The Bob’s Desire Mattress is a mattress collection that offers pillow top comfort mattresses. Bob’s Discount furniture is a wide market furniture store across 12 states of the United States. The Bob’s Discount Furniture mattress collection at the store is unique and large. There are many collections of which Bobs Desire Mattress is one of the leading brands. Another popular brand is the Bob’s Vibrance mattress. Bob’s Vibrance Mattress is made with a hybrid of infused memory foam and latex foam for more comfort. Here we are discussing in detail the features of Bobs Desire mattress.

Table of Contents

  • Bob’s Desire mattress
  • Bob’s Desire mattress- Twin XL
  • Features of Desire mattress twin XL
  • Suitable foundation for Bob’s Desire Twin XL mattress
  • Desire Twin XL into a king size mattress
  • Queen Size Desire mattress
  • Desire mattress King Size
  • The Conclusion

The Bob’s Desire mattresses are hybrid mattresses that use Bob-o-pedic the signature memory foam of Bob’s furniture with a gel infused latex layer. It also uses both micro and macro spring coils in the core of the mattress for the support. The Bob’d Desire mattress is desirable that you don’t need much choice with it.

Bobs Desire Mattress Reviews/ Desire bed reviews

Bob’s Desire mattress is available in only 3 sizes, twin XL, queen, and king size mattresses. The mattresses are available separate or in combination with the suitable foundation and matching fabric. The Desire collection is seen in this beige and brown color.

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Bob-o-pedic reviews

The use of Bob-o-pedic special memory foam, gel infused latex and the support of spring coils make the Desire mattress collection ideal for back support and also for back sleepers. The special foams are cooling in effect to dissipate the heat that usually accumulates around the body while sleeping. The dual coil system provides motion transfer reduction as well as good quality back support as they are individually encased.

The desirability of the desire collection widens with its compatibility with any type of mattress foundations. There are a few options at Bob’s for the desire mattress. These options are available with each size of the desire mattress.

Bob’s Desire Mattress- Twin XL Review

Features of Bobs desire mattress twin XL

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  • The Bobs Desire mattress twin XL is longer than twin with 80 inches in length and 38 inches wide. The total height of the mattress is 16 inches, with the memory foam, latex foam, and coil system in it.
  • The mattress has 3 layers, the pillowtop layer, and the lower mattress layer.
  • The pillowtop layers starts with the Belgium damask cover at the top which has antimicrobial fibers along with the natural silk and wool fibers to make an hypoallergenic cover for the mattress.
  • The cushioning of the pillowtop is done by 1 inch thick convoluted gel infused foam and another 1 inch layer of plush comfort foam underneath.
  • The main part of the mattress has several layers of different foam and encased spring coils.
  • The first layer is the Bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam that reduces the surface heat to keep the mattress cooler. This layer is followed by a layer of gel infused latex for the additional heat dissipation. Booth of these layers is 1 inch in thickness.
  • The next layer inside is the 1 inch microcoil for support and conformity. Thus it reduces the motion transfer. These coils are 17 gauge. Another layer of comfort foam in 1 inch thickness makes the top most portion of the Desire mattress.
  • The spring coil for the main support comes next. Each coil is individually encased in foam and the coils are 14 ½ gauge. A 1 inch thick dense fiber makes the base layer of the mattress for the protection.
  • All of these layers are put together with quality fabric that is beige in color. The sides of the Desire mattress have 2 handles on each side to move or position the mattress in its place.

Foundation for Bob’s Desire Twin XL Mattress

There are 3 options for foundation for the Twin XL Bobs desire mattress. It can use the standard Desire foundation, low profile desire foundation or the power bob, adjustable bed. NO other Desire mattress size has this luxury. The standard and low profile foundations will match the Desire mattress with the same covering fabric for the mattress.

The Desire standard foundation is available as individual product or you can have the Desire twin XL set that has the foundation and mattress. The standard foundation is 9 inches high and the low profile foundation is 5 inches only. The sets are available as Desire Twin XL standard set, Desire Twin XL low-profile set and Power bob with Desire Twin XL mattress set.

