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SleepOvation 700 Tiny Mattresses in One Reviews 2018


SleepOvation – 700 Tiny Mattresses in One for Back Pain Relief

SleepOvation mattress review

SleepOvation is a relatively new online mattress brand that features 700 “tiny mattresses” in one. Separating traditional foam and hybrid mattress brands, this is a unique hybrid mattress that claims to focus on back pain and promote peaceful sleep. Read on to know if SleepOvation will work for you or not.

Brief Overview of SleepOvation

SleepOvation is a hybrid mattress that comes with unique patented Cushion Pocket spring technology. The product features hundreds of individually wrapped coils that comes with soft foam cushion attached to the top. The motive of SleepOvation is to provide you with a luxurious feel combined with comfort and support vital for sound sleep.

SleepOvation is manufactured in the USA that offers you next level comfort by cradling you into the individual cushions that give you the perfect balance between the comfort and lumbar support to reduce any back pain.

The layer is CertiPUR-US certified and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The company offers a 100-night trial period with a FREE return policy.

Different models available with their respective Dimensions, Weight, and Price

Currently, there is only one model available at SleepOvation which is the hybrid type. However, it is available in different sizes.

Twin39W” x 75”L12”56 lbs$1,349
Twin Extra Long (XL)39W” x 80”L12”60 lbs$1,499
Full54W” x 75L.”12”77 lbs$1,549
Queen60W” x 80L.”12”90 lbs$1,749
King76W” x 80L.”12”113 lbs$1,949
California King72W” x 84L.”12”116 lbs$1,949

Unboxing the SleepOvation mattress

The SleepOvation mattress will come in a roll-packed format neatly arranged in a box. As it contains springs, it quickly bounces to the original shape once you remove the plastic giving you little recovery time.

Beneath the mattress cover is a removable quilted fire cap (that works like a mattress pad). It is placed on top of the “tiny mattresses.” It functions not only as a fire barrier but also resists the mattress from bending out of shape. It eliminates the need for an additional/external mattress pad. It also ensures that the sleeper is in direct contact with tiny mattresses.

Many users have tested the contouring and supporting of the “tiny mattresses” by placing bowling ball (of different weights) and checking its ability.

Construction & Materials

The SleepOvation is a 12” pocketed coil and foam hybrid mattress. What makes the product unique is it doesn’t have layers than other traditional types of mattress. Instead, it is constructed using 700 individual layered components which the company refers as “tiny mattresses.” Each of the components consists of 8” premium 0.78 high carbon steel spring. It is encased in a 2.25” x 2.25” x 3” rectangular piece of high-density polyfoam on top of it. A patented feature, it offers some severe airflow and heat distribution thanks to the multiple channels created between the independent coils. These coils are cradled in foam that distributes your weight evenly and gives you optimal comfort.

The advantage of using Sleeopvation hybrid mattress is its ability to help you sleep cooler. The mattress cover is equally breathable and keeps you fresh.

SleepOvation is a regular one-mattress-for-all edition that works for everyone regardless you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Maintaining SleepOvation mattress is a breeze. The mattress cover is removable and washable which makes it easy to manage the durability of the mattress. You can also vacuum between the individual air channel to fight dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.

Edge Support

The one factor that may work against this design is creating a solid perimeter, especially for people who need to sit on the edge. The SleepOvation does offer proper weight distribution (irrespective of you are sleeping or laying on it) while making the edge mostly usable. But then the individual coils that function without any proper encasement or reinforced edges makes it less supportive once you are right up to the edge. It is more noticeable when you use the edge of the mattress for sitting.

While SleepOvation is a fantastic mattress overall when it comes to comfort, minimal motion transfer, and support, it is the edge that lacks stability.

Will SleepOvation mattress make you sleep hot?

The design of SleepOvation mattress is the prominent feature when it comes to sleeping cool. The air channels present between the each pocketed coils gives an abundance of space for the air to flow efficiently to provide you a cooler sleep surface. The channels are designed in such a way to maintain a cool temperature for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Unlike other foam mattresses in the market that trap body heat and put you in an uncomfortable position, these individual segments in SleepOvation dissipate heat thus giving you a cool surface to sleep on. It also fights headaches often seen with sleeping on the hot and sweaty surface. The cool cover wicks away the natural body heat and keeps you cool giving you peaceful sleep.

Off-gassing and Odor

Just like other prominent online mattress brands that are made in the US, SleepOvation too features CertiPUR certified foams. The components are sourced within the US and assembled in a fabrication facility in the US, East Hanover, NJ.

That said, any new mattress is bound to have a certain smell as it comes straight from the manufacturing unit. If at all you notice any odor when you open the new Sleeopovation mattress, simply keep it in the open in a well-ventilated room till the smell fades away.

SleepOvation mattress consumer reviews

  • Mikhaila H – “It took a while to get our SleepOvation mattress shipped but as soon as I asked the customer service they sped up the process which is fantastic. The first night I noticed I didn’t wake up to toss around like I used to. My husband and I side sleepers, and I usually turn 10 or more times a night from my shoulders hurting. My husband wasn’t sure about it at first, but he says he likes it better now. Overall, I am impressed with how much better I sleep and overall craftsmanship of the materials. Worth a try.”
  • Catherine C – “I was a little concerned that the mattress would be too soft for my back, but I am pleasantly surprised that my back and hips feel much better after less than two weeks. So glad I decided to try it.”
  • Joseph C – “A fantastic mattress for my wife and me. We both sleep better, and for someone like me who never sleeps straight through a night, this mattress has helped me. Plus I had lots of questions which the customer support clarified amazingly.”

SleepOvation mattress complaints

Currently, there are no SleepOvation complaints available online.

How firm is the SleepOvation mattress?

The predominant feature of SleepOvation is to get rid of back pain and correct your sleeping posture. SleepOvation is a medium-firm mattress. However, those with back pain might feel it is more firm while those who have a healthy spine might feel it be plush.

That said, SleepOvation offers you the perfect combination of support and comfort for your spinal alignment. No two bodies are the same, and each reacts differently to the mattress. So while a heavier person will sink more to the bed, a lighter person will feel the mattress softer and have a light feel. Regardless of the weight, all the users will benefit from SleepOvation.

Mattress typeSleep positionLightweight sleeper rating (less than 130 lbs)Average weight sleeper rating (130 to 230 lbs)Heavyweight sleeper rating (more than 230 lbs)
BackVery GoodVery GoodGood

Shipping, trial period and warranty

The company offers free shipping and delivery anywhere in the 48 contiguous states of the USA. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will cost an additional $180.

SleepOvation mattress comes with a 100-night trial return policy. Try the product for the first 30 nights and if you still find the product does not meet your expectations, return it. The company, however, recommends you to try the product at least for 30 nights before initiating a return.

The company comes with a 10-year warranty. In case of any defects in material and workmanship within ten years, SleepOvation will replace the mattress free of charge.

SleepOvation discount coupon codes

Currently, SleepOvation offers $400 Thanksgiving Discount while purchasing the mattress from their official website. Subscribe to the newsletters of SleepOvation so that you can stay updated on the latest news and promo deals.

Financing Options

For those who are on a budget and find it difficult to pay the entire price of the mattress upfront can choose financing options with Klarna. They offer excellent financing options within 6 or 12 months at 0% APR. You can also enjoy the flexibility period of 18 months at 9.99% APR.

About SleepOvation


SleepOvation was started in 2017.



SleepOvation is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Store locator/Showrooms


SleepOvation is not available at any retail mattress stores. It is available online only.

SleepOvation headquarters


50 Williams Parkway, Suite F, East Hanover, NJ 07936

How to contact SleepOvation customer support


Phone Number: 1-908-360-2200


SleepOvation on Social


Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –


Does SleepOvation mattress work with an adjustable bed frame?

SleepOvation works on any base – solid base, platform or a board on a box spring, and adjustable bed frame.

Is SleepOvation 700 Tiny Mattresses in One Good For Back Pain Problems?

Absolutely Yes! It is created as a SleepOvation pain-relieving 700 Tiny Mattresses in One. Its vertebrae support relieves back pain. The individual suspension system supports each bone (33) in the human spinal column separately that cradles the body’s curves to provide enough firmness for the back’s muscular and bony structures. Also, a cushion for every inch of your body works independently to distribute body weight evenly and alleviates stress on the natural curves of the spine. It helps relieve back pain as well as provide absolute comfort for any sleeping position.

Chiropractor Endorsement For Back Pain – Dr. Mark Cadden, DC Chiropractor says he has been a Chiropractor for 38 years and have never endorsed a mattress until now. The SleepOvation mattress has won his endorsement and will now recommend this mattress to all patients, especially those with back pain and also those patients who want to maintain a healthy spine.

The SleepOvation 700 Tiny Mattresses in One Blog

For the latest articles and good sleep, tricks visit ‘Just Cuddle’ tab on their website or visit

Are Bedbugs in SleepOvation 700 Tiny Mattresses in One a Possibility?

No, this mattress comes with the ability to vacuum in between the hundreds of individually sealed air channel to eliminate dust, bacteria, and allergens that may trigger skin infections, asthma, and allergies. Also, the zippered removable machine washable cover adds to cleanliness and sanitation.

How much weight does SleepOvation support?

The SleepOvation mattress will support individuals that weight a maximum of 350 lbs.

Is SleepOvation available on Amazon?

No. SleepOvation can be ordered only from the official website.

Compare SleepOvation with other Brands

Sleep OvationDreamCloud SleepSaatva MattressMorphiisAvocado
ModelsPatented 700 tiny mattresses combined in one mattressDreamCloud LuxuryPlush soft, luxury firm and firmCustomizable Queen mattressGreen mattress
Mattress TypeHybridHybridHybridUltrafoamHybrid
Price (Queen)$1,499$1,199$1,099$895$,1399
AvailabilityOnline onlyOnlineOnline (& in their official showroom)OnlineOnline
Sleep Trial period100 nights365 nights120 days100 nights100 nights
Warranty10 YearsEverlong (which means till you own the mattress, the company offers you warranty)15 years25 yearsTen years

Ratings and Reviews from prominent mattress sites for SleepOvation

Sleep SherpaAs per sleepsherpa, SleepOvation brings you some of the best innovation in the mattress market. It works best for side and back sleeper as it contours quickly thanks to the responsive coils. The breathable channels of the mattress allow superior airflow was making SleepOvation worth every penny.9.2 out of 10
Our Sleep guideAs per oursleepguide, the SleepOvation is a well-ventilated and amplified mattress that offers you the comfort and support especially for back and side sleepers. For those dealing with pains and ailments, this mattress is best recommended.4.7 out of 5
Mattress GuidesA chiropractor-endorsed brand, SleepOvation offers you one-of-a-kind design that cradles every inch of your body independently for optimal comfort and relieves any strain on the spine.4.6 out of 5
Memory Foam TalkA fantastic coil/foam (hybrid) mattress, SleepOvation provides the benefits of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses in the market. Suitable for all sleeping positions, it is the perfect mattress for sex and allows you to move around and also to get in and out of bed easily at nights.9.1 out of 10


SleepOvation mattress is a new brand in the market that comes with patented 700 tiny mattresses to give you optimal comfort and support for all types of sleepers. It will benefit mostly side and back sleepers, especially sleepers who are dealing with back pain. Stomach sleeper will feel comfortable as it has quick responsive foam but then being a medium-firm mattress, you are better off with a soft mattress. The customer service of SleepOvation is fantastic and offers an excellent return policy (trial period). So you are safe to try SleepOvation and check how it works on your body. Worth a try!!!

I finished my masters in finance and worked for the Largest Private sector banking company in India. When the time came, I moved on to something less demanding and more creative. The influence of Indian culture asks us to put satisfaction upfront and I was in search of it. Writing struck me as a possibility and soon a passion. I am not creative but I am very thorough. Technical writing is my forte and at times I do delve into the creative side, though the stint usually lasts not more than a day! I enjoy traveling, reading and shopping.

Morphiis Mattress Reviews 2018, Specs, Coupons, Complaints


Morphiis Mattress – Customizable Mattress for Ultimate Comfort

Morphiis Customizable mattress reviews

Morphiis is a customizable mattress that caters to the need of the sleepers by offering their desired amount of support and comfort layers. It is not the typical one-mattress-for-all brand. They help you choose the right amount of comfort layers based on your sleeping preference, partner’s compatibility, etc. An exceptional brand, Morphiis comes with Ultrafoam comfort layer that does not sleep hot and gives you the best quality sleep all night.

Morphiis Queen Mattress is perfect for couples. Customizable Queen size Morphiis mattress is the best mattress for people who love to have little extra space. Morphiis mattress comes with 64 different firmness configurations that allow you to design and personalize your bed according to your health, sleep and sex comforts.

Love your Morphiis Mattress – Why and Why not

You will love Morphiis mattress if you:You will not love Morphiis mattress if you:
  • Want a customizable mattress – the innovative design allows you to swap out the special foam inserts and personalize the firmness level and support in any area of the bed.
  • Want a mattress for couples with different sleeping style – as it is easy to customize the layers and adjust both sides of the bed, Morphiis is a fantastic choice for a couple. Both you and your partner will love the mattress as it meets the needs of both you and your partner.
  • Want an affordable, high-quality mattress – available at a reasonable price, it is easy to customize the mattress by swapping the specially designed foam inserts. Moreover, the shipping and delivery are free, not to mention great trial period as well that gives you the liberty to return the mattress and get a full refund.
  • Want a memory foam mattress – the Morphiis features Ultrafoam rather than traditional memory foam that offers the same consistency as memory foam. So, if you love a body-conforming foam mattress that gives you the right combo of support and comfort, then this is an excellent choice for you.
  • Don’t want adjustable inserts – as customizable as this mattress is, you will need to switch the layers to adjust the firmness level manually. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, then this mattress may not be a good option for you.
  • Are running out of space – the Morphiis mattress comes with 36 inserts total, but the mattress uses 12 of them at a time. It means that you need to store the remaining inserts when they are not in use. If you are living in a small home or apartment and don’t have much storage space, then this might not be the right mattress for you.


Features of Morphiis mattresses

  • It is a customized sleeping mattress.
  • Morphiis mattress uses UltraFoam that does not sleep hot, unlike conventional memory foam.
  • It is available in soft, medium, and firm types.
  • It comes with three different foam layers that are customizable as per your preferences.
  • The mattress cover is made using fire-resistant polyester fabric.
  • The product comes with a 100 nights trial period and a 25-year warranty.

Morphiis Mattress Specifications

SpecificationsTwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCal King
Product Dimensions (inches)38×7538×8053×7560×8072×8476×80
Package Dimensions (inches)16x15x39.416x15x40.116x15x55.516x15x61416x15x77616x15x73.2
Weight (lbs)46.248.686.778.5100.698.6
Comfort Insert (soft, medium, firm)Six eachSix each22 each22 each22 each22 each
Mattress coverFire resistant polyesterFire resistant polyesterFire resistant polyesterFire resistant polyesterFire resistant polyesterFire resistant polyester
Foam layers333333
Country of OriginImportedImportedImportedImportedImportedImported
Warranty25 years25 years25 years25 years25 years25 years
Care InstructionsSpot CleanSpot CleanSpot CleanSpot CleanSpot CleanSpot Clean

Morphiis Mattress – Best Custom Mattress for All Sleepers

Morphiis mattress – Comfort Layers

  • The Morphiis mattress construction uses a breathable outer cover that is of polyester fabric. It keeps you cool all night by promoting airflow.
  • The comfort layers are made of UltraFoam. The company does not use memory foam that not only tends to become hot but also can cause off-gassing after a certain point. Another disadvantage of memory foam is it tends to leave an impression on the bed after a few days of usage. The UltraFoam not only adapts to your body shape but does not leave any impact on the bed. It bounces back quickly to its original position while giving you a cool and peaceful sleep every night.
  • Morphiis is an 11-inch mattress that comes with two individual channels that offer six comfort inserts on each side of the mattress. There are altogether 36 inserts so that you can customize the bed as per your comfort for proper support.
  • The top layer is 1-inch is exceptionally soft and highly breathable.
  • The second layer is the 3-inch UltraFoam that comprises of 12-inserts that is to adjust your firmness level.
  • The 7-inch base layer of high-quality Polyurethane foam for extra durability and comfort. It is made using state-of-the-art technology so that the foam stays durable for an extended period.

Dimensions and Pricing of Morphiis customizable mattress

SizeDimensionsHeightPrice with discountPrice without discount
Twin38W” x 75”L11”$395$495
Twin XL38W” x 80”L11”$450$550
Full53W” x 75”L11”$650$750
Queen60W” x 80”L11”$895$795
King76W” x 80”L11”$995$1095
Cal King72W” x 84”L11”$995$1095

Currently, Morphiis is offering you a discount of $100 OFF on the mattress as well as 1 FREE PILLOW!!! You can also use Morphiis discount coupon codes to avail of more savings.

