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Recovr Mattress – Best Bed for Muscle Recovery Compared

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Recovr mattress is a hybrid mattress that uses the combination of different types of memory foam with top quality encased coils. The specialty of this mattress is that it is most suitable for people undergoing muscle recovery. The special construction method helps ease the pain and provides more support and comfort for the user. The Recovr mattress is available online from their official website

You can get the mattress at the best price from the makers’ itself. You might also get some discount coupons to get the best deal. The mattress is available in multiple sizes. The mattress price starts from $1100.

Recovr Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Recovr mattress has got wonderful reviews to say that this is a wonderful mattress. It does what the makers say that it would. The mattress is more popular among the gym goers. The general overview is that the mattress lets have quality sleep and has changed many lives.

  • Randy- “I am 50 yrs. old and I sleep better on this mattress than before. My energy levels have improved. This is the best purchase I have ever made.”
  • Jessica- “I got this mattress at a special price and 100 nights trial. I took the offer and it has turned out wonderful. It is a great mattress and I am getting huge gains at the gym. This is a real deal.”
  • Keith- “We are distant runners who suffered back and shoulder pain from foam mattresses. We bought the Recovr mattress 3 months back. We simply love the mattress. We can wake up pain-free and our recovery time has also reduced.”
  • Jarred- “The mattress is amazing for better sleep. It is wonderful to watch the mattress open. One can’t believe that that much of a mattress can fit inside the smaller box it came in. We found a similar mattress is a store nearby for nearly double of what we paid for Recovr.”
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Best Mattress Models from Recovr Mattress

Recovr mattress has only one model which is the hybrid mattress with the core support and edge protection to give full use of the mattress surface. The mattress flaunts cooling gel in the layers to keep the temperature under control.

The mattress is suitable for runners, gym goers and those who need muscle recovery. It works for weightlifters, cyclists etc. as well.

The mattress is eco-friendly with safe memory foam for the making.

Most importantly, the mattress is made in the USA. It is also incredible that the mattress is made to order so that it does not sit inside the plastic wrap for longer.

Recovr Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Recovr mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. The details of the mattress dimensions including the depth of the mattress are unavailable.

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Recovr Mattress Specifications

  • the Recovr mattress uses memory foam and spring coils. There is a total of 4 foam layers and 2 rows of ComfortCore coils inside the mattress.
  • The top layer is the Ultrahigh-density foam that eases the pressure completely. This mattress layer provides the just enough softness at the top. The same layer also has the gel infusion. This layer helps with the weight distribution and prevents cradling. The gel infusion helps with temperature regulation so that the sleeper can sleep cooler.
  • The second layer is a fusion foam that acts as a transition layer as well. This foam layer fuses the top ultrahigh-density foam with the coil system underneath.
  • The coil system contains the premium pocket-springs that has individual encasing. Each of the coils can compress individually and can support the body according to its shape and weight.
  • The unique feature of the Recovr mattress is its edge support. There are 2 rows of special spring coils called Quantum coils on the edges to maintain the shape and sustainability of the mattress.
  • At the base, there is another layer of foam- poly foam base in 1-inch thickness that makes the mattress flexible enough for use on adjustable base.


Recovr Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Recovr mattress has a comfortable 100-nights risk-free trial period offer. You can use the mattress for 100 nights before taking any decision. Even if you decide to return the mattress within this period, you will get a full refund.

There is no mention of the warranty for the Recovr mattress.

Discount Prices On Recovr Mattress

The Recovr mattress price starts from $1100 for the twin mattress and goes up to $2300 for the al King.

  • Twin $1100
  • Twin XL $1200
  • Full $1600
  • Queen $1900
  • King $2300
  • Cal King $2300
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Coupons Codes & Discounts For Recovr Mattress

There are Recovr mattress coupons and coupon codes available online. You can make use of these coupons while purchasing the mattress. These coupons can get you discounts of 25% to 50 % off on the mattress prices. The coupons are available from popular websites such as,, etc.

Recovr Mattress Return Policy

The mattress is returnable only within the 100 days from the day of delivery. The user must place a request for return by calling at 888-417-7223. The company will send someone to pick up the mattress. The refund will initiate only after the mattress return. Only one mattress per person, household or address is permissible for return.

In case the returning mattress is unopened, request for a return label so that you can simply send it back.

Recovr Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Recovr mattress arrives in a box in the compressed and rolled state that saves space and energy. The mattress has free shipping to all orders, regardless of the location. The shipping is via UPS ground services. The delivery would be a door-step delivery.

Recovr Mattress Setup & Installation

  • Remove the mattress roll from the box it arrives in.
  • Place the mattress roll at the foot of the foundation, on the floor. Open the plastic wrap around the mattress.
  • Unroll the mattress on the foundation. Adjust the mattress to fit fine over the foundation. It I easier to do so when you unroll it.
  • Carefully remove the remaining plastic wrap over the mattress and let it expand for an hour.
  • Your mattress is now ready to use.
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Is Recovr Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, the Recovr mattress is good for back pain problems as well. The pressure relief points ease the pain for those who are suffering and would avoid any future problems as well. The foam and spring coils support the healthy spinal alignment to avoid back pain issues.

Recovr Mattress Firmness Analysis

The Recovr mattress has a firm comfort level. The ultrahigh-density foam plays the key role that would give just enough softness and more of the core support for the body. This helps in easing the pressure points and relieve the pain as well.

Recovr Mattress Frames & Foundation

Recovr mattress is suitable to use with all types of foundations. It is compatible with a platform bed, box spring as well as an adjustable bed. In fact, there are adjustments in the spring coil arrangement to allow flexibility on the mattress for its use on an adjustable base.

Recovr Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Recovr mattress customer service is accessible at 888-417-7223 from 8 am to 5 pm CST on Mondays to Friday. You may also send a message with your queries to the customer care from the official website. Do add in your email id, name and contact details. They will reply within a few minutes or the next business day.

Recovr Mattress in Stores

Recovr mattress is available only online and is not found in any stores.

Recovr Mattress Safety & Certifications

The memory foam used for the Recovr mattress has CertiPUR-US certification. The certificate proves that the mattress is safe and contains n harmful chemicals or emit any of them either.

Maintenance On Recovr Mattress

Recovr mattress needs a waterproof mattress cover or a mattress pad over it to keep the mattress surface safe.

The mattress needs minimal care and maintenance. Apart from the regular change of sheets, you may rotate the mattress if you want. The edge support and special coils arranged on the head and foot area are also sustainable so that you really need not do it.

Motion Transfer on a Recovr Mattress

The use of high-density foam and firmer spring coils with individual encasing reduces the motion transfer on the Recovr mattress. The mattress is loved by couples and they have had no such issues thus far. The mattress is showing excellent motion isolation as of now.

Sagging Problems in Recovr Mattress

Recovr mattress has this special formulation of high-density memory foam and individual spring coils to avoid the sagging issues. The mattress is for the muscle recovery so must have a stronger support without any sagging problems. The construction stays true to this claim and avoids the problem altogether.

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Recovr mattress is the only performance-based mattress in hybrid form. The mattress relieves pressure and pain to allow people to recover from muscle pain and other minor health issues. The mattress is completely safe from any kind of pain-upon-waking up issues. The mattress price may not be cheaper, but it is very much within the affordable limit. The trial period gives enough pull to give it a try.

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