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Casper Vs. Novaform is two of the growing online mattress brands in the US. For those who are willing to buy either of the brands, here is a comparison of which is the best – Casper Vs. Novaform.

About Casper 

Casper offers you mattress-in-a-box brand that offers you quality foam mattress at the best price. Currently, the company has updated its products and offer you three all-foam mattresses – The Casper, The Essential, and The Wave. Everything available at a good price point, they are offering innovative mattresses. But can they stand out? Let’s find out.

The price range of Casper starts from $350-$2250.


  • Zip and wash cover

  • 100% made in usa

  • Stain resistant fabric

  • 101 nights sleep trial

  • Lifetime warranty


  • White Glove Delivery
  • Mattress Removal
  • Finance Available
  • 15 Years warranty
  • 120 Days home trial


  • 120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant

About Novaform Features 

Novaform is a product of Innocor, a memory foam developer, and manufacturer. Novaform is known for being sold in Costco warehouse locations. The company offers a range of medium-firm mattresses such as Bella-Venta, ComfortGrande, FlexTech Firm, and Deluxe Comfort.

They also offer soft mattresses such as Alta Bella, Grande Elegance and medium-soft such as Valentina and Serafina Pearl. The main difference in these mattresses is the blend of foam and the order of layers in which they are placed to suit the sleeper’s style.

The softer mattresses have more comfort layers than, the firmer ones. Novaform mattresses range from 12”-15” for the softer versions. Even then, few claim that they are too firm for sleepers who need soft mattresses.

The price of Novaform mattresses ranges from $399-$1899.

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Comfort system of Casper & Novaform

Casper Sleep offers two memory foam mattresses and one mixed foam and latex mattress. The layers are adjusted as per the firmness and support that the user needs. The Essential is constructed with a top layer of polyfoam and a bottom layer of memory foam.

The support core is made using high-density polyfoam. The Casper comes with three different layers where the middle layer is memory foam while the top and bottom layers are polyfoams. The support core is polyfoam as well. The Wave comes with four primary components – the top layer of ‘Flo Foam’ pillow top polyfoam, a second layer of blended synthetic and natural latex. The third layer is memory foam while the bottom layer is high-resilient polyfoam. The support core is high-density polyfoam while the mattress cover is a cotton blend.

Novaform mattress too offers memory and polyfoam blend mattresses. While Casper provides three different models, Novaform offers six different mattress models. These mattress models, also, like Casper come with different firmness and adjustable layer levels as per the user’s firmness requirement and sleeping style.

Returns and Warranty 

Casper mattress offers you 100-night sleep trial and ten years of non-prorated warranty.

Costco (through which Novaform can be purchased) does not offer any sleep trial. The company provides a 20-year limited warranty. Also, note that Costco requires all the customers to obtain annual membership before purchasing anything online or in a store. The yearly membership ranges from $60 to $120.

Owner satisfaction 

Many customers feel that Casper mattresses are undoubtedly the most comfortable mattress ever. However, few users feel that the bed is too soft even if claimed medium-firm and needs some which are a bit firmer.

When it comes to Novaform, unfortunately, it hasn’t scored much by customers. Some people still love the mattress, but many others have complaints.

Read on to check out the individual reviews of the users.

Overall support and Edge support 

When it comes to Casper’s supportiveness, customers report that it supports aptly. There is no sinking feel (medium-firm/firm), and people feel that the mattresses support them efficiently.

Edge support is another advantage which Casper mattress offers. It delivers excellent firm support to customers without sagging.


Some Casper and Essential mattress sleepers report small off-gassing issues when the mattress is new, but The Wave has been associated with regular odor complaints.

Novaform models, on the other hand, tend to produce little off-gassing odor as compared to other brands.

Motion Isolation

All three Casper mattress models are known to absorb motion and offer personal isolation to a good extent.

When it comes to Novaform, owners say that the firm mattresses isolate and reduce motion.


As seen with many memory foam mattress models, Novaform mattresses offer a minimal response to sex and are not much bouncier.

The Essential (of Casper) might be too thin for sex, but as per reports, The Casper and The Wave are quite responsive and bouncy enough for the most couple to enjoy.


  •  Free and fast delivery
  • 100 night trial
  • Free returns
  • Celliant Technology
  • 10 years warranty


  •  Lifetime warranty

  • Free shipping and return

  • 120 night warranty

  • Made in USA


  •  Organic Mattress

  • 100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Finance available

Smoothly Rotating or Moving 

The Casper and The Essential are lightweight making it easy to move as compared to other foam models. There is no need to flip the mattress, but occasional rotation would enable proper edge support and overall comfort of the bed.

The average weight of a Novaform mattress is more than 95 lbs which makes it heavier than other average memory foam models.


With any mattress, it is essential that it speaks strength. Luckily, many of these mattresses perform above average when it comes to durability. While many of the Casper users are happy that the mattresses after five years, people who are on the heavier side may find that it breaks down easily for them.

When it comes to Novaform, people say that the mattress induces pain within a year which can become worse if ignored. It is much more difficult to find a durable mattress today than before. And with many brands launching in the market every day, some brands do not even invest much quality. This makes the user difficult to gauge the longevity of the mattress. Few users report poor comfort. Durability issues are not seen often, but it is best that you read the warranty and the return policies before you buy from this brand.

Casper user reviews

  • Best sleep ever – “By far the best mattress I have ever owned. I will stick with Casper for all my future needs.”
  • Fantastic comfort and support – “Unboxing and building the foundation was a breeze. The mattress unrolled itself. Inflating it too a few minutes. We left the mattress to air a couple of days to get rid of the manufacturing smell. Compared to our previous “pillow top,” Casper provides better support on pressure points especially hips, shoulders, and scrum. The feeling is just indescribable. You don’t sink into it. The mattress supports you easily. I would recommend Casper to anyone without a second thought.”
  • Love the mattress – “The delivery was two days late. Oh well!!! The product is however fantastic.”

Novaform user reviews

  • Great mattress and price but too firm – “I have had this mattress for two years. I think it will probably last forever, but it is not medium-firm. I would say it is a medium-firm plus. You don’t sink like other memory foam mattress, but I do sleep surprisingly well on it. It doesn’t feel like a memory foam mattress. Seems good for side and back sleepers. I do wish it was a little softer. They don’t make waterbed mattresses like this anymore. Unless you like a soft mattress, you will be happy with the Serafina as nothing comes close.”
  • Too hard – “I got this mattress a month ago and hadn’t got used to it. Will send it back and try a more expensive softer mattress.”
  • Extremely comfortable – “Had a 15-year-old firm mattress. In change switched to this memory foam mattress. It’s everything I had hoped for. I sleep on side and back both are quite relaxing and comfortable.”

Online Availability 

Casper and Novaform are both available online. However, Casper mattresses can be purchased from the official website and Amazon.


When it comes to Casper Vs. Novaform, Casper is ultimately the winner. Though the product has been in the mattress market for only a couple of years now, it seems to have impressed users with their innovative quality and comfort.


  •  100 night trial

  • 25 years warranty

  • Free shipping

  • Certified organic 


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 2-in-1 Dual Comfort 
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Joma Wool