My Morphiis Accessories

Morphiis personalized sleep solutions offer only one model that comes in a variable format as per your comfort.

Accessories available at Morphiis

Morphiis Adjustable TopperIt comes with eight firmness options to suit any types of sleepers. Apart from reducing pressure points, this product comes with patented adjustment slots that increase the firmness. This deluxe washable cover comes with a different sleeping style that customizes the firmness on each side of the bed. Available in softest, soft, medium, and firm levels, it is CertiPUR certified.Queen – $225

Twin – $175

Full – $200

King – $250

Morphiis PillowCreate the perfect height and support with Morphiis customizable pillow that comes with six interchangeable layers of comfort with four layers of microfiber fill and two foam layers. The Morphiis adjustable pillow is available in standard-queen and king sizes.Queen – $85

King – $95

Pillowcase Q – $15

Pillowcase K – $17

Bed FrameThis adjustable bed frame improves your sleep and reduces any back pain. Morphiis adjustable bedframe improves your sleep by alleviating pressure on the joints and muscles. The adjustable head and foot feature is user-friendly and enhances your sleep. Silent motors and USB ports deliver optimal performance making it worth every penny you pay.Queen – $850

Twin XL – $650

Legs-Shorter – $15

Legs-Longer – $25

Morphiis mattress – Trial, Shipping, and Warranty

  • Trial period – My Morphiis offers you 100 nights free trial period. If unsatisfied, you can avail of a full refund.
  • Shipping – The company offers free shipping anywhere in the USA.
  • Delivery – My Morphiis delivers a mattress and other accessories entirely at no cost.
  • Warranty – The Company offers a 25-year limited warranty on the mattress, a 3-year limited warranty on pillows, and a 20-year limited warranty on the adjustable bed frame.

Morphiis Mattress – Perfect for Couples

Morphiis Mattress Features Reviews and Rating

Motion Transfer Test (How well the Morphiis mattress perform in giving personal isolation?)7 out of 10
Edge Support Test (the level of support offered on the edges of the bed)7.5 out of 10
Pressure Relief Test (the performance of mattress in alleviating pressure especially around the hips, neck, shoulders, and thighs)7.25 out of 10
Spinal Alignment Test (the level of mattress performance in aligning your mattress)9 out of 10
Responsiveness Test (if the Morphiis mattress adjusts to different sleeping positions and movements throughout the night)7.25 out of 10
Cooling Evaluation (how well the mattress promotes airflow and breathability or offers unique cooling properties)7.5 out of 10
Sex (how the mattress works for couples)7 out of 10
Edge support (if it is likely to sink or work in achieving proper edge support)5 out of 10
Noise (does it give away weird creaky sound or deliver silent performance)9 out of 10
Durability Evaluation (Quality and durability of materials, structural support and expected lifespan of the mattress)8 out of 10
Customer service score9 out of 10
Shipping10 out of 10
Return Policy10 out of 10
Warranty10 out of 10

Morphiis Mattress Consumer Reviews

  • Dewdrop – “I bought this from the Morphiis website, not on Amazon. I love the mattress. It replaced the traditional innerspring mattress. It is so easy to set up and adjust to your liking. I am sleeping so incredibly well on this mattress and don’t have any usual aches or pains upon waking. I have a large 20-pound cat who has congenital joint problems, and even she is sleeping better. So happy I got this mattress.”
  • reader – “After trying out three mattresses this summer, we finally found something that works for both of us.”

Bad reviews of Morphiis Mattress

There are no major Morphiis Mattress Complaints online. However, few users complain about the new bed smell which goes away quickly. One customer suggests the company to deliver a proper installation guide for easy setup, unpacking, etc. and make the process smooth.

Morphiis Mattress Firmness Analysis

Varying firmness options allows you to change the way you sleep and place them under specific regions of your body. It ensures proper spinal alignment and reduced tossing and turning.

  • Soft inserts – These placed under your shoulder and hips will optimize pressure relief.
  • Medium inserts – These inserts will provide a medium firm comfort level to satisfy most sleepers.
  • Firm inserts – Your lumber and thighs need firm inserts for pressure relief, unlike other mattresses that come with same common firmness from head to toe.

Is Morphiis adjustable mattress suitable for all types of sleepers?

Absolutely. As in the name, Morphiis mattress is customizable which means you can adjust the layers at your comfort. It is great for couples with different sleeping preference. It also offers a different firmness level – soft, medium and firm for people needing different firmness levels.

Company Information

Customer Service


7 out of 10 user reviews show that sleepers notice positive experience with Morphiis all-foam mattress.

About Morphiis Mattress


Morphiis is a new company launched in 2018.

Find Morphiis on Social

Contact Morphiis


Morphiis Mattress – Adjustable Bed for Personalized Firmness?

Compare Morphiis with other top brands

MorphiisSaatva MattressAvocado Mattress
ModelsCustomizable mattressPlush soft, Luxury Firm and FirmEco-friendly Green mattress
Mattress TypeUltraFoamHybridHybrid
Price (Queen)$895$1,099$1,399 (without pillow-top)
AvailabilityOnlineOnline & their showroomOnline
Sleep Trial period100 nights120 days100 nights
Warranty25 years15 yearsTen years

What other top mattress review sites say about Morphiis Mattress

SleepareAs per’s Morphiis mattress reviews, the product offers more than 64 different firmness configurations making it one of the best online mattress brands to try.90 out of 100
Sleep SherpaAs per Sleepsherpa, Morphiis is an excellent mattress for not only couples with different sleeping /firmness preference but also for users who need more specific pressure relief and support making it the perfect pressure mattress. As per sleep sherpa, Morphiis benefits more stomach and back sleepers while side sleepers may need a little more sink.9.1 out of 10
Our Sleep says that Morphiis mattress is an excellent option for users with different sleeping styles.4.6 out of 5
Real Mattress reviewsAs per Realmattressreviews, Morphiis is a different mattress that offers you different comfort needs. An all-foam mattress, it is fantastic for all sleeper types and caters to the user’s needs individually, which is excellent.
SleepopolisAs per Sleepopolis, it is a solid pick for couples. It offers customizable zone support, which targets specific relief in the particular part of the body. As it works on an adjustable bed frame as well, Morphiis gives you customizable comfort all the way.N.A.


Do you need a foundation for Morphiis mattress?

Yes, you will need a sturdy foundation/bed frame to place your Morphiis mattress. You can buy adjustable bed frame at the official website of Morphiis.

Are there any Morphiis pillow reviews available?

Yes, there are Morphiis pillow reviews available at sites such as Amazon which is quite positive too. People say that the product is impressive thanks to its contouring and a customizable feature that supports neck and head efficiently. You can see reviews on Amazon.

Are there any Morphiis mattress coupon codes available?

Yes, there are many Morphiis mattress coupon codes available online. However, the company offers $100 OFF as part of the promotional deal.

Is Morphiis Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems?

It is a general belief that firmer mattresses are supportive, and thus are better for those suffering back problems. However, back pain is often due to improper spinal alignment. With Morphiis, the necessary firmness and support are adjustable individually for each of your body zones, which is unique and no other mattress can do it.

Dolores L suffered from back pain for years until he found new perfect pressure Morphiis Mattress. He has spent a fortune on all types of mattresses and never found enough relief in pain and sleep. He was instructed on where exactly to put back to get the best results from this fantastic product. Since sleeping on this mattress, he is waking up refreshed and with no pain at all.

Is Morphiis Mattress Non-Toxic?

All foams used in this mattress are CertiPur-U.S. Certified, which means they are free from Harmful Chemicals and contains no toxic substances. Also, they do not use memory foam or latex.

Are Morphiis Mattresses Any Good?

Absolutely Yes! This new patent-pending design comes with interchangeable comfort inserts, which are 12 – firm, 12 – medium and 12 – soft. A total of 36 comfort inserts are included with each Morphiis mattress, allowing each sleeper to choose 64 different firmness options. When you unzip and lay back the cover, you will see comfort inserts inside. These inserts are color-coded (firm – white, medium – blue and soft – yellow). Just remove and replace the inserts on each side for your desired comfort and zip up the cover. It is that simple and straightforward to adjust for your personalized comfort in just a few minutes.

Morphiis Mattress – Customizable for your partner’s sleep comfort

How to choose the best Morphiis Mattress Firmness?

Start with the all the comfort inserts. If after 3-4 nights, you find it uncomfortable, begin by removing one comfort insert and repeat the process until you see the firmness you feel comfortable. It also depends on your height and builds. Also, try the shoulder inserts in different slots to find your optimal comfortable shoulder and neck comfort. You can also leave out altogether for least shoulder pressure. Make sure not to forget the hip comfort-insert.

Does Morphiis mattress foam have an odor?

As the product comes from the manufacturing unit, Morphiis mattress is bound to have a particular smell. However, the odor dissipates within a few days/weeks. As per the federal law, this odor (VOCs) does not harm the environment.

Is Morphiis mattress flippable?

No. You can turn the mattress 180 degrees while keeping the sleep-side up. But do NOT flip it. The Morphiis mattress is bi-directional. It means that you can install it with either end at the head of the bed.

Morphiis Mattress Financing

Slice up the payments on your purchase with Klarna. Morphiis have partnered with Klarna to provide you with financing on your purchases – offers to start at 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months. For more details, visit


Morphiis mattress is a customizable mattress that works not only for couples but also for sleepers with different firmness levels. It also helps people with targeted pressure relief and support. You can also configure the Morphiis mattress to give you more granular zoned support throughout the mattress. While stomach and back sleepers will appreciate the bed, side sleepers may want a little more sink.

I finished my masters in finance and worked for the Largest Private sector banking company in India. When the time came, I moved on to something less demanding and more creative. The influence of Indian culture asks us to put satisfaction upfront and I was in search of it. Writing struck me as a possibility and soon a passion. I am not creative but I am very thorough. Technical writing is my forte and at times I do delve into the creative side, though the stint usually lasts not more than a day! I enjoy traveling, reading and shopping.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews 2018 – Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress – The Most Comfortable Luxury Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress offers you the best of both worlds – memory foam and traditional spring coils. The eight individual layers of constructions offer you unbeatable comfort and support. We provide you with a full review of DreamCloud mattress, so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

DreamCloud mattress consumer reviews

  • Malika C – “DreamCloud came to our life recently, and we couldn’t be impressed. It is comfortable for all types of sleepers because I am a side and stomach sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. We don’t have a fancy bed frame so I can say it is supportive all on its own.”
  • Cat R – “DreamCloud has made me crave for more sleep. I can’t wait to spend time on it at night. Maybe because its so plush and luxurious, but honestly I have never had a better sleep. I can’t believe how lucky I feel over getting one. I have started suggesting it to my friends. The best comfortable experience, you have to feel it yourself to believe. I am so psyched about the trial policy, but I am not worried at all. DreamCloud is a beautiful sleeping experience, thanks to the flexible support of the cashmere cover. Thank you so much.”
  • Frank H – “Layers of heaven is how I would describe DreamCloud. Each layer of memory foam comes together to support my body every night. I have no pain in pressure points or any sore muscles when I wake up in the morning. The combination of springs and foam makes it a truly dreamy mattress.”

There were only one DreamCloud Mattress Complaints related to new mattress smell. Some people say to have a faint new mattress smell for a few days, but this quickly fades away. Also, this smell is from new foams being vacuum packed and not toxic chemical smell, allow it to air out and breathe to dissipate it quickly. Overall, DreamCloud is highly recommended to get the best sleep money can buy.

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress

DreamCloud is one of the new addition in the online mattress brands that give you a “one bed for all” mattress. It comes with luxurious, comfortable sleep at a great price. Comfortable cashmere cover, blend of high-quality memory foam and latex, and the support of micro-coils give you the ultimate sleeping experience on DreamCloud. DreamCloud sleep offers you several options such as “new-like reconditioning” after five years, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option via financing through Affirm and a 365-day trial. All these options make DreamCloud the best bargain mattress in the market.

DreamCloud Mattress Specifications

DreamCloud Sleep offers you only one model – the hybrid model. Check out the specifications of the DreamCloud luxury mattress here.

Construction and Materials

  • 8-layer Hybrid Design
  • Cashmere Blend Fabric Top Layer
  • Medical Grade Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Hi Core 9.2 Grade Foam
  • High Vegetable Base Super Core 5lb support foam
  • Patented spring coils with 5 zoned encased micro coils

DreamCloud Mattress – Save $200 On Your Purchase

Layers of comfort

It is constructed from 15” of dreamy foam and supportive coils wrapped in the finest cashmere, with double tufted construction. Each plush, supportive EuroTop is hand anchored to a dense foam base by artisans using true double tufts, a stitch that adds everlasting durability and unmatched finish work.

Inside the mattress, there are layers of premium foam for plush core stability, high density super soft foam for contouring support and patented spring coils for a unique compression system.

It is engineered with eight distinct layers of handcrafted super premium materials – pocketed coil, latex, and foam to offer a plush, pressure-free, and dream-filled sleep.

  • Truetufted Cashmere Blend Top Layer – This 2″ Top Comfort Layer is DreamCloud’s Cashmere Blend cover that provides unmatched breathability, premium softness and is naturally resistant to bedbugs.
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam – This cooling layer of .5″ of Gel Infused Memory Foam is cooling and supportive. It helps provide contouring support that conforms to your body.
  • Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam – This 1.75″ of comfort layer is unique to DreamCloud, developed with lullabies quilted foam to make you feel like lying on clouds.
  • Supreme Natural Latex – This response layer consists of .5″ hypoallergenic super premium natural latex to provide cushioning bounce and added contour.
  • Dreamplush Supporting Memory Foam – This support layer is .25″ of Luxurious high-density memory foam to provide deep body contouring support.
  • Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam – This Transition layer of .5″ of DreamCloud’s super dense foam keeps your back in alignment and cradles your spine in whatsoever sleep position.
  • Patent-Pending Bestrest Coils – This 8″ of Support Layer is five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system to provide support from head to toe.
  • High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam – This 1.5″ of High-density Base Foundation Layer keeps your back in alignment and cradles you no matter what sleep position you prefer.

DreamCloud Mattress Cover

DreamCloud Cashmere cover is soft as well as highly breathable. It allows air flow to move into the memory foam. This material cover sleeps 3x cooler than other materials like cotton. The airflow will move through the spring coils to diffuse heat transfer for cool sleep.

DreamCloud’s cover is neither removable nor replaceable. They offer a professional cleaning on request after one year of ownership and may extend a Like-New refurb offer if needed after five years of ownership.

DreamCloud Mattress Firmness

DreamCloud is plush yet highly supportive, available in only one firmness option – 6.5 out of 10 on a 1-10 scale, (1 being a cloud and ten firmest like a rock). It is designed for perfect long-term support with true top layer comfort and inner support layers. Its multiple layers work together to provide a level of firmness that works best for all sleepers regardless of weight or size.

DreamCloud Mattress- Sleeping Hot

It provides a plush cloud of cooling comfort during sleep. It has the additional cooling technology to ensure you sleep cool. Its heat-treated cotton pad works to regulate temperature so you can sleep cool. Also, the gel-infused foam top layer and the innerspring coil layer provide good airflow and discourage heat retention.

DreamCloud Mattress – Feel, Comfort and Edge support

This premier hybrid mattress combines soft cashmere, high-density foams, and encased coils to make you feel like free floating on a soft, supportive cloud. Its gel-infused foam top layer prevents heat buildup while the hand-tufted cashmere cover makes the exterior nice and comfortable. Its hybrid construction with the pocketed coil support layer and the layer of latex in the top comfort layers provides the expected bounce. All the multiple foam top layers provide proper body contour and hug for comfort, support, and feel.

One of the best parts of a luxury hybrid is that you have added support of coils which means better edge support. It provides consistent and perfect firm support edge to edge.

DreamCloud Mattress – Smell/Off-Gassing

The foams in this mattress are of exceptional quality which means they require limited or non-existent off-gassing. If you find any faint smell of fresh foam upon opening, it will dissipate quickly. This smell is from new foams being vacuum packed and not from any chemicals.

