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Your lovable pet dog is just like one of your family member, and you try to take his utmost care. It includes making sure he has a comfortable and supportive big dog bed to sleep and rest. If you buy any standard large dog bed from your local pet store, it may potentially flatten in a short period because of its heavy weight. Thus, you need something that provides greater support, maximum comfort as well as a plush feel. Bully Beds Dog Beds are the ideal solution. They offer the best in luxury orthopedic dog beds for large breed dogs. Continue reading to check their high-quality, memory foam dog beds for large dog breeds as well as for smaller dogs. Read here the Bully Beds Dog Beds Reviews, Specs, Price, Models and more.

Bully Beds User Reviews & Ratings

You will find an impressive number of positive Bully Beds Reviews online. Pet owners and dogs love these beds. Pet owners say they are of high quality, and durable. The beds are also very firm which indicates that they are made to last. The foam keeps its shape and doesn’t have a dent when the dog leaves the bed. Few dogs took few days to adjust to the new beds but finally, they ended up sleeping great all night long on Bully Beds. Some pet lovers are using these beds for a few years and appreciate the fact that still, they are in great shape. Most of them feel Bully Beds are well worth the money.

On Amazon, it is rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars From 67 Customer Reviews.

Independent Reviews On Bully Beds

Roger ordered the XXL bed for large dogs – Leonberger and Irish wolfhound. He says they can fit on it together. They love the bed. He is 254 lbs can lay on it and barely even dent the bed. This bed is just like laying on own orthopedic bed. He highly recommends this bed to anyone who cares about their dogs.

Nicole says this is a must have a bed for your fur baby. She has been a large breed dog owner for over ten years and recently purchased two bully beds. She says these are best dog beds ever bought for her fur babies. It is easy to clean and supports their weight. She and her dogs love them.

Bad reviews of Bully Beds

There are no major Bully Beds complaints and bad reviews available online. Few customers complain about the bed being too firm and not comfortable for dogs with hip dysplasia.

Bully Beds Comparison

The Big Barker Dog Bed and Kopecks are some brands that are equivalent to Bully Beds. Big Barker Dog Beds offers similar beds for extra large and giant dogs. Kopecks offer cheap budget orthopedic dog bed for large dogs.


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Best Mattress Models from Bully Beds

Bully Beds are specially designed dog beds to help soothe their arthritis, joints, and hips. They are made with special orthopedic Memory & Support foam for big dogs. They contain soft washable and removable microfiber cover with beautiful accent piping. The heavy-duty zipper prevents your fur baby from chewing the bed. They come with Non-Slip Base and free, breathable internal waterproof cover. These Beds are available in two color options – tan and chocolate to accommodate both lighter- and darker-haired dogs. Bully Beds Dog Beds Two Models are Bully Bed Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Beds and Bully Bed for Small Dogs.

Bully Bed Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Beds

Each of this large Bully Bed is made especially to comfort and support bigger breeds adequately. This is because large dogs need extra support and durability than smaller ones. This bed provides great orthopedic support for a big pup’s joints and bones to reduce discomfort. It contains the most excellent memory and support foam. These materials are layered to stand 7 inches offering cushiony comfort and dependable strength for years, even with 300 pounds of weight on them. This bed is a perfect dog bed for Great Danes, Mastiffs, and other large breed dogs. It comes in 7″ Thickness and various sizes – L, XL & XXL to accommodate any large breed dog.

Bully Bed for Small Dogs

The quality of Bully Bed orthopedic dog beds makes them an excellent option for smaller dogs, particularly older pets or those with arthritis. This best is the most comfortable solution for their little bodies. It provides maximum comfort and durability for their longer lifespan. These medium beds are 4-inch high with quality foam. 4 inches height is great to keep your pets off of the floor and act as insulation, particularly in winter. They also aren’t so tall that could cause injury when climbing on and off. These medium beds are a bit softer, 4 inches tall, and can hold their shape and not flatten – even with dogs with 60-plus lbs weight.

Chew Resistant Dog Bed with 100 Day chew warranty with complete replacement of the entire bed (foam and cover) is also available. It comes with proprietary BullyTuf cover material designed for chewing and digging resistance in 4″ or 5” thickness.

Bully Beds dog beds come with 30 days money back guarantee. From the time of delivery of your bed, you and your dog have a full 30 days to try the bed out in your home. Save the original box and packaging. If you choose to return the bed, the company will accept it for free as an exchange or full refund. Please contact directly at for a return number. Free return shipping is not eligible for international orders or orders placed outside of the continental USA.

Little drool beds are accepted for return, but beds that are ripped or torn in any way or beds that have evidence of urine, feces or vomit anywhere on the covers or the foam are not eligible for a refund. Once the bed is received back in acceptable condition, they will arrange for a full refund within 5-8 business days.

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How is Bully Beds Made

These beds are made from the same premium memory foam found in high-end mattresses. The Bully Beds are built like no other large-breed dog bed. They are constructed from medical grade orthopedic, joint supporting memory foam and hypoallergenic and non-toxic high-quality materials. Each bed is made 7 inches thick from quality foam – 2.5″ of 4.5 lb memory foam on top and 4.5″ of 2 lb supportive orthopedic foam at the base. This bed is designed to cradle your pup for a long time completely and is guaranteed to hold their shape and stability for ten years. These beds are crafted to provide cushiony comfort and dependable strength for years, even with 300 pounds of weight on them.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Bully Beds

Bully Bed Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Beds Sizes available include –

  • Medium (34”x22”x4”)
  • Large (48”x30”x7”)
  • Extra Large XL (52”x34”x7”)
  • XXL (60”x48”x7”)

Bully Bed for Small Dogs Sizes includes –

  • Medium orthopedic dog bed (34”x22”x4”)

Mattress Pads by Bully Beds

These are chew proof, washable and waterproof crate pads, and the ideal choice for your dog’s crate. Contains 2″ Thick Orthopedic Foam and comes with 10 Year Guarantee on Foam. Available in small, medium, large, extra large and XXL sizes. Prices start from $75.

