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Blue Burrito Hybrid Mattress reviews – Compare Beds online

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Blue Burrito Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The Blue Burrito mattresses are available in 7 sizes namely, twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal King and Split king. Both the mattress varieties are 11 inches in height.

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The Blue Burrito pillow size is 23” x 6” x 15”

The Blue Burrito mattress is exclusive to RC Willey online store. There are just two models in varying mattress sizes. The price of the mattresses starts from $499 to a maximum of $1399. The price varies with the model and its sizes.

You will not get the mattress from anywhere else except the R C Willey online store or their exclusive pick up stores.

Update: The Blue Burrito Mattress is a product owned and marketed by R. C.Willey. Visit the R.C. Willey website to know more about the Blue burrito Mattress and purchase them. You can also check out the stores for the Blue Burrito mattress.

Discount Prices On Blue Burrito Mattress

The Blue Burrito mattress price varies between $499-1399 depending upon the model and size. The basic prices are,

SizeHybridVisco Gel
Twin XL$699.99$599.99
Cal King$1099.99$999.99
Split King$1399.99$1199.99
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Blue Burrito Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The Blue Burrito mattress reviews say that the mattress is comfortable and are economical. The free pillows are the highlight next to the comfort. The mattress has been effective in reducing pain.


This has been an excellent replacement mattress for me. It is comfortable. The installation is also easy. The mattress has an awesome cover. The quality and price are great. They even recognized my military service too.


I am fond of memory style mattresses after a trip to Europe. So far, I have bought 9 of these mattresses for my home, vacation homes and rentals. They make a stylish bed with moisture barrier cover. The only thing to consider is the smell when it is fluffing. The smell would go within a day or two, so there is nothing to worry.

Blue Burrito Hybrid Memory foam mattress

  • The Blue Burrito hybrid mattress is 11” in height.
  • The mattress has 5 layers and an attractive mattress cover in a breathable knit fabric.
  • The first layer is 1” thick ComforTemp ventilated gelatinized memory foam.
  • The second layer is the 2.5” of GelCare gel infused memory foam. These two layers are body conforming and give comfort to the user.
  • The third layer is a transition layer made of 1” high-density poly foam.
  • The support layer is the 5.5” of the tempered steel twirl coil system. The coils have individual wrapping for their sovereign movements.
  • The base layer is 1” thick high-density poly base support foam.
  • The mattress is available in 7 sizes and with free pillows. The twin size has just one pillow with the bed while all other sizes have two pillows each.
  • You can buy the mattress only or have a suitable foundation along with it.
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Blue Burrito Visco Gel Memory foam mattress

  • Blue Burrito Visco gel memory foam mattress is a simple mattress with just 3 layers of memory foam.
  • Each layer of memory foam has the different density for the comfort and support.
  • The top layer is 1.5” of ComforTemp memory foam that conforms to the body and can regulate the body temperature.
  • The second layer is 2.5” of Gelcare cooling ventilated gel infused memory foam. This layer is also body conforming with enhanced cooling property with the gel infusion.
  • The base layer is the 7” of high-density base support foam.
  • These layers are covered inside the blue colored, breathable fabric.
  • The mattress is available in 7 sizes and free Blue Burrito memory foam cluster pillows.
  • The mattress is 11 inches in height.

Blue Burrito memory foam Cluster pillow

  • The Blue Burrito memory foam cluster pillow has cradling support for the neck. It has contouring property for the perfect match for one and all.
  • The memory foam used inside are in cluster foam. Each of the clusters is feather sized for better air movements and to reduce heat. It helps relieve pressure and pain.
  • The pillows are available separately or come with the mattresses. Each pillow is 14.96” in height.
  • The pillows have removable covers which you can machine wash and dry as usual.

Blue Burrito Mattress Specifications

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Blue Burrito Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The Blue Burrito mattress hybrid variety has default free shipping to anywhere within the USA. There are no charges for the shipping or delivery.

There is shipping charge applicable on the Blue Burrito mattress Visco gel variety, where the charges depend on the location.

You can either opt for the standard delivery or choose own pick up from the nearby available stores. The store pickup availability may be limited for specific models and their respective sizes.

Mattresses that are eligible for free shipping will never have any additional fees.

