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WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress With Coolcontrol

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WinkBeds hybrid mattress is a universally comfortable bed that combines the best of both sleep technologies. It includes the plush comfort of foam on the top along with the contouring great support from spring coils beneath. These Mattresses are available in 3 firmness options – Soft, Luxury Firm (most popular model) and Firm, to match all sleeping postures as well as a Plus option, especially for heavy people.

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WinkBeds is a super premium mattress company that utilizes a factory-direct model and exclusively sells online. This Foam Mattress + Airsprings + Gel Hybrid bed is made using 100% CertiPur-US certified foam and most durable, American-sourced materials. Also, the several firmness options provide you with a bed like a Hotel Mattress. Handcrafted in the USA, this mattress comes with several distinctive features typically found in high-end bedding. Read on to know everything about WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Reviews, Models, Features, Specs and more.

You will find many positive WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Reviews online. Most users say these mattresses are well constructed with good durable materials. You get the best sleep quality and strong support. The temperature also feels great. Additionally, some users experienced no backache and no pain on pressure points. Few users can’t even feel their sleeping partner movements. Sleep and comfort have been excellent on WinkBeds, but some found it too firm. Some couple feedbacks are mixed related to mattress firmness. One partner sleeps comfortably while the other finds it too firm and wakes up in pain. Thus, the comfort level from the firmness of the bed largely depends on the individual.

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Best Mattress Models from WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

The WinkBed comes in three firmness options – Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm as well as a Plus option for heavy sleepers

The soft WinkBed is designed for sleepers who prefer a deeper sink. It uses a more flexible coil system and the extra layer of foam in the sleep surface for added body contour.

The medium/ luxury firm WinkBed is like a luxury hotel mattress that is the most universally comfortable and most popular model. It offers the perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support.

The firm WinkBed includes the same pressure-relieving foam as the luxury firm WinkBed but with a firmer, zoned coil unit for added support. It makes it ideal for people who prefer extra help in the hips or midsection.

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The Plus WinkBed features a comfort layer with a proprietary hypersoft and gel foam blend for cooling and a latex layer for responsiveness and bounce. Its triple-zone pocketed coil system offers deep support through the hips and midsection, and high-density foams ensure durability.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

WinkBeds comes with a 10-Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty. The warranty covers the manufacturing defects, and they will replace or repair it. This includes all parts of the mattress, and there’s no deductible.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress BBB Business Profile: It is not a BBB Accredited business.

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Buy WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

The best place to buy Winkbeds Mattresses online is from their official website for benefits like free shipping, WinkBeds mattress Coupon codes, sign up to save $50 on your order and many more. However, WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress in Amazon also available at best prices.

Independent Reviews On WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

  • William says the mattress is of very high-quality construction and is extremely comfortable. He is a side sleeper and has shoulder pressure issues. This mattress is a little too firm for him, so he added a 3-inch foam topper which worked great.
  • Beth bought a Firm WinkBed mattress and loved it. He is sleeping for about a month now and has by far exceeded his expectations. Beth enjoys the firmness, and so far it is not sinking on the edges. He highly recommends this bed to anyone that has back problems.
  • Joe’s wife loves his luxury firm WinkBed but is slightly too firm for him. He says it is very well-made, but for a pretty big guy like him, it is too firm, making sleep uncomfortable. His wife who weighs much less seems quite content and comfortable. He says the motion is extremely isolated. However, this king size bed weighs a ton and is extremely difficult to lift and rotate.

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Bad reviews of WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

Some WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Complaints are related to firmness, heavyweight and backache. One customer complains that the mattress hurt his back, so he moved it to a guest room. But when his cousin visited them and tried the bed, he loved it. Some people find it difficult to move because of its heavy weight. The choice of the firmness very much depends on the individual body weight and sleeping posture. So, check WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Models carefully and then select the best that matches your preferences.

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How is WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Made

This five-layered hybrid spring/foam construction design has the following layers –

  • The top two designer contouring comfort foams 2” layer– The top is 1″ Hypersoft foam 1.5lb density 17 ILD to optimize pressure relief. It is more buoyant than memory foam and softer than latex. And 1″ Premium stabilizing gel foam 1.5lb density 17 ILD that absorbs most motion transfer and contours to your body so you can sleep perfectly even with a restless partner. It also evenly distributes weight and directs heat away from the body.
  • 2.5″ of Pocketed Micro Airsprings Support Layer– Foam encased 2.4″ innerspring micro air-spring coil enhances airflow and buoyancy. It maximizes airflow around your body and helps evaporate moisture away, ensuring a perfect sleep temperature all night long.
  • 2″ enhanced Lumbar Support Pad Layer– Lumbar pad is made from pre-compressed densified cotton for added lower back support. It provides additional pressure relief and lumbar support while helping to reduce stress and tension across the lower back.
  • 4.5″ Tempered Pocket Coils Layer– Foam encased individually wrapped pocket coils provides maximum support and alignment. Soft on touch, firm on deep compression, this tempered steel coil base provides localized pressure point relief and push-back body support for optimal alignment of your spine and joints.
  • 4” High ILD Perimeter Edge Support layer – The edges are built using ultra-durable high-ILD foam for a sag-free sleep at every edge. This dense and quality perimeter, allows you to sit or sleep on the edge of the bed without sagging.

