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  • Saatva Mattress : Designed for people with back problems. Conforming, Pressure Relieving hybrid mattress known to adapt to your body shape and weight effortlessly. Tested by numerous people and has a great review overall. Suitable for all sleeping positions.
  • Bear mattress : Designed for sportsmen and women, Athletes especially who require quicker healing. Medium firm mattresses available in both hybrid and pure foam. The celliant covers make all the difference when it comes to healing and is the most important feature of the bear mattresses
  • Nectar Sleep Mattress : One of the most affordable mattresses in the market and its Firm. For people who want to sleep on their stomach (which is recommended for most people who suffer from Degenerative disc disease) , This is a perfect mattress. 
  • Plushbeds : Available in pure latex and Latex hybrid, the mattress is medium firm, Natural and affordable. Recommended by chiropractors and Orthopedic specialists, the mattress is compatible with adjustable bases and its great for back sleepers.

Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep


A Mattress is suited for Degenerative disc disorder (its hard to call it a disease when it’s a natural occurrence due to old age) if its medium firm, supportive and pressure relieving. If you have been to a doctor to be diagnosed with the condition, they would have explained the cause to the condition. Degenerative disc disorders are common with aging and occur due to natural wear and tear of the rubery disc between the spines. This creates excruciating pain in the back and runs down to your shoulders, neck and legs. The treatment involves medication, therapy, weight loss and exercise. The other option would be to inject steroids and painkillers between these joints to reduce pain, which is often recommended in extreme cases. No matter what the treatment is, it all sums down to pressure relief. With 8 hours spent in bed, you can take this time to relieve all the pressure from your back by resting it right. With a poor mattress, you will exert more pressure to your back than required. Knowing the right Sleeping position and getting the right mattress can help with degenerative disc disorders a lot.

The best mattresses for Cervical Degenerative Disc disorder

If you are diagnosed with Cervical Degenerative disc disorder and experience excruciating pain in your neck or feel stiff in your neck, you may need a good pillow along with a good mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper, ditch the pillow altogether from under your head. On the other hand use the pillow to elevate your hips and stomach, if you are a stomach sleeper. If you are a back sleeper, get an adjustable mattress and an adjustable base. Elevate your head and knees for the right position. Do not use a very high pillow. Ensure that the pillows are well aligned and do not exert pressure to your neck. The whole point is to ensure that your neck and upper back has no pressure applied to it.

The best mattress for Cervical degenerative disc disease is one which is firm or medium firm. Most people do recommend a medium firm mattress for degenerative disc disorder. It is supportive and relieves pressure effectively. While the question always arises as to which type of mattress is recommended , the Hybrid mattresses are one of the best for pressure relieving. Mattresses like Saatva are known to have done a lot of research on issues related to back problems and sleep and they have crafted their mattresses to cater to the needs of people with conditions similar to degenerative disc disorders. It’s almost always a good fit, but memory foam mattresses and Latex mattresses are just as good as long as you find the right mattress. Do not go for a mattress which is too soft. Comfort matters but should not come at the price of your health. A soft mattress may feel extremely comfortable to sleep on, but its not always the best choice when it comes to your back problems and surely not with conditions like degenerative disc disorders. Opt for the firmest mattress you are comfortable with. It should do a great job. While comparing memory foam to Latex, Latex has an upper hand when it comes to durability , heat retention and they don’t sag so easily. Memory foam mattresses are usually the last choice for most people.

Best Type of Mattress for Degenerative disc diseases

The best type of mattress for degenerative disc disease is one that is firm or medium firm. To be safe, always go for the medium firm. While the type does not matter, every type of mattress does come with a few benefits and in some cases, flaws. For instance the memory foam mattresses sleep hot and the Hybrid mattresses will sag a bit faster. These factors come handy when considering a mattress for degenerative disc disease. A mattress that sags over time will worsen the condition without you realizing the cause. A mattress which sleeps hot will cause other problems due to lack of sleep or disturbed sleep. A mattress that is not pressure relieving will not help the condition at all. Let’s check some of the types of mattresses and how it helps you with your condition.

Hybrid Mattress for Degenerative disc disorder

Hybrid mattresses are essentially advanced inner coil mattresses. They are designed with encased steel coils , topped with memory foam or latex. As simple as it may sound, there is a lot going underneath the construction of a hybrid mattress. They are tested for motion transfer, Heating and most importantly, Pressure relieving abilities. While memory foam and latex mattresses are pressure relieving in its own way, the hybrid mattresses take it a a step ahead by activating the steel coils in the mattress to align the mattress perfectly to your body based on your weight. Some of the hybrid mattresses even come with zoned technology which puts 3 to 5 different levels of pressure on your mattress. Your upper body is heavier than your legs and head so the coils in this area are designed to ensure that they can take the weight accordingly, aligning your body perfectly while you sleep and no matter in which position you sleep.  This makes Hybrid mattresses one of the most preferred mattresses for people who have issues with their back, neck or even those who have just gone through a surgery and need to be in bed for a longer period of time. Remember that hybrid mattresses, though sounds like a hospital bed, feel and look entirely different. For instance, a saatva mattress is a luxury mattress! They are designed to help people with conditions but are perfect for anyone. 

Apart from being able to align your body perfectly while sleeping, hybrid mattresses are much cooler than pure foam or latex mattresses because there is plenty of space in between those coils. It helps air out well. They are also conforming and easy to move around when you are in bed. You will not feel like you are stuck in mud. Hybrid mattresses are almost always a perfect mattress to sleep on if you get the firmness levels right. A medium firm mattress usually does the trick.


Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep

Saatva : Saatva is one of the most recommended mattresses for all back related and sleep related problems. Degenerative disc disorder is one of the few conditions which require an adjustable bed and saatva is compatible with all adjustable bases. Being a hybrid mattress its also conforming and pressure relieving. With a 15 year warranty and 120 night trial, the saatva is one of the few affordable luxury mattresses in the market.

Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Avocado :  The avocado Green mattress is a Latex Hybrid mattress which takes pride in its 100 % organic mattress tag. Its free from all chemicals and all materials for the mattresses are sourced from reliable partners. The cotton, wool and latex are all organically produced and the mattress is manufactured in the USA. It is a medium firm mattress and suits best for people who are a between 100 and 180lbs if you are suffering from Degenerative disc disease


Widest choice of Mattresses, from Memory foam, Latex and Luxury series. The Best Mattresses at affordable price