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Memory foam mattresses have been selling high and are in high demand since they have hit the markets. They not only conform according to the body shape but also provide support that gives a feel of sleeping on the clouds. BioPedic memory foam mattress is a very well known mattress brand and has been doing the rounds for years. This mattress range is all about affordability, comfort, and health friendliness.

In this article, we will be discussing the BioPedic mattress brand which sells premium sleep products. So stay tuned to uncover their memory foam mattress models to make an informed decision.

BioPEDIC Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

BioPedic is a brand that sells specialty sleep products manufactured by Soft-Tex Manufacturing Company. They sell most of their products through Home Depot, Wayfair and portals like Amazon. Their products include mattresses, toppers, mattress pads, pillows, foundations, and fiber beds.

BioPEDIC Mattress Reviews

When there are different models under a mattress brand, then it is confusing what to go with. There are many things to consider as it is going to be a long-term investment. You cannot simply buy something and later regret about the money that is already wasted. I have tried my best to put all the models that I could find with details.

The Back to Campus 6 inches Memory Foam Mattress is a superior memory foam mattress. It gives you exceptional support and all the cradling features of a memory foam mattress. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for budget-friendly prices along with the comfort factor. The top layer consists of 1.5 inches of ventilated memory foam, and the base layer is of 4.5 inches thickness with support foam. The overall design is simple. The open-cell memory foam structure helps to prevent heat retention. It allows you to sleep cool and comfortable especially if you are a hot sleeper. This mattress exhibits all the features of traditional memory foam, and due to that, it supports pressure relief.


Great for people with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and best for combination sleepers. Whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper there is a lot of room for all out there. It is easy to install and perfect for dorms as it can be set up on the floor without any foundations and frames.

BioPEDIC Supreme 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress review

BioPedic supreme is an excellent body supporting memory foam mattress. The top layer of this mattress stays cool because of two reasons 1) it has super open cells that keep the ventilation factor intact. 2)

The cover fabric has circular knit fabric, which makes the top layer breathable.

The middle layer has a heat dissipation fabric that allows you to sleep cool. The top layer has 2.5 inches thickness (made of ventilated memory foam), and the base layer is about 5.5 inches thick with high-density support foam. The support layer provides exceptional support and durability factor to the mattress with its heavy-duty foam layer.


BioPEDIC European Supreme 10 inch Plush mattress review

BioPedic has carefully designed this mattress model for luxury lovers. Each layer sits on top of one another crafted for luxury and comfort. Again, this mattress model has super open-cell structures, ventilation foam for increasing breathability, and quick response foams. All the three layers work together to offer a great sleep by cradling the body and providing relief from pressure points. This mattress provides supreme comfort as its name suggests and belongs to the plush category.

You will undoubtedly feel like sleeping in the clouds and is best suited for all types of sleepers. This plush mattress is actually a great pick for stomach and side sleepers. It conforms to your body shape and gives a great posture to sleep. If you love a firm mattress, then do not even bother to look at this mattress. It looks nothing like a firm mattress from none of the angles. The top layer is of 1.5 inches thickness (uses energy-smart memory foam), the middle layer is of 2.5 inches thickness (ventilated foam), and the base layer is of 6.5 inches thickness (high-density memory foam). The mattress has a total profile of 10 inches and displays a luxury cover fabric.

BioPEDIC Luxury Supreme 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress review

This mattress is an excellent pick for achieving full-on comfort, and it stands apart regarding luxury. The cover fabric in itself uses half inches of the height which is a gel infused quilted layer. It contains open cell air memory foam to prevent heating issues at the top layer. Below the quilted layer, you can find the sensor foam layer with 2.5 inches thickness. It helps to improve the breathability of the mattress and supports airflow. The support layer or the base layers made of sensory base foam is a highly resilient material. This layer occupies around 7 inches giving a total profile of 10 inches to the luxury mattress. This mattress, in particular, has a 20-year manufacturer warranty.


