Breasley UNO Memory Foam Mattress

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Breasley Mattress

Breasley mattresses are one of the best online mattress brands in the UK and are known as UK’s largest independent foam converter. We will be reviewing their best-seller UNO Pocket 1000 Medium-Firm Mattress. Read on to know all about Breasley mattress here.

Breasley Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Breasley UNO Pocket 1000 Firm Mattress has received mixed reviews from users, a majority being positive though. Here are a few of them.

  • Alison – “Such a bargain. It is as best as any of the dearer mattresses. It is so light and so easy to make the bed. So comfortable. I had been waking with sore back pain but now the mattress has turned the history. Loving it.”
  • Abu – “Nice and firm just the way I like it. I recommend giving at least a couple of days before using it. I weigh around 100kg and it supports my weight efficiently.”
  • Tom – “It works wonder for my back. It is a lovely firm mattress but with just enough support to make it comfortable.”

Best Mattress Models from Breasley Mattress

Other best models of Breasley mattress are:

  • Breasley Uno Supreme Extra Firm Mattress
  • Breasley Uno Supreme Ortho Mattress

Breasley Mattress

Breasley mattresses are one of the best online mattress brands in the UK and are known as UK’s largest independent foam converter. We will be reviewing their best-seller UNO Pocket 1000 Medium-Firm Mattress. Read on to know all about Breasley mattress here.

Breasley Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Here are the dimensions available for Breasley Uno Pocket 1000 Deluxe Firm Mattress.

SizeDimensions (in inches)
Single90cm x 190cm
Small Double120cm x 190cm
Double135cm x 190cm
Euro Double140cm x 198cm
King150cm x 198cm
Euro King160cm x 198cm
Super King180cm x 198cm

Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep

Breasley Mattress Specifications

  • The base layer of the Breasley mattress is made using 1000 individually pocketed springs. They work independently thus providing good support to the sleeper. The upper part of the springs contours as per the body shape. The lower part ensures proper weight distribution that gives you fantastic comfort and support. Higher the number of individual springs, more support you will get.
  • Next layer is the 50mm high-density memory foam. This memory foam mattress contours as per the body shape enabling you optimum support. This high-density foam is a great option for sleepers who are suffering from a backache. This medium-firm mattress aligns the spine properly to inhibit back pain.
  • This Breasley mattress cover can be removed easily so that you can dry clean it for a fresh surface regularly. It is made out of Fresche Bioscience technology that is hypoallergenic and fights bacteria, fungi, odor, and dust mites.
  • You will find ventilation that will help with increased air flow. It also prevents moisture storage within the mattress.
  • The Breasley mattress is suitable for both divans and bed frames.
  • Breasley mattress is not flippable however, you can rotate it to prevent sagging.

Breasley Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Breasley mattress does not offer any trial period.

The product comes with an excellent 10-year guarantee. The company will replace or repair your mattress if deemed faulty due to poor workmanship.

Discount Prices On Breasley Mattress

Breasley mattress offers you an excellent discount on the prices. You can also use coupon codes so that you can buy the product at great savings.

Breasley Mattress

Breasley mattresses are one of the best online mattress brands in the UK and are known as UK’s largest independent foam converter. We will be reviewing their best-seller UNO Pocket 1000 Medium-Firm Mattress. Read on to know all about Breasley mattress here.

Independent Reviews On Breasley Mattress

Overall, people love the Breasley mattress. They love how it aptly supports the spine, neck and lower back area thus reducing health risks. It also Here are few of the independent reviews available online for Breasley mattress.

  • Michael – Bit of a shock for the first new nights as it is very firm but having a small mattress topper has really made me comfortable. I have good quality sleep and wake up without any backaches or pains.”
  • M – “Good if you like a very firm mattress for you back.”

K – “I brought the brand some years ago and have been very pleased with it. It’s a great value for my money. It lasted for 5 years and gave a comfortable sleep. I suffer from back issues and this mattress supports me amazingly. This is why I would recommend this to everyone.”

Bad reviews of Breasley Mattress

One of the common complaints is that the Breasley mattress is too firm, though it is medium-firm. Another user says that the mattress smells even after few days. Here are few of the reviews.

