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Dubslabs Versafit vs Bedphones – Sleep Headphones Review

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Do you know to listen to music before sleep is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer? Today, many people find trouble sleeping because of various reasons such as running vehicle on the street, partner snoring, tinnitus, sleep disorders, etc. Hence, listening to music to help sleep faster is a better idea. Headphones are the most logical choice here, but most models are too uncomfortable and not designed for use in bed.

Headquartered in Oregon, DubsLabs is a company that produces Bedphones specifically for sleeping and Sport Headphones, created by Eric Dubs. DubsLabs Bedphones are the thinnest and most comfortable headphones you will ever find for sleeping. DubsLabs Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones are ultra-portable and the sweatproof sport version of Bedphones Wireless. Continue reading for more details on Dubslabs Bedphones, DubsLabs Versafit, Reviews, Benefits, Specs and more.

Dubslabs Bedphones Users Review

You will find mixed Dubslabs Bedphones Reviews online. Majority of the users say this is super comfortable, just as described and easy to adjust. Also, they have excellent sound quality and are great to sleep on your side while wearing them. Many Bedphones customers have reported that this product has changed their lives. They are sleeping better now and are getting relief from noises of CPAP masks (sleep apnea), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and other sleep-related illnesses too. Some users are happy to recommend these to anyone who likes to fall asleep listening to music.

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Bad Reviews and Complaints of Dubslabs Bedphones

Most of the Dubslabs Bedphones Complaints online are related to one side always fail in a short period of use. Some users are highly disappointed with the quality for the price paid. Few customers even share bad reviews about the quality of the product worsening year after year. These customers reported that the latest version of Bedphones is less durable and one side fail to work within a few months of use.

Independent Reviews on Dubslabs Bedphones

An Amazon customer uses them at night to mask tinnitus noise, and he highly recommends them. He is a side sleeper and can’t even feel the headphones when resting which is fantastic.

Sizzle was loyal to BedPhones for the last 5+ years, but over time they’ve gotten worse and worse. He says the company is clever in producing the first few generations indestructible. But, the last two pairs he had only lasted for a few months before dying completely.

Bedphones V/s Traditional Headphones Comparison

Unlike traditional headphones, Bedphones are designed to wear them in bed comfortably. They are thinly designed to fit snuggly between your ear and your pillow. Moreover, its memory wire design can be shaped to custom fit any ear, any time. Thus, Bedphones are not only comfortable when worn, but also will stay securely on your ear during other activities.

Bedphones Benefits

  • The on-ear design gives Bedphones a much larger surface area than in-ear/earbud designs.
  • Large surface area and an incredibly thin speaker allows Bedphones to lay flat and exert minimal force against the ear.
  • Its unique memory-wire ear hooks design allows easy to bend around the ears for a perfect fit.
  • Virtually indestructible earhooks, re-bent them as many times as needed.
  • Bedphones won’t easily fall off your ears, making them great for both sleepings and as everyday headphones. 

Dubslabs Bedphones As seen on TV

America’s National Sleep Foundation recommends “calming music” as a treatment for insomnia. So, Bedphones are considered a useful tool for sleep, and the original version was featured on both The Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America.

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Dubslabs Bedphones Shipping/ Delivery

The company offers domestic as well as international shipping worldwide. They ship the product for free to all domestic USA locations while they charge a small $10 flat-rate fee for international shipping.

All orders are shipped from their fulfillment center in New Jersey within 1-2 business days. For the USA, it will take 1-5 days to arrive at your door. International shipments are usually delivered within 5-15 business days but may take up to 30 days depending on a particular country’s customs policy.

Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Return policy

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with Bedphones/Versafit for any reason, return them to the address listed below within 30 days for a full refund – DubsLabs, 1001 SW Emkay Dr, Suite 100, Bend, OR 97702. Ensure you have purchased them directly from DubsLabs and not from a reseller to avail 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Warranty

Only these products purchased directly from the manufacturer or one of their authorized retailers comes with a one-year warranty. Please note that all sellers on Amazon are unauthorized to sell DubsLabs products and you will not get the warranty assistance for these products purchased on Amazon.

Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Blogs

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Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Models

Bid goodbye to painful earbuds and go for ultra-portable and light-weight Bedphones. These are on-ear headphones designed especially for sleeping or all-day use. They feature full-range sound and an incredibly thin profile so that you can listen to your favorite music, soothing sounds, and audiobooks all day and all night long. They are available in three models

  • Bedphones Sleep Headphones Wired
  • Bedphones Sleep Headphones Wireless
  • Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones

Dubslabs Bedphones Sleep Headphones (Gen. 3.5)

These are the world’s smallest on-ear headphones with almost 15% thinner profile than original sleeping headphones. It is less than 1/4” thick and covered in soft foam. The custom 23mm full-range drivers covered in soft foam padding for all day/night comfort. Its patented on-ear design lies so flat that they practically disappear between your ears and pillow without sacrificing sound quality. Its ear hooks are made from gentle, rubber-coated memory wire, to provide infinite adjustment for a custom fit. Wear the cable in front or behind your neck and tighten with the cable slider to keep Bedphones secure all night. Battery lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge.