Save $200 On Your Purchase of a DreamCloud Mattress

Full sleep ratings

CategoryRatingWhat users are saying
DurabilityVery GoodThough it’s relatively a new product, based on the quality and construction of the mattress, it should last at least 7-8 years.
Motion IsolationGoodCouples do not report any motion transfer when their partner move from the bed.
Off-gassingGoodThere are only rare circumstances when people complain of any off-gassing issues. Even if you notice off-gassing, it will fade away within 24 hours.
ConformingGoodThe DreamCloud firm mattress doesn’t sink your body in and is on par with other hybrid models.
SexVery GoodAs per reviews, DreamCloud is quite responsive and offers you good bounce.
Temperature controlGoodThe dense foam balance the airflow across the mattress, so you don’t have to sleep hot.
Edge supportPoorFew users complain of weaker edge support in DreamCloud. People say that they tend to roll-off easily as the necessary edge support is not reinforced at all.
NoiseVery GoodThere is no noise from the DreamCloud mattress so you can sleep silently and peacefully.

Is DreamCloud suitable for all types of sleepers?

Types of sleepersFeaturesRatingAlternative brands
Side sleepersNeed a soft mattress such as latex memory foam or memory gel foam mattresses. Side sleepers face more hazards than back sleepers as they are more curves on the side of the body (shoulders, hips, and knees). It creates tension and pressure on the body that can lead to hip pain and shoulder pain.AverageSoft mattress brands such as Helix Sleep or Saatva mattress offer soft mattress types that are best suitable for side sleepers.
Back sleepersNeed a mattress that works in correcting their spine alignment and reducing pain on pressure points.GoodIt doesn’t get better than DreamCloud.
Stomach sleepersNeed proper support without which can pose serious problems. For instance, stomach sleeping creates excellent pressure on the thoracic and lumbar spine. You need a firm mattress as too soft mattress will provide too much give under the hips and put more strain on your lower back. It will provide you with long-term back pain.GoodDreamCloud works best for stomach sleepers by taking pressure from your spine and stomach without straining the respiratory system. So you can breathe easily and sleep well all night.
Combination sleepersAre an exception as they sleep in at least two different positions at night. The best mattress for combination sleepers is medium to the medium-firm mattress as it offers the right amount of comfort without making you feel like sleeping on a log.GoodAs per many reviews, DreamCloud is compatible with combination sleepers. Since the person switches position during sleep, regardless of the sleeping style, DreamCloud works for all sleepers.

DreamCloud Mattress – Dimensions and Pricing

Check out the measurements, dimensions, width, price and other specs of DreamCloud Mattress.

Current DreamCloud Mattress Discount Coupon Code – Halloween Sale! $200 OFF when you purchase a mattress.

Save $200 On Your Purchase of a DreamCloud Mattress

SizeDimensionsHeightWeightPrice w/o discountPrice with discount
Twin39W” x 75L.”15”N.A.$799$599
Twin XL39W” x 80L.”15”N.A.$999$799
Full54W” x 75L.”15”88 lbs$1,199$999
Queen60W” x 80L.”15”94 lbs$1,399$1,199
King76W” x 80L.”15”109 lbs$1,499$1,299
Cal King72W” x 84L.”15”109 lbs$1,499$1,299

Mattress Accessories at DreamCloud Sleep

AccessoriesFeatureKing PriceTwin PriceTwin XL PriceQueen PriceFull PriceCal King/Split King Price
FoundationEasy to assemble, the DreamCloud foundation is designed to function as an ideal base for your new mattress. It is made with solid and naturally-sourced wood. The foundation speaks durability and strength that lasts for a long time.$275$200$200$250$200$275
Adjustable FrameRelax your weekend with DreamCloud mattress while sleeping reading or watching TV. Featuring three programmable memory setting, USB plugs, wireless remote, Luxury three zone massage & much more, it doesn’t get LAZIER than this!!!$1,199N.A.$649$799$699$1,298
Bed Frame with HeadboardThese wooden slats are a timeless classic that offers you a sturdy support system for your mattress. It comes with strong headboard, frame, wood slats and all the necessary tools needed to build the frame.$375$350$300
Metal Bed FrameDesigned for your comfort, this bed frame is the perfect support for your DreamCloud mattress and foundation. It also works on your existing box spring efficiently. It comes with seven legs with sturdy locking casters that keep the bed in place.$95

Trial Period and Warranty

Sleep TrialRefundWarrantyWarranty Transfer
365 nightsFull25-year limitedLifetime, non-transferable

Shipping and Delivery

How is the mattress shipped?Where do they ship?Shipping
The DreamCloud mattress is compressed for shipping.DreamCloud ships to the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.Shipping is free for customers in the contiguous US., but customers in Alaska and Hawaii will be responsible for delivery surcharges.

Company Information

Customer Service


People report good experience from customer support of DreamCloud. Users say that the customer executives are excellent. They are knowledgeable people who know what they are doing.

Company History


DreamCloud launched in January 2018. Its parent company, Nectar Sleep has been in business since 2017.

BBB Rating


B –

Physical stores


DreamCloud does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations.

Contact DreamCloud


Email –


Phone number – 1-833-237-3269


Website –

Find DreamCloud on Social

Compare DreamCloud with other top brands

DreamCloud SleepSaatva MattressMorphiisSleep OvationAvocado
ModelsDreamCloud LuxuryPlush soft, luxury firm and firmCustomizable Queen mattressTiny MattressGreen Mattress
Mattress TypeHybridHybridUltrafoamHybridHybrid
Price (Queen)$1,199$1,099$895$1,499$1,399 (w/o pillow-top)
AvailabilityOnlineOnline (& in their official showroom)OnlineOnlineOnline
Sleep Trial period365 nights120 days100 nights100 nights100 nights
WarrantyEverlong (which means till you own the mattress, the company offers you warranty)15 years25 yearsTen yearsTen years

Comparison between DreamCloud Mattress with other brands

DreamCloud mattress Vs. Nectar mattress

FeaturesDreamCloud Sleep MattressNectar Mattress
Layers2” of true tufted cashmere top cover, .5” of gel infused memory foam, 1.75” of soft quilted memory foam, .5” of hypoallergenic natural latex, .25” of DreamPlush supportive memory foam, innerspring coils and much more1” of quilted foam, 1” of 4lb patented Lush Foam, 3” of 3lb medical grade cooling gel embedded foam, 6” of high-density foam
CoverDouble tufted and made of CashmereSoft, long staple cotton and Tencel
Firmness6.5 out of 106 out of 10
SupportExcellentVery Good
Motion transferMinimalVery minimal
Price (Queen)$1399$795
WarrantyEverlong lifetime warrantyEverlong warranty
Trial period365 days365 days
ShippingFree ShippingFree shipping
Refunds and Returns100% money back guarantee100% Money back

DreamCloud Mattress Vs. Purple Mattress

FeaturesDreamCloud Sleep MattressPurple Mattress
SummaryDreamCloud is an excellent product that comes with 15” luxury materials with hand tufted top that oozes comfort and support. The optional “like-new reconditioning” after five years and a 365-day trial.Purple is an excellent brand and took the mattress industry by their super lightweight polymer. The smart grid keeps you cool and takes the pain off joint and pressure points.
Comfort LevelMedium FirmMedium
Price Range$999-$1299$1299-$3499
Trial period365 days100 days
WarrantyLifetimeTen years
Sleeping Cool4.25/54.5/5
Motion Transfer4/54.25/5
Height15” mattress11”-13” mattress
ConstructionHand-tufted cashmere with 5” gel infused memory foam, 1.75” quilted memory foam, 0.5” natural latex, 0.25” dream plush support memory foam, dense memory foam, and 8” pocketed coils, super-soft high-density memory foamPurple smart comfort grid, 7.5” responsive support coils, 2-4” purple grid layer
Back sleeper4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Side sleeper4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Stomach sleeper4/54/5
Available SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal KingTwin XL, Queen, King, and Cal King

DreamCloud Mattress – Save $200 On Your Purchase

What other top mattress review sites say about DreamCloud

SleepopolisAs per, DreamCloud is an excellent product for back and stomach sleepers. The edge support of the mattress has been well-received.4.7 out of 5
TheSleepJudgeAn excellent choice for everyone, DreamCloud gives peaceful sleep quality. It is a bit heavier to move, and though the author (of Sleepopolis) was able to unbox and install herself, few people may need a lending hand to remove the old bed and place the new mattress.8.6 out of 10
SlumbersearchAs per Slumbersearch, DreamCloud offers the sleeper a “memorable sleeping surface” and is known to be the best luxury bargains “anywhere.”9.5 out of 10
SleepadvisorSleepadvisor says that DreamCloud is one of the best hybrid mattresses available online that offers unmatched quality, support and comfort. Such flawless bedding wouldn’t be available in any showroom.9.5 out of 10
RealmattressreviewsThe cooling features, hand tufting cashmere cover and competitive price by DreamCloud is hard to beat, says Ross (mattress reviewer of Real mattress reviews).4.86 out of 5
Mattress-guides.netAs per mattress guides, DreamCloud luxury hybrid is indeed a luxurious and plush mattress that offers exceptional service never seen in the mattress brands.4.7 out of 5

FAQs – DreamCloud Mattress

Does DreamCloud mattress come with financing options?

Yes, you can buy DreamCloud mattress via Affirm financing which offers you fantastic monthly payment options at minimal to none interests.

Do you need a Mattress pad or protector for your DreamCloud mattress?

It is always a great idea to protect your mattress. A mattress protector or a pad will secure your DreamCloud mattress from stains and spills thus extending the life period of your bed.

Does DreamCloud mattress work on adjustable beds?

Yes. DreamCloud does not work on adjustable beds. You can buy the adjustable frame from the official site of DreamCloud.

Is DreamCloud mattress flippable?

No. DreamCloud mattress is not flippable. However, you can rotate it every three months to increase its longevity.

Where To Buy DreamCloud Mattress?

The best place to Buy DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Online is from its official website Currently, Buy DreamCloud Mattress on Sale and avail the benefit of Mid Winter Sale.

Can I buy DreamCloud Mattress on Amazon?

At the time of writing this article, this product remains unavailable on Amazon.

Are there any DreamCloud Mattress Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promo online?

Yes, search for DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress Coupon Codes, and you will find Coupons & Promo Codes such as $200 Off Sitewide, Free Shipping & Returns and many more.

Where are DreamCloud Mattress made and shipped?

The mattress is constructed in China, but ships to you in 1-5 days from their distribution centers in Washington State.

Does this mattress ships internationally?

No, currently it only ships to the United States.

Are there any reviews about DreamCloud mattress at Reddit?

There are few DreamCloud mattress Reddit reviews available. Some people say that the shipment is quite poor although that DreamCloud is a sister company of Nectar Sleep. That being said, one user of Reddit states that he booked a mattress online six weeks ago and has still not received the bed.

DreamCloud mattress shipping delays have been a common issue found by some users. People claim that though the product seems appealing, what use if not shipped correctly.

Does DreamCloud mattress come with a foundation?

No, you need to purchase the foundation separately. DreamCloud offers adjustable base/frame from their official website which you can buy at a decent price. However, if you are looking for a bed frame or standard foundation, you need to buy it from a different site such as Amazon.

Does DreamCloud mattress ship to Canada?

Yes, DreamCloud mattress is available for free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

Does DreamCloud mattress have BBB accreditation?

Yes, Nectar Sleep aka DreamCloud has registered its name with Better Business Bureau. However, the company has not been accredited with BBB. It has received a B- rating based on 19 user reviews. Out of 19 reviews, 15 are positive with four being negative.

You will also find 231 DreamCloud mattress complaints registered against Nectar Sleep at Better Business Bureau out of which the company has resolved 229 complaints amicably.

Is there a DreamCloud mattress retailer near me?

DreamCloud mattress can be purchased online only, so there is no real way of testing the bed before buying it.

Does DreamCloud offer micro plush soft mattress pad?

No, the mattress topper or mattress pads though available under the name “DreamCloud” is not a product of the DreamCloud and is owned by a company called Rio Home Fashions.

What is the best setup for DreamCloud mattress?

DreamCloud mattress can be easily set up on any basic frame, box spring or even a flat floor. Since it is an extremely plush mattress, make sure the frame can fit a 15” mattress. The company offers white glove delivery option so that you can install your DreamCloud mattress hassle-free.

Is DreamCloud mattress available in the UK?

Unfortunately, DreamCloud mattress is available only in the US and Canada region.

How to unbox DreamCloud mattress?

Unboxing DreamCloud mattress is comfortable. Just uncover the package and place it on your bed frame or adjustable base. Let it inflate back to original position. Once it’s in original shape, you can start using it right away.

Are there any DreamCloud mattress YouTube videos?

Check out the DreamCloud mattress review by The Sleep Judge here.


DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid design that comes with a blend of high-quality foams for comfort and pocketed coil system for support. The cashmere quilted cover is supported with multiple layers of foam with immense density not to mention the strong, impeccable coil system. It gives the mattress an overall firm and feels that is great for back and stomach sleepers. The specialized edge support system provides the sleepers for laying securely without the fear of falling off from the bed. The Everlong warranty offers the user an assurance that their money is secure and in reliable brands.

I finished my masters in finance and worked for the Largest Private sector banking company in India. When the time came, I moved on to something less demanding and more creative. The influence of Indian culture asks us to put satisfaction upfront and I was in search of it. Writing struck me as a possibility and soon a passion. I am not creative but I am very thorough. Technical writing is my forte and at times I do delve into the creative side, though the stint usually lasts not more than a day! I enjoy traveling, reading and shopping.

Bear Mattress Reviews, Discount Codes, Comparison, Setup & Installation

Bear Mattress Provides Best Sleep for Your Lifestyle


What does Bradley Chubb, Chris Hogan, and Luke Weaver Have in common? They all share the same bed. No. Not literally. The Bear mattress is their choice of bed. Athletes and sportsmen/women prefer the Bear mattress for a reason. The names are not limited. Anthony Shelter, Jason Fitzgerald, Sarah Piampiano, and on and on.

For an athlete, rest is the second most important thing for performance. Food being the first. Without proper rest, performance decrease, sometimes drastically. Everyone knows the difference of a microsecond determines a world champion in the Olympics. Without adequate rest, we are not looking at microseconds, but a lot more to lose for an athlete.

How does bear mattress help? Its the technology behind the bed which makes the bear mattress different from all the others. The NASA came up with the Memory foam technology a few decades ago. The spring mattress became hybrid. There were multiple layers, multi-coil and a lot more going into a bed.  From the sheets, covers, foam, spring and the foundation, everything has changed. Companies have found a way to make sleep better. Mattress companies are now going through a lot of research and development unlike what it used to be in mid-1900 when companies used sponge and foam.

Bear mattress, being one of the many companies which are innovative use Celliant technology. It is an FDA Approved fabric,  classified as a medical device. CELLIANT is a clinically tested infrared fabric. The Celliant fabric helps regulate body temperature, harness body’s Natural energy to expedite recovery and enhance tissue oxygen levels. There is an overall increase in physical well-being and athletic performance. Celliant Technology also helps you fall asleep faster by 18.3 minutes according to a study by the University of Carolina.

The Celliant technology is the key selling factor for the Bear mattress. None of the other mattress companies we have reviewed (YET) has the Celliant technology or any other which can match or beat the performance claim.