BioPEDIC 8 inch Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress review

8 inches deluxe memory foam mattress has three layers in its construction. The key feature about this is the use of different fabric to prevent heat retention. The top layer is of 2.5 inches thickness made with sensory foam, and the base layer is of 5.5 inches thickness made of polyurethane base foam. This mattress has a 3-layer fabric structure with rayon being the outer layer and polyester occupying the middle and base layer. This 3-layer structure helps to prevent moisture and adds to the durability of the mattress. The deluxe memory foam mattress, stay puts in its place as it is made of skid proof material at the bottom. It has a warranty period of 20 years against manufacturing defects.

BioPEDIC Extreme Luxury 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress review

This mattress has similar features of the 8 inches deluxe model but has a four-layer design. The mattress comes tightly wrapped in a circular knit cover with rayon at the top. The bottom and middle layers make use of polyester fabric as its outer cover. All the three fabrics help to prevent moisture and offer firm resistance. The rayon cover is super soft and gives a feeling of extreme luxury. The quilted top layer is of 1 inch thick with super soft senor-air foam. This layer helps to provide ventilation and dissipates the heat quickly.

The next layer is of 2 inches with ventilated sensor foam and provides pressure relief. It also helps to cool the mattress and offers a great sleeping experience. Below this layer sits a 1/8 inch sheet of the heat dissipating material which is a unique technique employed by BioPedic. The last layer or the supportive layer is of 7 inches thickness with high-density polyurethane base foam. This mattress gives the perfect sinking feel without being stuck inside. This mattress comes with a 20-year warranty period.

Customer reviews – Is BioPEDIC Good?

BioPedic is a commonly heard brand. There are a few models like the 8-inch deluxe and the European supreme that sells like a blockbuster. Their mattress models receive the mixed opinion from its customers where certain models are highly praised. In short, I was able to find great reviews for the two models that I have mentioned in this section. BioPedic does not have a proper website where I could find all the details. Besides, one problem that I found out was that they had used different names on different sites that are confusing. That is the main reason why I am sticking to the above two models.

I checked the home depot and Wayfair sites, which sell BioPedic, and they had great feedback for these two models. I am not sure about other models because I could not find any reviews or customer ratings.

BioPedic Mattress Toppers, Pillows, and Mattress Pads

Biopedic Extreme Luxury 3 inch memory Foam Topper Review

The BioPedic Extreme Luxury 3” memory foam topper is made with 1” of super soft quilted memory foam and 2” of ventilated memory foam which incorporates the iCOOL technology. These make the toppers highly breathable. Added to this is a knit woven damask cover which has anti-stain features. These toppers have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of the other variants to the BioPEDIC mattress toppers are the BioPedic memory plus 3-inch Gel memory foam and fiber bed topper with anchor bands and the BioPedic 4” gel swirl memory foam mattress topper

BioPEDIC also sells BioPedic memory foam pillows and BioPedic mattress pads.
There are numerous varieties of BioPEDIC pillows available. Some of the popular brands are the Euro European Polyfill European Pillow, Memory Plus Quilted Memory Foam Standard Pillow, Fiber Standard Pillow, Extreme Luxury Memory Foam Contour Pillow,Memory Plus Classic Memory Foam Pillow, Signature Down Alternative Pillow, UltraFresh® Jumbo Bed Polyfill Standard Pillow and Gel Overlay Comfort Bed Memory Foam Standard Pillow.

The BioPEDIC Mattress pads include Microshield Quilted Antimicrobial Mattress Pad, Luxury Euro Top Mattress Pad, and the Luxury Top Loft Gel Fiber Mattress Pads.

Where To Buy BioPEDIC Mattress

You can buy BioPedic memory foam mattress from Home Depot and Wayfair. They are available only online and not in other retail outlets. You can also find them at Amazon, and other affiliate sites. However, it is worth purchasing from home depot and Wayfair to avail the warranty and discounts.

In conclusion, Biopedic Memory foam mattress has many great features to offer and certainly fits inside the budget. This mattress range has stuff that really work and are great for the body. Their mattresses help to sleep well and offer comfort just like any other memory foam mattress. Then each person is different so are their choices. BioPedic mattresses are a great pick when it comes to affordability.


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