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The Futon Shop is committed to providing the chemical-free lifestyle to their customers by designing healthy non-toxic futon mattresses. Since 1976, they are using eco-friendly ingredients, high-quality chemical-free materials and best American craftsmanship to create healthy non-toxic furniture. The Futon Shop carries Futon Mattresses, Futon Frames, Covers, Pillows, Mattresses, and other natural furniture items.

The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses are available in a variety of options such as Chemical free, Wool, Latex, Organic cotton, Inner Spring and many more. The company has a manufacturing unit in San Francisco and stores located throughout the California state. This article is all about some of the Best Selling Futon Mattresses from the Futon Shop. Keep reading to know The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses Reviews, Best Price, how Futon Mattresses are made and more.

Futon Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

The Futon Shop is into furniture business for over 40 years and has received mixed The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses Reviews online. Many of their customers appreciate that the Futon Mattresses are exactly as described. They have a nice Japanese styled futon which is made in the U.S. Most users loved the futon shop for its really fair prices and good quality products. The Organic Cotton, Wool, and Latex Futon Mattresses are available in great choices. They are firm, warm, and soft to touch. But, the mixed reviews are mainly because of the delay in shipping, poor customer service and high price for some products. On the Futon Shop has received 115 reviews and on, its Trust Score is 7.3 out of 10 from 950+ reviews.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Futon Mattresses

Typically, the Futon Shop Futon Mattresses are 8 inches thick and their dimensions and sizes are as under –

SizeDimensionsExtension Dimensions
Single32” x 75” x 8″ 
Twin39” x 75” x 8″ 
Twin XL39” x 80” x 8″ 
Full Double54” x 75” x 8″ 
Queen60” x 80” x 8″ 
Eastern King76” x 80” x 8″ 
California King72” x 84” x 8″ 
Twin Loveseat39” x 54” x 8″21″
Full Loveseat54” x 54” x 8″21″
Queen Loveseat60” x 54” x 8″26″

Best Mattress Models from Futon Mattresses

There are many green and organic Futon Mattresses Models manufactured by The Futon Shop. They have experts that will help you select the perfect design, and comfort level to best suit your personal needs. Alternatively, these mattresses are also available for customization, any sizes, and any comfort level. Here, the three best selling the Futon Shop Futon Mattresses Models are discussed –

Organic Cotton Medium Firm Mattress by The Futon Shop

These 8 inches thick Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses is for the naturalist seeking a simple and pure futon mattress. It is supremely comfortable and gives a medium firm feel. It is filled only with USDA Certified Organic cotton that will turn from soft to firm as you use it. This mattress is ideally suited for occasional use and not recommended for every night sleep. Use Organic Cotton Mattress with latex core or soy foam core for every night use. These Natural Futon Mattresses have 6-10 Years Life Expectancy and have 37-70 lbs. of firm natural support (depending on size).

Pure Comfort Organic Cotton, Wool and MicroCoils Chemical Free Futon Bed Mattress Medium Firm by The Futon Shop

The Chemical Free Pure Comfort Futon Mattress designed with 733 micro coils, natural pure virgin wool and USDA certified organic cotton provides you with superior comfort and support in any sleeping environment. It has the feel and durability of a traditional innerspring mattress. Its core has 733 Micro Coils that provides optimum support while reducing motion transfer completely. It includes no Petro-chemicals or Flame retardants. The combination of wool and organic cotton is the perfect blend of luxurious comfort. The supportive micro-coil core provides infinite pressure-relieving support for your body to wake up feeling refreshed and rested. The wool material is temperature regulating that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. While the organic cotton provides extra layers of luxurious support and comfort. This mattress is Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant. The Pure Comfort Mattress can be used on a futon frame or a traditional platform bed. It is rated medium firm and is designed for every night use as a sofa or a bed. This durable bed will last for 15-20 Years.

EcoPure 2″ Dunlop Latex & Wool Chemical Free 8 inches Medium Firm Futon Mattress

The EcoPure Latex and Wool Futon Mattress are designed for anyone looking for a supremely Comfortable and Firm mattress with Perfect Support. It is handcrafted with 100% Natural Dunlop Latex and multiple comfort layers of chemical-free virgin wool. It features a 2 Inch Core of customizable All Natural Chemical Free Dunlop Latex surrounded with Wool. Wool has temperature controlling properties and offers natural support. In addition, the mattress is encased with a Cotton Case made from organic cotton for an absolutely soft to the touch natural feel. It can be used on a futon frame or platform bed for every day sitting or sleeping.

