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Dreamzy Comfort mattress is a double-sided, organic foam mattress available at an affordable price. The unique design of this mattress uses some Bio-Ceramic fibers for cooling and blood circulation improvement. The memory foam used un he mattress is effective for posture correction and providing complete comfort for the user.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress

This Dreamzy Comfort mattress is just one model with 2 comfort levels on the same mattress. The mattress has got just 3 sizes. The price of the mattress starts at $699. This handmade mattress is orthopedic to relieve back pain.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Dreamzy Comfort mattress user reviews say that the mattress is luxurious with quality foam and fibers.

Dreamzy Comfort mattress model while the other orthopedic mattresses provide just the pressure relief, this mattress can improve blood circulation. The effects of this change are visible with many users. The double sides of the mattress are a selling point here. Users have also vouched that the mattress did help them has the right posture without much stress. The lengthy warranty and trial period have also set well with the users.

The only complaint is that the mattress comes in just 3 sizes while most mattress brands have more choices with the size.

  • Suzie- “I purchased this for my special needs son. He had issues with coils. The improvement in blood flow was the catch for use. Honestly, he seeps better on this mattress. Not sure how much is the blood flow improvement, but he is less irritated during daytime which means he is getting good sleep at night.”
  • Cherise- “I have numbness on the shoulders after a surgery. With the Dreamzy Comfort mattress, I wake up with no numbness and my sleep is also improved.”
  • Megan- “The mattress too my RLS away. My legs which always gave me trouble a night is now peaceful. I have no such issues while sleeping.”

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The 3 sizes in which the Dreamzy Comfort mattresses are available are twin, queen, and king.

  • Twin 39” x 75”
  • Queen 60” x 80”
  • King 76” x 80”

All the Dreamzy Comfort mattresses are 11.5 inches in thickness. The comforter that comes with the mattress is of suitable size according to the mattress size. The number of pillows is 1 for twin size mattress and 2 each for queen and king sizes.

The mattress weight is 63 lbs, 109 lbs and 130 lbs for a twin mattress, queen size, and king size mattress respectively.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress Specifications

  • The Dreamzy Comfort mattress is designed in the USA and made in Germany
  • The mattress uses memory foam and Bio-ceramic fibers for the construction.
  • The mattress layers are Bio-ceramic fibers for cooling the mattress. These fibers can help regulate the temperature. They are also effective in improving blood circulation through the body.
  • The mattress uses organic foam and water-based glue to keep the layers together.
  • The memory foam used are of different types having different comfort levels on both the sides
  • As mentioned, this mattress type is double sided with one form side and one soft side.
  • The mattress is safe for all and can resist microbes and other allergens.
  • The mattress comes with 2 pillows and a comforter of suitable size for free.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Dreamzy Comfort mattress has a 100-nights trial period. This satisfaction guarantee assures that you will get the refund should you return the mattress within this period. The company is confident that the users are going to love this dual-sided mattress.

The Dreamzy Comfort mattress also has a 12-year limited warranty for all sizes.

For returns, send an email to for the return authorization form. The company will find a carrier to arrange for a pickup from the home. Refund will be only after the mattress return. The refund depends on the mattress condition and is subjected to approval by the company.

Discount Prices On Dreamzy Comfort Mattress

The Dreamzy Comfort mattress price is not cheap, but neither is it too high. The twin mattress costs $699, queen mattress price is $1099 and King size costs $1299.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress Financing

For those who cannot afford to pay the full amount at once, there is the financing option where you can pay the amount in monthly installments. The financing is in assistance with Klarna. There would be a minimum monthly amount depending upon the total price of the mattress. You may also need to get some prior approval to use this opportunity.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress in Stores

Dreamzy Comfort mattresses are online-only mattresses which you cannot find in any of the retail stores. You will have to buy them from the Dreamzy Mattress official website or from other authorized dealers online.

Dreamzy Comfort Mattress Safety & Certifications

Dreamzy Comfort mattress uses organic cotton for the mattress cover. The memory foam used here is organic foam which uses mostly natural resources. The use of water-based glue to keep the layers together reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Maintenance On Dreamzy Comfort Mattress

Dreamzy Comfort mattress requires a waterproof mattress protector on the top.

For maintenance, you must vacuum clean the mattress surface to remove any allergens on the surface. Though the mattress is resistant to allergens, the cover may still have some dust particles attached t them.

The mattress cover is non-washable. Do only spot cleaning for best results. While cleaning, make sure that the foam does not get soaked in water. Use a damp cloth to clean the area and a dry cloth to blot the moisture.

Motion Transfer on a Dreamzy Comfort Mattress

The Dreamzy Comfort mattress seems to have good motion isolation to make it suitable for partners. Moreover, the mattress is available mostly in larger sizes reveals that the mattress has all the features necessary for the shared usage. The mattress has got high-density foam inside for the firm comfort is also evident that it can withstand and isolate movements on the surface.

Sagging Problems in Dreamzy Comfort Mattress

Dreamzy Comfort mattress users have not complained about the sagging issue. The mattress can sustain all weight and is suitable for one and all. The high-density foam is resilient enough to resist having body impressions.


While the Dreamzy Comfort mattress is German made, the extended warranty period of 12 years as opposed to many of the comparable brands, makes this more acceptable. The mattress is suitable for side and back sleepers. The dual-side nature of the mattress is also a favorable feature. The mattress might be weighing slightly above than the other brands. Though there are not many options with the size, the organic nature of the mattress and orthopedic features will have a greater use.