That raises a question. Is this mattress only for people with an active lifestyle? Not really. This mattress is for anybody who wants a great sleep. Are you facing sleeping problems? Try the Bear mattress. If you have a back problem or neck issues which are related to sleep, the Bear mattress may be a solution. To begin with, You may be able to sleep faster.
Reviews – You be the Judge
The present rating is 4.744 out of 5. There are a total of 4965 reviews out of which 4077 reviews have rated Bear mattress 5/5. 652 ranked it 4/5, 139 ranked it 3/5, 54 ranked it 2/5 and 37 ranked it 1/5

With the average user rating 4.7, the bear mattress is considered a good mattress option. Also, note that the bed has been in business for over four years (founded on Sep 1, 2014) and that kind of reviews in 4 years is considered good!
Edge Support
The bear mattress has considerably poor edge support. Its noted that the edge sinks a lot more than the core of the bed which is very comfortable. You will see slightly poor edge support as compared to the center areas of the mattress.  Sleeping near the edge does provide support while sitting on the bed is not comfortable but it does not affect the durability of the mattress.  The mattress sits on the firmness level of 6 out of 10.
Two things which make sex good is the bounce of the bed and prevention of sleeping hot. The bear mattress excels in both this category for a memory foam mattress. The Infused gel foam makes heat retention minimal. The bounce of the bed is comparatively good, and this makes sex pleasurable.
How Top Review Sites Rate Bear Mattress
Mattress Guides Review on Bear Mattress

Motion Isolation4.5
Price5 on Bear Mattress

Motion IsolationVERY GOOD
Temperature NeutralityVERY GOOD
Edge SupportFAIR
StomachFAIRHeavy on Bear Hybrid

Motion IsolationVERY GOOD
Temperature NeutralityVERY GOOD
Edge SupportFAIR
StomachFAIRHeavy Reviews Bear Mattress

Back SupportExcellent
Pressure ReliefSometimes
Sleep QualityMuch better
Stays “Cool”Excellent
Warranty ServiceExcellent On Bear Mattress

Durability & Materials4.5
Motion Transfer5
Edge Support4.5
Trial5 on Bear mattress


Customer Satisfaction:9.6
General Support:9.6
Good for Heavy Folks:9.6
Good for Hot Sleepers:9.9
No Back9.7
No Motion Transfer:9.5
No Odor on Delivery:9.5
Overall Score:9.6
Price Value:9.5
Sex / Bounce:9.4
Warranty:9.5 Ratings on Bear mattress

Motion Transfer9

Sleepopolis Ratings on Bear Mattress


Edge Support4.3
Warranty5 Reviews on Bear mattress


Edge Support4.6
Motion Transfer5
Sleeps Cool4.8
Price/Value5 Ratings on Bear Mattress


SUPPORT8.0 / 10
WARRANTY8.5 / 10

SleepSherpa on Bear mattress



Sleepadvisor on Bear Mattress – Ratings


Edge Support8.9
Materials & Quality9.3
Support & Comfort9.2
Value for Money9.4

Sleep Judge on Bear Mattress ratings



Mattress Clarity on Bear Mattress


Value (Price)4.4
Doesn’t Sleep Hot4.5
Motion Transfer4.2
Edge Support4
Company Reputation4.6
Return Policy/Warranty4.6
Overall Sleep Experience4.6

Other Sites Ratings on Bear Mattress


4.5/5 (29 reviews)
Google Shopping
4.7/5 (731 reviews)
5/5 (3,097 reviews)
Consumer Reports
71 overall CR score

Bear Products.
Bear has a range of other products and accessories to support your Bear mattress. FromBillows, Mattress protectors, sheets, foundation, and frames, you get them all in one place.
Bear mattresses
The bear mattress comes in 2 options. A Four Layer foam option with premium graphite-gel memory foam and the Hybrid Spring ane memory foam option combined with hand tufted quilted cover. Both these mattresses have their benefits but what’s common is the Celliant technology.
The Bear Mattress
The Bear mattress is 10 inch and has four layers. It sports a Celliant cover. It has a premium Graphite-gel memory foam which helps in keeping the temperature cool and avoid hot sleeping. The other layers are for support, each a higher density than the one above. The Bear mattress does not allow shuffling of the segments like many other mattresses do, so it cannot be categorized as adjustable when it comes to firmness.

SizePriceDiscount PriceDimension
Cal King$940$84072″ x 84″ x 10″
Full$740$64054″ x 75″ x 10″
King$940$84076″ x 80″ x 10″
Queen$840$74060″ x 80″ x 10″
Twin$540$44039″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin Xl$640$54039″ x 80″ x 10″

Bear Hybrid Mattress Dimension & Price List
The Bear hybrid
The Hybrid mattress gets a bit more interesting. Its 14.5 inches in thickness and has 5 Layers. The hand-tufted, quilted top with Celliant technology (which is the trademark of the Bear mattress ) with breathable adaptable performance foam. This layer adds a very soft effect to the bed giving you a feel of sleeping on a cloud. The next layer is the cooling gel memory foam to maintain a regular temperature. The interesting part is the coils. It has over 1300 individual coils encased in it which makes motion transfer negligible, provides perfect pressure to the right parts of your body and relieves you of body pain, especially in the back, neck, and shoulder. The bottom layer is high-density support foam. The hybrid mattress costs nearly double of the standard bear mattress but its worth it in many ways. Your investment is going to last over ten years, and you are looking at spending approximately 31 cents per night on your mattress for more than ten decades.


SizePriceDiscount PriceDimension
Queen$1350$115060″ x 80″ x 14.5″
King$1650$145076″ x 80″ x 14.5″
Full$1250$105054″ x 75″ x 14.5″
Cal King$1650$145072″ x 84″ x 14.5″
Twin$1050$95039″ x 75″ x 14.5″
Twin Xl$1150$105039″ x 80″ x 14.5″

Beddings Dimension & Price List

  • Celliant Technology sheets.
SizePriceSheet DimensionFlitted Sheet DimensionPillow Case Dimension
Queen$160Flat Sheet
92” X 104.”
Fitted Sheet
60” x 80” x 13.”
21″ X 30″
King$180Flat Sheet
110” x 104.”
Fitted Sheet
78” x 80” x 13.”
King Pillowcase
21″ X 40″
Cal King$180Flat Sheet
110” x 104.”
Fitted Sheet
72” x 84” x 13.”
King Pillowcase
21″ X 40″
Full$140Flat Sheet
81” x 96.”
Fitted Sheet
54” x 75” x 13.”
21″ X 30″
Twin$120Flat Sheet
66” x 96.”
Fitted Sheet
39″ x 75″ x 13”
21″ X 30″

Pillows Dimension & Price List

  • Not soft, Not hard. Just right
  • Breathable sides
  • Hypoallergic and Antibacterial
Bear PillowKing$11535″ x 15″ x 5″
Bear PillowQueen$9527″ x 15″ x 5″

Bear Mattress Protectors Dimension & Price List

  • Waterproof
  • Dust mite and bacteria protection
  • Breathable Moisture wick fabric which promotes Cooling (HeiQ adaptive technology)
  • Does not hamper the Celliant benefits of the Bear mattress
  • The mattress Responds well to climatic conditions.
Cal King$125
Twin XL$100

Bear Mattress Foundation Dimension & Price List

  • 5-minute setup foundations by Bear mattresses to fit the Bear mattress of your choice.
59.5″ x 79″ x 7.5″
75.5″ x 79″ x 7.5″
52.5″ x 74″ x 7.5″
Cal King$350
71.5″ x 83″ x 7.5″
37.5″ x 74″ x 7.5″
Twin XL$225
37.5″ x 79″ x 7.5″

Bear Frame Dimension & Price List

  • Click and fit Bed frames for your foundations. Easy setup.
Cal King$225

Bear Mattress Discounts and Coupons

Unpacking a Bear Mattress – Like a Pro

Returns, Trials and Warranty/Guarantee.
When I purchase anything which costs more than a $100 I want to know about warranty, guarantee, trials, etc. The bear mattress costs several hundred and crosses a $1000 for a hybrid. With bear mattress, things are pretty standard when it comes to trials and warranty. They give you a 100-night trial, 10-year manufacturers warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defect. The 100 Night Trial Promises that the mattress will be refunded (minus discounts) if you are not satisfied in the first 100 days. If you don’t like it in 2 months, I guess you should call to return. There will be no returns on shipping charges. Also, note that pillows have a 100-day warranty too. Foundations and Frames have no refunds and warranty differs. I Suggest that you look through the Warranty section before you purchase your Bear mattress. Better safe than sorry!
Delivery and Shipping Charges
Delivery is free in the USA. It takes 4-6 days to deliver the products. Since the mattresses are coming from a different location from the pillows and sheets, you may have multiple delivery dates. You are not required to be at home, and no signatures are needed. Shipping is through FedEx Ground. There is No Setup and installation support provided by Bear mattress.

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress Reviews, Trial, Setup

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress

NighSlee mattress is one of the new online mattress brands in the US (launched in 2018) that offers you memory foam mattress at less than $500. (YUP…YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!!) We will review the NighSlee 10” Queen Memory Foam mattress here.

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

So far, NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress has received positive reviews from users. People say that the product is excellent and offers ultimate support and comfort to all type of sleepers. It is a one-mattress-suits-all brand which means it works brilliantly for all sleepers irrespective of size, weight, sleeping style, and gender.

Here are what users have to say.

  • Sujji – “I bought this for my 3rd My parents came, and my old bed was damaged while moving. So we trashed it and were searching for a new mattress in a budget with good comfort. it is the perfect mattress for those who are on a budget. It is not only made of quality memory foam, but it comes with cooling gels that regulate your body temperature. A sure try.”
  • Wade –“Excellent high-quality mattress at the best price. It is comfortable and comes with firm memory foam with zip-on cover to keep it clean and protected. They are vacuum sealed for easy delivery.”
  • Andrea – “There is nothing I dislike in this mattress. I love the mattress it is so soft and firm and offers better sleep.”
  • Yasmin Hoppe – “Arrived even quicker than I expected. Excellent memory foam mattress. It is so comfortable that the delivery is quick and hassle-free. I ordered the NighSlee King mattress. It looks great, feels great and has given me the best night sleep I have ever had. I got this again due to customer service.”
  • Nikita Just – “Arrived vacuum packed and left it 24 hours before use. I had the best night sleep in a long time. I am a large person with arthritis so would highly recommend it. It made a difference with comfort levels that assist better quality sleep.”

NighSlee Mattress Models & Sizes – – King, Queen, California King, Twin

There is only model available, i.e., the NighSlee memory foam mattress with different sizes available.

Here are the dimensions, size and other specifications of the NighSlee viscoelastic mattress.

Twin39” x 75” x 10.”41 lbs
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10.”44 lbs
Full54” x 75” x 10.”57 lbs
Queen60” x 80” x 10.”67 lbs
King76” x 80” x 10.”84 lbs

NighSlee Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

NighSleep mattress offers you a 100 nights trial period. This means you can try the bed for 100 nights and if you don’t feel comfortable, directly call customer service and ask to return. You will get a refund in 30 days. Replacing the product does not cost you anything, and the cost is covered by the company. Nightly mattress also offers you a 10-year warranty which provides protection for your bed, cover against manufacturing defects.

Discount Prices On NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress

NighSleep offers you excellent discounts on their mattresses. They are currently offering 10-30% OFF on all their beds.

  • 13% OFF on Twin
  • 32% OFF on Twin XL
  • 28% OFF on Full
  • 38% OFF on Queen &
  • 26% OFF on King

Coupons Codes & Discounts For NighSlee Mattress

There is no real need to use discount coupon codes to order NighSlee mattress as it is already available for purchase at a low price.

Bad reviews of NighSlee Mattress

We have researched very much and could not find any complaints from users about Nighslee mattress. So far, people have only kind words to say about the bed. This is also because Nightline is relatively new to the market. It takes time for mattress owners to try the product.

NighSlee Mattress Return Policy

NighSlee mattress and its pillows come with a 100-day return policy in case you want to return it and claim a refund. There is a Contact Us form through from where you can contact the customer care regarding any queries, refund, etc.

NighSlee Mattress Shipping, Delivery, Setup & Installation

NighSleep memory foam mattress is eligible for FREE SHIPPING and delivery anywhere in the USA.

NighSlee mattress comes packed in a vacuum-sealed format. It comes with a plastic cutter to remove the package cover. You will also find an instruction manual with NighSlee mattress.

  • Unbox the NighSlee mattress BUT FIRST, make sure to place it in the bedroom where you are planning to use the bed.
  • Place the mattress on the bed frame or foundation.
  • Remove the package and the plastic cover.
  • At this point, your mattress will begin to expand. Give it time to retain into its original shape and firmness.
  • If you feel a slight odor, it is common. Leave the mattress open for 24 hours and the smell will dissipate.


The company is 100% legit as many customer reviews can vouch for the company, its products, quality, delivery, and other factors.

We understand it is difficult to rely on a new brand that doesn’t offer any office address or customer phone number but even the best online mattress brands do not provide address just because they function online.

Are Bedbugs in NighSlee Mattress a Possibility

NighSlee mattress is made using eco-friendly materials. It is dust-mite proof and comes with hypoallergenic materials. They use only polyurethane foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and protect the environment and the sleepers equally. The materials conform to the requirements of OEKO-TEX standard 100. This means they are free from chemicals, pesticides, and phthalates. They are also free from lead, arsenic, and VOCs.

That said, make sure to use a mattress protector and clean your mattress and bed frame regularly to fight accumulation of termites and dust mites.

Is NighSlee Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

NighSlee mattress is excellent for back pain problems. The bed is well-tested and manufactured keeping in accordance to alleviate back pain problems. It reduces strain on the pressure points such as the neck, lower spine, knees, etc. so that you can wake up refreshed without any sore back.

This is a medium-firm mattress so you can be sure that it gives you proper support and comfort without making you feel like sleeping on a log.

Is NighSlee Mattress Non-Toxic

Absolutely. NighSlee mattress is made using eco-friendly materials. For instance, it comes with bamboo comfort foam while the memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified making it free from harsh VOCs. They are natural flame retardants that make the mattress safe and hypoallergenic.

How is NighSlee Mattress Made

The mattress comes with three layers of construction.

Top layer

The first layer is 3” temperature neutral cooling memory foam. Unlike other memory foam mattresses in the market, this memory foam is made out of patented Temperature Regulating Cooling AirGel. This keeps the air circulation moving so that you can sleep dry and cool even in hot weather. This is the comfort layer.

Support Layer

The middle layer is also the support layer that offers you 2” of Bamboo Eco Comfort Foam with dynamic pressure relief. This is a prominent feature of the mattress that gives you more support and firmness while giving you a cuddly feeling for those who like to be cradled.

The third layer is 5” of supportive High-density polyurethane base foam. Stating the obvious, this is the base layer that handles all the above layers and your weight. Hence, it is one of the crucial elements of the mattress. That said, it is not only firm and robust but supports your weight equally.

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is an eco-friendly hypoallergenic dust mite resistant design for the bamboo cover. It is designed to keep the mold and bacteria away. This is to keep you and your children safe from dust mites and its related itches or rashes.

Mattress Pads by NighSlee Mattress

NighSleep mattress is best suited for back and side sleepers. However, for those who want to sink in the mattress or want the bed to cradle you into your sleep or stomach sleepers, mattress pads will work best as it might offer the necessary softness you need.

NighSlee Mattress Cover

Nighslee mattress cover is made using natural Bamboo which makes it eco-friendly, safe on the skin and flame-retardant. Currently, NighSlee does not offer any replacement covers. However, you can buy a standard size mattress cover from Amazon or use a washable or reusable mattress protector to secure your mattress from spills or stains.

NighSlee Mattress Topper

Mattress topper works like mattress pads. They not only fit the mattress perfectly but also provide an extra layer of comfort. Try mattress topper just if you have a partner with different sleeping preference from yours, or else NighSlee is versatile enough to adapt to the user’s sleeping style.

NighSlee Mattress Bedding Accessories

The only bedding accessory currently offered by NighSlee mattress is a pillow made out of memory foam.

NighSlee Mattress Firmness Analysis

On a firmness scale of 1-10, NighSlee mattress has received a rating of 6 out of 10 (5-7 perfect for medium-firm). In simple words, it is a medium-firm mattress that offers you the right amount of support and comfort. It provides excellent edge support.

NighSlee Mattress Frames & Foundation

NighSlee mattress is adaptable to all bed frames and foundation. If you have an existing structure in good condition, you can use your NighSlee mattress. If not, we suggest you buy a new bed frame to avoid jeopardizing the warranty. NighSlee 10” memory foam mattress is compatible with any bed frame including an adjustable frame.

The NighSlee Mattress Blog

NighSlee mattress offers a blog so that users can read more about quality sleep and its benefits. Check out their blog here –

The NighSlee Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Nighslee mattress is available online only. It is not available at any retail stores or showroom.

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

It would take approximately 7-10 business days to have your NighSlee mattress shipped and delivered at your doorstep.

NighSlee Mattress Financing

Currently, NighSlee mattress does not offer any financing as the price of the bed is within $500.

NighSlee Mattress Safety & Certifications

All the NighSlee mattress PU foams are CertiPUR-US certified. This means they are free from harsh VOCs, flame retardants that can cause allergies and respiratory issues, heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, etc. It is an eco-friendly mattress that is safe on you and your family’s body.

All NighSlee products conform to the requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This indicates that they are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

Maintenance On NighSlee Mattress

It is easy to maintain NighSlee mattress. For starters, DO NOT remove the mattress cover that comes zippered with the bed.

Always use a mattress protector. This means it more comfortable to clean and care for your Nighslee Memory Foam Mattress.

Also, rotate your mattress. Since it is not flippable, rotating prevents sagging or losing edge support. So make sure to rotate the mattress every 3-6 weeks.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns at NighSlee Mattress

Since your NighSlee mattress arrives fresh and crisp from the manufacturing unit, you may (or may not) notice a faint smell. This is common with any other new mattress brands. Keep it open for 24-48 hours. You will see that the smell dissipates.

Does NighSlee mattress sleep hot?

