Spring King Natural Mattress

  • Individual Pocket Springs
  • Luxurious Silk
  • Pure New Wool
  • Soft Cashmere
  • 24cm Deep
  • Medium to Firm Support (4)

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We will be reviewing the best-selling Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress here. Read on to get a detailed information about this mattress and what makes it a best-seller.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Spring King Natural Mattress

The mattress comes with a thickness of 24cm deep.

Here is the dimension of the Spring King Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress.




2ft 6″ Small Single

29.5″ x 75″

75 x 190cm

3ft Single

36″ x 75″

90 x 190cm

4ft Small Double

48″ x 75″

120 x 190cm

4ft 6″ Double

54″ x 75″

135 x 190cm

5ft King Size

60″ x 78″

150 x 200cm

6ft Super King

71″ x 78″

180 x 200cm

Spring King Natural Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Spring King Natural Mattress has received 4.8 out of 5 stars. People report that the mattress offers great comfort and a solid luxurious feel.

A bit more than the traditional innerspring mattress, Spring King, Tuscany 2000 Natural mattress offers a great level of comfort. Here are few of the reviews.

  • Alan – “Does what it is supposed to do.”
  • Mark – “Good mattress – may be a little less firm than preferred.”
  • Derek – “This mattress is rated at a 4 and it is so comfortable. It is firm with loads of support. This is the best sleep I have had in years.”

Also, as per trustpilot.com, MattressNextDay has received 9.3 out of 10 stars from 8,115 users.

Independent Reviews On Spring King Natural Mattress

Two of the most influential factors, when you buy from online, are price and reviews. Here is the breakdown of the Spring King Natural Mattress.

  • The first layer is the luxurious silk that is not only lightweight but also gives you the feel of owning a luxury mattress. This is the ultimate top comfort layer provided by many mattresses.
  • Second is the woven mattress cover. It is made using breathable Damask Fabric. An allergen-free product, it keeps your skin healthy. It also has a natural crimp that allows it to retain its natural shape after being stretched up to 30%. It is also resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions in people.
  • Another layer is a rare filling of Cashmere wool that is a luxurious fiber that though defined as a wool is much finer and softer. They are individually padded to function as a comfort layer.
  • The base layer is individually pocketed springs. They are mounted in separate cotton pockets to give you individual support to each person. This offers the sleepers, especially couples individual isolation without affecting the partner.

The process is repeated on either side so that you can easily flip or rotate the mattress. That’s right. This is a turnable mattress which will help you to enhance the longevity of the mattress.

It also comes with Flag-stitched handles attached to the mattress sides to assist in turning or rotating the mattress.

That said, the Spring King Natural Mattress is available at MattressNextDay which has received excellent reviews from users. Here are few of the testimonials for MattressNextDay.

  • Lisa Jacques – “Fantastic mattress. Great delivery next day. Good tracking and polite delivery men.”
  • Ray Slack – “Can’t believe the service. I ordered before 12.00 and it was delivered next day at 8.30. Exactly what I wanted. They also removed the old mattress. Polite delivery men and informed me of ETA as well. First class.”
  • Mike Higgins – “From the moment I ordered the mattress to it being delivered, communication was simply amazing. The delivery was perfect. Highly recommended.”

Best Mattress Models from Spring King Natural Mattress

Other models available at Spring King Natural Mattress are:

  • Spring King Pocket Riviera 3000 Natural Mattress
  • Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Contract Mattress
  • Spring King Riviera 3000 Pocket Natural Contract Mattress
  • American Spring King Tuscany 2000 Pocket Natural Mattress
  • American Spring King Riviera 3000 Pocket Natural Mattress

Among the many models available at Mattress Next Day, Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress is one of the best-sellers available.

Other Features of Spring King Natural Mattress

  • Is NBF Approved product – is a member of the National Bed Federation’s Code of Practice.
  • Is manufactured in the UK
  • Is fire resistant. This mattress conforms to the BS7177:2008 standard for domestic use (low hazard) and is ideal for home use.
  • Immediate shipping available for next day delivery or any other day delivery.

Spring King Natural Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Spring King Natural Mattress is available in the following sizes.

  • Single (3 x 6’3”)
  • Small Double (4’ x 6’3”)
  • Double (4’6” x 6’3”)
  • King (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Super King (6’ x 6’6”)
  • European Double (140cm x 200cm)
  • European King Size (160cm x 200cm)
  • European Small Single (80cm x 200cm)

Spring King Natural Mattress Specifications

Here are few of the features why Spring King Natural Mattress is the best.