Bedphones come with an inline microphone with single-button remote, to take phone calls on the go and control your music without even touching your phone. These are a shorter and more ergonomic ear hook design to keep them snug against your ears. It includes a higher-quality and thicker blue TPE cable. Bedphones are the perfect travel companion. It comes with a sturdy-sided travel case to keep them safe on-the-go. And for long travels, it comes with a comfy satin eye mask.

Available in either black or blue color options. This version features enhanced sound quality and a more durable internal wiring over Gen. 3.0 for longer-lasting enjoyment. Best Price $59.95.

Product Inclusion – Bedphones, Carrying Case, Eyemask and Replacement Foams

Bedphones Sleep Headphones Wireless

Bedphones Sleep Headphones Wireless features wireless design and superior sound quality via CSR chip. Its other features are same as Bedphones Sleep Headphones Gen. 3.5 wired models. The Wireless model makes the best gift for the music-lover you know. This product is only available in black color. Best Price $99.95.

Product Inclusion – Bedphones Wireless, Carrying Pouch, Eyemask, USB Charging Cable and Replacement Foams
Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones

Dubslabs Versafit is the sweatproof sports version of Bedphones Wireless. These are ultra-portable and light-weight headphones that come with massive 13-hours of battery life and full-range sound. It comes with patented non-noise isolating and incredibly thin and flat design to fit under virtually all helmets.

It is covered in soft sweat proof silicone rubber to deliver sweet sounds of music without plugging up your ears. Their lie-flat on-ear design won’t block out ambient noise allowing you to hear that car coming up behind you.
Using infinitely-adjustable memory wire ear hooks, it wraps securely around your ear for you to use them while running, jogging, and biking or at the gym. It comes with an inline microphone with three-button remote, for you to answer phone calls and play/pause/skip and adjust the volume of your music without touching your phone. Available in covert Gray and intrepid green colors. Best Price $99.95.

Product Inclusion – Versafit Headphones, Carrying Pouch and USB Charging Cable

Versafit Wireless Sports Headphones Customer Review – Most users love them. It fits tight yet is comfortable. Versafit wireless headphones have great sound and won’t damage hearing capabilities. It stays secure while running and feels nice to not dealing with a wire. It is highly recommended for people who have a hard time with earbuds.

Dubslabs Bedphones Uses

Apart from the bed, use them for some other situations such as –

  • Bed – Bedphones are intended for the comfortable fit between your ear and your pillow.
  • Travel – It includes a convenient travel case, and won’t hurt after being worn for extended travel.
  • Meditation/Relaxation – Its light-weight and the comfortable feature will let you forget you’re even wearing them.
  • Working out – Its fits securely and won’t fall off. Also, it won’t become uncomfortable when you sweat.
  • Action sports/Bicycling – Bedphones fit under helmets, and won’t block out the sounds that will keep you aware and safe.
  • Office Environments – Listening to Bedphones at work will allow you to have a personal and comfortable music experience in office as well.

How Are Bedphones/Versafit Made?

  • Headphone cable and memory wire – PVC
  • Speaker Cover – ABS covered with a rubberized coating
  • Driver – Metal

Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Specifications

  • Driver Diameter – 23mm
  • Sensitivity – 116 dB/V ±5dB @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance – 32 Ω ±15%
  • Plug – standard 3.5mm stereo, gold-plated
  • Cable Length – 51″/130cm
  • Frequency Range – 20-20kHz

How To Wear Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit?

The best way to wear Bedphones/Versafit is to hook them on your ears, so the cable runs behind your head (down your back) instead of in front of you. Use the cable slider to tighten.

Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit Compatibility

Bedphones Wired/ Wireless and Versafit are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iPhones (iPhone 7 or later with adapter included with phone), iPods, Androids, Windows, Nokia, and virtually all other mobile phones and mp3 players with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Where to buy Dubslabs Bedphones/Versafit?

The best place to buy Dubslabs Bedphones online is directly from the manufacturer Here sign up for the newsletters to get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales first hand. Avail free shipping, one-year warranty, gift certificates and more here. Also, search for Dubslabs Bedphones coupon codes for more savings.


Does Bedphones/Versafit come in multiple sizes?

No, these headphones feature infinitely adjustable, so one size fits all.

What kind of music is excellent for Bedphones?

For bedtime, to listen to soothing music, nature sounds or binaural beats played at a low volume. The company recommends listening to Bedtime Beats, which is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Is Bedphones/Versafit good to wear while on the go?

Of course yes! These products are very light and comfortable, making them the ideal headphones for travel via plane, train or car.

Is Bedphones/Versafit good to wear while working out?

Yes. Its ear hook is made from infinitely adjustable memory wire, which you can adjust Bedphones/Versafit to fit tightly on your ears for physical activity. Please note for Bedphones; excessive sweating can cause premature wear of the replaceable foam ear pad. Versafit features a sweat-proof design.

How can I Contact the company?

You can contact them via e-mail at or fill the ‘contact us’ form on their website.

Dubslabs Bedphones/ Versafit is attractive looking, thin-profile and includes some amazing features like adjustable nature, secure fit, great sound quality and many more to buy one. 30 days return policy, one-year warranty, and reasonable price make it worth a try.

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