Being a memory foam mattress, many think that the bed will sleep hot. However, that’s not the case with NighSlee mattress. Because it features the patent air cooling gels that wick away the moisture from your body while improving the air circulation between the mattress layers. This will enhance the airflow and prevent heat from getting trapped into the mattress giving you breathable surface to sleep.

Motion Transfer on a NighSlee Mattress

NighSlee mattress is designed in such a way to absorb the weight and offer you excellent personal isolation. It means even if your partner hops in and out of bed, you can sleep peacefully.

Sagging Problems in NighSlee Mattress

So far, sagging issues of NighSlee mattress have not yet been noticed. Always make sure to use a proper foundation to support your mattress and prevent sagging in the middle. Also Rotating your mattress will increase the life of your mattress.


If you are looking for a memory foam mattress within $500, then NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress is your best bet. They do not compromise on quality and offer you exceptional layers that support your body to provide peaceful sleep every night. It just doesn’t get better than this.



My work began as a stenographer for a Currency conversion company in the financial hub of India, moved to Customer relationship and then Content creation and creative writing. With over 9 years of writing experience and Life experience in various forte, creativity is more or less a breeze for me. I love pets but don’t own one. I plan to get a goldfish sometime. it’s not a pet? at least its something to start with! Writing puts me in a position of control around this world of chaos. Music adds peace to the control.

Ecosa Mattress Firmness & Reviews, Topper Sale, Instructions

Ecosa Mattress – Australia’s Best Value Luxury Bed

Update:“GhostBed Luxe”, with 13” of comfort, has been winning awards as the “Best Cooling Mattress” to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Buy Ecosa Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Ecosa is one of the best mattresses with impressive features. It comes with a beautiful inner structure, promotes greater flexibility, motion transfer. Equally, it showcases anti-allergen properties and is best known for aiding spine support and pressure relief for the users. It’s really good and considered best for all types of sleepers. Further, check on the reviews and top-selling customer testimonials to know more.

Ecosa Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There are 5/5 customer ratings stated for this product. This is one of the top rated bed in a box mattress that comes with a 3 in 1 firmness setting, waterproof protector and offers reduced motion transfer to the sleeper.

Best Mattress Models from Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa, founded in Melbourne comes in a single mattress model. But, it features three levels of adjustability. This can be done, just by swapping the order of the foam layers and you can choose anything ranging from medium, medium firm or firm layer combinations.

Ecosa Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, these Eco beds are available in king, queen, twin, twin xl, full and cal king sizes. You can check them online for more info on this subject.

Ecosa Mattress Specifications

  • Ecosa mattress is best as its surface is bouncy and offers a perfect motion isolation to the users. As a result, you will get a good night’s sleep and your partner won’t get disturbed anymore.
  • It works best if you need a surface that’s customizable according to your needs.
  • These beds are specially designed to provide sinkage, contouring and needed back support to the users.
  • Ecosa is a perfect mix of natural latex, gel memory foam and other types of foam.
  • Besides, with Ecosa’s special core infused with gel, the air is easily able to move through all the layers and keep your bed cool always.
  • Above all, the surface of this mattress is very bouncy (even without the addition of any coils).

Ecosa Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Trial period – Well, the company offers a 100-night risk-free trial period to their customers. It helps you test the performance and workmanship of this mattress. So, in case you are not happy then you can return this mattress or claim an exchange for a full refund.

Warranty and guarantee period – Ecosa offers a 15 year warranty period on their beds. Hence, you can repair them anytime in case any damage happens to your beds. But the warranty period is not applicable to minor imperfections, unsanitary conditions or excluded damages.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Ecosa Mattress

You can avail $250 off on memory foam beds at, free returns and replacements on all mattresses, 10% off on initial orders and much more. Besides, you may also sign up with your personalized email address at Ecosa for more info on upcoming deals and offers.

Independent Reviews On Ecosa Mattress

  • Haley M says “Love it! this is the most incredible bed I have ever slept on.”
  • Maire says “I bought this mattress, delivered in a compact package. It’s excellent and comfortable to use.”
  • Ian says “Finally, I got a mattress which is suitable for my body. It’s very comfortable from the first night itself. Thus, it’s highly recommended.”
  • Hannah says “Good mattress for individuals who love a firm option. Now I feel like it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning hours.”
  • Samantha says “Best pillow I have ever purchased in my life. I came across the pillow on facebook and made its purchase. There are no more neck or shoulder stiffness issues anymore.”
  • Sujith says “This is a good pillow for the shoulder. Just think of trying it at least once in your lifetime.”
  • Kate C says “Love these

Bad reviews of Ecosa Mattress

So far, there are no bad comments stated for this mattress. Overall, the bed is great and offers three in one firmness setting to the user. Further, you can refer their official website for greater insights.

Ecosa Mattress Return Policy

Ecosa offers a 100-night sleep trial on all their beds and pillows. So, if you don’t like these mattresses then you may return them for a 100% full refund.

Ecosa Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Ecosa offers same day delivery to customers in metro areas of Syndey, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Shipping is completely free for customers outside the metro areas. But, it takes around 1 to 7 business days to deliver them to your doorstep.

Ecosa Mattress Setup & Installation

Installing this mattress is quite easy. For this, you can refer the link, where everything on unboxing this mattress is explained in a detailed manner

Ecosa Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there are no complaint or negative reviews stated for these beds. Further, look up their site for more detailed analysis.

Ecosa Mattress BBB Business Profile

This mattress is not BBB accredited. But, you will find only positive statements listed for these beds.

Update:Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, dust & Mite proof, non toxic. Comes with 10 years warranty

Ecosa Mattress Scam

No, the manufacturer is not a scam. Ecosa is an Australian owned company with its own factory operating with independent quality control in China. All the materials used in its construction are top quality raw materials imported from Germany (90%), China (5%) and Japan (5%).

Are Bed bugs in Ecosa Mattress a Possibility?

Well, it’s hard to say as bedbugs may enter your home or on your mattress through undetected luggage, clothing, beds or couches. It’s often hard to get rid of these bed bugs infestation. Better you go for some heat treatments or try practicing some home remedies to get rid of these bed bugs attacks.

Is Ecosa Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems?

Yes, the mattress is great for back pain issues. It is best at offering a contouring back support to the users. Further, just refer the site for every single info stated.

Is Ecosa Mattress Non Toxic?

No, this mattress doesn’t include any toxic substances like formaldehyde, flame retardants or antimony components. Thus, it’s considered safe and superior for people who wish a proper spinal alignment.

How is Ecosa Mattress Made?

Ecosa bed made with finest materials is a powerful combination of three main layers namely:

  • 100% natural latex – This is a firm, comfortable layer which offers an allergenic, supportive and bouncy surface to the users. It is constructed with pin-core holes that allow the air to circulate through the beds.
  • Ecosa G7 memory foam – This serves as a transition layer made with designer memory foam. It offers stabilization and weight distribution to the entire surface. Equally, it is highly beneficial for good pressure points.
  • Breathable support foam – This breathable support layer absorbs motion and keeps everything stable. It’s the thickest layer of three sheets of foam and provides more durability to your beds.

Dimension, Height, Depth, Weight, Thickness Of the Ecosa Mattress

  • King – 76″ x 80″ x 10″
  • Queen – 60″ x 80″ x 10″
  • Twin – 39″ x 75″ x 10″
  • Twin XL – 39″ x 80″ x 10″
  • Full – 54″ x 75″ x 10″
  • Cal king – 72″ x 84″ x 10″

Adjustable base For Ecosa Mattress

You can have an unparalleled comfort with a mattress adjustable base. So, you can buy one if you wish to experience a unique sleep experience.

Mattress Pads by Ecosa Mattress

A mattress pad offers a layer of comfort and warmth to the sleepers. It easily facilitates airflow and offers pressure relieving properties to the users. Currently, there are no Ecosa mattress pads available with Hence, it’s suggested you check with top-selling websites like Amazon or other stores.

Ecosa Mattress Cover/Topper

The cover of this mattress is very beautiful, soft and breathable. Equally, the top area is white while the side panels are charcoal gray and protect the bed from dirt. Equally, it’s removable and can be easily washed in the machine.

  • Fire resistant barrier – This is a woven silica layer (right under the cover) and it will melt in case of a fire.
  • Inner cover – This is a breathable cover, designed using the German microfilament fabric. It’s 100% waterproof and safeguards the inside foams from dust mites.

Ecosa Mattress Bedding Accessories

You can check for Ecosa pillows available at their site. This a high-quality supportive pillow made with 2 years of experience. It perfectly holds your head and supports the pressure points.

memory foam mattress

with A Luxury Feel


20 years warranty Check Price the best and cheapest memory foam mattress online

It features:

  • Removable cover – The cover of this pillow is breathable, flexible, removable and machine washable in nature.
  • Breathable 3D structure – It features a unique 3D structure which encourages heat and moisture to easily disperse from the pillow surface.
  • Activated Charcoal Memory Foam – Addition of activated charcoal aids odor control and antibacterial protection to the sleepers.

Ecosa Mattress Firmness Analysis

Ecosa Mattress is constructed using an innovative system technology. It offers different levels of firmness to the user, they include:

  • Medium firmness level (5/10) – This offers a softer, medium feels to the users. But the surface of this bed is bouncy and it offers a contouring support to the users.
  • Medium firm – firmness level (6.5/10) – This bed is flexible and offers a good back support to the sleepers (both side and back sleepers)
  • Firm – firmness level (7.5/10) – Ecosa works great for stomach sleepers and people who prefer firm options.

Ecosa Mattress Frames & Foundation

When it comes to frames and foundations, we can conclude that Ecosa Mattress works on all kinds of flat, firm surfaces. You can place it on a floor, slatted bed frame or a spring box.

The Ecosa Mattress Blog

For Eco Mattress blog you can refer the link, where every single info on sleep patterns is addressed.

Ecosa Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

There’s no particular information available on the showroom and store location of Ecosa Mattress. Further, look with the seller’s website for more info.

Ecosa Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The contact phone number of Ecosa mattress is +611800940833 and their email address is You can call them for all your doubts and worries on Ecosa beds. Their customer support team is ready to help you always.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Ecosa Mattress

Currently, there is no Black Friday roundup featured at Ecosa beds. Still, you keep checking their website for latest deals and interesting offers.

Ecosa Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Ecosa mattress ships free and arrives at your doorstep within 1 to 5 business days. But it would take around 3 to 7 days for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii regions.

Ecosa Mattress Financing

Ecosa offers interest-free payment choices with Afterpay and Zip money. This Zip money offers flexible repayment options with a reusable account. It lets you pay later with an interest-free period on every purchase. Just check with the manufacturer’s website for more info on these payment options.

Ecosa Mattress in Stores

No, this Ecosa mattress is not available in the local stores in your destination. Hence, it’s recommended you get them online only.

Ecosa Mattress Safety & Certifications

Ecosa beds are safe, made using the CertiPUR-US certified foam materials. It doesn’t involve any toxic components in its makeup and has low volatile organic compound emissions for indoor air quality.

Maintenance On Ecosa Mattress

It’s quite easy to care for these mattresses. You need not flip them upside down or there’s no need to rotate them periodically. Besides, the cover of Ecosa is machine washable. So, it’s quite easy to wash up. But make sure you use a room temperature water only for this purpose.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Ecosa Mattress

Yes, Ecosa Mattress is environment-friendly as it makes use of advanced manufacturing technology in its construction. The bed uses CertiPUR US certified foam which is free of ozone depleters, mercury, PBDEs, TCEP, lead, formaldehyde or phthalates (regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Odor & Smell in Ecosa Mattress

Quite hard to say! as Ecosa Mattress comes wrapped in a tight packaging. The air-tight packaging creates low levels of gas build up in your beds. So, when you take the mattress out of its packaging, the gas is released creating an off-gassing effect.

Motion Transfer on a Ecosa Mattress

Well, motion transfer is low in these mattresses as it bed is well made and offers proper comfort near the edges. Overall, it offers proper spinal alignment, equally alleviates hip and shoulder issues.

Sagging Problems in Ecosa Mattress

Usually, a saggy, depressed mattress can be a lot more troublesome to the users. But this is not the case with Ecosa. Altogether, it contributes to a healthy bounce and lets you cool sleep. Thus, your partner will love it a lot.

Update:365 night trial and a life time warranty on one of the best mattresses and it starts at $399. Check out the nectar sleep gel foam mattress with tencel sheets

Brands That are Equivalent to Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa vs Koala

  • When we compare these beds, we can conclude that both these beds are well designed and made from quality materials.
  • These beds are available in wide variety of sizes and the price is also affordable.
  • Ecosa comes with a 15 years warranty period while Koala beds arrive with 10 years assured warranty.
  • Besides, Ecosa comes with three levels of firmness while no such option is available with Koala.
  • Finally, you can try both these brands as they come with 100 nights, risk-free trial offers.

Ecosa Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For Ecosa mattress video ads and promo’s just refer these links. This could help you with in-depth analysis on Ecosa.

The Ecosa Mattress Giveaway

Currently, there is no giveaway offers available with But don’t get disappointed, instead, keep an eye on their upcoming deals and offers. This could help you with more giveaway offers on these beds.

100% Organic Mattress with 25 year warranty

The Ecosa Mattress Lawsuit

There are no criminal cases or legal issues filed against these mattresses. Thus, you can buy them safely without any major worries. Get into the site for more!


In conclusion, this Ecosa Mattress is an excellent bed for people who love the option of altering the firmness level of their mattresses. So, why wait? order one if you wish to have a same level of comfort.

The Hive Mattress Reviews & Ratings 2018, Price, Specs, Sale

Hive Mattress – Premium Luxury for Your Sound Sleep

lifetime warranty 365 nigh trial Luxury mattress

Buy The Hive Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Using premium quality components and the latest sleep science technology, The Hive Mattress Design indeed provides an exceptional body support system. Its unique ergonomic and pressure relief design with 7-zoned top Latex layer combined with premium Pocket Coil, best Edge Support, and Nano-Coil technology conforms and contours for a personalized feel. It is a good and affordable Luxury Hybrid Mattress in a box. Read on to know more about Hive Hybrid Mattress for ultimate comfort and cooling performance. Read here the reviews, price, specs and more.

The Hive Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There are only positive The Hive Mattress Reviews online. People say it is a high-quality mattress for a great night sleep. Almost all users look forward to sleeping in their new bed. They get the best sleep at night to wake up completely rested. Also, the mattress helps keep the body stay cool and reduce tension in the shoulder and back. Most users have no back pains issues. Also, it is super comfortable for any sleep position. Plus, the edge support works great, and you do not roll out when sitting or lying on the edge of the mattress. It is a super awesome hybrid bed that works as advertised. Majority of the users recommend this product to everyone.

The Hive Mattress Specifications

  • Layer 1 – Cooling fabric cover to help you stay cool throughout the night
  • Layer 2 – 2” of Prime Quality Latex with ventilation design for excellent airflow
  • Layer 3 – 1″ layer of 4 lbs. density memory foam creating an extraordinary level of support
  • Layer 4 (main support layer) – Over 1,000 pocket coils of high carbon grade steel with Quantum Edge support system that adjust and contours to your body and reduced motion transfer
  • Layer 5 – 1” of HR (High Resilience) & High-Density foam for added stability

The Hive Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

This mattress comes with a 100 nights risk-free trial for you to enjoy the rest at the comfort of your home. The company highly recommends you to try this mattress for at least 30 days which will allow your body to adjust to the comfortable feel. However, if for any reason you are not completely happy with your new mattress than contact the company. They will arrange the mattress pick up from your home and will process a full refund. The Hive Mattress comes with 10 Year Warranty.

Discount Prices On The Hive Mattress

Presently, you can buy the Hive Mattress for the best price at The price ranges from $925.00 and $1,550.00. But with the ongoing sale, you can save $150 on any mattress purchase plus gifts worth $285.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For The Hive Mattress

Look for the Hive Mattress Coupons online, and you will find plenty of useful coupons, offers, and deals such as –

  • Use code MYDAD to save $200 Off Any Size Mattress + Free Shipping
  • Use code FIREWORKS to get $250 Off Any Size Mattress
  • No code needed for Free Shipping & Hassle Free Returns

Buy The Hive Mattress

The best place to buy the Hive Mattress Online is directly from the manufacturer – This website is a one-stop solution for all your bedding needs – frames, foundation, adjustable bed, pillow, protector, etc. Moreover, currently take the benefit of Semiannual Sale Event here to save $150 on mattress plus free bed frame, mattress protector, and two pillows. Subscribe to their newsletter to get updates on their latest promotions, deals, and new product launches.

