Voila Mattress

Free 100 night trial
10 year warranty
Perfect hybrid mattress
8 layers including cover
Excellent reviews

Are you looking for a hybrid mattress with many possible layers? Then how about checking with Voila luxurious feeling bed.

Voila is a simple, premium quality mattress specially designed to aid pressure relieving benefits to your body. Voila hybrid mattress features an innovative technology coil system that quickly adapts to the weight of the person laying on it. Overall, the bed is comfortable for a large variety of people as it offers the right level of responsiveness, comfort, and bounce.

Voila Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Voila excellent Hybrid Mattress is one of the best options for people who prefer a smooth top. It’s a high-quality mattress featuring quality fabrics that helps the mattress breathe and latex that gives a wonderful bounce. Besides, the addition of Voila’s five-zone pocket coil innovative technology adapts you to your body weight, making your spine erect. Overall, the mattress has been rated with 4.65 stars out of 5. Further, check into the independent reviews on Voila mattress, mentioned at their site.

    This is a wonderful firm mattress that we have recently purchased. I must say I was skeptical before getting a mattress in a box. But now, I love it! It is extremely comfortable and helps in lowering my back pain.


    Superb… I bought two twin sized beds for my teenage daughters. They are delighted with the quality offered by these mattresses. However, the delivery was prompt, unpackaging was easy and there was no fuss at all. Thus, I highly recommend this one.


    Very comfortable. I returned my first mattress from another dealer. But love this very much.


    Amazing bed I have ever purchased in my life. It is great as it offers the right firmness and I never get stuck up in between.


    The bed is fine and more firm than my expectations


    Excellent mattress! It arrived on time.


    I love this hybrid mattress a lot.


    Best Mattress Models from Voila

    This Voila Mattress comes in 3 firmness options namely – Plush, Medium and Firm
    Amongst this, the medium is good for the majority of sleepers, and it serves best for all sleeping positions. Plusher is best suited for lightweight individuals. While firmer option works best for people, who carry a lot of weight or persons who sleep on their stomachs.

    Coupons Codes & Discounts For Voila Mattress

    No significant details are listed on the coupon and discount offers of Voila Mattress. But, still, you can look into some interesting deals like 10% sitewide off and 50% off on all their mattress products.

    Voila Hybrid Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

    Size Price
    Twin $699
    Twin XL $799
    Full $999
    Queen $1,199
    King $1,499
    Cali King $1,499

    Voila Mattress Specifications

    • Good for individuals who love to sleep cool – These foam mattresses can help you sleep warm. Equally, the design and the pocketed coil underneath disperses heat more efficiently, and you will not experience excessive amounts of heat at all.
    • Works for the heavier sleeper – When it comes to 10” mattress, this Voila serves as a good option for heavier sleepers. It has better deep support and spring (in comparison to the foam core mattresses). However, the bed works great for all body weights and body types.
    • Offers body conformance – Voila maintains a good bounce which makes it great to adjust to every position and you won’t feel stuck like other options.
    • Good edge support – Voila offers sturdier edge support than other foam options, making it good for sitting on the edge.

    Voila Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

    The trial period, guarantee – Voila Mattress offers a 100 nights trial period on all their beds. However, the company recommends you try this mattress for at least 30 nights to know the support, comfort and excellent positioning offered by Voila.

    Warranty – When it comes to warranty, Voila comes with a 10-year limited warranty on all their beds. But the warranty doesn’t cover the bedding used in hotels or institutions, unsanitary, stained or soiled surfaces.

    Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Voila Mattress

    Size Dimensions (inches)
    Twin 38.5” x 74.5” x 11”
    Twin XL 38.5” x 79.5” x 11”
    Queen 59.5” x 79.5” x 11”
    Full 53.5” x 74.5” x 11”
    King 75.5” x 79.5” x 11”
    Cali King 71.5” x 83.5” x 11”

    Voila Mattress

    Free 100 night trial
    10 year warranty
    Perfect hybrid mattress
    8 layers including cover
    Excellent reviews


    Bad reviews of Voila Mattress

    So far, there are no bad reviews stated for this Voila mattress. Overall, the bed is soft to touch with a top layer of memory foam, and you will feel careful with the top layer of foam, latex, and coils.

    Voila Mattress Return Policy

    Voila Mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial on their hybrid mattresses. Initially, the company offers 30 nights returns policy on them with a full product refund. Thus, you can return them, in case if you are unsatisfied with its usage.

    Voila Mattress Shipping & Delivery

    Voila box mattress is compressed and shipped to customers in all the 50 states. But currently, international deliveries are not available with them — equally, Voila mattress ship from the factory within 1 to 2 business days. They won’t charge for the standard delivery to the lower 48 states. While deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii involves shipping charges based on the shipping address. Further, you may refer their site for more info on shipping and delivery.

    Voila Mattress Setup & Installation

    The installation process is quite easy. Thus, for setup and installation process you may refer the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0WNbzD7HDk listing detailed procedures on everything.

    Voila Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

    So far there are no complaints reported as the mattress is good featuring improved cooling and solid built quality.

    Voila Mattress BBB Business Profile

    So far based on the data collection, there is overall customer satisfaction reported for this mattress. But Voila has not earned any rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Voila Mattress Scam

    Not at all! The Voila owners are not a scam. All their beds are simple and attractive featuring the use of Voila technology. So, you don’t worry as the innovative technology, and high-quality performance offers the right amount of comfort and convenience to the sleepers.

    Are an excellent in Voila Mattress a Possibility

    Quite hard to describe! As bed bugs are a possibility in most of the mattresses. Thus, it’s better you find some effective treatments to overcome them.

