Buy Imagine Mattress On Sale For the Best price!

The Imagine Mattress from Apt2B is a hybrid mattress that does not cost too high for the comfort and support. With the ideal design having gel memory foam and transition layer for the extra comfort, this mattress makes a good impression on the user. With 3 choices for the comfort level and a good period of trial offer, Imagine Mattress is determined to win hearts.

The Imagine Mattress is available for purchase at the Apt2B official website. Currently, there is a sale going on where you can get this mattress at a lower price with a discount of $120-200 on them.

Best Mattress Models from Imagine Mattress

There is only one model for the Imagine Mattress with 3 comfort choices. The basic construction of the mattress is the same.

  • The mattresses have a comfortable and breathable mattress cover made of a stretchable fabric. The mattress cover can wick the moisture away so the night sweat does not soak the mattress. The fabric is cool and allows air circulation.
  • The first layer inside the mattress is the ventilated gel memory foam that keeps the mattress temperature lower. This allows air to pass through and dissipates the heat from the mattress. The gel layer is also body conforming to make a cradling effect without the sinking in feel.
  • The second layer is the transition layer between the gel layer and spring coils. This layer is buoyant and supportive of the upper layer and keeps the coils firmly underneath.
  • The coil system comes as the last layer of Imagine Mattress. The coils are individually wrapped and work independently for a most effective support and motion isolation.
  • There is also a thin layer of foam under the coils as a platform.
  • The 3 available comfort levels are firm, medium and plush.

Imagine Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Imagine Mattress is available in 5 different sizes- twin, full, queen, Eastern king and California King.

  • Twin- 39” x 74”
  • Full 54” x 74”
  • Queen 60” x 80”
  • Eastern King 76” x 80”
  • California king 72” x 84”

Imagine Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

The Imagine Mattress has 100- days return under the trial period. The mattress on return will have 15% restocking fee and the rest will be refunded. The return shipment is the customer’s responsibility. They can either do it themselves or request for the arrangement for an additional fee.

The mattress has a 20-year warranty. The details of the warranty are not available.

Discount Prices On Imagine Mattress

The current price of the Imagine mattress form Apt2B is,

  • Twin $478
  • Full $558
  • Queen $638
  • Eastern King $798
  • California king $798

Currently, a sale is going on where the mattress prices will reduce for a good discount. The prices are affordable and economical as it is.

There are Apt2B coupon codes and promo codes available which are usually applicable for the Imagine mattresses as well. But during the period where a sale is going on, the coupon codes are not applicable as no double discounts are applicable. You may use either the sale period or the coupon codes later sometime.

Independent Reviews On Imagine Mattress

Imagine Mattress from Apt2B reviews show that the company is dedicated to customer service. Most of the reviews commend the customer service or their prompt response and action.  The mattresses are delivered without any delay and fares well with the users. Being a fairly new entrant in the market, there are not many customer reviews to show how it fares on the durability and comfort.

The only hindrance is the lack of a smooth trial period. There is a refund with some clauses that does not get the full money back. There is also the problem with the return shipment being the customer’s responsibility. While most brands offer free return and smooth trial period, the Imagine Mattress from Apt2B needs to take a call on this.

Imagine Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Imagine Mattress has the quickest delivery among most mattress brands. The delivery is under the Express delivery category where the mattress would be on the doorstep within 1-4 days. The mattress is eligible for free in-home delivery where the mattress will reach the bedroom upon delivery.

Imagine Mattress Setup & Installation

The Imagine Mattress comes inside a box. The mattress is conveniently compressed and rolled for the ease of transportation. You can take out the mattress from the box, remove the wrap and unroll it over the desired foundation. It may take a few minutes to a few hours for the mattress to expand. The time depends on the climate and temperature.

Are Bed bugs in Imagine Mattress a Possibility

The Imagine Mattress itself is not resistant to the bed bugs as there is coil system inside. Only regular cleaning, hygiene and protection with a quality mattress protector can safeguard the Imagine Mattress from bed bugs. Only the top layers of memory foam are resistant to the bugs.

Is Imagine Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, the Imagine Mattress medium from Apt2B is the best choice for the back pain problems. The medium firmness of the mattress and the support system from the coils relieve any pressure points. The coils can move independently so that the support is to the point on the sleeping body as required.

Imagine Mattress Firmness Analysis

  • Imagine Mattress is available in 3 firmnesses- plush, medium and firm. The firm mattress would be really hard that is most suitable for back sleepers.
  • The medium mattress will have a comfort level I the mid-range, say 5-6 on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is plush and 10 is firm. This comfort level is suitable for most people.
  • The plush mattress will be softer in feel and is more suitable for the side sleepers with the ideal cushioning for their shoulders and hips.

Imagine Mattress Frames & Foundation

  • Imagine Mattress is better suited for a platform bed or box spring. Having spring coils makes it less suitable for slated beds. The box spring would be the ideal choice.
  • You may find various types of such frames and foundations from Apt2B itself. The Apt2B beds are available in varieties of with storage or without storage, with headboards or only frames, low profile or high profile etc.

Imagine Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Apt2B has a well-organized customer service department. The department works from 9 am to 5 pm PST on 7 days a week! The order support section works only from Monday to Friday.

  • The customer service phone number is (877) 825-8705.
  • Email id for product and sales-
  • Order status, warranty and delivery-
  • Marketing and press-

Imagine Mattress Financing

The Apt2B financing is useful and applicable for the Imagine Mattress. Apt2B is in collaboration with Affirm to have easy financing. The interest rates of 10-30% you can do the payment in 3, 6, or 12 months. Affirm does fulfill a credit check on you to verify the identity. If you have already used a financing option from Affirm, there is no need for such verification.

Maintenance On Imagine Mattress

  • Imagine Mattress is a single sided mattress. You cannot flip the mattress.
  • For the durability of the mattress, rotate it regularly from head to foot. You may do so once in a month during the initial period and then once in 3-6 months.
  • Using a waterproof mattress protector or cover can safe guard it from spillage, dust mites, bed bugs etc.
  • You can clean the mattress cover by vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed.

Off Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Imagine Mattress

None of the Imagine Mattress reviews mentioned any kind of off-gassing issues. The mattress is safer as there is coil system that allows better aeration to remove any lingering odor or smell inside the mattress.

Motion Transfer on an Imagine Mattress

The combination of memory foam and coil system reduces the motion transfer on the mattress. There is a transition layer in between these layers that is also effective for better motion isolation.

Sagging Problems in Imagine Mattress

The bounciness of the transition layer and the coil system prevents any kind of sagging issues on the Imagine Mattress. With regular rotation and use of ideal box spring, the sagging problem can be dealt with even before it starts.


Imagine Mattress from Apt2B is a fairly desired hybrid mattress with the attractive cool gel layer and aeration favoring coil system. There are not much information and details regarding many of the factors. The mattress information needs more clarification. With a well-appreciated customer service department and quick in-home delivery, Imagine Mattress has a real attraction. The mattresses are comfortable and supportive enough. The affordable price is also a major point in favor of this mattress. Only time and trial can say more about this brand.