Independent Reviews On The Hive Mattress

  • Miguel says this is a great mattress and he would highly recommend it.
  • Victoria had the best night sleep in years.
  • John says it is easy to set up. The mattress ships directly to the door and with the help from his wife, they unwrap it quickly and watch it expand for pure comfort.
  • Jonathon says to have the best night sleep ever and wake up with no stiffness.

Bad reviews of The Hive Mattress

There are no The Hive Mattress Complaints online. However, some people feel one mattress may not fit all and so expect to have firmness options for this product.

The Hive Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The shipping is free in a carton box via UPS and FedEx service. The mattress is compressed and rolled in a box for you to move. They provide white glove delivery at an additional charge.

The Hive Mattress Setup & Installation

The set up is straightforward – Receive, unfold and sleep. Take the mattress out of the box. Place the rolled pack mattress on top of the foundation. Using the provided plastic cutter, you can cut & open the mattress wrapping. Unrolled and unfold the bed so that the cover is facing up. Watch the mattress expand immediately.

The Hive Mattress BBB Business Profile

This business is not BBB accredited.

Are Bedbugs in The Hive Mattress a Possibility

There is no proper way to keep the bugs and dust mite away from the mattress.

Is The Hive Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Each coil/spring in this mattress is isolated and gives the mattress independent suspension meaning the springs last longer, as well as provide more natural spinal alignment, and more pressure distribution to help back tension.

$750 off on LATEX mattresses by SleepEZ. BEST SELLERS LISTS

Is The Hive Mattress Non-Toxic

The mattress uses no fire repellant or chemicals in the Fire/Flame retardant barrier in its manufacturing. Also, they perform regular testing to ensure the products meet the 16 CFR 1633 Flammability Regulations.

Moreover, the foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US approved and certified uses No ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. It is also Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Thus, this mattress is safe and made using non-toxic elements.

Are The Hive Mattresses Any Good

Designed and Engineered with Premium Latex, Memory Foam, and High Carbon Steel it is good for optimal cooling, recovery, and comfort. The many factors which make this mattress further good are –

The Best Quality Components included

  • High-Quality Luxury Materials
  • Contains High resilience, high-density foams
  • Designed, Engineered and Made In the USA
  • Free Delivery And Hassle Free Returns
  • Delivered Straight to your Door
  • 100-night risk-free trial with money back guarantee.
  • 10 Year Warranty

How is The Hive Mattress Made

  • The top comfort layer is 1 ½” – 2” of latex with a 7-zoned structure punched holes design that cradles to your body and helps reduce pressure points in shoulders, hips, and back. Its unique 7-zoned punched holes design allows airflow.
  • The second layer is 1”high-performance support Nano pocket coil with over 1300 coils that provides stable support below the latex layer to ensure extra comfort and continues airflow that will help your body stay cool while you sleep.
  • The third layer is 1” high-quality, high density 4 lbs memory foam to provide stable support for the above layers and body.
  • The fourth is the 6” high-performance support core with over 1000 pocketed coils of high-quality steel that provides stable and responsive support for the body. Additionally, the excellent edge support system surrounds the perimeter of the mattress with nearly zero motion transfer. Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact
  • The last layer is 1” high performance 1.8 lbs density foam to provide superior bottom support to the mattress.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of The Hive Mattress

Twin39” x 75” x 10″$925.00
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10″$950.00
Full54” x 75” x 10″$1,150.00
Queen60” x 80” x 10″$1,250.00
King76” x 80” x 10″$1,550.00
California King72” x 84” x 10″$1,550.00

Adjustable base For The Hive Mattress

The Hive Mattress works perfectly with an adjustable bed. The Pocket Coil main support system is this mattress specially designed to work flawlessly with standard foundations as well as adjustable bases. Buy The Hive Adjustable bed base for $650.00 – $1,325.00 or buy The Hive Adjustable Bed Base – Prodigy 2.0 for $1,825.00 – $3,350.00 to get a better night sleep.

The Hive Mattress Cover

Hive mattress comes with a 4-way stretch knit fabric cover with excellent moisture wicking ability. The double yarn design creates small openings in the finished fabric. This small opening holds air to keep the sleep surface cool.

SleepOvation 700

fix your back or your money back guarantee. Free shipping. 100 Night trial and a 10 year warranty Learn More

The Hive Mattress Bedding Accessories

  • The Hive Mattress Protector – It has Soft, Breathable performance-knit fabric. It helps circulate air while extending the life of your mattress. Price range $59.00 – $65.00. Available in standard sizes.
  • The Hive Mattress Sleep Plush Pillow – It provides advanced support and is available in queen and king sizes. Price range $45.00 – $50.00.

The Hive Mattress Firmness Analysis

This mattress rates as a medium on the firmness scale. The pocketed coils provide excellent support without making you feel stuck or sink into the mattress. It comes in one firmness level which should be suitable for the majority of sleepers.

The Hive Mattress Frames & Foundation

This mattress works excellent on any platforms, regular foundations (slatted wood or steel) or directly on the floor. Alternatively, you can buy a durable, easy-to-set-up the Hive mattress foundation. Its design saves storage space and reduces transportation costs. Price range $145.00 – $280.00. Or buy Hive Bed Frame for $125.00.

The Hive Mattress Blog

To know more about what others around the world think or do about sleep and get the latest sleep information visit

The Hive Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

This mattress is exclusively available online, so presently, you cannot buy The Hive Mattress in Stores.

The Hive Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

The Hive Mattress, LLC, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The Hive Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

  • Phone: 844-853-3133
  • Email:
  • Chat Support: Monday – Friday: 8 am – 6 pm CST and Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Contact Form – Enter name, email, and message

Black Friday Deals & Sales on The Hive Mattress

From time to time, the Hive Mattress website offers sale and promotion deals. Currently, take the benefit of Semi-Annual Sale Event. Use Promo Code “DREAM150” and apply at checkout to get $150 off any size mattress and a free bed frame, mattress protector, and two pillows – a $285 value bundle offer. Just order your preferred size mattress, and the bundle offer will ship automatically.

The Hive Mattress Financing

The Hive Mattress offers Flexible financing plans from Klarna. Pay over time with flexible financing options from Klarna. Their process is easy and straightforward, at checkout, select “Klarna” as your payment option or visits for more details.

The Hive Mattress Safety & Certifications

The foams in this mattress are CertiPUR – the US certified for safety and environment-friendly.

Maintenance On The Hive Mattress

The cover on this mattress is not removable. Hence, you should spot clean any spills and stains with mild detergent and water. Use a hair dryer to dry the cleaned area immediately so that the inner materials remains intact.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to The Hive Mattress

Major components in this mattress are recyclable products. They repurpose nearly a million tons of scrap steel to manufacture innerspring. Also, they use cotton yarn in mattress cover which supports environmental safety and concerns.


Motion Transfer on a The Hive Mattress

The 6” pocket coil with the Hive Edge Support System is the most important part of this mattress design. 1,000 pocketed coils made from steel with Quantum Edge Support adjust and contours your body and reduces motion transfer.


High-quality materials, excellent edge support system, minimum motion transfer, and regulated temperature are the critical features for The Hive Mattress. With a 10-year warranty, free shipping and 100-night risk-free sleep trial, buy the Hive Mattress on Sale for the Best Price Today!

I finished my masters in finance and worked for the Largest Private sector banking company in India. When the time came, I moved on to something less demanding and more creative. The influence of Indian culture asks us to put satisfaction upfront and I was in search of it. Writing struck me as a possibility and soon a passion. I am not creative but I am very thorough. Technical writing is my forte and at times I do delve into the creative side, though the stint usually lasts not more than a day! I enjoy traveling, reading and shopping.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Reviews 2018, Price, Coupon

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Best Magnet Mattress for Back Pain

lifetime warranty 365 nigh trial Luxury mattress

Buy Tender Sleep Mattresses On Sale For the Best price!

With their many years of experience, Tender Sleep provides the best in quality, service and value mattresses. Tender Sleep offers hybrid mattresses containing latex and gel memory foam for comfort and pressure relief, respectively. They also offer one of its kind mattresses with Magnetic therapy (or magnotherapy) that uses the BIOflex technology in Tender Sleep Magnetress Mattress. They are committed to producing the highest quality products for maximum strength and durability. Read on to know more about Tender Sleep Mattresses Reviews, Price, Specs, Coupons, etc.

Tender Sleep Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

You will find only positive Tender Sleep Mattresses Reviews online. People are happy to experience a great night sleep with these very comfortable and beautiful mattresses. Some users loved their new bed in few weeks of time as they wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested after long. Few users also appreciated the bed’s ability to help with their neck and back pain issues. Many users are pleasantly surprised with Tender Sleep Magnetress Mattress. They say it made a world of difference for overall sleep and body. Some people were very glad to find Magnetic therapy in this mattress. It had really helped with back pain issues and gives a restful sleep. Most users would recommend Tender Sleep Magnetress to anyone who is serious about Magnet Therapy and its benefits. Overall, these wonderful mattresses are highly recommended from the price point also.

Best Mattress Models from Tender Sleep Mattresses

Tender Sleep provides Two-Hybrid (Latex + Gel memory foam) Mattresses, Models. Get the best of both worlds – the comfort from Latex and the back support from Gel Memory Foam in these beds. Latex, the best-kept secret material for sleep when combines with Gel Memory Foam instantly respond to every curve of your body for pressure-free support and unsurpassed comfort on both traditional and adjustable bases. These mattresses come with outstanding durability.

Tender Sleep Element – This is a 10″ thick 3-layered Hybrid mattress without Magnetic Therapy.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – This is a 10″ thick 3-layered Hybrid mattress with Magnetic Therapy. It contains small concentric bio-magnets (BIOflex technology) in its top layer. People relate obtaining considerable relief from chronic back pain, by sleeping on a magnetic mattress.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

These mattresses come with a risk-free 101-night trial, so you can try your new mattress in the comfort of your home for 101 nights from the day you receive it. However, if you decide your Tender Sleep mattress is not right for you within this period, contact the company and they will send a courier to remove the product from your home and either donate it to a local charity or recycle it. Your original form of payment will be 100 percent refunded.

The company encourages you to give the Tender Sleep a try for at least 30 days as your body may need some time to adjust to it.

Tender Sleep mattresses are covered by a 10-year limited warranty which covers either repair or replacement. It includes any issue causing the mattress an indent greater than one and one half (1.5) inch or, pending on the severity or any physical flaw in the mattress that causes split or crack of foam layers despite normal usage and proper handling. Finally, the warranty extends to the mattress cover and any manufacturing defect in the zipper assembly.

Discount Prices On Tender Sleep Mattresses

Buy Tender Sleep Mattresses on sale for the following prices –

Tender Sleep ElementTender Sleep Magnetress
SizeRegular PriceSale PriceRegular PriceSale Price
Twin XL$549.00$639.00$899.00$1,099.00
California King$1,049.00$1,149.00$1,699.00$1,999.00

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Tender Sleep Mattresses

Search for Tender Sleep Mattresses Coupons, Discounts and promo codes and you will find plenty of them such as –

  • Special 25% OFF on Your First Order – Use code RC25
  • Get $200 OFF on Selected Products – Use promo code FATHER200
  • Save $100 on Your Purchase – Use code FATHER100
  • Enjoy free shipping on all US orders – Deal Activated, No Coupon Code needed!

Buy Tender Sleep Mattresses

The best place to buy Tender Sleep Mattresses online is directly from their official website Currently, enter email and subscribe to get a 25% discount coupon, ongoing sale, free shipping, easy returns, 101-night sleep trial, etc. Tender Sleep Mattresses in Amazon is not available at the time of writing this article.

$750 off on LATEX mattresses by SleepEZ. BEST SELLERS LISTS

Independent Reviews On Tender Sleep Mattresses

  • Darren says after unboxing, the bed is very easy to put together. He says the delivery is very fast and he got his new bed within a week. Further, he says, the bed is very comfortable, and he wakes up with no back pain. He feels more active and awake during the day after the best night sleep.
  • Emily says her Tender Sleep Magnetress is the beautiful and very comfortable mattress. She has been sleeping better on this and feels more rested. She was looking for a new mattress because of back pain and ended up with a great mattress for the same price plus with a magnetic topper.
  • Joshua at the suggestion of a family member and after consulting a doctor, she decided to try magnetic therapy. This product surpassed her expectations. She says the magnetic mattress is sturdy and well-made. It is comfortable and helps give a more restful sleep. She doesn’t wake up with back pain anymore and would highly recommend it.

Bad reviews of Tender Sleep Mattresses

There are no Tender Sleep Mattresses complaints or bad reviews from users online. However, few users doubt the benefits of Magnetic therapy. The manufacturer states that Tender Sleep Magnetress is intended for daily and long-term use so that the body can be kept continuously close and comfortable to the magnets for you to see the benefits.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Comparison

While there is a number of Magnetic therapy sleep pads available on the market but Magnetic therapy mattress from Tender Sleep is a unique product. There are no known brands that are equivalent to Tender Sleep Magnetress Mattresses. This mattress uses an internationally patented BIOflex magnet which is specifically designed for human use.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

The company currently only ships to the contiguous United States (48 continental states only and the District of Columbia). The product is shipped in a standard box, size 20 x 20 x 42 inches. Typically your mattress will ship out via FedEx within 2-3 business days after you place your order. It will take between 2-5 business days or your mattress to arrive at your door.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Setup & Installation

Your new Tender Sleep Mattress will come compressed and rolled in a vacuum packaging. It is suggested to unbox your mattress soon after delivery. However, it can stay in the box for up to 2-3 weeks before their structural integrity is affected. The set up is easy – unbox, unroll, cut the plastic and watch it expand.

Are Bed bugs in Tender Sleep Mattresses a Possibility

The manufacturer of these mattresses proudly claims that all their mattresses resist mold, microbes, and bed bug growth. This is because the top layer of these mattresses is latex which is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and bacteria.

Is Tender Sleep Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

Several recent studies suggest that magnetic therapy can have a pain-relieving capacity. Some studies show that people with chronic back pain report obtaining significant relief by sleeping on a magnetic mattress like Tender Sleep Magnetress. Regular use of magnets may even help prevent asthma and relieve headaches, and insomnia.
Magnetic therapy in this mattress helps boost your blood flow while increasing the amount of oxygen being carried around your body which results in improved body’s capacity to revive, heal and rejuvenate itself.

Is Tender Sleep Mattresses Non Toxic

Yes, all its foam is CertiPUR-US certified which means it is free from harmful chemicals and toxic materials. Also, the magnets therapy is considered a natural alternative to toxic pain-relieving drugs, helping people suffering from chronic pain. In addition, many health professionals around the world consider magnetic therapy as a natural and side-effect-free therapy. Tender Sleep Magnetress uses BIOflex technology magnets which are designed for human use. Thus, Tender Sleep Mattresses are Non Toxic and safe to use.

Are Tender Sleep Mattresseses Any Good

Tender Sleep vision is to produce quality products for good effect and safety of the user. These mattresses are made from the highest quality materials for maximum strength and durability. Plus, they use internationally patented BIOflex magnet in it, with its unique circular design that results in a comfortable (from the latex) and pressure relieving (from the gel memory foam) mattress.
Additionally, The Tender Sleep mattresses do not contain any flame retardant chemicals. The flame retardant used in these mattresses is a proprietary knit sock that’s just under the cover. In the event of a fire, the sock melts on itself and suffocates the oxygen needed for the fire to burn. The knit sock is made from a proprietary yarn with a silica core and a polyester/acrylic/nylon/rayon outer wrap.

How is Tender Sleep Mattresses Made

Tender Sleep Element is built with the best material to give you the most comfortable sleeping experience. This 10 inches thick mattress has following layers –

  • Comfort Layer- The naturally responsive, latex layer on the top gives you comfort and enough bounce for a great night sleep. It is also naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and bacteria.
  • Pressure Relief – The Gel infused Memory Foam layer in the middle absorbs heat, as well as, reduces the pressure points, giving the right spine support and relieving pain.
  • Strong Support – High-density solid core foam provides a great night of sleep, each and every time. This is an ideal support for durability, and longevity to the Tender Sleep mattresses.

Tender Sleep Magnetress improves the quality of your sleep by merging high-quality materials with the benefit of Magnetic Therapy. This 10 inches thick mattress has the same Pressure Relief layer and Strong Support base layer with the addition of magnets in the comfort layer–

  • Comfort Layer – The naturally responsive latex layer allied to the Magnetic Therapy (Bioflex magnets) helps provide you more energy.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Tender Sleep Mattresses

Tender Sleep Mattresses are 10 inches thick and is available in all standard sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. These mattresses weigh 60lbs (Twin) To 120lbs (King).