  • 1″ ComforTemp Ventilated Gelatinized Memory Foam
  • 2.5″ GelCare Cool Ventilated Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • 1″ HD Poly Foam Transitional Layer
  • 5.5″ Individually Wrapped Tempered Steel TwirlCoil
  • 1″ HD Poly Base Support Foam

Blue Burrito Mattress Setup & Installation

  • Blue Burrito mattresses arrive inside a box in the rolled and compressed state. Setting up of these mattresses is easy.
  • Open the box and take the mattress out.
  • Carefully cut open the mattress wrap and unroll it.
  • Remove the inner wrap of the mattress and let it expend for a few hours.
  • Both the models of Blue Burrito mattress will be arriving inside the box and requires these same steps for installation.

Blue Burrito Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

Blue Burrito mattress comes with a 100-day guarantee which is equivalent to a trial period. The company assures that you will like the mattress within 100 days or else you can return the mattress for a guaranteed refund on the expenses.

The Blue Burrito mattresses have a 10-year pro-rated warranty against all manufacturing defects.

The Blue burrito pillows cost $599.99 each. The pillows usually come free with the mattresses.

The foundation prices start from $80 to $2600 depending upon the type of foundation.

Coupons Codes & Discounts For Blue Burrito Mattress

You can use RC Willey coupon codes and promo codes to get a discount on the Blue Burrito Mattresses. The coupons can get you some attractive discounts.

The firmness of the Blue Burrito mattresses is not clearly mentioned. The bed is said to be on the firm side or rather a medium-firm with the softer layers and the harder support layer. The hybrid mattress is medium-firm to firm in comfort, and the Visco memory foam model is medium to firm in feel.

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Blue Burrito Mattress Frames & Foundation

The Blue Burrito mattresses are suitable with all types of foundations including adjustable bases. You can use them on a platform bed, box spring or an adjustable base. You can choose any of such foundations along with the mattress when you place the order. The foundations are available for all sizes and even in split Cal King size.

Blue Burrito Mattress Financing

RC Willey offers a financing option for the Blue Burrito mattresses. One can pay the full amount of the mattress and foundation as monthly installments. The monthly installments differ with the amount of the bed. For all mattresses, the six months payment will have a 1.75% interest rate. For $999 or above, one can pay in 12 months’ time. 18 months payment is applicable for all bills of $1999 or above.

There will also be a minimum payment per month for each plan. This minimum amount will be 3-5% of the actual price.

Blue Burrito Mattress Safety & Certifications

Blue Burrito hybrid mattress uses high-quality tempered spring coils that can retain its strength and regain its bounciness as soon as the weight is off. The memory foam used inside these mattresses are safe for indoor use with the CertiPUR-US certification. The certificate proves that the memory foam is devoid of all heavy metals, harmful chemical emission, ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, etc.

Maintenance On Blue Burrito Mattress

  • The maintenance of the Blue Burrito mattress requires you to have a mattress protector with the waterproof feature to safeguard the mattress.
  • Rotate the mattress once in every 4-6 months from head to foot.
  • The Blue Burrito mattresses are single-sided, so NEVER flip these mattresses.
  • For spot cleaning when needed, choose warm water, mild soap, and a sponge to scrub the dirt away gently. Immediately blot the water with a dry cloth or towel.
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Motion Transfer on a Blue Burrito Mattress

Blue Burrito mattresses of both the models have top quality support systems in the form of coil system and high-density poly foam. Both are effective in isolating the movements on the mattress surface.

The tempered coils are individual in movements, so the one’s action is independent of each other. It also ensures maximum motion isolation.

Sagging Problems in Blue Burrito Mattress

So far there are no reports on sagging issues on the Blue Burrito mattress. The mattress is firm enough and has the quality resilience to retain its shape. The only concern can be the lack of side support that can hinder when you want to have wider space on the mattress surface.

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Though the Blue Burrito mattress is an online-only mattress. The customers can choose to have the mattress delivered or pick it up personally. It is one of a kind of such facility for the mattress. There are a few pickup locations for the RC Willey at their warehouses. You can check for the nearest location from RC Willey website if you are interested. Both the varieties of Blue Burrito mattress are comfortable and supportive. The 100-days guarantee period is good and assuring.

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