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Buy Priceless Pillows – Amazon Reviews, Coupon Codes

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The ideal pillow should be supportive, snuggly and soft. The Priceless Pillow has made just the pillow that has all these qualifications. Priceless Pillow is an advanced premium quality pillow that has fine fiber filling in safe materials. You can buy Priceless Pillows from the manufacturer’s official website at the best price or from Amazon. Priceless Pillows Amazon price is not displayed, but you can see it when you have chosen the product.

Priceless Pillows specifications

  • The Priceless Pillows are available in 2 sizes- standard/queen size and King size
  • There are three comfort levels available with the pillows, soft, medium, and firm.
  • The filling inside decides the comfort levels
  • There is a chart available with which you can determine what comfort level would suit your better
  • There are two layers to the pillows. The outer layer is the soft and silky quilted layer made of Tencel fibers. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. It makes the pillows breathable and safe for all.
  • The inner layer is the fine gel filing. The filling is silky, comfortable, supportive and responsive to the weight and temperature.
  • The filling inside the Priceless Pillows will not clump to form lumps inside after a while. The filling stays intact and soft for a long time
  • The quilted top provides a cushioning effect for the head and neck.
  • The Priceless Pillows are hypoallergenic an machine washable
  • It comes with a warranty and money back guarantee as well

Priceless Pillows sizes and comfort levels

There are two sizes available with the Priceless Pillows.

  • The standard or queen size pillows are 20” x 30” in width and length.
  • The king size pillows are 20” x 36” in width and length

You may select any size for your pillow and have the three different comfort levels as required. If you are confused about which comfort you need, refer to the chart provided by the makers. The chart mentions that the soft pillows are suitable for people who wear small/medium sized t-shirts! Yes, that’s right. Maybe that depends on the weight of the person. As the size of the t-shirt goes up, the comfort level also changes from medium to firm.

Priceless Pillows reviews

  • Dana- “Priceless Pillow keeps my head up and don’t let me sink into the pillow. It conforms to the head and neck very well that it gives me overall support.
  • Brenda-“This pillow is truly priceless. It helps reduce my shoulder tendinitis. This is by far the best pillow that I have used.”
  • Chris- “Priceless Pillow has changed my life! I am sleeping better and more comfortable ever since this pillow. Thank you very much. This is now my go-to pillow!”
  • Carla- “This is honestly a priceless pillow. It is truly heavenly in feel and comfortable that I want to put my head on it every evening. I am getting my best sleep ever. Thank you Priceless Pillows.”

Priceless Pillows price and discount prices

The Priceless Pillow price ranges between $99.97-119.97 for the standard and king size respectively. The manufacturer is offering a discounted rate of $59.99 for the standard/queen size and $71.99 for the king size pillow. This discount gets you 40% off on the actual price.

There is also a coupon code from the makers that gets you 50% off on the pillows when bought 2 or more at a time. Use the code SAVE50 at the checkout while you do so.

Priceless Pillows coupon codes and promo codes

There are plenty of Priceless Pillows coupons and promo codes available. These coupon codes and promo codes can get you 40-50% off the price of these pillows. You can get the coupon codes from,,,,, etc.

Priceless Pillows guarantee and warranty

30-days guarantee

Priceless Pillows comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can return the pillow within 30 days of delivery if you don’t like the pillows. You will get 100% refund minus the shipping charges. The company will process the refund within 30 days of receiving the returned product by the company. The cost for the return of the item is the customer’s responsibility.

In case, you like to have a replacement of the pillows; you can do so within the 30 days period. For that, you need to contact customer care. Again, the return of the existing pillow is the customer’s responsibility.

5-year warranty

A 5-year warranty covers the Priceless Pillows for the manufacturing defects that result in the split, crack or rip of the pillows. The warranty obligation is to have a replacement pillow for the user or get the pillow repaired. The shipping costs for the same shall be taken care of by the customer.

The user can send in the description of the defect with a photograph via email to the customer service.

Customer service phone number – Priceless Pillows

  • The customer service phone number is 925-255-9955
  • For calls regarding orders call in at 1-800-222-6200
  • The email ID is

You can also send in your queries or issues under the provided box with your name and email address.

Priceless Pillows maintenance and care

Since we spend 1/3rd of our life with the pillows, it is constantly exposed to sweat and moisture far more than the mattress would be. You need better care for the pillows for that matter.

The Priceless Pillows are machine washable so that it does not get damaged with the wash. You can machine wash the pillows in warm water in gentle cycle and use mild soap for cleansing. Use only normal spin cycle for getting water out and use tumble dry on low heat.

Do not use harsh detergents, bleach or other chemicals on the pillows. Always use a pillow cover to protect the pillows.

How safe is the Priceless Pillow?

Priceless Pillows use Tencel material for the covering. This is hypoallergenic and can resist bacterial growth. It prevents the bacterial growth on the pillow surface which usually happens as a result of sweating and other moisture exposure. This material saves from this situation that can save you further from spending time cleaning the pillows as well as energy and water. It is safe enough not to cause any allergic reactions.


There are not many pillow brands that give you different comfort level. Finding one is hard. The Priceless Pillow has three options with the comfort level to choose the right kind of pillow for your choice of sleeping position and comfort level. The 30-days money back guarantee allows you to have a replacement in case the initial comfort level is not of your taste. The reviews say that the Priceless Pillow is truly priceless in use so you could give it a go.

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

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