Adjustable base For Tender Sleep Mattresses

These mattresses work well even on an Adjustable base. However, do not use them on a sofa bed as these foam mattresses are not designed to be used in sofa beds, repeated folding can cause long-term damage to the materials.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Cover

Tender Sleep Mattresses are wrapped in a temperature control luxurious cover with a zipper. It has a wicking treatment did that allows the yarn to absorb moisture and makes it evaporate quicker, for a cooling effect.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Firmness Analysis

The Tender Sleep is medium-firm and highly supportive mattresses. The company rates it at a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale where 10 is the firmest. These mattresses are designed for perfect long-term support with true top layer comfort. The ideal firmness gives a perfect spine support.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Frames & Foundation

You will find these mattresses as the most comfortable mattress you ever owned if setup on a suitable basic frame or Foundation. You can place them on a firm platform base or a slatted base with 3 inches between slats or a box spring or flat floor or any solid base. Remember, the general rule, the firmer, the flatter, and the better for any mattress. To get the best of your mattress you should consider the perfect match Tender Sleep Foundation.

Tender Sleep Foundation is a strong and sturdy base with perfectly spaced slats. It is easy to assemble and fits almost all Standards Bed Frames

The Tender Sleep Mattresses Blog

For the latest blogs, articles and sleep stories, visit their blog page here -

Tender Sleep Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

You can contact the company via email – No Customer Services Phone Number is available.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Tender Sleep Mattresses

From time to time, you can find Tender Sleep Mattresses on sale on their official website Currently, take the benefit of Father’s Day Sale – Get $200 off.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Delivery Fee & Time

Tender Sleep Mattresses comes with free shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping is free for purchase as well as return. Your mattress will be delivered in about 4-8 business days after you place your order.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Financing

Tender Sleep has teamed up with Blispay to offer special financing. You can enjoy No Payments, No Interest on all purchases over $199 if paid in full in 6 months. Plus, get 2% Cash Back. Check the details now.

Tender Sleep Mattresses in Stores

You cannot buy Tender Sleep Mattresses in Stores as they are exclusively available online only.

Tender Sleep Mattresses Safety & Certifications

Every layer of Foam in these mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified which means it is made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are also Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million) and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. The latex in these mattresses is certified by OKEO-TEX to meet health and environmental requirements.

Maintenance On Tender Sleep Mattresses

The Tender Sleep Mattresses cover comes with a zipper for easy removal. However, it is not recommended to machine wash it. You can unzip and spot clean the cover with a mild detergent then air-dried. Make sure the cleaned area is dry completely before zipping your cover back on and putting sheets back on the mattress.

For the most breathable, easy protection, it is recommended to use a water-resistant mattress protector/cover, however, keep in mind that the protector may reduce breathability.

Flipping of Tender Sleep Mattresses

If you sleep alone on one side of the bed or have a meaningful weight differential with your partner, then you can rotate the bed 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

SleepOvation 700

fix your back or your money back guarantee. Free shipping. 100 Night trial and a 10 year warranty Learn More

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Tender Sleep Mattresses

Tender Sleep foams are of exceptional quality, so off-gassing is limited or non-existent. If you notice any faint opening smell from fresh foam, rest assures it will dissipate quickly. This smell is from new foams being vacuum packed and not from any chemicals. The company ensures that any smell will dissipate quickly after opening the mattress and allow it to breathe.

Sagging Problems in Tender Sleep Mattresses

Body impressions and sagging are unlikely to happen in Tender Sleep Mattresses for at least 8-10 years. But if you do notice some increased softness in some areas or permanent indentations that measure more than 1 ½ inch, you are covered by 10-year limited warranty. To make a warranty claim, contact them at


Improve your sleeping experience and live better with Tender Sleep Mattresses. Tender Sleep Magnetress is a unique bed with patented technology BIOflex which is studied to relieve back pain and provide myriad benefits. Considering 10-year limited warranty, 101-night trial, free shipping, easy return policy and positive customer reviews, Buy Tender Sleep Mattresses on Sale today.

I finished my masters in finance and worked for the Largest Private sector banking company in India. When the time came, I moved on to something less demanding and more creative. The influence of Indian culture asks us to put satisfaction upfront and I was in search of it. Writing struck me as a possibility and soon a passion. I am not creative but I am very thorough. Technical writing is my forte and at times I do delve into the creative side, though the stint usually lasts not more than a day! I enjoy traveling, reading and shopping.

GhostBed Mattress by Nature’s Sleep Reviews, Price, Topper & Cover

GhostBed Mattress

lifetime warranty 365 nigh trial Luxury mattress

Buy GhostBed Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

GhostBed mattress is a newbie mattress range by Nature’s Sleep. The sole difference of GhostBed mattress from its parent brand is the first layer that is aerated natural latex in it while Nature’s Sleep mattresses have memory foam. This is a bed in a box make that can gift you a wonderful experience with sleep. The right amount of bounce and support is nothing short of a dream mattress.

GhostBed mattress is super comfy not only for the sleep but also for the pocket as well. Buy GhostBed mattress directly from the manufacturer for the best price. The mattress is affordable at a starting price of $495. You also get to have a package deal of a mattress as well as a suitable foundation.

GhostBed Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The low price of the mattress is the primary factor that attracted the users. The cool factor is another highlight of the GhostBed mattress. The mattress is great for back pain problems to have ideal support in almost all sleep positions. With a medium firm comfort level, the GhostBed mattress has garnered several positive reviews from all age groups.

The GhostBed mattress has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from Mattress Clarity. It gets full marks for the value of money and higher marks for the factors like brand, company return policy, warranty, durability, and support. The concerning factors are the lack of edge support and the not-so-perfect motion isolation.

Best Mattress Models from GhostBed Mattress

There are 2 models for the GhostBed mattress- GhostBed classic and GhostBed Luxe. While the former is a simple mattress, the latter is a luxurious mattress.

GhostBed mattress

  • It has a luxurious cover made of stretchable fabric and plush feel.
  • The next layer is the aerated latex foam that is 1 ½ inches in thickness. This layer is responsive and has a slight bounce.
  • The second layer inside is the gel memory foam layer to keep the mattress cool and allow heat dissipation. This layer is responsive to the body heat and contours to the body as well.
  • The bottom layer is the high-density base layer for the support and comfort. The layer is 7 ½ inches thick and makes a firm base for the softer layers above.
  • The overall thickness of this GhostBed mattress is 11 inches.

GhostBed Luxe

  • The GhostBed Luxe is the cooler mattress of the 2. This mattress is more luxurious with more layers and comfort. The mattress layers start with the Ghost Ice Fabric which is specially made using Japanese formulation to have more cooling properties.
  • The next layer is the ½ inch cooling fiber attached to the fabric of the cover.
  • The 1’ gel memory foam comes next under the covering fabric. In fact, the foam is quilted to the fabric to have a real ‘hug’ feel.
  • The actual mattress layers start with the Ghost Ice layer that has a special technology that captures the heat from the body and makes a cool surface for the sleeper.
  • Gel memory foam is the next layer in line that is heat absorbing and allowing aeration.
  • The Ghost bounce layer is exclusive to this GhostBed Luxe mattress. This is a responsive latex layer that has contouring effects and is resilient to keep up the shape. It gives a floating effect without causing overly plush feel.
  • The bottom layer is the high-density support foam that provides, support, comfort, and durability.
  • The total thickness of the GhostBed mattress is 13 inches.

GhostBed Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Both the GhostBed mattress models are available in 6 standard sizes- twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California King. The dimensions are standard for each size. The size and weight of the GhostBed mattress are as follows,

  • Twin- 38” x 75” 58 lbs
  • Twin XL- 38” x 80” 62 lbs
  • Full- 54” x 75” 78 lbs
  • Queen- 60” x 80” 89 lbs
  • King- 76” x 80” 112 lbs
  • Cal King- 72” x 84” 112 lbs

GhostBed Mattress Specifications

The GhostBed mattress has a unique top layer made of latex which separates it from its parent brand of mattresses Nature’s Sleep

The addition of the latex layer gives it a softer touch and eco-friendliness.

The latex layer is plush enough to have the good effects of the gel memory foam layer underneath. The gel memory foam is body conforming and gives the perfect balance of plush and cradling effects.

All layers of the GhostBed mattress allow aeration that keeps the mattress cool as well as breathing. This facilitates to get rid of any kind of smell or odor coming from the mattress. It is also responsible for the fresh feel of the GhostBed mattress.

GhostBed Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Trial period

The GhostBed mattress comes with a GhostBed 101 Night Sleep trial that allows a comfortable testing of the mattress at your home. This allows ample time for the body t get used to the new mattress and see how it fares.
You can return the mattress for a refund within the 101 nights form the day of delivery. You may request for the return and the mattress will be taken out. All you need to do is to sleep on it for a minimal period of 30-60 days to be able to make a fair judgment.


GhostBed mattress has the longest industry leading warranty period of 20 years limited warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects including the indentation of over 1 inch on the surface. The split or crack on the mattress layers is also covered by the warranty. The warranty allows free repair, handling or replacement of the mattress within the first 10 years.

In case the defects appear after the 10 years, the warranty says that the customer needs to pay 55% of the mattress cost on the replacement. Only on the 11th years, the owner has to pay 50% of the mattress cost on a replacement.

The mattress cover has a warranty period of only 1 year.

$750 off on LATEX mattresses by SleepEZ. BEST SELLERS LISTS

Discount Prices On GhostBed Mattress

The GhostBed mattress price ranges between $495-1825 depending on the model and size. the GhostBed mattress costs $495-1095, whereas the GhostBed Luxe costs $995-1825. The price of each size would be

SIZEGhostBedGhostBed Luxe
TWIN XL$650-600$1125-1175
CAL KING$995-1095$1625-1825

There is an option to add a foundation, mattress protector, sheets and/or Ghost pillows to the mattress in a single purchase. In that case, the price goes up according to the item that you are adding.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For GhostBed Mattress

The GhostBed mattress price ranges between $495-1825 depending on the model and size. the GhostBed mattress costs $495-1095, whereas the GhostBed Luxe costs $995-1825. The price of each size would be

SIZEGhostBedGhostBed Luxe
TWIN XL$650-600$1125-1175
CAL KING$995-1095$1625-1825

There is an option to add a foundation, mattress protector, sheets and/or Ghost pillows to the mattress in a single purchase. In that case, the price goes up according to the item that you are adding.

GhostBed Mattress Comparison

  • GhostBed mattress Vs Casper mattress: GhostBed mattress is cheaper by at least $100 than the Casper mattress. While the GhostBed is thicker, Casper is only 9 inches in thickness. The former has 20 years warranty while the latter is only 10-years warranty.
  • GhostBed mattress Vs Purple: While the GhostBed mattress is thicker, cheaper and having 20 years warranty, the Purple mattress is slightly thinner, costlier and having only 10 years warranty to its credit. The GhostBed mattress also provides better support than the other brand. While the trial period is almost the same, the GhostBed mattress makes a score with the availability of a compatible foundation.
  • GhostBed mattress Vs Leesa mattress: The GhostBed mattress is superior to Leesa mattress in all departments like the price, quality, and comfort, the warranty, and trial periods are similar.
  • GhostBed mattress Vs Helix mattress: While these mattress brands have the similar trial period, comfort and the value for money, the GhostBed mattress is slightly cheaper and has more quality for the materials. The warranty period makes a clear edge over the Helix mattress.
  • GhostBed mattress Vs Brooklyn bedding mattress: GhostBed mattress gets a slight edge over the Brooklyn with its cost-effectiveness, quality, comfort, and warranty. The trial period serves the same for both the mattresses.

GhostBed Mattress Return Policy

The GhostBed mattress return policy says that you need to use the mattress for at least 30 days and 60 days for the best assessment before you can request for the return. The countdown starts from the day the mattress is delivered to you. You can use the mattress for 101-nights within hic you are eligible for a return request.

GhostBed Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery of the GhostBed mattress within the 48 continental states of the USA are FREE. There is shipping charge added ($600) for the freight to Alaska and Hawaii.

There is a facility to delay the delivery of the shipment in case you are away from home for the time being. The mattress could be placed in the vacation hold for no additional charges. You just need to request for the same and the package will be held in a FedEx facility.

The shipping happens quickly after an order is placed. Usually, the shipment goes out within 24 hours. A change in the delivery address has an additional charge. The mattress will be door delivered. There is no white gli=ove facility or removal of the old mattress.

SleepOvation 700

fix your back or your money back guarantee. Free shipping. 100 Night trial and a 10 year warranty Learn More

GhostBed Mattress Setup & Installation

All the models of GhostBed mattresses are compressed, rolled and vacuum packed. You need to take the mattress to the intended room and remove the packaging materials.

Unroll the mattress and let it decompress for a while. The decompression happens quickly so that you can use the mattress sooner. It is always recommended to open the mattress in the room that will be using it in. otherwise, handling could be difficult especially with the larger sizes.

Is GhostBed Mattress Non Toxic

Yes, the GhostBed mattress uses only the safest materials that have the CertiPUR-US certification that proves that the mattress is safe for all. It is safe from the harmful chemical emission as well as has low VOCs. The covering material and the different mattress layers have this safety certification.

Adjustable base For GhostBed Mattress

GhostBed mattress is compatible with the adjustable bases. Here is the GhostBed Adjustable Base that is made especially for the GhostBed mattress and GhostBed Luxe mattresses. This GhostBed adjustable base is useful for those suffering from acid reflux, joint and back pain, sleep disorders etc. The adjustability of this base will help alleviate these issues and allow peaceful sleep.

  • The adjustable base is available in just 3 sizes- Twin XL, queen, and king. The price of the adjustable base is $599 for Twin XL, $799 for queen size and $1198 for the king size.
  • The GhostBed adjustable base comes with attractive features like interactive massage units that target aches and pains and 15 massage modes
  • Under-bed LED lights, USB ports of each side of the bed that recharges the battery of the adjustable base.
  • There is steel retainer to keep the mattress in place.
  • 3 preset positions for TV, zero gravity and lounge.
  • There are 6 tubular legs of 12 inches each.
  • The adjustable base comes with a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping.
  • Moreover, the adjustable base can work with the existing headboard.
  • The GhostBed adjustable base comes pre-assembled with a few more steps to be complete. You just need to fix in the locking frame bolts, attach the legs as well as the retainer bars.

GhostBed Mattress Bedding Accessories

Apart from the adjustable base and the foundations, there also are pillows, bedsheets, mattress protector, and replacement parts for the adjustable base.

GhostBed Pillows

GhostBed Pillows are gel memory foam with a cotton inner cover and a dual side outer cover. The pillows are 16” x 23” x 6” in width, length, and height. The pillows have a phase changing material on one side that keeps the head cool during the night and reduces the head sweating. The pillow has a plush feel and supports the head, neck, and spine very well. The outer cover is removable and washable. It has a zipper for easy handling. The pillows come with a comfortable trial period of 101-nights with a guarantee of full refund. The pillow also has free shipping and a 5-year warranty.

GhostBed Sheets

GhostBed Sheets are luxurious and are made of TENCEL material and Supima cotton blend. The sheets are light weighted and breathable material. The sheets become airy and softer with each wash. The sheets have higher absorbency, temperature regulation and can resist both bacteria and allergens. The fitted sheet stays firm on the mattress and does not move away. The fitted sheets can accommodate a mattress depth of 15”.

The sheets are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king sizes. The price of the GhostBed sheets would be $125, 140, 165, 185, 235 and 235respectively. There is also a split king option.

All of them come with a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. There also are pillowcases that would be single for the twin varieties and 2 or more in number for the rest of the sizes. The available colors are white and grey.

GhostBed Protector

GhostBed Mattress Protector encases the mattress completely and secures with the help of an elastic band. The elastic band is thick at 2 inches so that it does not come off easily. The material is soft knit with a waterproof barrier to sage guard the mattress. It is washable and long lasting. It has antimicrobial and anti-allergenic technology added.

The mattress protector is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king sizes that have a price of $70, 75, 80, 100, 120 and 120 respectively.

  • GhostBed T-shirt is a unisex t-shit in white with the GhostBed logo. The t-shirts are available in the sizes small, medium, large and XL sizes. The price is $19.99 for all sizes.
  • Adjustable Base headboard brackets are for the attachment of the existing side boards to the GhostBed adjustable base. The brackets cost $99.99 and come with all that is needed for its installation.
  • Adjustable base 6” legs are the replacement legs for the adjustable base. The legs come as a package of 6. The cost of this pack would be $69.99.