Adjustable base For Futon Mattresses

These mattresses are not made to work on Adjustable base. Also, do not use box springs, flat wood or place them on the floor. Futon mattresses have cotton as their main ingredient and they are designed for slatted platform bed frames or futon frames or a convertible futon sofa bed frame.

Futon Mattresses Cover

A large variety of washable or non-removable, 100% cotton, Organic, Bamboo or Micro suede or Textured futon cover options is available here. For more details check

Futon Mattresses Topper

Is the comfort level of your mattress troubling you or just looking to upgrade comfort levels, The Futon Shop Mattress Toppers are a great way to reach the desired comfort level without even replacing your entire mattress. These premium mattress toppers are available in various options at a fraction of the price. It will add extra softness and pure protection for you.  Check Chemical Free Mattress Topper, Memory foam mattress topper, Natural Latex, Wool, and many more at

Futon Mattresses Bedding Accessories

With eco-friendly ingredients, the futon shop has created healthy non-toxic furniture and bedding accessories. You can buy here Mattresses, Futon Mattresses, Frames, Platform beds, Comforters, Toppers, Pillows, Chairs, Drawers, Tables and many chemical free furniture products.

Independent Reviews On Futon Mattresses

  • Nadia loves this company and their products because they are eco-friendly and have no toxic chemical smells.
  • Mitos is very pleased with the futon mattress that arrived at the expected time in a very well packaged. The cover of the futon was pretty with the brocade pattern and best fitted the futon. The futon was stuffed well with uniform firmness. He is impressed with the product and is glad to purchase it with a discount.
  • Pin says the mattress was delivered to the door and he had a hard time carrying it upstairs. This service is not acceptable to him.
  • Rick says the futon shop customer service staff is completely untrained and didn’t receive any response to his emails.

Bad reviews of Futon Mattresses

There are some The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses Complaints and Bad reviews related to the delivery, shipping, price, and smell. There are many customers who are satisfied with their products but are disappointed with the shipping and delay in delivering the product. Some customers say the product has excellent construction and workmanship but the quality of material for the price paid is not acceptable. Few customers feel that the futon shop has the greatest material, organic and comfortable products but are a bit pricey but are worth the price. Few customers also complain about the awful smell from the Futon Mattresses. Even after allowing it to air out for several days, the organic wool smell was not fading.


How is Futon Mattresses Made

All the futon shop futon mattresses have the main ingredient, cotton – medium grade cotton, staple cotton, or organic cotton. Other chemical free options like Coconut, Latex, and wool are also found inside the mattress. Depending on your comfort style there are other firms, medium and soft soy foams, springs, and individually pocketed coils that are included in these mattresses. Below are the details of what goes inside the three Futon Mattresses models discussed above –

How is Organic Cotton Mattress Made? – This mattress is made using organic cotton sourced from America. This material is naturally breathable, allowing air circulation, and is good for sensitive skin. It won’t tend to irritate the skin. Cotton is a firm fiber when used in these beds and with time and use; it can create a firm sleeping surface. Organic cotton contains no pesticides or toxic chemicals of any kind. This natural cotton adds soft and luxurious support to any Futon mattress.

How is Pure Comfort Mattress Made? – It is made using chemical free virgin wool, certified organic cotton material and individually pocketed micro coils.

  • Virgin Wool – Wool mattress breathes and dissipates the natural moisture your body produces during the night, keeping you cool and comfortable, or warm with overheating for a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition, wool promotes a dry environment for the dust-mites don’t inhabit. Wool is also hypoallergenic and naturally fire retardant. Its anti-allergenic property is best for people with allergies. Moreover, the wool in futon mattresses is bleach and lanolin-free. This naturally crimped wool offers soft yet supportive layers of comfort.
  • Organic Cotton – This American grown natural fiber is breathable, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin. Cotton is a firm fiber that will create a firm sleeping surface over time. Additionally, organic cotton is pesticides or toxic chemicals free.
  • 4” Pocketed Micro coils – The micro-coils or Pocket Springs in this mattress are pre-compressed and individually encased coils. Its individual encasement enables each spring to adjust independently to perfectly support your body in any sleeping position. Also, micro-coils are arranged in a honeycomb pattern that minimizes the space between coils, providing more support and more responsive than any other spring mattress. These individually pocketed micro coils are assembled as free-floating, non-bound layers for greater support and responsiveness. The 733 coil counts create superior flexibility and natural body contouring while dramatically reducing motion transfer for sleeping partner. Its unique part is that when the weight is applied to one area, it doesn’t feel across the mattress surface. These micro coils can bend on a futon frame or be used as a platform bed.

