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Casper Sleep Mattress Reviews

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We have seen a lot and read a lot about memory foam mattresses. Now let us discuss something out of the ordinary and unique. What do you think about a bed that includes both latex and memory foam? A Wonderful combination I must say. Sleep for all is the motto that drives Casper Sleep Mattress Company. Casper Sleep is a company that functions with the guidance of three innovative minds.

Official Casper website :

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In this article, we will take a deep plunge into every bit of details regarding Casper Sleep Mattress. Go through the sections below to know more

About Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper sleep has a simple product line that includes a mattress, foundation frame, and pillow and bed sheet set. The exciting fact about Casper sleep is that they have only single products in each section, unlike other companies who have a confusing list. They have concentrated on each of their products and have designed them to perfection.

They guarantee you with slumber sleep and waking up every day with brilliance. Casper sleep aims to make the lives of its customers better by offering great sleep with innovative products. They are new entrants in the mattress industry based in New York.

Casper Mattress Design

Casper Sleep mattress is a differently crafted mattress when it comes to the materials used. It has a unique blend of four different foams employed to build the bed.

  • Latex foam: this helps to provide support, prevent heat retention and give a bouncy effect. Open cell latex foam helps to keep the mattress cool and an ideal choice for people with allergies. It gives you the perfect bounce action when on top of the bed.
  • Transition foam: evenly distributes the weight and eliminates motion transfer — no more after effects of the toss and turns from your partner.
  • Memory foam: provides body support and conforms according to our posture. It is highly adaptive and responses to the body movements quickly. It also helps to provide pressure relief and keeps you healthy.
  • Support foam: increases the longevity of the mattress and prevents sinking deep down into the bed. The support foam gives extra strength to the comfort layers and keeps the whole mattress sturdy.

Official Casper website :

The cover utilized to wrap this mattress is a woven material that is breathable, flexible, and resilient. The quality of the cover is excellent as the premium textiles used is from USA and Belgium. Another exciting feature is that the cover is hand-sewn which blends with any aesthetics.

Casper Mattress One-Step Ahead Than Memory Foam Mattress

Traditional memory foam mattresses are great indeed, and there is no confusion over it. They offer comfort and luxury with a heavenly feeling. “Floating around the clouds feeling” is common attribution given to memory foam mattresses. Now CASPER mattress has taken comfort and luxury one-step ahead keeping the memory foam concept intact.

As you all know, memory foams have the propensity to trap heat, and this causes hot sleeping. There are many hot sleepers out there who love memory foam but afraid of buying one due to heat retention problem. Casper mattress has given a quick solution by including a latex foam layer and thereby putting an end to heat retention. Another major issue which customers mention with memory foam is that it gives you a tight feeling. This happens especially when the memory foam belongs to the plush category. To solve these issues, Casper mattress has merged memory foam with latex foam. “No more stuck feeling just sleeping cool.”

Not Too Firm Not Too Soft

Sleeping on a “not so firm not so soft” mattress is the best way to keep away body aches and pain. Casper mattress does just the right work by maintaining it not so firm and not so soft. It belongs to the medium category level and is excellent for people suffering from back pain.

Casper mattress cradles the body evenly and supports joints across the body. The latex foam offers a bouncing feeling and improves ventilation while the memory foam conforms according to the body. This bed provides edge support and perfect for bedroom activities. Again, this mattress is an excellent pick for couples as it helps to improve sexual performance by offering the right bounce and support.

Official Casper website :

Innovative Technology

The technology used is a patent pending innovation. It uses springy type latex foam, which sits over memory foam. This is one of its kinds and you will not such mattress elsewhere. Latex layers offer breathability that memory foam does not offer. Memory foam provides pressure relief and support that latex does not offer. So by combining both, you are getting all the features that you would not get using them individually.

Interesting Features Of Casper Mattress

  • Increased ventilation and airflow that helps you to sleep cool
  • Spring action that gives the bounce effect and adds to the fun part
  • Available in all standard sizes namely twin, twin xl, full, king, queen and cal king
  • Conforms according to the body shape and has a sturdy base layer
  • Free from harmful chemicals and flame-retardants
  • Uses mechanical fire sock made from silica threads
  • Adhesives used are Greengard certified and are purely water based.
  • Casper mattresses are CertiPUR certified, and latex foam is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.
  • Environmental friendly as they emit a negligible amount of VOC’s
  • Follows the bed-in-a-box style approach that is easy for shipping and handling purposes
  • Casper mattress starts its design, development, and manufacturing process inside the US under strict guidelines. Later they ship the bed to your doorstep right from the factory.

Why Buy A Casper Sleep Mattress?

Do not want to spend more on a mattress? Those who are not interested in spending more on a bed can pick this mattress. It is worth buying for the price, and it offers comfort like any other high-priced mattress would offer. This mattress is a pocket-friendly version, and the makers have cut down considerable costs that would have occurred. It is far better than buying any mattress from retail outlets.

If you are stuck, sleeping on a plush mattress and feeling irritated then can rely on this mattress. It gives the exact sink factor without giving you the stuck feeling. Those who have had enough with a firm mattress can buy this mattress blindfolded. The perfect combination of firmness and a plush feeling is what a Casper mattress has to offer.

