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Best Mattress For Menopause

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Mattress for Menopause? How? Seems to good to be true. No more hot flashes, night sweats, etc. get rid of that irritative feeling when you are going through menopausal phases. Now I have written a lot about herbal remedies for menopause that can cut down the symptoms of menopause. Recently, I found this article from a manufacturer who claims its mattress can keep you cool headed during menopause. It seems the mattress can trap all excess heat and vapors it out of your body with air circulation provided in the bed.

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Mattress for Menopause – McRoskey Mattress

As per Robin McRoskey Azevedo, the president of McRoskey Mattress, the key to maintain cool is by constructing the bed in such a way that the materials and the bedding are in sync. Theoretically put, “breathing” fabrics such as cotton covers, vented sidewalls, and flexible coils are recommended that help in proper airflow through the body and the mattress. The best part is even the Mattress for Menopause customer reviews sounds quite faithful.

However, there is a price to comfort. The McRoskey Mattress for Menopause comes with a set (mattress and boxspring) that will shoot the budget to more than $5000 for sleeping cool.

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But then, the mattress has always been a huge investment, and if you want quality sleep and a long-lasting mattress, I believe it’s worth investing in a promising company. But to be frank, I am not entirely convinced that a bed can subsequently cut your menopausal symptoms. Better you can try good herbs such as Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, etc. along with great comforter pads and protectors that can make a big difference on your body without burning a hole in your pocket. So decide what do you think is the better way to stay cool.

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