How is EcoPure Latex & Wool Mattress Made? – It is made using 100% pure Dunlop Latex comfort layers and virgin wool comfort layers encased in a cool cotton material.

  • Natural Pure Dunlop Latex – This material conforms moderately to your body. This open cell latex foam is hypoallergenic. It allows airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while adding just the right amount of bounce and support. Natural PureDunlop latex helps maintain consistent weight distribution when one partner weighs more than you. It provides superb pressure relief to all areas of your body. The Dunlop latex foam has a natural bounce that compresses and then immediately spring back into its original shape. This creates a soft yet supportive mattress surface that may last for 20 plus years. Moreover, the latex foam is impermeable to dust mites.
  • Virgin Wool – Wool have temperature controlling properties which can keep you cool or warm. It is a breathable material that dissipates the natural moisture your body produces during the night. This keeps the sleep surface dry, inhibiting the growth of dust mites. It is a natural fire retardant and also hypoallergenic.


Futon Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses comes with 30 Day Comfort Guarantee. They want each of your family members to experience their products, so they have guaranteed your comfort for 30 days. However, used or slept on futon mattresses are non-returnable.

The Futon Shop Futon mattresses Warranty

Futon mattresses – seams, tacking & zippers come with 7 years Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Discount Prices On Futon Mattresses

Buy Futon Mattresses on sale for the best possible price. The Sale price for the Futon Mattresses models discussed above is as follows –

SizeOrganic Cotton PricePure Comfort PriceEcoPure Latex Price
Twin XL$469.98$580.98$727.98
Full Double$469.98$580.98$727.98
Eastern King$669.98$696.00$927.00
California King$669.98$696.00$927.00
Twin Loveseat$504.98$629.98$801.00
Full Loveseat$514.98$657.98$846.98
Queen Loveseat$539.98$713.98$892.00

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Futon Mattresses

Look for The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses Coupons for more savings at

Buy Futon Mattresses

The best place to buy the Futon Shop Futon Mattresses online is directly from the manufacturer – Alternatively, you can also visit a The Futon Shop store nearest your location. Currently, avail the benefit of Memorial Day sale and buy Futon Mattresses on sale from The Futon Shop.

Futon Mattresses Comparison

The Futon Shop proudly states on its website – The Futon Shop is like no other company that sells futons. Thus, there are no Brands That are Equivalent to The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses. They control, manage and are aware of all those things that go into Futon mattresses. This is because they manufacture all of the 33 green and organic futon mattresses locally in San Francisco. Unlike other companies, all The Futon Shop products are Fair Trade Certified.

Futon Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

For safe shipping, your mattress will come in compression packaging and reinforced structured container. Shipments generally take 10-15 business days from the date of purchase to ship. But once, the mattress has been released the average delivery time is 5-7 business days. The Futon Shop applies shipping charges for each product which ranges from $20.00 to $240. You may call 415-920-6800 and ask for a quote.

Futon Mattresses BBB Business Profile

The Futon Shop is BBB Accredited since 26/02/2009 and has Received A+ BBB rating.

Are Bed bugs in Futon Mattresses a Possibility

All the futon mattresses are tacked, so you will not be able to unzip and replace the cotton. Hence, you should maintain hygiene sleep surface area for dust mites/ Bedbugs not grows. Futon mattresses materials such as latex foam are impermeable to dust mites and discouraging to mold and mildew. Also wool promotes a dry environment, not allowing dust-mites/ Bedbugs to inhabit.

Is Futon Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

The company says there is no single futon mattress style or type that works for everyone. One mattress will help you sleep without pain and stiffness and is the best mattress for you but may not be for someone else. A good mattress is one that provides back support for the natural curves and alignment of your spine.

Is Futon Mattresses Non Toxic

The Futon Shop mission is to provide chemical-free healthy and natural furniture products to you. Hence, they have developed Chemical Free Futons made only with Pure Natural Dunlop Latex, Natural Virgin Wool, Pocket Coils Springs, Organic Cotton and other similar materials. The organic cotton in their futon mattresses is USDA Certified Organic which means it is free from harmful chemicals and GMO’s.