  • M – “Gave me pins and needles after 3 days as its so firm. A little too firm for me. Also, it’s only one-sided. This is not an advantage as they might lead you to believe its easier to flip a mattress than turn it. I believe one-sided mattress is an attempt to cut costs and nothing to do with your convenience.”
  • Christine – “It’s not very deep so some fitted sheets can bag out a little.”
  • Peter – “Badly made less than a week. It started to crease in the middle.”

The Best Memory foam Mattress Recommended for Healing. 

How is Breasley Mattress Made

Breasley mattresses are made in the UK using best-quality materials and low flame retardants that are safe on your health. It comes with a blend of memory foam and individually pocketed springs that work individually to offer good bounce and support. The bounce effect is quite less as compared to other soft mattresses. This is due to the importance of firmness infused in the mattress.

This is the ideal mattress for both back and stomach sleepers as it delivers the right amount of support and comfort without straining your body.

A non-flippable mattress, it usually takes a maximum of 24 hours to reach the ideal sleeping condition.

They are vacuum packed and sealed in a rolled-up format. This is to enable less carbon footprint on the environment.

Maintenance On Breasley Mattress

For those who are wondering how to care and clean for Breasley mattress, here are few healthy tips.

Step 1: Remove the bedding and wash it (Check the label first)

  • Remove the sheets, pillows, and duvet off the bed.
  • Put them in a hot wash (but check the label first)!!!
  • Mattress Online recommends washing it over 60°C. This is to help kill any germs and dust mites. You can also tumble dry your bedding on high heat if you can.

Step 2: Vacuum your mattress and bed

  • Now that the mattress is bare, start by vacuuming it. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner attachments are clean. Use the brush or upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Carefully vacuum the mattress in small sections. Keep particular attention to seams, corners, and crevices where dust can build up.
  • Take care so as to not damage the cover or dislodge the mattress fillings.
  • Remember to vacuum beneath the bed and the sides if it’s pushed up against the wall.

Step 3: Deodorize the mattress

Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the mattress. Baking soda absorbs the moisture and keeps the mattress smelling clean and fresh. Let it sit for at least an hour. The longer, the better. Vacuum thoroughly to remove it.

Step 4: Spot clean any mattress stains

  • Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions before you clean the mattress. This is because different fabrics may require different methods of cleaning.

That said, as a general guide from The Sleep Council recommends using a very mild detergent and warm/cold water to spot-clean the mattress. Use a clean, damp cloth and care not to over-soak the mattress. Air your Breasley mattress thoroughly and ensure that it’s completely dry before you put the bedding on.

That said, it is always to use a mattress protector that acts as a barrier to protect your mattress. Also, it is an economical way to keep the mattress clean.

Breasley Mattress Return Policy

Unfortunately, there is no return policy available at the official site. However, when you buy from Mattress Online, the company offers a 14-day return policy in case you want to return the product.

Alternatively, you can contact the customer care of Breasley Beds to know the trial period.

Breasley Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The shipping of Breasley Uno 1000 Deluxe Firm Pocket mattress is absolutely free. There is no delivery fee either. Mattress Online free shipping anywhere in the UK.

Breasley Mattress Setup & Installation

Breasley mattress is available in the rolled-on format. Simply place the mattress on the bed frame and remove the plastic cover. Let it inflate back to its original size. You can let it in the open for 2-3 hours.

Note that it will take some time for the mattress to regain its firmness.

Breasley Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

There are only a few complaints available. The main issue is regarding the firmness of the mattress. People claim that it is too firm (even though the manufacturer says it is medium-firm). At such instances, you have two options – either to return the mattress (if purchased from Mattress Online) or add a mattress topper.

Here are few of the Breasley Uno Deluxe 1000 Pocket Firm Mattress mattress complaints.

  • Caroline – “Too hard and quite uncomfortable.”
  • Peter – “Badly made. Within less than a week, it started to crease in the middle.”

Breasley Mattress BBB Business Profile

Breasley mattress, being a UK-based company is not obligated to register with Better Business Bureau (an organization in the US).

Breasley Mattress Scam

Breasley mattress is not a scam. The company is very much legit and offers you a variety of models to choose from based on your sleeping style and firmness. In fact, Breasley is the UK’s largest manufacturers of foam converter.

The Uno Pocket 1000 firm mattress is one of the best-sellers that offers the right amount of firmness and support to the body by reducing stress on the pressure points. It also makes sure that the memory foam layers offer utmost comfort to the body giving a cradling feeling.