Having the matching set makes it look pleasant and also saves you money. It is always better to have a new foundation along with the new mattress and Desire mattress has this option to have matching foundation set ready for you. The mattress set also takes the guess work out as they are made to complement each other.

Converting Desire Twin XL Into A King Size Mattress

Placing 2 Desire Twin XL sets side by side makes a large king size bed ready. King size beds are most difficult to handle. Hence having this split bed option with the Twin XL makes it easier for those who may not be able to get the larger bed upstairs to their room.

The option stays the same with the power bob as well. With the power bob, this individual Twin XL is more flexible for the couples who have different interest. One can have the bed raised while the other prefers to sleep.

Bob’s Desire Mattress Queen Size Review

The Features

The desire queen mattress is a luxurious mattress at a convenient price for all. It uses the same materials as the other desire mattresses. The luxury starts with the Belgian damask cover and then follows the silk and wool fibers for antimicrobial effects, both micro and macro spring coils for motion transfer reduction and back support, gel infused memory foam and infused latex etc makes a complete package of luxury, convenience, and heat reduction.

The desire mattress queen size is available for the comfort level pillowtop only. The pillowtop is given as the separate layer but stays attached to the main mattress part. The pillowtop layer also has the different memory foam layers for the soft feel.

Desire queen mattress uses only thin layer of foam. All the foam or latex layers are 1 inch in thickness. There are convoluted gel infused foam and plush comfort foam in the pillowtop layer. The mattress layers are Bob-o-pedic gel infused memory foam, gel infused latex and comfort foam. Foam helps in wrapping the individual larger coils for the support.

The coil system is in 2 layers. The first layer is micro coils that are in the top portion. This later has protection of foam on both upper and lower sides. The core coil system is foam encased and larger in size. The coil gauge is 17 for the micro coils and 14 ½ for the larger coils. The support coil system has a dense fiber base layer underneath to finish off. The entire mattress layers under the pillowtop are in a fabric cover. The pillowtop layer has its own covering.

Desire Queen Foundation

The desire queen mattress has 5 options for the foundation. The foundation is available as separate piece or as part of the mattress set.

  • Standard foundation is 9 inches high of heavy duty wood and fiber and foam encasement for the side protection. This standard foundation matches the mattress with its covering fabric.
  • Standard split is the same size as the standard but only that it comes as split pieces. It makes the 2 pieces to make the queen size foundation. The Desire queen mattress can fit on it nicely and accurately.
  • Low profile foundation is low in height. It is just 5 inches high. The mattress itself is 16 inches high and with the 5 inches of the foundation adds to 21 inches which is fairly high for average persons.
  • Low profile split is the same as low profile but is split into 2 pieces. Join the 2 pieces; you get the queen size mattress foundation.
  • Power bob with Desire queen mattress is the next option. We can use the desire mattress with the adjustable bed and the power bob makes an ideal choice as well. Using power bob can raise the total height by several inches. The height it attains would be 31 inches in total. The mattress retainer bars keep the mattress in its place.

The mattress set, with the mattress and the foundation is available for every single piece given above.

Bobs Desire Mattress King Size Review

The king size Bobs desire mattress is the largest size with dimensions of 80 inches in length, 76 inches in width and a height of 16 inches. The mattress uses all the materials which are in make of the other sizes. The comfort level is also Pillowtop.

The different gel infused layers of memory foam and latex keep the heat from the body away from getting back to the body. Thus the heat  dissipates and keep the mattress surface cooler. The many layers provide support and softness to the sleepers. The use of silk and wool fibers keep the microbes away and also safe for the skin. The dual coil system provides support. The king mattress also has the option to have 3 different foundation. The wooden foundation for the desire king mattress is available as split only. The options are standard split with a height of 9 inches, low profile split that has a height of 5 inches and the power bob which can make the total height of the mattress 31 inches.

The Conclusion

The Bobs Desire mattress is ideal for couples as it reduces the motion transfer. It is also good for the back sleepers with good support from the encased coil system. The split foundation option for the larger mattresses is another desirable reason to choose the Desire mattress. The price is not too much so you can try it to see it yourself!