  • It comes with individual pocketed springs that resist motion transfer and yet offer good bouncy effect.
  • The mattress is covered using 100 cotton Italian damask with natural wool, silk, and cashmere fillings that gives you an optimum level of comfort.
  • The Tuscany 2000s natural fillings aid offer you deep and more restful nights sleep.
  • The innerspring mattress comes with air vents that allow proper air circulation. Mounted on the sides of the mattress, these vents help you to stay cool and fresh.
  • You will find turning handles on each side of the mattress. This is for easy care and brass vents that ensure that the mattress stays fresh and healthy for many years.

Spring King Natural Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Spring King Natural Mattress comes with 14-day returns i.e. trial period. If you are not happy with the mattress, simply contact the customer support for a hassle-free refund.

The company also offers a 1-year full guarantee and a full 5-year warranty. This means that your mattress is warrantied against any faulty workmanship or defective materials up to 5 years from the date of purchase. This depends on the level of warranty allotted to the product. All the mattresses come with 5-year guarantee except for the following exceptions:




2ft 6 small single / 3ft single

Less than £100

1 year

4ft Small Double / 4ft 6 double

Less than £130

1 year

5ft Kingsize

Less than £150

1 year

6ft Superking

Less than £200

1 year

If the mattress is found to be defective or faulty, then you will be entitled a percentage of the similar priced product.

Time frame


First year


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


If the product you have received is faulty and if the company cannot gauge the damage with the photograph (while claiming a refund or an exchange), the company will need to inspect and charge £30.

Discount Prices On Spring King Natural Mattress

Currently, the company is offering 70% OFF as part of Summer deals. If at all, you miss the summer deal, you can subscribe to the newsletters so that you will be informed of any forthcoming promo deals so that you can buy more at a low price.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Spring King Natural Mattress

There are many sites such as groupon that offer discount coupon codes at the best price.

Spring King Natural Mattress Return Policy

Spring King Natural Mattress offers a 14-day trial period or return policy. If you are not happy with the product, simply return within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Spring King Natural Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The company offers free shipping anywhere in the UK. For those who are looking for Premium ‘Room of Choice’ Delivery or White Glove service, you will need to pay extra £14.95 as service charge.

Spring King Natural Mattress Setup & Installation

Here are simple steps to set up Spring King Natural Mattress.

  • GET RID OF YOUR OLD MATTRESS at £39.99. Simply click on the option to “take my old mattress away”.
  • That said, you can either go for a set up by the company professional (at an extra charge) or DIY.
  • Your mattress will arrive at a well-packed box.
  • Uncover and remove the plastic.
  • Place it on the bed frame or foundation.
  • You can let it sit for 2-4 hours if you notice any faint smell.
  • Top it using mattress cover and tadaaa… your mattress is ready.
  • For best protection, secure it with a mattress protector.

Brands That are Equivalent to Spring King Natural Mattress

Spring King Natural Mattress Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress

Mattress Construction

Spring King Natural Mattress is an innerspring mattress.

  • It comes with individually wrapped comfort coils that are encased with cotton for optimum support.
  • Spring King comes with natural wool, silk and cashmere fillings that give you a great level of comfort.
  • It comes with Damask mattress cover that maintains healthy body temperature while keeping you cool and dry at summer nights.

Loom and Leaf is a complete memory foam mattress.

  • Loom and Leaf come with breathable, organic cotton covering that keep you cool.
  • It comes with a unique cooling gel that is layered into the spinal area. This promotes ultimate coolness and spinal support.
  • The top layer is 5 lbs of memory foam that is organic and does not cause any off-gassing issues.
  • Loom and Leaf also come with a dual layer of eco-friendly foam and gel-infused memory foam. This helps in a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

Comfort levels

Spring King Natural Mattress offers two levels of mattresses – medium and medium-firm. Loom and Leaf, too, provides you with two levels of comfort – firm and soft.

General Feel

Loom and Leaf is a plush mattress that definitely gives a different feel than Spring King. Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural mattress offers you the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress. It does offer decent levels of comfort but then if you need a mattress specifically to support your spine, it may not be the best. Reviews say that though the mattress says medium-firm, it is actually a bit on the softer side. As a result, it may not offer the greatest of support.

Loom and Leaf, on the other side, offers you complete memory foam mattress with different supportive layers. The cooling gels keep you comfortable. However, the bulk 5 lbs memory foam that comes with various layers makes it difficult to move the mattress. Loom and Leaf is definitely a good product that offers different comfort levels that are spine-friendly.


Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress is not flippable. You can rotate it though.

Spring King Natural Mattresses are flippable as well as turnable which will ensure the longevity of your mattress in the years to come.

Sizes available

Loom and Leaf offer standard sizes such as King, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, and Queen.

Spring King Natural Mattress is available in different sizes –Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King, European Double, European King Size, and European Small Single.


