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Losing sleep? Yes, sleep disorders affect a massive number of individuals as they come in all varieties. Physical and hereditary issues cause some of them, others by poor mattress quality performance. So, it’s best you try getting a new mattress to overcome your bad sleeping habits. Time Living Beds are superb quality beds, made by a leading online supplier. Equally, this Time Living Beds has a fast building reputation, and they offer an excellent price for the paid money. Further, check on the highlights of these mattresses, read out Time Living Beds reviews, and other related info stated. Keep on reading here to know more.

Time Living Beds User Reviews & Ratings

This is a top quality bed featuring excellent reviews, both regarding quality and appearance. Users who have used this product have stated – the bed is quite comfortable to assemble and good in every term of money paid.

Best Mattress Models from Time Living Beds

  • Time Living Atlanta Fabric Bed
  • Time Living Braunston Fabric Bed

Time Living Edburgh Fabric Bed

Time Living Beds Sizes 

Time Living Mattresses are available in small double, double and king sized beds. All are affordable and offers the best comfort as promised. Visit their official website to check more on them.

Time Living Beds Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Trial Period – Mattress Online offers a 14 days money back challenge on these beds. So, you can return them anytime in case you are not happy with the quality ensured by these beds.

Guarantee and Warranty period – These beds come with a 2-year manufacturing warranty. Thus, it’s possible to repair them at the earliest if any damage happens to your beds.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Time Living Beds

Mattress Online offers 50 to 70% off on double mattresses, 50% off on pocket sprung beds and 60 to 70% off on all the mattress sale items. Besides, you can also login with your personalized email id at their site for more info on upcoming deals and top-selling offers. So, hurry! Never miss them off.

Independent Reviews On Time Living Beds

  • John says “The bed looks wonderful and expensive for my bedroom. Must buy! You will love its quality.”
  • Joyce says “Good quality materials are used in its design, and it’s very cheap.”
  • Barbara says “Nice product, worth every penny spend for a deep sleep experience.”
  • Debra says “Lovely, stylish beds I have ever purchased.”
  • Carla says “Love it a lot…”

Time Living Atlanta Fabric Bed

  • This is a beautiful fabric drawer bed that’s convenient to use for everyone. It features a contemporary design upholstered in a choice of elegant grey or subtle sand (altogether complete with its low foot end).
  • Equally, it offers an efficient way to store the unwanted clutter which in turn widens the space of your bedroom.
  • Also, it features a sprung slatted base that creates an excellent platform for support, comfort, and relaxation.

Time Living Edburgh Fabric Bed

  • This is a stylish, sophisticated mattress that brings an elegant touch to your bedroom.
  • It is upholstered in a luxuriously soft fabric featuring neutral sand or eye-catching chic grey finish.
  • The sprung slatted base offers enhanced comfort for a gentle sleep. So, altogether with the solid wooden contrasting corner feet, stylish foot end and headboard you can enjoy the supreme comfort that you have always wished for.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Time Living Beds

Time Living Atlanta Fabric Bed


  • Length – 210cm
  • Width – 145cm
  • Height (Head) – 113cm
  • Height (Foot) – 35cm


  • Length – 218cm
  • Width – 160.5cm
  • Height (Head) – 113cm
  • Height (Foot) – 35cm

Time Living Braunston Fabric Bed

Small Double

  • Length – 213cm
  • Width – 137cm
  • Height (Head) – 97.5cm
  • Height (Foot) – 32cm


  • Length – 213m
  • Width – 152cm
  • Height (Head) – 97.5cm
  • Height (Foot) – 32cm


  • Length – 223cm
  • Width – 163cm
  • Height (Head) – 97.5cm
  • Height (Foot) – 32cm

Time Living Edburg Fabric Bed

Small Double

  • Length – 226cm
  • Width – 136cm
  • Height (Head) – 99cm
  • Height (Foot) – 31cm


  • Length – 226cm
  • Width – 151cm
  • Height (Head) – 99cm
  • Height (Foot) – 31cm


  • Length – 236cm
  • Width – 166cm
  • Height (Head) – 99cm
  • Height (Foot) – 31cm

Bad reviews of Time Living Beds

Until now there are no bad responses or negative user complaints stated for these beds. Altogether it’s great and best suited for every individual’s comfort.

Time Living Beds Comparison

There are no significant details available on these Time living Beds or brands sharing similar features to these mattresses.

Time Living Beds Return Policy

This Mattress Online UK manufacturer offers a 14-day return policy on all their items. Hence, you can return them at the earliest, if you are unsatisfied with these beds.

Time Living Beds Shipping & Delivery

These beds offer a next day delivery option to the users (that too free of cost). But, if you wish to have their two-person delivery system, then the company charges an extra amount of +£19.99. Besides, it can also delay your delivery by ten days.

