Boyd Specialty Sleep Memory Foam & Latex Mattress Review

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 “Touch me and I will show you what I got. Push me and I will take your shape into my soul”. Memory foam mattresses are just heavenly to touch and to feel as they conform according to the body. The cradling effect is so special that no other mattress type can offer this kind of feel. Boyd specialty sleep is a brand that offers super cool memory foam mattresses that are synonyms for comfort and ultimate sleep. In this article, we will discuss Boyd Sleep Specialty products especially their memory foam mattress line.

Boyd Memory Foam Mattress Review

About Boyd Mattresses

Boyd Sleep specialty is not a new name. They started working in the mattress industry since 1977 serving customers with top quality sleep products. They have an extensive collection of gel-enhanced memory foam mattresses. This company has a specialized team that works to provide quality sleep to all. They have patented products and pending patents inside the US and in various foreign countries. They develop quality sleep products and are best in terms of value.

Boyd Mattress line from Boyd Specialty Sleep

Boyd memory foam mattresses are temperature neutral as they have microtec gel infused into them. This makes Boyd a perfect pick that offers a cool sleep along with great contouring support. The cooling microtec gel is a patented material exclusive to Boyd specialty sleep. You will not get this type of supercool memory foam with any other mattress maker. Their memory foam mattresses allow air to pass through and provide improved ventilation. The use of cooling gel technology reduces the heat retention problems associated with memory foam mattresses.

Most of their memory foam models have this microtec gel layer at their top layers to offer a cooler sleeping experience. Boyd has paid great attention to its memory foam mattress line in both the design and manufacturing process. This is because they very well know the demand for memory foam mattresses in the mattress industry. Customers love sleeping on a memory foam mattress, as they are the best when it comes to sleep products.
They have two lines of appealing memory foam mattress lines and they are

  • Boyd’s gel rest memory foam mattress
  • Boyd Specialty Sleep Responda Flex memory foam mattress

Gel Rest Memory Foam

Gel rest memory foam comes in a series of four models. They are the specialty products from Boyd Group. This mattress line offers contouring supporting, and extra cooling effect. In the beginning, I did mention about Temperature neutral MicroTec Gel™ infused memory foam used in Boyd products.

    All the four models in the gel rest series combine the cooling gel-infused memory foam with other different layers. The construction of these mattresses supports airflow and improved ventilation. Sleeping on this mattress ensures sleeping cool the whole night even If you are a hot sleeper. The top layer of these mattresses is gel infused to impart a cooling effect. The other layers differ according to the models.

    Features of gel rest memory foam mattress line

    • Non- skid bottom
    • Stretchable poly-cotton blend cover with a tone-on-tone pattern
    • Stylish cover with micro-suede accent
    • Adjustable base compatible
    • No flip and no rotate mattress
    • Manufacturing processes and Materials used are eco-friendly
    • Processing of memory foam, are done using pressure and do not undergo chemical treatments
    • Emits low amounts of VOC’s and thus contributes less to indoor pollution.
    • Boyd’s Gel Rest™ mattresses pompously flaunt their Level I Safety and Environmental Seal

    Below you can find the four models along with their specifications

    Gel Rest 413 Memory Foam

    Total profile: 12 inches with four-layer construction design

    Comfort Layers includes

    • 1-inch Memory Foam of 7 lb Density
    • 3-inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
    • 1-inch Memory Foam of 5 lb Density

    Support layer includes

    • 7-inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core
    • Gel Rest 412 Memory Foam
    • Total profile 12 inches with four-layer construction and design

    Comfort Layers includes

    • 3-inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
    • 1-inch Convoluted Memory Foam
    • 2-inch High-Density Poly Foam

    The Supportive layer includes

    • 6-inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core
    • Gel Rest 410 Memory Foam
    • Total profile of 10 inches with a three-layer construction and design

    Comfort Layers include:

    • 3-inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam
    • 1-inch High-Density Convoluted Foam

    Supportive base includes

    6-inch Polyurethane Ventilated FoamSpring Support Core

    Gel Rest 408 Memory Foam

    Total profile of 8 inches and a two-layer construction design

    Comfort Layers includes

    2-inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam

    Support layer includes

    6-inch Polyurethane Ventilated Foam Spring Support Core

    Warranty details of Gel rest mattress

    • Boyd specialty sleep offers 25 years of limited warranty for the gel rest mattress line.
    • First 10 years non-prorated and 15 years prorated

    Boyd Responda flex mattress

    The Responda flex mattresses come in four models with different make and construction. They contain open-cell memory foam structures that provide improved air circulation and breathability. The open cell structures inside the foam consists of numerous balloon-like cells (as described by BOYD) targets the heat trapped and releases it with effective air circulation. These tiny air passages keep you cool all night and sorts out the problem of heat retention. Thus, it offers a night full of comfortable sleep.

    Boyd mentions in their website that their Responda flex is much better than traditional memory foam mattresses. This is because normal memory foam mattresses do not handle air pressure properly. Whereas Responda flex has open cell memory foam that balances the air pressure as soon as you push into the mattress. In short, Responda mattress is all about soothing comfort and conforming support to the body.

    Responda Flex mattress line also undergoes eco-friendly manufacturing processes just like the gel rest series. Responda flex mattress lines come in four models with different layers of memory foam and types. One of the models have latex layer included offering extra support and bounce. These mattresses are free from chemical treatment processes and emit a low amount of VOC’s. Their construction and make are unique which makes them long lasting and durable.

    Below are the four models and they are actually represented in the form of numbers


    The first model has a profile of 12 inches and also has a Pillow-top model construction. The cover of this mattress is a washable soft micro-quilted type that is removable. It has one inch of memory foam in it in a quilted style to provide a cushioning effect.