All the products of Breasley are manufactured in the UK. They are made without harsh flame retardants that are safe on the health without triggering any allergies or for people suffering from asthma issues.

Are Bed bugs in Breasley Mattress a Possibility

Breasley mattress is made of hypoallergenic material that is resistant to dust mites. However, it is equally important that you keep the mattress clean and avoid bringing foods and drinks on the bed.

Is Breasley Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Absolutely. Breasley is a medium-firm mattress (US type) and firm mattress (UK type). This means it is soft on the back yet firm enough for the back pain. Improper sleeping posture can lead to back pain. Breasley fixes this issue by correcting the spine alignment. As a result, you will notice an improvement in the back pain as it reduces strain on the pressure points.

Is Breasley Mattress Non Toxic

Breasley mattress is not truly non-toxic. It does contain few chemicals. However, they are safe and barely have any effect on the health. In fact, they are made as per the guidelines of BS7177:2008 standard for domestic use. This means they do feature low hazards but are free from chemicals and are considered ideal for use at home.

Even though this is a memory foam mattress, there have been no reports of any off-gassing issues, whatsoever.

Adjustable base For Breasley Mattress

Breasley mattress works on adjustable base and any other bed frames as well.

Mattress Pads by Breasley Mattress

Since Breasley Uno Deluxe 1000 Pocket mattress is a firm mattress, you may need a mattress pad especially if you have a partner with different sleeping preference.

Breasley Mattress Cover

Currently, Breasley does not offer any replacement mattress covers. You can only purchase a mattress cover from Amazon or any other stores.

Breasley Mattress Topper

You may need a Breasley mattress topper if you feel that the mattress is firm for you. One user reported that he needed a mattress topper to give bit softness to the mattress.

Breasley Mattress Bedding Accessories

Currently, there are no bedding accessories available with Breasley.

Breasley Mattress Firmness Analysis

The Breasley Uno 1000 Deluxe Firm Pocket Mattress has been rated 4 out of 5 with 4 being medium to firm. This is best recommended for back and stomach sleepers, especially back sleepers who are suffering from lower back pain or neck pain.

Breasley Mattress Frames & Foundation

Breasley mattress is compatible with all frames and foundation.

The Breasley Mattress Blog

Currently, there are no blogs available on the Breasley website.

Breasley Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Breasley mattress is located at Breasley Foam, Water Lane, Wirksworth, Derbyshire DE4 4AA. The product is not available at retail stores.

For those who want to check out the Breasley mattress voluntarily can visit the showroom directly and take a look at the mattress.

Breasley Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You can contact the Breasley customer support phone number at 01629 823680 or email them at

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Breasley Mattress

At the time of writing, there were no Black Friday Deals or sales available for Breasley mattresses.

Breasley Mattress Financing

Breasley Beds provides their customers a quality mattress at a cheap price. However, if you are on a budget, then you can contact the customer care to work out a solution.

Breasley Mattress Safety & Certifications

All the Breasley mattresses are NBF approved. This means they are made as per the National Bed Foundation’s Code of Practice.

The foam layers are also made keeping in sync the BS7177:2008 standard for domestic use which is low hazard making it ideal for use at home.

Odor & Smell in Breasley Mattress

A couple of users have noticed a smell in Breasley mattress. They say that the mattress smells after a few days. Note that this is common with any new mattress and will gradually fade away.

Motion Transfer on a Breasley Mattress

Though Breasley Uno Pocket 1000 Firm Mattress has a nature of resisting motion transfer, being independent pocketed spring coils, there might a slight bouncy effect. This is actually felt if you are a light sleeper as you will notice your partner hopping in and out of the bed.

Sagging Problems in Breasley Mattress

Except from one user, there have been no reports of mattress sinking. If at all you notice sinking, remember the company offers a 10-year guarantee which means they will either repair or replace you with a new mattress.


Certified by Doctors. Relax Faster. Best mattresses for a Good nights sleep


If you need a quality mattress for a good, affordable price, Breasley mattresses are best recommended. They are easily available online at sites such as Mattress Online for an even discounted price. The website also offers adjustable frames, foundation and other bedding accessories such as pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, pads etc. at a low price. This means you can buy the entire set under one roof with a single click.

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