The foam in futon mattresses is soy-based foam and poured without fire retardants. Borax (boric acid) in a cotton futon or a cotton sock is soaked in a natural sodium solution which is used as natural fire retardants in some futon mattresses. Wool is a natural fire retardant which makes the mattress completely free of chemical fire retardants. Hence, these futon mattresses are non-toxic and safe for you and your family.

Are Futon Mattresseses Any Good

The Futon Shop is an effective leader in the creation of chemical free, green and natural furniture products. Their Futon Mattresses are of the highest standards made by best American craftsmen. They’re non-toxic, chemical free and healthy Materials are eco-friendly which is good for you and the planet. Wool, Cotton, Natural Latex, Soy-based foams and many more are good and safe resources to use.

Futon Mattresses Firmness Analysis

In general, Medium – Medium Firm futon mattresses are ideal for side sleepers. All the three futon mattress models discussed above is Medium – Medium Firm beds. These beds offer firm support yet are soft enough to conform the shoulders, hips, and knees. This firmness level is perfect for small to average sized people.

  • For a side sleeper, this Medium – Medium Firm mattresses will contour to the curves of your body, for men, woman, and children. They help relieve pressure points and keep your spine, neck, and back aligned.
  • For people with weight more than 230 lbs., a firm to extra firm mattresses are recommended which provides optimal support.
  • Stomach sleepers will need a medium to firm mattresses because they need to keep spine properly aligned where the mattress must be forgiving enough to reduce pressure on stomach and rib area. Therefore these individuals will need a mattress not to firm and not too soft.

Futon Mattresses Frames & Foundation

A large variety of futon frames and foundations are available – Wallhugger Sofa Bed Frames, Hardwood, solid wood, etc at

The Futon Mattresses Blog

You can check the latest blogs, stories, articles and other useful tips about Futon Mattresses on

The Futon Mattresses Showroom & Store Locator

The Futon Shop has 11 stores Located throughout California in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. To know the exact store location visit

Futon Mattresses Factory Location & Headquarters

All their products are manufactured at company headquarters located at 2150 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco, California, USA.

Futon Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

If you want to get in touch with The Futon Shop representative – Contact via contact us page or Live Chat or call at 1-800-44-FUTON, or contact a manager at one of their 11 California Store Locations.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Futon Mattresses

Memorial Day sale up to 65% Off on organic and chemical free futon mattresses is extended up to 4th June. Where To Buy?!!

Futon Mattresses Delivery Fee & Time

Shipping/ delivery fee is applicable on Futon Mattresses. Usually, it takes at least 10-15 business days time to deliver your product. However, if the item is in stock at any of their retail stores, it is available for Free pick up (Monday- Sunday).

Futon Mattresses Financing

The Futon Shop partnered with Affirm to provide you easy and quick financing. There are no hidden fees and rates from 0-30% APR are available.

Futon Mattresses in Stores

You can buy Futon Mattresses from The Futon Shop Stores in 11 showrooms located in California. Their stores are open 7 days a week and the expert team and manager is available during normal Pacific time business hours.

Futon Mattresses Safety & Certifications

The materials used in these mattresses have received several known certifications – USDA certified Organic Cotton, GOLS certified organic latex and Coco coir and GOTS certified organic wool and Organic Cotton Fabric. In addition, all their products are Fair Trade Certified.

Maintenance On Futon Mattresses

For maintenance of your Cotton Futon Mattresses, you need to rotate it quarterly. When a futon mattress is new, for the first 3 months, rotate it every time you change your sheets and then quarterly. Please look at the care and maintenance instructions online at

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Futon Mattresses

Based on the components and content, these mattresses may have odors. For example, American Wool sometimes has a fresh odor, because this material has not been treated with harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. Thus, the materials may contain a slight odor/smell which will dissipate over the course of a few weeks. The company recommends allowing the mattress exposure to the sun to quickly escape the smell.

Sagging Problems in Futon Mattresses

If you never sun-dried, rotated or flipped your futon mattress it can develop a sinkhole where you sleep. Hence, put the mattress in the sun for a day on each side and it will fluff back up to some usable extent.


The Futon Shop Futon Mattresses are like no other company. They are committed to offering healthy products for you and plant. Their green, chemical free and organic futon mattresses are available in several choices. With over 40 years of experience, they have specialized in manufacturing futons from locally sourced materials by best American craftsmen. Planning to buy Futon, visit today.

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