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Linebacker Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

This Linebacker mattress is a perfect addition to your sleep comfort, perfectly built with strength and durability. It offers three layers of comforts namely – firm, cushion firm and luxury plush. All these mattresses are built using STA cool gel and exclusive linebacker core. Besides, the company offers 89-day sleep guarantee on all their mattresses. Further, you will find many honest user reviews stated at their site. Simply have a look at some. This could help you with more detailed analysis of the mattress comfort.

Best Mattress Models from Linebacker Mattress

Best Mattress Models from Linebacker Mattress

The best mattress models from Linebacker include – Firm, Cushion Firm, Luxury Plush

Firm (Touchdown by Doug Baldwin)

One of the best mattress for individuals wishing for a firm sleeping surface. It features 1” of firm memory foam and 1” of serene memory foam offering a firm, comfortable, supportive sleeping surface to the user.

Cushion firm (Bobby Wagner edition)

Another best selling mattress to tackle all your sleep issues with the support and comfort offered by 1” of Talalay latex and 1” of serene memory foam. No other mattresses can offer such level of comfort and support like this Bobby Wagner’s edition. Thus, it’s worth at granting you a light floating experience.

Luxury Plush (Serenity by Dr. Jantz)

Also called as Dr. Jantz Serenity Mattress offers the best sleep experience to the sleeper. It is built using 2” of Plush Serene Foam and is good at offering the needed luxury and soft imaginable feel.

Linebacker Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, Linebacker mattress is available in King, Queen, California King and Twin sizes. Just refer their site for everything.

Linebacker Mattress Specifications – How is Linebacker Mattress Made?

It includes a durable blaze lime cover – Features cotton-poly blend, specially built to stretch and allow maximum airflow, in order to regulate temperature.

  • STA cool gel – This gel-infused memory foam helps at dissipating the excess body heat.
  • Serene memory foam – This mattress is temperature resistant that helps with perfect shape and support.
  • Soft Eco Flex Foam – Includes supportive, comfortable foam that conforms to your body shape.
  • Linebacker core (patent pending) – The core of each bed provides memory foam sleep system with the zoned support.
  • 360° Air Flow Vent Panel – With this, as you move in the bed air circulates through the mattress.
  • Guard Stabilizer Base – Includes a solid internal foundation which allows the Linebacker mattress to be used with a matching foundation or platform bed.
  • Internal slat design – Features exclusive design spaces hardwood slats for offering the maximum support.
  • Magnum Mercury Durablend Cover – This tear resistant cover helps in maintaining the foundation’s shape.
  • 15 year non prorated warranty – This mattress is built to last longer and provides the optimal comfort and durability.
  • Offers 89-day money back challenge to every single user.

Linebacker mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Linebacker mattress offers 15 year warranty period and 89 days money back challenge on all their mattresses. So, you can return them anytime (within this trial period) if you are unsatisfied by the support offered by Linebacker.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Linebacker mattress

Linebacker Mattress offers 10% sitewide off, including free shipping deals on all their mattresses. In addition, you will find Doug Baldwin mattress starting at $1299.99, Bobby Wagner Edition mattress from %1699.99, special offer and much more.

Independent Reviews On Linebacker Mattress

Lafon J says “It’s a wonderful bed! Now I don’t wake up in the middle of the night. Mainly because it doesn’t shake like my old mattress.”

  • Donna P says “I have tried many beds, but they weren’t right for me. Finally, I met with this bed and it is going great without any hurts.”
  • Sarah H says “The bed has really been a life-changer for me and my family.”
  • John S says “Helps me wake up refreshed every morning.”

Bad reviews of Linebacker Mattress

So far, there are no bad reviews or any complaints stated for this Linebacker Mattress. Hence, you can be assured of the quality and comfort of this mattress.

Linebacker Mattress Comparison – Brands That are Equivalent to Linebacker Mattress

Well, only limited information is available on the comparison of Linebacker mattresses with other beds. Better, you check their website for every single info.

Linebacker Mattress Return Policy

Linebacker comes with 89 days money back warranty on all their mattresses. So, in case if you are unsatisfied with its usage. Then you can return them at the earliest as possible.

Linebacker Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Well, only limited information is available on the shipping and delivery information of Linebacker mattress. However, visit the site for more info.

Linebacker Mattress Setup & Installation

Well, the installation process is quite easy of this mattress. However, you may check with their youtube videos for more interesting ideas on their setup and installation process.

Linebacker Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

There is no complaint or bad consumer reports stated against this Linebacker mattress. Hence, it’s best to buy as it offers great comfort, support, and durability to the sleepers

Linebacker mattress BBB Business Profile

Well, Linebacker mattress is not BBB accredited. But you will find only positive reviews mentioned for this top-selling mattress.

Linebacker mattress Scam

No, Linebacker mattress is not a scam. They are pioneers in designing comfortable mattress, offering long-term durability and back support.

Are Bed bugs in Linebacker Mattress a Possibility

Often hard to answer! as there could be bed bugs infestation in the mattress. Better you look into heat treatments to get rid of these bed bugs.

Is Linebacker Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, Linebacker Mattress is good for back pain troubles. Overall, the mattress is supportive, made of comfortable foam that conforms to your body shape.

