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plushbeds vs avocado . Which brand mattress does not sag?

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Sagging is one of the biggest problems with almost every mattress. Sagging is a part of every mattress’ characteristic, so no matter how expensive or luxurious mattress you buy, eventually it is going to sag under the weight of your body. The best you can do is to buy a mattress that prevents itself from the sagging condition for a longer time.

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When it comes to sagging, latex mattresses are the best of all. Latex mattresses as the name itself define is made out of latex, a type of rubber that is obtained from trees. Its elastic nature delays the sagging condition. Availability is one of the problems with latex mattresses. But there are a few really good online brands for latex mattresses, on among them is PlushBeds. The Plushbeds Botanical bliss organic latex mattress is a hit in the latex mattress field. The Botanical Bliss organic latex mattress is a US product made with natural and organic materials. The main materials used in the making of the mattress are,

  • Quilted organic cotton
  • Joma wool (100% natural)
  • Organic latex from APRICO

The Aprico organic latex used in the mattress is considered as one of the finest latex available. The Aprico latex has got high-grade certification from Eco and LGA. Latex mattresses are excellent support providers. They also easily contour to the body shape. By providing, a balanced softness and support to the body they help in relieving the body from pressure and in providing comfort. Every material used in the mattress is of the finest quality and are certified eco-friendly materials. The Chemical-filled mattress will release those chemicals through off-gassing into the environment making your in-home atmosphere polluted and harmful. These chemicals are harmful to health and can lead to various health defects. In case of Plushbeds Botanical bliss mattress, no chemical flame retardants or other chemicals are used. With these mattresses you won’t face the problem of off-gassing, so your bedroom’s air will be fresh and clean.

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The PlushBeds organic mattress is dust mite repellent. The mattress has got small holes in it to let air flow easily in and out of it, hence, the inside of the mattress remains aerated. A breathable mattress is a good mildew and mold resistant one. The Botanical Bliss latex mattress has also got antimicrobial property so that harmful micro-organisms will not be able to thrive inside the mattress. The best part of these mattresses is that they can be easily decomposed as these are bio-degradable.

The 25 years warranty and the 100-day trial offer is like a bonus with a high quality and durable product like Botanical Bliss latex mattress.


The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex mattress has got GreenGuard Gold certification. If a product has got a GreenGuard Gold certification, that means the product is completely safe for the whole family from infants to adults.

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