Bully Beds Cover

The company uses 100% waterproof internal cover and a soft, durable and washable outer cover for their beds. Each of your Bully Bed comes complete with a removable and washable microfiber outer cover, heavy-duty zipper to withstand sharp teeth, stylish accent piping design, and a non-slip base. They also include a free internal cover that is waterproof.

Bully Beds Bedding Accessories

Bully Beds Designer bed covers, heavy-duty covers (standard orthopedic beds), standard bully bed covers and heavy-duty waterproof internal liner are available for the best prices.

Bully Beds Firmness Analysis

These beds give a soft plush feel mixed with just the right amount of support your bed needed. They combine 4.5-pound luxurious memory foam on top with 2-pound orthopedic foam at the base to create a surface that is both ultra soft and strong. It results in a bed that gently cradles a big dog’s joints, while also provides the firm support necessary him comfortable, happy and healthy.

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Bully Beds Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

All Bully Beds come with a 10-year warranty. It means your dog bed will retain its shape and not flatten for at least ten years (may last longer). If it flattens by more than two inches anytime within ten years, they will replace it one time, at no cost to you. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the outer cover, waterproof cover or foam.

Discount Prices On Bully Beds

Bully Bed Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog BedsBully Bed for Small Dogs
SizeRegular PriceSale PriceRegular PriceSale Price
Extra Large$259.99$209.99

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Bully Beds

Search for Bully Beds Coupon codes and find plenty of them. Ongoing offers – Get 10% OFF Your First Purchase, use code 3GBYKW60VGHT and sale activated no coupon needed to buy Bully Bed Orthopedic dog bed.

Buy Bully Beds

Buy Bully Beds Dog Beds on sale for Big as well as small dogs only from their official website Avail free shipping, free returns, 30 days money back guarantee, best discount, best price and variety of other bedding needs at high prices.

Bully Beds Dog Beds on Amazon: You can also buy Bully Beds Dog Beds on Amazon at the best prices plus Free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Bully Beds Shipping & Delivery

Most orders ship out same day or within 1-2 days of receipt of the order. They ship primarily via UPS but can alter shipping options to make your order deliver to you as quickly and safely as possible. They may choose to ship the order via any shipper – UPS, FedEx, USPS or other.

Bully Beds Setup & Installation

You will receive the Bully Bed vacuum packed and shrunk for easy shipping. Carefully remove it from the box and take off the plastic wrapping. Please avoid using scissors to remove the plastic as not to cut the bed. Watch the bed expands. The bed may take anywhere from 12-72 hours to expand fully and regain its full size.

Bully Beds BBB Business Profile

This business is not BBB accredited

Is Bully Beds Good For Back Pain Problems

These dog beds are specially made to provide adequate support for a large dog’s joints and hips. They provide relief from arthritis and hip and joint pain while giving them a better quality of life and more consistently comfortable resting spot.

Is Bully Beds Non-Toxic

Absolutely yes!! These beds are made from CertiPUR-US Certified Non-Hazardous Foam and Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic Materials that is safe for dogs as well as you. CertiPUR-US Certified means Bully Beds are made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals and formaldehyde.



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Are Bully Beds Any Good

All Bully Beds dog beds are made from high quality and hypoallergenic materials. They are specially designed to accommodate large breed dogs and provide them good orthopedic support. These mattresses include a removable and washable outer cover, as well as a removable and waterproof internal cover with heavy-duty zippers. They can easily hold 300 pounds without losing any supportive qualities. Also, all Bully Beds comes with free shipping and free returns, making a more good purchase.

The Bully Beds Blog

Visit for latest stories, articles, dog take care tips and related information.

Bully Beds Factory Location & Headquarters

Bully Beds, 709 Silver Palm Ave. Suite B, Melbourne, FL 32901

Bully Beds Customer Services Phone Number

Call at 877-67BULLY (877-672-8559) or Email at or Send Message from their website.

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Bully Beds

From time to time, Bully Beds offers sales and discount offers on their website. Currently, buy Bully Beds products to save up to $60.

Maintenance On Bully Beds

Washing and care instructions are to be followed correctly to maintain dog beds for long. Spot clean the bed as needed with a mild soap and water solution. For machine wash, use cold water and dry using a low or lower heat setting. For washing first time, wash the cover alone to avoid any unlikely possibility like bleeding of dyes, etc. You can also wash your waterproof cover if needed, but make sure to wash it in cold water and let air-dry. Never wash or get your foam wet, or never put your foam in the dryer or expose to any source of artificial heat (hairdryer, etc) for sustainability.

Sagging Problems in Bully Beds

Few dog owners reported no dent or sagging of these beds after years of use. Also, the company’s 10-year, no-flat guarantee, gain customers confidence about the quality and durability of these dog beds. They warrant that if you buy Bully Beds dog bed today and flatten under the weight of your dog within the next ten years, they will replace your dog bed for free.


If you are looking for a comfortable, supportive memory foam orthopedic bed for your big breed dogs, then check instantly. They carry a super comfy, soft yet firm dog beds for any sized dogs weighing up to 300 pounds. Buy Bully Beds Dog Beds On Sale For The Best Price Today!

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