Is Linebacker mattress Non Toxic

The mattress is safe designed using CertiPUR US certified foam. However, it doesn’t involve the use of any harsh chemicals or toxic substances.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Linebacker Mattress

Firm (Touchdown by Doug Baldwin) Cushion firm (Bobby Wagner edition) Luxury Plush (Serenity by Dr. Jantz)
“39 x 75” “39 x 75” “39 x 75”
“39 x 80” “38 x 80” “39 x 80”
“54 x 75” “54 x 75” “54 x 75”
“60 x 80” “60 x 80” “60 x 80”
“78 x 80” “78 x 80” “78 x 80”
“78 x 84” “78 x 84” “78 x 84”

Adjustable base For Linebacker mattress

Yes, Linebacker mattress works best with an adjustable base. This creates a more comfortable shape, flexibility, and durability to your mattress.

Mattress Pads by Linebacker mattress

You can use a mattress pad for your Linebacker mattress. It works great! Offering a fine layer of comfort and warmth between the user and the mattress. But currently, these mattress pads are not available on the seller’s website. Hence, you check with the third party dealers like Amazon or other persons.

Linebacker Mattress Cover/Topper

The cover of this mattress is attractive and functional. It features a cotton poly blend cover, beautifully designed for the needed stretch and maximum airflow. Simply check their site for everything.

Linebacker Mattress Bedding Accessories

True zero gravity adjustable bed

This true zero gravity bed helps with discomforts like sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or hiatal hernias.

It features

  • Separate head and foot adjustment.
  • One touch flat command.
  • Backlit remote buttons.
  • Variable massage intensity and speeds.
  • Various leg heights.
  • Built-in flashlight.
  • Under bed lighting and Bluetooth.
  • USB charging port.
  • Adjusts easily within the bed frame.

Pragmabed Collapsible frame

Heavy duty steel construction

This is a first foldable foundation, which works as an alternative to box springs and bed frames. It provides the needed support and functionality to protect your mattress.

Powder coated finish

Every foundation features a powder coating process for durability and support. The resulting finish resists rust, stains, and builts an inhospitable environment for mold and infestations. Equally contains no harsh chemicals, HAP or VOC.

Specially designed for compatibility

This foundation features a fresh, simple aesthetic design which makes it great (when compared to proprietary accessories).

Underbed storage

Features 13 inches of vertical clearance which offers 45 cubic feet of storage space.

Linebacker Mattress Firmness Analysis

With this Linebacker Mattress, you will not wake up with spinal stenosis or any other troubles as it offers the right level of back support and comfort to all the sleepers. Further, you may get into their site for more info on firmness analysis.

Linebacker Mattress Frames & Foundation

This Linebacker frames and foundation offers great support to your mattress and prevents them from sagging. Thus, it offers proper air circulation and keeps your bed fresh and dry every time. All you need to refer the Linebacker accessories mentioned at their website.

The Linebacker Mattress Blog

No, you will not find much info on Linebacker mattress blog. However, you may check with other blogs available online.

The Linebacker Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Only limited information is available on the showroom and store locator details on Linebacker Mattress. However, the best option is that you may call them or sent an email at for receiving all information on store locator and much more…

Linebacker Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

Well, this mattress is available online only. Thus, you cannot get it from the local stores or retailers in the nearby vicinity.

Linebacker Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Their customer support phone number is 1-888-4-SLEEP-2 (1-888-475-3372). You may contact them for all your doubts and queries related to this mattress.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Linebacker Mattress

With Black Friday deals, you can save about $200 on every purchase of Linebacker mattresses. But currently, the company doesn’t offer any black Friday deals or sale promos on their beds.

Linebacker Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Quite hard to say on delivery charges and timings as the site doesn’t provide much information on these contents.

Linebacker Mattress Financing

So far no… Linebacker mattress doesn’t offer any financing on their beds. Hence, you may refer other sites for related contents.

Linebacker Mattress Safety & Certifications

This is an eco-friendly mattress, made using CertiPUR certified foams. It is free of allergens, harmful chemicals and all kinds of toxins.

Maintenance On Linebacker Mattress

Linebacker mattress is quite easy to maintain. But, unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer much information on the cleaning and maintenance of these Linebacker beds.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to ((PRODUCT NAME))

All new mattress will produce a slight smell when you unseal the package. But, don’t worry as it will leave the mattress at the earliest. But, still, if you couldn’t find any effective results – just place the mattress in a porch or outdoors. Ventilation to your memory foam mattress will remove VOC in your mattress to a greater extent.

Motion Transfer on a Linebacker Mattress

Many mattresses can lighten your sleep, making you or your partner awake (every time at night). But, this is not the case with Linebacker mattress. However, it is excellent in terms of motion transfer and won’t lighten your sleep even after continuous rolling or reposition.

Sagging Problems in Linebacker Mattress

Nothing to worry on the sagging or trapping issue of this mattress. But, still, you turn your mattress every time or give a regular check to prevent sagging in the top of the mattress.

Linebacker Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For videos and promos on Linebacker mattress, you may refer the link, listing every single info on Linebacker Mattress Bobby Wagner Doug Baldwin.

The Linebacker Mattress Giveaway

With giveaway offer, you can win a free mattress every time. But, currently, the company doesn’t offer any giveaway offer on their beds. Thus, better you refer the site for everything.

The Linebacker Mattress Lawsuit

There are no legal issues filed against this mattress. They are made of certified foams aiding high support and comfort to the sleepers.


In conclusion, Linebacker is an excellent innovative mattress designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support in all walks of life. Buy them for an amazing sleep experience!