Time Living Beds Setup & Installation

For Time Living Mattress setup and installation you can refer their instruction manual available at their site. Simply check them out.

Time Living Beds Complaints & Consumer Reports

So, far there are no terrible comments stated for these mattresses. Thus, you may use these durable, comfortable beds without any major worries.

Time Living Beds BBB Business Profile

Hard to say. This Time Living Mattress is not BBB accredited. Still, you will find only positive reviews mentioned for these beds.

Time Living Beds Scam

No, these Time Living Mattress is not a scam. It is designed by a leading wholesale or trade suppliers, who are highly committed to making high standard beds to the customers focusing on the long-term relationships.

Are Bedbugs in Time Living Beds a Possibility

Well, BedBugs appearance is common in these mattresses (though the manufacturer claims it is Bed bug-free. So, it would be better you check for some preventive measures to kill this bed bug habitat and their eggs.

Is Time Living Beds Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, this mattress is perfect for backache troubles. It is built using high standard materials that help one sleep without any pain or stiffness.

Is Time Living Beds Non-Toxic

Overall, this mattress is safe, made without any addition of harmful petrochemicals, pieces of vinyl, plastics or any flame retardant components.

Mattress Pads by Time Living Beds

You can get a mattress pad for your bed as it offers an extra layer of comfort and support to everyone. Further, refer the site and check for the best quality mattress available at their site.

Time Living Beds Cover/Topper

Mattress toppers is an upgraded version of the mattress pad, specially designed to offer more comfort to the sleepers. However, the site doesn’t specify much on the mattress cover. But you can check them out at the manufacturer’s website at Mattress Online UK.

Time Living Beds Bedding Accessories

Well, you will find a huge collection of mattress accessories on their official website. But they are not specific to the brand. Further, visit the site to refer every single info stated.

Time Living Beds Firmness Analysis

Yes, firmness is considered an important character when a mattress is designed. These beds lie in the firmness scale of 5 out of 7 that helps at keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

The Time Living Beds Blog

For Time Living Beds blogs you can refer the link This could help you with interesting blogs on Time Living Beds available online.

Time Living Beds Factory Location & Headquarters

This Mattress Online Showroom is located at Rotherham. Their contact address is:

The Bed Shop, Units 6-9 Alexandra Centre, Rail Mill Way, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 6JE.

Time Living Beds Customer Services Phone Number

In case of any doubts or queries on this Time Living Mattress, you can call their customer support team at 01709780881. Their working hours are from 9.30am to 5.30pm. They can help you with every single info on these mattresses.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Time Living Beds

With Black Friday Deals you can avail 50 to 70% off on these mattresses. But they are yet to arrive. So, keep checking their official website for eye-catching, exciting deals.

Time Living Beds Delivery Fee & Time

These Time Living Beds comes with next day delivery options that too free of cost. But if you wish to have their two-person delivery system, then you need to pay an extra amount of +£19.99. For more details, you can refer their site

Time Living Beds Financing

The company doesn’t provide much info on financing details. Hence, it’s best suggested you look into other sites for deeper understanding.

Time Living Beds in Stores

You cannot buy these top selling beds in the local stores in your destination. Thus, it’s highly recommended you visit the seller’s website for everything.

Time Living Beds Safety & Certifications

These beds are NBF approved, manufactured in the UK. It is made using high-quality materials meeting the standards of National Bed Federation.

Maintenance On Time Living Beds

The cleaning and maintenance of this mattress are quite comfortable. You can check for mattress maintenance and cleaning tips available at the seller’s website.

Odor & Smell in Time Living Beds

The manufacturer claims there are no terrible odors emitted out of these mattresses as it is free of harmful chemicals like TDCPP, PBDEs and other flame retardant components. Still, if you find some, then you can go for some appropriate measures to get rid of this bad mattress odor.

Motion Transfer on a Time Living Beds

These Time Living Beds produces zero motion transfer as it easily absorbs the partner’s movement effectively.

Sagging Problems in Time Living Beds

This Time Living Mattress won’t let you sink in the middle of the mattress. Still, if you are unsatisfied, then you may refer the seller’s website.

Time Living Beds Video Ads & Promo’s

There are no major details available on these Time Living Video ads and promos. Better you look up their official website for more.

The Time Living Beds Giveaway

With giveaway offers, you could win a Time Living Mattress free. But at present, the site doesn’t promote any giveaway offers to the users. Still, you keep checking their website for exciting deals.

The Time Living Beds Lawsuit

There are no legal, criminal issues filed against these beds. Overall, the mattress is excellent at offering the needed support, comfort and relaxation.


In conclusion, Time Living Beds is a soft, cushioned mattress offering a more relaxed night’s sleep to the user. So, buy them at the earliest as sleep is highly essential for your brain and body wellness.