GhostBed Mattress Firmness Analysis

The GhostBed mattress with its simplicity has got a firmness of 6.5 out of 10 where 1 is plush and 10 is firmest. The mattress has a right balance of plush and firmer layers with the middle layer acting as a buffer between them. The overall feel is medium-firm for the GhostBed mattress.

On the other hand, the GhostBed Luxe mattress flaunts a firmness of 5.5-6 where it is still in the mid range but is slightly towards the medium-soft feel. The mattress layers are plusher and feel softer than the other model. This is ideal for those who want a medium firmness with softness for the rest.

GhostBed Mattress Frames & Foundation

The GhostBed HD foundation is made of 100% Canadian Spruce wood. The foundation is 9 inches in height and is completely made in USA. The foundation is available in all the sizes- twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king. The foundation has free shipping and comes with a 3-year warranty as well. The price of this foundation is between $175-275 from the twin to Cal king sizes. The prices are,

  • Twin- $175
  • Twin XL- $185
  • Full- $200
  • Queen- $225
  • King- $275
  • Cal King- $275

The box spring is easy to assemble within a few minutes with the only tool required is a screwdriver. This box spring is compatible with most of the mattresses especially the memory foam.

GhostBed Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The GhostBed customer service phone number is 1-855-855-4499. The customer service works from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 10 pm EST.

Alternately, you can send an email with the queries or requests to The emails and voicemails would be returned sooner or within 36 hours.

GhostBed Mattress Financing

GhostBed mattress has got 3 financing options from Affirm, Klarna and Zibby lease. All of these facilitate the customer to pay in monthly installment for the mattress or its accessories instead of a one-time payment. Different products have different financing companies offer.

Financing is available for mattresses, adjustable bases, and the pillows. These finance options would not interfere with the 101-nights trial period.

For the Klarna and Affirm, there is a pre-qualification on which you may or may not be termed eligible.

Maintenance On GhostBed Mattress

  • GhostBed mattress needs to be rotated from head to toe every 2 weeks in the initial months.
  • After a month keep this rotating to once a month and later on once on 2-3 months for the longevity of the mattresses.
  • The Ghostbed mattress cover is removable and washable. Wash it in cold water and use only mild detergent. Spot cleaning could also be done with the same supplies and tumble dry it.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach on the mattress or its covering material.
  • In case of any valid reason, you are in need of a replacement mattress cover, it is available on request. You just need to send a request through an email to the customer service.


Motion Transfer on a GhostBed Mattress

Motion isolation on the GhostBed mattress is average. The motion transfer is felt minimal when the weight transfer is low. People of heavier weight could cause more motions transfer and disturbance in comparison. In short, the motion isolation on the GhostBed mattress is neither foolproof nor is it bad.

Sagging Problems in GhostBed Mattress

Though the GhostBed mattress has not had any sagging issues, the lack of edge support has been a concern. The edge tends to sag when the weight is placed. This causes some problem when partners use the mattress where the entire mattress surface would be in need. Moving towards the edge could make unease and a feel of falling down at times. Otherwise the mattress is supportive enough.


You can buy the GhostBed mattress from the makers or from Amazon. It is NOT available in the stores and is a much cheaper mattress with good quality. The mattress is comfortable for multiple sleep positions and provides good pressure relief. It is safer than the pure memory foam mattress and is bouncier too. Make use of the Memorial Day sale that is on right now to get $400 OFF on the mattress bundles. Hurry now!

Amore Beds Mattress Reviews 2018, Ratings, Price

Buy Amore Beds Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

Based in Chicago, Amore Beds is a company that is committed to providing mattresses, Box frame, and pillows directly to customers at an accessible price. The significant thing about the Amore Beds is a customized mattress with different firmness option on each side. Also, it uses high quality domestically sourced materials and components to design and manufacture a mattress entirely in the USA.

Amore Beds is available in two model options – Flippable and Hybrid. Additionally, the FusionFlex Comfort Gel foam, Graphite-Infused cooling memory foam, individually wrapped coils, organic cotton cover, natural wool blend cover, and therapeutic cooper-ion fabric cover are uniquely combined to provide you one of the best Amore Beds Mattress for Cooler, healthier and most comfortable sleep ever. Continue reading to know more about the Amore Beds Mattress Reviews, Ratings, Sale, Specs and more.

Amore Beds Mattress – A Better Mattress for Good Sleep

Amore Beds Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There is some positive Amore Beds Mattress Reviews Online. People say Amore Beds are pretty comfortable and made of very high-quality materials. Most users are pleased with their purchase because of the comfort they experience at a great price. Majority of the customers feel that these beds are supportive yet comfortable with perfect firmness and no sleeping hot. Some sleepers mention about the hybrid mattress’s incredible ability to isolate motion transfer. They love the fact that how the whole bed does not move if other partner turns. Most users are happy to get uninterrupted sleep after years. Some users say the hybrid bed is the perfect combination of coils and foam that is good for their back pain. Majority of the users will be recommending this mattress to anyone looking for restful all night long sleep.

Mattress Clarity Rating 4.3, Memory Foam Talk Rating 9.2, Mattress Guides Rate At 4.2 And Our Sleep Guide Rating Is 4.59.

Best Mattress Models from Amore Beds Mattress

Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable Mattress

This mattress brings two comfort choices in one innovative premium foam mattress design. It has slightly firm on one side and a little softer on the other. It is because when it comes to mattress comfort, Amore knows that one size may not fit all. Just flip the mattress to see which comfort level feels best for you. Regardless of whatever side you prefer, their proprietary foam blend will provide conforming support and relieves pressure points, for healthier, more comfortable sleep all night long. Price starts from $320. It comes with an option to buy a Copper ion-infused fabric at an additional charge.

Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress

This hybrid mattress brings together two leading technologies – coils and foam. They work in harmony with the perfect combination of deep-down support and contouring comfort for the ideal sleep ever. You can select Amore unique customization to tailor made your mattress for the way you like to sleep. It comes with an option to choose your firmness – Soft, Medium or Firm and choose your cover – Organic cotton fabric (Standard) or Copper ion-infused fabric (Additional charge). Price starts from $350.

Amore Beds Mattress Trial Period, Return Policy & Warranty

These mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t like your bed, then go for the Free / no-hassle return. Contact them at 844-84-AMORE M-F 10-5 CST to start the return process. However, the company requires a 30-day honest sleep trial to get used to your mattress before initiating a return because Hybrid mattresses need a little extra time to break in.

Update:Live and sleep mattress comes with 20 years warranty and free shipping. Also get an additional $150 off if you purchase now.

Amore Beds Mattress Warranty

The company warranties that these mattresses will be free from defects in material and quality for up to 20 years (Hybrid) and ten years (Memory Foam).

Discount Prices On Amore Beds Mattress

Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable MattressAmore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress
SizeRegular PriceSale PriceRegular PriceSale Price
Twin XL$575.00$425.00$600.00$450.00
California King$950.00$800.00$1,050.00$900.00

You can select to split your firmness at an additional charge of $100 for Queen, King and Cal King. Pay $25 – $100 for buying an optional Copper ion-infused fabric cover.

Buy Amore Beds Mattress

The best place to Buy Amore Bed Mattress online is directly from the manufacturer Alternatively, you can also buy Amore Beds Mattress on Amazon for the best price plus free shipping.

Independent Reviews On Amore Beds Mattress

Edward bought Amore 12″ Hybrid Mattress with the medium-firm comfort level. He said it’s a little firmer than his choice but took nearly 30 days to get to the point where he enjoys sleeping.

Trusted Customer ordered medium and found it to be slightly firm. He complains about the lousy return policy wherein the customers have to arrange to donate it. He does not recommend doing business with them again.

Bad reviews of Amore Beds Mattress

There are no major Amore Beds Mattress Complaints online. Some customers are disappointed with the firmness of the bed. Some feel the Medium Firm is way too firm and soft is too soft for their choice. Few users complain about the sink in the bed where they sleep regularly. Quite a few customers are also disappointed with their 30-day mandatory trial and return policy where the customers have to donate the mattress and email the company donation receipt to claim a refund.

Best for

A Luxury Feel



Amore Beds Mattress Comparison

Amore Beds three best qualities – hybrid-technology, multiple firmness levels, and performance fabrics are factors which stack up Amore from Competitors. Considering hybrid-technology, Amore competes with Serta, Beauty rest and Helix. Consider multiple firmness levels and dual firmness option and Amore is similar to Serta and Helix. Performance fabrics of Amore beds compete with Beauty rest and Cocoon.

Regarding Price, Amore beds are proud to manufacture all first-rate American mattress at a fair price. There are none of these brands that are nearer to Amore Pricing except for a few Chinese products like Nector.

Amore Beds Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The Amore Mattress is rolled up and shipped in a box, measuring 17W” x 75L” x 17H”, and weighing 50 to 100 pounds. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S., but deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada will incur additional shipping charges. Please note that all Amore Beds Mattress is custom made, hence, the company may take 4 to 8 business days to deliver your order.

Amore Beds Mattress Setup & Installation

Set up and installing is comfortable with two people –

  • Carry the box to the room/ space where you wish to use the mattress
  • Open the box and pull the mattress out
  • Firmly pull the plastic from the corner of the bed to unroll it, so that the white side is facing up
  • Then carefully place your mattress on-base/ foundation and remove remaining plastic
  • Watch your mattress expand, and in a few minutes it is ready to sleep

Amore Beds Mattress BBB Business Profile

Amore Beds, LLC is not BBB Accredited.

Is Amore Beds Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Users reported that the combination of coils and foam, i.e., Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress is good for chronic back pain and relieving hip pain as well. They experienced less tossing and turned all night and waking up with less pain and soreness then before.

Is Amore Beds Mattress Non-Toxic

Yes, most of the materials used in constructing this mattress are non-toxic and free from chemicals. Copper has Antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties, and these ionic properties are combined in therapeutic Copper ion-infused fabric to create a healthy environment for the sleeper. Also, all their foams are the Certi-Pur US certified which means they are free of flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxic elements. Also, it does not contain any latex.

Are Amore Beds Mattresses Any Good

These mattresses use highest quality materials found in the industry and blended to offer the utmost premium comfort. Also, these multi-layered mattresses have five premium layers of the finest supportive materials – ultra-high-density structural base layer, individually wrapped comfort-coils, support foam, contouring transition foam, and FusionFlex Gel-Foam blended with a layer of Graphite-Infused memory foam. All these make Amore a mattress that is good for pressure relieving, providing proper spinal alignment and full-body support, isolating motion and maintaining a comfortable sleep surface.

How is Amore Beds Mattress Made

Amore Beds models use Organic cotton fabric, organic wool blend, Proprietary FusionFlex foam, Open cell specialty foam, Graphite infused memory foam, hyper-contouring transition foam, Individually wrapped coils, and Sturdy core foam to bring you quality bed that will last for years.

The Densities of all foams used in these mattresses are 1.8. Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) for Soft is 22, Medium is 28, Firm is 35, and Base & Rails are 40. Proprietary FusionFlex and Graphite Visco foams are 3 pounds PSF and 9 ILD.

How is Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable Mattress Made?

This Double-sided foam mattress has 10-layers and is 11″ Thick.

  • Ultra-breathable Organic cotton fabric – This luxuriously quilted organic cotton fabric is naturally soft, breathable and durable. It is hypoallergenic and wicks heat away for sleeping comfort.
  • Organic wool blend – This material provides flame resistance without using harmful chemicals because wool is naturally flame retardant. It has exceptional breathability to regulate temperature sleeping comfort.
  • 1-inch proprietary FusionFlex foam – It provides proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief without hot spots. It repels body heat to keep you comfortable all night long.
  • 2 inch hyper-contouring transition foam – It gently transitions from the comfort softer layers to the more supportive middle layers. It is ultra-breathable for proper ventilation.
  • 2-inch high-density open-cell specialty foam – It contours to your body for pressure relief, proper spinal alignment and reduces tossing and turning.
  • 2-inch high resilient load deflection foam – It provides for a strong core for a firmer transition and gently isolates individual pressure points one at a time.

The following layers are –

  • 2-inch hyper-contouring transition foam
  • 1-inch proprietary FusionFlex foam
  • Organic wool blend
  • Ultra-breathable Organic cotton fabric

How is Amore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress Made?

This Hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds –coils and foam in 8-layers and is 12″ thick.

  • 2X Ultra breathable fabric Cover options – A luxuriously quilted organic cotton fabric which is naturally soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable. Or Therapeutic Copper Ion infused Bamboo fabric for a clean environment.
  • Organic wool blend
  • 1-inch proprietary FusionFlex foam
  • 1 inch Graphite-infused memory foam – Its open cell structure promotes airflow and breathability. It reduces pressure points, so you sleep more soundly.
  • 2-inch hyper-contouring transition foam
  • 2-inch high-density open-cell specialty foam
  • 4 inch individually wrapped coils – These heavy-duty coils provide full-body support and support the mattress to retain bounciness to avoid sinking-in, all-foam feel. It promotes natural airflow to regulate sleeping temperature. This coil gently adjusts as you move for excellent support in all sleep positions. It also helps motion isolation to reduce partner disturbance.
  • Reinforced edge system – The strong edge system supports for sitting and provides consistent sleeping comfort from edge to edge.
  • 2-inch ultra high-density foam base – It provides additional strength and durability to all layers above. It is compatible with a variety of bed bases.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Amore Beds Mattress

Amore 2-Sided 11″ Flippable MattressAmore 12” Hybrid Coil Mattress
Twin39” x 75” x 10″50 Lbs39” x 75” x 12.”50 Lbs
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10″55 Lbs39” x 80” x 12.”55 Lbs
Full54” x 75” x 10″65 Lbs54” x 75” x 12.”65 Lbs
Queen60” x 80” x 10″70 Lbs60” x 80” x 12.”80 Lbs
King76” x 80” x 10″80 Lbs76” x 80” x 12.”90 Lbs
California King72” x 84” x 10″80 Lbs72” x 84” x 1290 Lbs

Adjustable base For Amore Beds Mattress

Amore mattresses work perfectly with all adjustable bed frames.

Amore Beds Mattress Cover

  • Organic Cotton Fabric Cover – This durable cover feels nice and soft under the sheets. It has excellent breathability to keep you fresh. It is hypoallergenic and will never irritate your skin.
  • Copper Infused Fabric Cover – This therapeutic fabric cover offers many health and performance benefits. Copper can improve the appearance of skin, help you enhance your body’s healing process, and have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Also, copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, inhibiting the growth of germs including odor-causing for the mattress surface to stay fresh and odor-free longer.

Amore Beds Mattress Bedding Accessories

Folding All-In-One Metal Box Frame and Gel Memory Foam Pillow are also available here.

Amore Beds Mattress Firmness Analysis

Amore Beds hybrid mattress is available in three different firmness: ‘4’ (Soft), ‘5.5’ (Medium), and ‘7’ (Firm). Amore Beds dual-firmness flappable mattress Queen, King and Cal King-size can be customized to two different firmness on each side – soft on one and firm on the other.

Amore Beds Mattress Frames & Foundation

These mattresses work on Box springs, foundations, slatted bases with slates not more than 4” apart, platform beds, waterbed bases, magnetic bed bases, or even the floor.

The Amore Beds Mattress Blog

Visit for the latest Sleep Talk, Stories and more.

The Amore Beds Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

They operate one brick-and-mortar showroom in Chicago, Illinois.

Amore Beds Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Amore Beds, P.O. Box 388555, Chicago, IL 60638

Amore Beds Mattress – Customer Services Phone Number

Call them at 1-844-842-6673 or send a message on their contact us page or email at

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Amore Beds Mattress

Avail the benefit of the Biggest Sale Ever – Memorial Day Savings Event for $320 Extended. $150 Discount and includes free pillows.

Amore Beds Mattress Financing

Amore has partnered with Bread to offer you convenient financing options.

Amore Beds Mattress in Stores

You cannot buy Amore Beds Mattress in Stores. They do have a brick-and-mortar showroom located in Chicago, but mattress orders are accepted only online.

Best for

A Luxury Feel



Maintenance On Amore Beds Mattress

The company recommends rotating your mattress every 3 to 6 months.

Odor & Smell in Amore Beds Mattress

Like most new mattresses, there can be a virtually non-toxic smell from Amore new mattress upon unboxing. However, the smell is harmless and will dissipate quickly.

Brands That are Equivalent to Amore Beds Mattress

Casper, Helix, Nector, Lessa, Serta, Beauty rest, Cocoon by Sealy and many more brands are Equivalent to Amore Beds Mattress, but Amore Tops the list.


Buy Amore Beds Mattress for the best price only at Order today and enjoy restful sleep for years. With a fair amount, ongoing sale and Amore Beds Mattress Coupon codes, this brand are worth a try.

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