Loom and Leaf mattress is definitely expensive being a sister brand of Saatva and falls at $999. They offer free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Spring King Natural Mattress is a cheap innerspring mattress that falls below £200. (When you convert them, it comes to around $250 US dollars) which is still cheap and worthy. That said, cheap doesn’t mean bad. Brands such as Spring King Natural Mattress offer you decent quality mattress at an economical rate that also gives good durability. Spring King Natural Mattress too is eligible for free shipping.

Are Spring King Natural Mattresses Any Good

For those who are looking for a traditional innerspring mattress at a low price without any compromise on quality, Spring King Natural Mattress is the best bet. It offers you the right amount of compression that delivers personal isolation. As a result, you won’t be disturbed even if your partner tosses and turns.

You will also find variations in the sizes than usually available at many brands such as Saatva or Casper. Another thing to note is the price that is way better other mattress brands online.

The company also provides a good 1-year guarantee and 5-year warranty which is pretty good in case any workmanship issues arise.

How is Spring King Natural Mattress Made

Spring King Natural Mattresses comes in three layers. The core is individually pocketed springs that are covered with cotton for optimum friction and better durability. Next is the cushioned fillings of wool and cashmere. The top layer is the Woven Damask cover. This work is repeated on the other side which makes the mattress flippable too. Another advantage of buying Spring King Natural Mattress.

Adjustable base For Spring King Natural Mattress

Spring King Natural Mattresses are adjustable and go with any bed frame. That said, the website also offers bed frames, divan beds, and adjustable bed frames at your choice.

Mattress Pads by Spring King Natural Mattress

Currently, Mattress Next Day does not offer any mattress pads.

Spring King Natural Mattress Cover

The company does not offer any replacement mattress covers currently.

Spring King Natural Mattress Topper

Choose from a wide range of Mattress Toppers for your bed. Currently, they offer only two brands – Sealy and Silentnight. Select from the mattress size and the filling – Hollowfibre, Memory Foam or DuPont Series Fibre. The price of mattress toppers ranges from £30 to £100.

Spring King Natural Mattress Bedding Accessories

Mattress Next Day offers you a wide range of accessories to choose from as a single-stop solution. Whenever you are investing in a mattress, make sure to buy the complete set of accessories so that you don’t have to run to a retail store every time.

Here are the current categories.

  • Bed Frames – Select from Leather, Wooden & Metal Beds. You can also choose the size and the types. Types of beds available are Guest Beds, Bunk Beds, Adjustable Beds, Ottoman Beds, Upholstered Beds, Contract Beds, and Clearance Beds.
  • Divan Beds – Choose the size first. You can also opt if you need storage space such as No storage, 2 drawers, 4 drawers, and Ottoman, Types available include Box Spring Divan Beds, Adjustable, Ottoman, Headboards, Contract, and Clearance Divan Beds.
  • Accessories – Pillows, Duvets, Quilts, Mattress Toppers, Mattress & Pillow Protectors, and Headboards.


Spring King Natural Mattress Firmness Analysis

As per UK standards, the Spring King Natural Mattress has been rated as 4 out of 5 where it stands for medium-firm. This is great for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface than medium. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from back pain when used on a solid base.

Spring King Natural Mattress Frames & Foundation

Spring King Natural Mattress is compatible with any bed frame and foundation. You can buy the bed frame while ordering the innerspring mattress online or buy it separately. If you have an existing bed frame in good condition, you can use it with this mattress.


Spring King Natural Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there have been no complaints as such for Spring King Natural Mattress. The only issue couple of users feel is that the mattress is a tad bit on the soft side while it is tagged “medium-firm”.

Spring King Natural Mattress BBB Business Profile

The manufacturer of this Natural Mattress is mattressnextday.co.uk. Their certified official product is Spring King. They are not registered with Better Business Bureau as BBB is available only in three regions – US, Canada, and Mexico. Mattress Tomorrow is located in the UK and is not obligated to register under BBB.

Spring King Natural Mattress Scam

Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 natural mattress is not a scam. The company (Mattress Next Day) is legit and offers you fantastic medium-firm mattress at a best price.

Are Bed bugs in Spring King Natural Mattress a Possibility

With any mattress, bed bugs are a possibility. Mattress covers and protectors are the best way to prevent bed bugs from entering the mattress and disrupting your sleep. Use quality mattress cover and protectors will lock insects so that they can’t get out to bite victims. Mattress covers & protectors also protect the mattress and guard them against allergens and spills on the bed.

Is Spring King Natural Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress is a medium-firm mattress. This is considered best when it comes to solving many issues regarding spine and neck issues. Being individually pocketed springs, they also offer support to the pressure points alleviating any pain. This reduces your back pain to a good extent.

