Bob’s Discount Furniture is a furniture shop that has much low price furniture in good quality along with mattress. Here we will be briefing on Bobs Vibrance Mattress.  There are many showrooms across the country in 12 states. The shop is also available online for those who want to purchase it online. While other shops and stores have the high priced mattress and box spring for the bedrooms Bob’s has the same quality of mattresses and box springs at a lower and affordable price.

Table of Contents

  • Bob’s Vibrance mattress collection
  • Standard Vibrance
  • Low profile Vibrance mattress
  • Split standard Vibrance
  • Split low profile Vibrance
  • Power bob Vibrance
  • Bob’s Vibrance mattress
  • Purchasing the Bob’s Vibrance mattress

There are all sizes of mattresses and suitable bases for the mattresses at Bob’s. The mattress collection has also a wide range of selections to choose from One of the popular mattress collection is Vibrance.

Bobs Vibrance Mattress Collection

The Bob’s Vibrance mattress collection is a set of mattress and foundation. Basically Vibrance is the foundation that has a black colored fabric covering and other features. The mattress is a mix of memory foam and spring coils. There are many types in the Vibrance mattress collections which are standard, low profile, split standard, split low profile and power bob.

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Standard Vibrance

The standard Vibrance has the normal mattress with a standard foundation at the base. It is the difference in the foundation that makes the difference. The standard foundation has a height of 9 inches. The dimensions would be the same as the respective mattress size.

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The foundation is of heavy duty wood with vertical handles that provides ease with positioning it. All the borders and the corners are quilted to secure the fiber stuffed inside. The vibrance standard mattress foundation is really cheaper than many other counterparts. The vibrance foundation has a cover of black colored fabric all around.

The mattress over it uses the memory foam and innerspring hybrid. Bob’s vibrance standard is available in all sizes from twin to king sizes. The mattress has a quilt top with antimicrobial fiber in it, pillow top finish with layers gel infused memory foam, comfort foam and micro coils for the pillow top. The core of the mattress has latex foam, comfort foam and foam encased spring coils for the comfort.

Low Profile Vibrance Mattress

The low profile vibrance mattress collection comes with a base that is low profile with a lower height foundation and a standard mattress on the top. The low profile base here is only 5 inches in height which makes a bit difference in comparison. The foundation is of heavy duty wood for the best support. A black fabric covers it and has protection on the border and on the corners. There also are the handy vertical handles, to place them in the position easily.

The low profile vibrance comes as a set of low profile foundation and mattress at a really low price and it has a fair 20 years pro-rated warranty made for real comfort.

The mattress has a quilt at the top which follows the pillowtop that has a gel infused memory foam, soft comfort foam, and 1 inch of micro coils. The mattress core has the lumbar latex foam, comfort foam and foam encased spring coils with a dense fiber base layer to finish off.

The low profile vibrance mattress is available in all sizes from small to the biggest. You can have the vibrance mattress as a set or the vibrance low profile foundation only.

Split Standard Vibrance

Split mattress foundations are lovely to handle. The larger foundations of the queen and kind sizes are not easy to carry and especially not ideal for those who want them upstairs through a narrow staircase. The Bob’s vibrance mattress collection solves this problem with the split queen mattress foundation.

The standard vibrance foundation which is 9 inches tall comes as a split set. It makes 2 pieces to make a single set of foundation for the queen size mattress. The height and length of the foundation matches the queen mattress but the width is split length wise. When you keep them parallel, you have the complete foundation ready for you. The dimensions of each of the piece are 30 inches wide, 80 inches long and 9 inches in height.

The split standard vibrance is available only for the queen size and thus is not available for the king size. The other sizes do not need this facility. The features of this split standard foundation are the same as others. It is of hard wood for ample support; there is the fabric cover and boarder quilt to protect the fiber inside. The corners of both the pieces of the foundation are secured. Both of them also have the side vertical handles attached to it. Place your queen mattress over it, it looks perfect!

Split Low Profile Vibrance

The split low profile is, as the name suggests, the split version of the low profile foundation. Once again, this is split and low profile. Each piece of the split foundation set is low in height, in comparison. The height stays at 5 inches for the foundation. The mattress on the top could be the normal Bob’s vibrance mattress.