It provides the right support, so it is a perfect pick for combination sleepers. Side sleepers would love to sleep on this mattress as it supports the shoulders and cradles the body. They also provide tailor-made pillows that fit perfectly with the bed.

This mattress is best for newlyweds as it fits the budget and gives a bouncy feel. Casper mattress is a fun mattress that offers comfort and perfect for any activity. It is highly responsive and adaptive which provides the right support.

Casper mattress has a touch of luxury, as it is a hybrid of latex and memory foam with a woven wrapping around it. It fits into any bedroom, and you can additionally purchase pillows, bedspreads and other matching accessories from Casper. All at one store makes things easy for you.

If you are looking for a firm mattress, then this is it. For the comfort factor and price, it receives above average ratings. It offers edge support and does not sleep hot with negligible motion transfer. The mattress is made of durable materials, and the company is customer friendly rendering all supports. They have a great return policy and warranty period in comparison to other mattress brands.

Official Casper website :

What Not To Expect While Buying A Casper Mattress

It is not a cheap mattress yet it is not expensive. This mattress has a priced in the mid-range and will stick around for a long time. It has some serious stuff and technology inside it so you will have to pay for its worth. It is nothing like the Tuft and needle or the BioPedic stuff that comes at a low price. So save some bugs for making a worthy investment.

If you have a habit of sleeping on an innerspring mattress or a firm memory foam mattress, then you are not going to like it very soon. As with any bedding, it takes time to adjust with the new buddy and to experience a different kind of feel Casper mattress has to offer. Do not have preoccupied mindset and sleep on it. It has a different feel and comfort level, which you will like with time. If you are looking for an ultra-luxury mattress, then do not even bother to look at it. It concentrates more on the health factor rather than the luxury. Casper is a normal mattress that offers plain comfortable sleep without any hype. “No fancy offerings, unlike other brands.”

Customer Reviews About Casper Mattress

Customers love sleeping on this mattress, as it does not give any hot sleeping experiences. It is perfect for hot sleepers and athletes. Customers opine that this mattress helps in speedy recovery after a night’s sleep and the bounce effect is just so perfect.

People with allergies love sleeping on this mattress as it gives a memory foam touch along with being hypoallergenic. The latex foam used is tremendous and increases the breathability factor. The only demerit, which I found, is that they were a new entrant. This makes it difficult to rely on user data, and it is not easy to predict how the mattress would perform in the long run. As of now with available feedback from customers, it is clear that it works according to the expectations. Overall, this mattress brand receives above the average customer ratings making it worth recommending for others.

Official Casper website :

Reviews by customers

“Soooooo Soft ZZZzzzzz…

Love this bed! Wife and I sleep like babies. So comfy that we don’t even want to get out of bed. It’s so soft yet supportive. Can’t beat the price and comfort.”

“Would have never expected it!

I know many know that this mattress comes in a box and you cut away the package, and it magically unfolds into a (king size) bed, but when you do it and see for yourself it’s unreal! I have slept solid for every day I have had this mattress so far and even have anxiety when I have to travel for work. My husband has had an 80% improvement, which is still saying a lot as he had so many sleepless nights before this bed! We will be buying more, our kids are begging for theirs!”

Official Casper website :

Casper Mattress Free Trial

These Casper beds are 100% satisfied mattress offering deep comfort and better alignment to all the sleepers. Customers have high regard for this company as they have customer friendly policies and supply quality goods. The exciting feature is that they do not ask for any return costs while returning the mattress, unlike other mattress brands. They give a free trial of 100 days with zero values to its customers. Further, you may visit the official website to know more on Casper free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a foundation for a Casper mattress?

Casper mattress needs a solid foundation to rest properly. Older box springs and improper foundations will cause the bed to sag and function improperly. Casper mattresses last longer only if kept clean on a tidy foundation that has a leveled surface. They will perform well for over a decade if the right frame and foundation fit under it.

To sort out this problem, Casper has developed its pair foundation after careful research. They have developed a simple, minimal design foundation that supports the Casper mattress and enhanced its durability. To make things easier Casper foundations come with the 100-night risk-free trial just like the mattress.

Does Casper mattress offer 100-night trial without any additional costs?

This is true with any of their products. Whether you buy their sheets, pillow, mattress, or even the dog mattress your product is entitled to a full refund.

Now you can sit right at your home and enjoy all the comforts of purchasing. If you are dissatisfied with the product in the 100-day trial period, you can place a call to their customer department. They will arrange for a pickup and donate the mattress to a local charity or have it recycled. The interesting fact is that they do not ask for any return charges and you will get a 100 percent full discount.

Official Casper website :

How to buy Casper mattress

You can either visit their online store to buy their products at discounted prices or visit a retail store. They have outlets in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and West Elm. The company also conduct fairs at unexpected places so sign up for their newsletter to stay updated. They are also available at Amazon and other selling portals, but it would be a wise choice to buy from them directly. Casper mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period for all manufacturing defects and flaws.

Official Casper website :


Casper mattress is a great combination of both latex and memory foam. It provides the right comfort and features one would expect from a mattress. It is worth buying for the price and convenience it offers. Casper Mattress Company has customer friendly policies, which is evident from their return policy. It is one of the add-ons for buying a mattress from this brand — the mattress ships directly from the factory to your doorstep in a compressed box. Altogether, this mattress receives a four-star rating from its customers. This mattress is worth recommending.

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