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Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review: A Natural and Supportive Sleep

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As of May 30, 2023, let’s delve into a comprehensive review of the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid mattress. Manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding, a pioneer in the online mattress industry, this latex hybrid mattress is designed for those seeking a natural sleep experience. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials, the Bloom Hybrid mattress aims to provide comfort, support, and breathability. In this review, we’ll explore its construction, firmness options, performance, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review: A Natural and Supportive Sleep

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

The Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress. It comes in three firmness levels and with an optional Cloud Pillow Top

Rated : ★★★★☆

Price Range

$799 – $2,449

Mattress Type


Ideal For

  • Eco-conscious shoppers who prioritize natural materials
  • Sleepers who tend to sleep hot
  • Couples valuing ease of movement and minimal sleep disturbances
  • Back and stomach sleepers


  • Latex does not contour as closely as memory foam
  • The price may not be ideal for budget-conscious shoppers
  • The medium firmness might not provide enough support for sleepers over 230 pounds, and the firm option might not contour closely for those under 130 pounds

Ratings Summary

  • Motion Isolation: Offers better motion isolation than average latex hybrid mattresses
  • Temperature Control: Natural materials and breathable design help regulate temperature
  • Pressure Relief: Provides moderate contouring and full-body support
  • Edge Support: Reinforced coil base prevents sagging and supports edge sleeping
  • Ease of Movement: Buoyant latex layer and coil support base make movement easy
  • Sex: Ample bounce and minimal noise enhance suitability for sexual activity
  • Off Gassing: Initial off-gassing odor, which dissipates within a few days

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation: The thick latex comfort layer absorbs movements, resulting in better motion isolation compared to average latex hybrids. However, latex doesn’t absorb motion as well as memory foam. Individually encased coils minimize motion transfer while allowing ease of movement.

Pressure Relief: Moderate contouring and a responsive comfort layer relieve pressure. The buoyant latex layer supports alignment while alleviating pressure points. Sleepers feel they’re on top of the mattress rather than sinking in.

Temperature Control: The Bloom Hybrid mattress employs natural materials like cotton, wool, and Talalay latex to enhance airflow and breathability. Wool acts as natural insulation, regulating temperature, and latex is more breathable than memory foam.

Edge Support: The coil support base, reinforced with high-density polyfoam, prevents sagging. Buoyant latex prevents rolling off and supports edge sleeping, making it a solid choice for couples.

Ease of Movement: Buoyant latex and coil support provide ample bounce, ideal for combination sleepers and couples. Hybrid mattresses generally offer better ease of movement than foam mattresses.

Sex: The buoyant latex layer and coil support base facilitate movement, making it conducive to sexual activity. Ample edge support and minimal noise enhance the experience.

Off Gassing: Initial off-gassing odor is present but dissipates within a few days. The coil base aids airflow, helping the smell dissipate quickly.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers : The medium (5) Bloom Hybrid offers moderate contouring for side sleepers. The firm (7) model suits side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, providing cushioning and alignment.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers benefit from the responsive latex comfort system and coil support core, maintaining a neutral posture. The firm (7) model works well for those weighing 130-230 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers: Responsive latex cushions the chest and shoulders, while firmness keeps hips and abdomen on the mattress. Both medium and firm models are suitable for stomach sleepers.

Mattress Construction

  • Cover Material: Organic cotton and Joma wool
  • Comfort Layer: Cotton, wool, and Talalay latex for moderate contouring
  • Transition Layer: Transitional polyfoam (11″ model only)
  • Support Core: Individually encased pocketed coils with high-density polyfoam reinforcement

Prices and Sizing

  • Twin: $799 – $1,099
  • Twin XL: $899 – $1,299
  • Full: $1,199 – $1,699
  • Queen: $1,399 – $1,999
  • King : $1,699 – $2,449
  • California King: $1,699 – $2,449

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Sleep trial: 120 nights with a mandatory 30-night try-out period
  • Warranty: 10 years covering defects in materials and manufacturing, including body impressions greater than one inch
  • Shipping: Free within contiguous 48 U.S. states; Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada shipping available at additional cost
  • Delivery: Compressed and shipped via FedEx Ground; usually takes three to five business days
  • Showrooms: Available in Arizona and Utah; also available on Amazon.com

The Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid mattress offers natural materials, a supportive coil base, and moderate contouring. With competitive pricing and multiple firmness options, it caters to a range of sleep preferences. Its sustainable construction and overall performance make it a strong contender for those seeking comfort, support, and breathability in their mattress.

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