    Is Voila Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

    Yes, Voila mattress made of memory foam and pocketed coils is an excellent choice for the back sleepers. However, it offers the right amount of pressure relief to the users by giving a good night’s sleep.

    Is Voila Mattress Non-Toxic

    This Voila hybrid, Voila Box Mattress is CertiPUR US certified. Thus, it doesn’t involve the use of any artificial toxic substances or harmful chemicals.

    How is Voila Mattress Made

    Voila hybrid mattress is made of different layers, consisting of the following materials namely:

    Gel infused memory foam – This is the topmost layer which adds a cooling comfort and pressure relief your beds.

    Talalay latex and foam layers – Supplies additional comfort underneath the memory foam.

    Pocketed coils – Comes in a 5 zone layout to aid sleepers gradient support where they need it the most. Altogether, there are 768 coils in each mattress. By wrapping each coil individually, they offer enhanced motion isolation and great contouring support.

    Edge support – Features three layers of foam, which maximizes the beds usable surface area.

    Adjustable base For Voila Mattress

    This Voila hybrid mattress doesn’t work on the adjustable base. But still, if you are not satisfied with this particular info then better refer the manufacturer’s website for in-depth analysis.

    Mattress Pads by Voila Mattress

    Yes, a quality mattress protector is needed to increase the durability of your bed. However, it’s a significant investment if kids and pets are using these beds. But currently, the Voila mattress website doesn’t sell any mattress pads. Hence, it’s best you check with other online destinations or third-party dealers.

    Voila Mattress Cover

    Voila hybrid mattress features a polyester cover. Besides, this cover can be zipped entirely off, and it is thin with aerated side panels. Equally, the zip off feature of the cover makes it easy to ventilate the mattress. But, you cannot wash it by yourself.

    Voila Mattress Bedding Accessories

    Voila mattress features no other bedding accessories, except their top quality mattresses. They help with pressure relief and thus is considered best for the side, back and stomach sleepers.

    Voila Mattress Firmness Analysis

    This Voila hybrid mattress comes in different firmness options – 10” firm mattress, 11” firm mattress, and 12” firm, plush bed.

    • Voila Firm – Arrives in 7/10 on the firmness scale.
    • Medium – Comes in 6/10 on the firmness scale.
    • Voila Plush – This is the firmest and is ranked 5/10 on the firmness scale.

    Voila Mattress Frames & Foundation

    Yes, Voila mattress works best on the flatbed frames, box springs, slats, frames and even on the floor. However, there is no requirement for any mattress foundation particularly.

    The Voila Mattress Blog

    For Voila mattress blogs you can refer the link https://voilabox.com/blog/. Here, you will find many interesting blogs on specific mattresses for better sleep patterns and much more.

    The Voila Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

    Well, no specific details are listed on the showroom, factory location, and headquarters of Voila mattress. Thus, it’s better you check to refer other websites.

    Voila Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

    Well, Voila mattress is not available in the local stores or with the third party dealers. Hence, the best option is you refer the seller’s website and buy them cheap.

    Voila Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

    For all your doubts and queries relating to this mattress, you can call them at 844.864.5200 or send an email at info@voilabox.com. Their working hours are listed on their site. Simply refer their website!

    Black Friday Deals & Sales on Voila Mattress

    Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday mattress sales helps you gain huge discounts on the Voila hybrid, box mattress. But, at present, there are no Black Friday deals listed at their site.

    Voila Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

    The delivery policy of Voila is 1 to 2 business days. On average, the buyers receive their mattress within 3 to 5 business days on placing the order. However, the customers receive a confirmation email (along with tracking number) when the mattress ships from the company.

    Voila Mattress Financing

    Well, the company doesn’t offer any financing on their Voila mattress. Hence, the best option if you check other sites for everything.

    Voila Mattress in Stores

    Voila mattress is not available offline. Hence, it is best you check them on the manufacturer’s website.

    Voila Mattress Safety & Certifications

    No worries! as this is the best mattress which meets the CertiPUR US standards and is certified well by the organization.

    Maintenance On Voila Mattress

    Caring this mattress is quite easy. Not that hard as you believe. There is no requirement of any particular instrument for its setup. However, it is recommended you rotate the mattress for safety purpose. Also, it is suggested not to apply any stain guard on your bed as it can turn them yellow.

    Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Voila Mattress

    Well, you will notice a minimal off-gassing while unboxing the mattress. But, it will leave within 12 hours (once you unroll, and allow them to take the shape of the bed).

    Motion Transfer on a Voila Mattress

    Yes, Voila mattress keeps motion transfer down. The individually wrapped coils and underneath several inches of quality foams absorb vibrations and make it best for minimal motion transfer.

    Sagging Problems in Voila Mattress

    If we speak regarding sagging troubles – It heavily relies on the sleeper’s weight. However, the plush model is softer than the firm ones as it causes more sinkage for individuals with heavier weight.

    Voila Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

    For this, you may check their video ads and promos available online. Just refer the given links – stating unboxing and reviews on Voila hybrid mattress.

    The Voila Mattress Giveaway

    With Voila mattress giveaway offers you could be a winner and get a Twin, Twin XL, King or California King mattress of your choice. So, in case if you win, the giveaway sponsors may contact you directly via an email. But currently, there is no giveaway offer listed on their site. Still, you never get disappointed and keep checking their website for more eye-catching offers.

    The Voila Mattress Lawsuit

    Well, there is no legal files or complaints charged for this Voila mattress. Overall, the mattress is greatly constructed with pocketed coils, stretch polyester tops and mesh side panels.


    In conclusion, this mattress can be a good fit for the right persons. It comes in a unique design and aims to give you the best of latex, memory, and springs. So why wait? Order them if you wish a comfortable, night’s sleep.