This Vibrance low profile split foundation is available for queen and king size mattresses. The dimensions are 30 inches wide and 80 inches long for the queen and appropriate for the king size mattress.

Being a low profile foundation is good enough and the split option is an extra advantage for the king size mattresses. The hard wood provides enough support. It comes as a single foundation set or in combination with the mattress as well. The split foundation has separate cloth enclosures, secured border and corner support as well. Each of it also has the vertical handles to position them easily.

The mattresses for these split foundation set is standard Bob’s vibrance mattress which is available for purchase as a set or as separate pieces. The mattress is the gel infused Bob O Pedic mattress with a mattress tailoring of pillowtop with knit fabric cover.

Power Bob Vibrance

The power bob is the nickname for the adjustable bed from Bob’s furniture. These adjustable beds are fancy and convenient unless the cost scares you off. This Power Bob variance from Bob’s is available for Twin XL, queen, and king size mattresses.

  • We can adjust the bed at the head and can fit in any existing bed rails.
  • It has this wall hugging design to keep it sturdy. Headboard brackets also comes with it.
  • The power bob comes fully upholstered with knit fabric to make it look like an ordinary bed foundation. It can stay disguised until you decide to raise it for comfort.
  • A 6000 newton lift motor which is 2 in number is the driving force behind this. The hardwired remote is also provided which is big and quite convenient to be used by all. The remote has soft touch buttons.
  • The power bob vibrance comes with 5 year warranty on replacements and also an additional 5 year pro-rated period as well.
  • The power bob is available as a single piece or as split one for convenience for the dual king size bed.
  • For the dual king size use 2 twin XL power bobs and one each of Twin XL Bob’s vibrance mattress.
  • Power bob must use the Bob’s mattress since not all mattresses are made suitable for the adjustable beds.
  • Each of the power bob uses 6 legs that have casters that are lockable. The bed consists of super heavy duty steel with a powder coating.
  • The dual king set allows a larger bed for a couple and at the same time provides individual space. What if one of you need to sleep and the other wants to get up and read? This dual king set from Bob’s variance is just for you.

Bobs Vibrance Mattress


Bob’s vibrance mattresses all have the same anatomy. It is of same materials and also same finish. The only difference is in their size and spring coil count. Basically the mattresses have a pillowtop comfort with a quilted top.

The pillowtop layer of the Vibrance mattresses is 2 inches thick with a Bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam layer at the top that is ¼ inch thick. This follows a 1 ½ inch thick, soft memory foam that covers the 1 inch micro coils for the support. The coils in use are 17 gauge. The number varies with the size of the mattress.The quilt that covers the pillowtop is 2 inches of quiltflex covered in stretchable knit fabric and filled with natural cashmere fibers.

Underneath the pillowtop there is the mattress core made of latex foam and a layer of comfort foam. The comfort foam layer is 1 inch thick. The very core is the encased spring coils. The coils in use are of 14 ½ gauge. The number of coils varies with size. The queen size holds about 800 coils in it. The final layer of the mattress is the 1 5/8 inches thick fiber base layer. The base of the mattress is covered with black fabric to match the vibrance foundation set. There is no difference in the height of the vibrance mattress which is 15.5 inches for all.

Bob’s Vibrance Mattress – Mattress Sizes

Bob’s vibrance mattress is available in all sizes from twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king sizes. The mattresses are available as separate and also along with the vibrance foundation as a set.

Mattress Comfort

The mattress comfort of all the Bob’s vibrance mattresses is the same- pillowtop. Whether it is the vibrance set or the mattress available separately, the comfort is the same for all.

Bobs Vibrance Mattress – Where to buy?

You can purchase the Bob’s Vibrance mattress from the stores or from the online store. The store locations are there is various locations of 12 states. You find the nearest store by providing your zip code at the online store. You can place the order anywhere and  pick it up in person or get delivered to your home.

For the home delivery, Delivery Tracking Details will be provided to you. It takes about 10 days to have the mattress delivered. The delivery will be done by FedEx or by Bob’s express delivery for the selected items. There also you may need to check if your area is within the delivery service area by checking with the zip code.

Bob’s Vibrance Mattress