    The next layer is a solid 3-inch memory foam that offers a bounce effect and offers comforting support. Below that, you can find three layers – convoluted foam topped over engineered latex foam. These two layers offer awesome support and enhance the performance of the mattress. The supportive layer consists of reflexa base foam (high-density foam) that makes the mattress durable and long lasting.


    This model has a profile of 12 inches and belongs to the Plush Top category.

    It has an eco-friendly bamboo fiber cover that is 100% rayon fabric. It has a sleek look and easily blends with any type of room décor. Below the fiber cover, you can find the top layer 2-inch memory foam layer. Beneath this layer, sits the comfort layer 3-inch convoluted engineered latex foam layer. 7-inch reflexa base foam acts as the supportive layer offering durability to the mattress.


    The next model has a profile of 10 inches and has a quilted cover same as that of the first model. However, the only difference is that it does have a pillow top but just a normal cover that is removable and washable. The top layer consists of 3 inches open cell memory foam and also the supportive layer of 7-inch reflexa base foam. The construction and layers are simple in this model as it is one of the base models in this series.


    This model has a profile of 8 inches and has a removable/washable Soft Micro-Quilt Cover. This has a plush top with solid 2-inch memory foam sitting at the top layer. The base layer consists of 6-inch reflexa base foam.


    The last model has a profile of 6 inches and has a plush top feel. The cover is similar to the base models mentioned in the above model. The top layer consists of 1-inch memory foam and the base layer consists of 5-inch reflexa base foam.

    The first two models of the Responda series offer luxury and extra comfort whereas the last three models mainly target comfort and come with basic features.

    Warranty Period Of The Responda Flex

    Boyd Specialty sleep also offers 20 YEARS warranty for their Responda flex mattress line.

    Advantages of Boyd specialty Sleep mattress line

    • No heat retention problems as they contain cooling gel-infused memory foam
    • Awesome design and construction with progressive layering
    • Great body conformance and contouring support
    • Eco-friendly and premium quality materials
    • A wide variety to choose from with various profiles
    • Reduced motion transfer

    Disadvantages of Boyd specialty sleep mattress line

    • Fewer customer reviews and feedbacks
    • Mattresses lack edge support
    • No trial period

    Where to buy Boyd specialty sleep mattresses?

    You can buy Boyd sleep specialty mattresses from their retail outlets across the nation. You can also opt to buy from online sites like Amazon and other affiliates. For queries, you can contact their customer care or email at (2440 Adie Road, St. Louis, MO 63043, Phone (314) 997-5222, Fax (314) 432-3542,

    Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattress line also includes Latex mattresses and Air mattresses.

    Boyd Specialty Sleep Latex Mattresses

    The Boyd Latex mattresses are said to be a healthy mattress. This is because, these mattresses are allergy free and free from attacks of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus. Latex mattresses last longer and are very flexible. The covers are also anti-microbial and eco-friendly rayon fibers made from bamboo fibers. ‘COOLMAX’ added to the covers makes them cool and comfortable to sleep on.
    The foam that is used is channel vented foam with tri-zone construction for better back support. These mattresses carry the safety and environmental seal of the Specialty Sleep Association.

    Boyd Specialty Sleep Air Mattresses

    Boyd Air Mattresses or Air Beds are becoming very popular these days. The Air beds have individual air chambers to control and adjust support in the mattress. These mattresses use a dual air support system instead of the steel coils used in the innerspring mattress.

    The specialty of some of the models of the Boyd Air mattress is that the mattress can be adjusted in 6 separate areas.

    Advantages of the Boyd Specialty Sleep Air Mattress

    • The air chambers in the mattress have a cushioning effect and provide relief to pressure points in the body.
    • It is possible to adjust and comfort level and firmness in the mattress
    • Since each side of the mattress can be adjusted to different firmness levels, people sharing the mattress need not compromise on their individual comfort preferences in the mattress.
    • People tend to toss and turn less in the air mattress because of the conforming effects of the mattress.
    • Since the body weight is distributed evenly in the mattress, there is a reduction in body pain while using this mattress.

    Customer Reviews of Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattresses

    Boyd mattress has very few customer reviews and feedbacks. This makes it difficult to make a judgment. Therefore, we collected information from retailers about Boyd mattress purchases. They say that people love this mattress and sometimes compare them with the Tempur-Pedic brand. They say that customers buy Boyd gel rest line mattresses because of their reasonable price and features.

    Boyd does not offer any trial period and all you can do is personally go and get the feel of these mattresses.
    Here are a few reviews that I found online posted by real customers

    “Finally I found a mattress that gives amazing support! Every morning Iused to wake up with a sore back and now Ido not at all! I sleep all throughout the night. It does not get hot at night either! Which was a major worry while buying a memory foam mattress? This mattress is worth every penny. It is not hard to move around and is very lightweight. I would honestly say it is very as good as a tempurpedic mattress. I thought Iwould never say that because I LOVE tempurpedic. If you cannot afford tempurpedic, this is definitely the route to go. Just be sure to get a platform and don’t put this mattress on a box spring because you won’t get the support you’re desiring and you will VOID the warranty.”

    “This mattress is awesome! Extremely easy to set up, no smell and very comfortable… This mattress is easily as comfortable as a temper-pedic…, I would still be satisfied even if I had to pay double the amount.”


    Boyd memory foam mattresses are ideal for those who have budget constraints and love to sleep on something just like the Tempur-Pedic. Therefore they are the best bet to invest on as they offer great features and comfort.


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