-friendly latex foam mattress.
  • Offers superior elasticity.
  • Gives ultimate comfort in any sleeping position.
  • The mattress is healthy and safe. Since it is naturally fire resistant.
  • There is no off-gassing and hence beneficial for people who are sensitive to smell.

Customer Reviews About The Mattress

100% natural latex meets all the criterion suggested by Laser Spine Institute. The mattress gives support to the body. Holds the hips comfortably of side sleepers. Thus avoids painful pressure points. You can find that your spine remains in proper alignment all night.

Mattresses for Degenerative Discs and Spinal Support

Spinal Solutions provides a wide range of assembled orthopedic mattresses, some of them with box springs especially made for orthopedic patients. These mattresses provide pressure relief and spinal alignment points to reduce tossing and turning. Spinal Solutions have innerspring, latex and memory foam mattresses to suit the individual needs of different users.

Brentwood Home, Dream Solutions USA and Spring solutions are some of the other companies which make orthopedic mattresses for spinal relief from various orthopedic ailments.

Customer Reviews

The above mentioned mattresses are perfect for people with Degenerative disc disorder. The overall quality of sleep will be higher than your expectations in these type of mattresses.  The customer reviews for these mattresses are also very good.  These mattresses gives high comfort levels for people who sleep on their back or stomach. Subsequently, they also provides excellent heat dissipation. Hence it is very essential to choose a right mattress  for people who suffer from orhtopedic diseases.


It’s always recommended to use a quality mattress which can protect your back as you sleep. Also, helps to minimize damage from pressure on the inter-vertebral discs. Care for your health now, so you can stay away from worse complications in future life.

Choose a Right Mattress For Spinal Health