Is Spring King Natural Mattress Non Toxic

As in the name, Spring King Natural Mattress is absolutely natural. So far, users have not reported any toxic elements or off-gassing issues. The product abides by the BS7177:2008 standard for domestic use. This indicates that the mattress is used with low flame retardants that is safe to use at home without any risk.

The Spring King Natural Mattress Blog

You can read blogs about Mattress Next Day at https://www.mattressnextday.co.uk/blog

The Spring King Natural Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Spring King Natural Mattress is available online only. You can buy it from the official website. It is not available on Amazon.

Spring King Natural Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Here are the locations of Mattress Next Day who manufactures Spring King Natural Mattresses.

Unit 11c Lakesview International Business Park,

Claremont Way,


Kent, CT3 4BF

Pin 1 – Canterbury Herne Bay

Kings Road,

Herne Bay,

Kent, CT6 5BU

Spring King Natural Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

Spring King Natural Mattresses are available online only at the official website. There are no dealers or retailers available.

Spring King Natural Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

For any queries, you can contact the Spring King Natural Mattress customer care support at 0333-0069-769. You can also contact them online via filling out the form – https://www.mattressnextday.co.uk/contact

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Spring King Natural Mattress

Currently, there are no Black Friday deals available. However, the company has a “Clearance” section where you can find many products at great discounts.

Spring King Natural Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

The company offers free shipping anywhere in the UK. They also offer “Free Next Day Delivery” if you order before 5 pm. You also have the option to choose your delivery day and have it delivered when you are at home.

Mattress Next Day also offers Premium Two Man Delivery (or White Glove service) for an additional £14.95.

You can also get rid of your old worn out mattress at an additional payment of £39.99. Make sure to check this option while ordering your new mattress.

Spring King Natural Mattress Financing

For those who are unable to pay an entire amount upfront, the company offers 0% interest-free credit. The company has joined hands with V12 Retail Finance. This no-hassle financing is available for all purchases above £500 without any deposit. However, note that there are few conditions such as –

You must be over the age of 18.

Must be a UK resident for 3 years or more

Be able to make repayments by direct debit.

Must be employed (minimum of 16 hours per week). This includes self-employment or in the permanent residence with your partner/spouse who is employed.

If you are retired or receiving a pension or registered disabled and unable to work, V12 Retail Finance will ask for proof of sufficient income.

Spring King Natural Mattress in Stores

Spring King Natural mattress is not available in stores.

Spring King Natural Mattress Safety & Certifications

Here are a few of the certifications.

  • NBF Approved Product – The manufacturer is an approved member of the National Bed Federation’s Code of Practice.
  • BS7177:2008 guidelines –British Standard guidelines state that Mattresses, Divans and Beds must be fire tested based on hazard category. Spring King Natural Mattress has passed fire tests for “Domestic Use”.

Maintenance On Spring King Natural Mattress

Here is how you can care for your Spring King Natural Mattress.

  • Always use a quality, washable mattress protector to keep the mattress healthy, clean and prolong its durability. Mattress protectors and mattress pads are not the same. Mattress protectors come with a breathable backing to keep the moisture out of the mattress. This ensures a healthy sleep environment. A mattress pad will not have this feature.
  • For the single-sided innerspring mattress, make sure to rotate the mattress regularly. If it’s a flippable mattress, you can flip it regularly.
  • Do not remove the label from your mattress. This is to identify the appropriate warranty coverage.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Spring King Natural Mattress

So far, there have been no off-gassing issues. Users claim that the mattress is fantastic and works just as promised. Unlike memory foam mattress that has off-gassing problems, this is a conventional mattress and hence works without any hassles.

Odor & Smell in Spring King Natural Mattress

When you uncover the plastic, there is a light odor but it fades away once you leave the mattress open for a couple of hours.

Motion Transfer on a Spring King Natural Mattress

Sleepers say that the Spring King Natural Mattress provides good motion isolation. Being a medium-firm mattress, it does not have a much bouncy effect. However, it resists motion transfer efficiently so that you and your partner can sleep without any disturbance.

Sagging Problems in Spring King Natural Mattress

Innerspring mattress is known to sag in the middle due to poor contour and support. However, as far as Spring King Natural Mattress is concerned, it is too early to say about mattress sagging. This is because it is relatively new in the market. However, so far consumers have only good words to say about Spring King Natural Mattress.


Spring King Pocket Tuscany 2000 Natural Mattress is a simple innerspring mattress that delivers exactly what you asked for – support and comfort. The product has been well-received with users claiming its the best they have slept on to relieve from back pain. The price is quite affordable which works well for those who are on a budget and do not want to invest more. Overall, Spring King Natural Mattress is worth a try.


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