There is an optional CoolControl base system available for temperature customization. This exclusive base for WinkBeds enables you to adjust the temperature of each side of your mattress throughout the night.

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Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

Size, Dimensions, Weight, & Price Of the WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

Twin14.5″ x 38″ x 75″58 lbs$749.00
Twin XL14.5″ x 38″ x 80″60 lbs$849.00
Full14.5″ x 54″ x 75″70 lbs$999.00
Queen14.5″ x 60″ x 80″79 lbs$1,299.00
King14.5″ x 76″ x 80″93 lbs$1,499.00
California King 14.5″ x 72″ x 84″93 lbs$1,549.00

Adjustable base For WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

This bed uses high ILD foam edge supports which allow the mattress to flex and be compatible with any adjustable base.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Cover

Its cover is made with Tencel and stretchable botanical-based fabric. It is softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton, providing a cool and dry sleep. It naturally wicks moisture to the outside. Tencel is extremely eco-friendly and sustainable and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Frames & Foundation

It is a heavy mattress, and so a very sturdy and strong frame/ foundation is recommended. If you plan to use your old box spring/ foundation ensure it is in an excellent condition, i.e., sturdy, no sagging and has a smooth and even surface.

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WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Return Policy

This product comes with 101 Nights Sleep Free Trial. Sleep on your mattress for 101 nights, and if you don’t love it, you can exchange it for a softer or firmer version, or return it for a full refund. Contact the company, and they will arrange a pickup, for free. They charge no restocking fees and no extra charges to process a return. However, they have set a limit to sleep on the new mattress for at least 30 nights before you make a decision. Please note delivery fee for white glove service and removal of your old mattress are non-refundable.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The company offers free ground shipping within the continental United States. All orders are built-to-order and depending on your location; you can expect to receive your new bed between 7 and 14 business days after placing an order. White glove service and old mattress removal delivery options are also available at additional charges.

Is WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

There are mixed feedback related to Back Pain issues –

Robin is sleeping on his luxury firm mattress for a little over a month and feels amazingly comfortable. He says this luxury firm bed has the right amount of support while still being delightfully cloud-like. He had suffered from hip and lower back pain for over a year and said this bed is better than any medication.

Zach says his luxury firm mattress is comfortable, but his back has been hurting since he got it. His wife loves it, and he is trying to adjust. Overall, he thinks it is more of an issue with him than the bed.

Are WinkBeds Hybrid Mattresses Any Good

WinkBeds Mattresses are good for the earth, suitable for all. All foam they use is CertiPUR-certified, which means it’s made without any ozone-depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead or any other material that sounds harmful. Also, all materials are durable and sourced from top US Suppliers. Plus, American workers proudly build every WinkBed in Watertown, Wisconsin factory in The United States of America.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Firmness Analysis

This mattress is available in three firmness options. The Soft WinkBed rates 4.5 on a firmness scale where ten is firmest which is best for side-sleeper or people who often sleep on back. The Luxury Firm WinkBed (most popular model) rates at 6.5 and is perfect for couples. The Firm model rates at 7.5 and is apt for people looking to maximize the support in the midsection/lumbar area. The Plus WinkBeds model is for heavy sleeper and works excellent for people weighing over 300 lbs.

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WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Sleeps Cool

It is designed with an ultra-soft Tencel cover and a Micro Air-Springs core that maximizes airflow and naturally helps wick and evaporate moisture, engineered to provide coolness, comfort, and breathability.

The WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress is available exclusively online. However, recently, you can try this mattress at the Sleep Sherpa Showroom, located in the Twin Cities Metro Area at 7301 Washington Ave S. Edina, MN 55439.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

This mattress is proudly built in Wisconsin factory in The United States of America.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Contact No – 1-855-WINKBED or

Email –

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress in Stores

WinkBeds premier hybrid mattress is sold exclusively online. If you wish to try the WinkBeds in a physical location, then check in to the Sleep Sherpa Showroom in Minnesota.

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress Safety & Certifications

WinkBeds Hybrid Mattresses are eco-friendly and made using latex/allergen-free materials. Also, all mattresses use a fire barrier that is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and wood pulp (rayon). Also, it uses extremely eco-friendly and sustainable Tencel cover on the mattress. Moreover, all of the foam in these beds is CertiPUR-US certified. This means it contains no ozone-depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s also low in volatile organic compound emissions, at less than 0.5 parts per million. Thus, it is non-toxic and safe for both you and the environment.

Maintenance On WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

The only recommended method to clean your mattress is vacuuming. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum every couple of weeks to remove dust and dander build up on the bed.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress tends to off-gas much less than other foam mattresses. You can expect slight off-gassing odors from the new WinkBed; however, the smell will dissipate within a few days.

Motion Transfer on a WinkBeds Hybrid Mattress

Its multiple foam and pocket coils layers help to isolate motion transfer to a larger extent than other innerspring and hybrids beds in the market. Also, it includes an edge support casing design that provides strong edge support without giving the falling off the edge feel to the sleeper.

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WinkBeds hybrid mattress is available to buy online only. This mattress with 14.5 inches thickness, high-quality construction from American sourced materials and various firmness options is best at the excellent price point. With 101-night sleep trial, 10-year full-replacement warranty, and guaranteed firmness, this highly-durable comfortable mattress with the strong support system is an excellent choice for anyone.

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