Natura Greenspring Organic Latex Mattress Reviews

Natura Greenspring Organic Latex Mattress Reviews

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Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.

If you are waking up with aches and pain, it’s probably time to replace your mattress. The thought of having a mattress that mould to your body, while you sleep sounds great. Memory Foam Mattresses by Natura is a great choice.

Will you go for a soft or firm one? Memory foam or pocket sprung? Wool or synthetic filled?

Choosing one from the numerous designs out there is another matter. Standing amid a sea of mattresses and trying to distinguish one from another is very a complicated process.

But don’t worry. Before you dash out and make a hasty purchase,  Read this review on top 3 memory foam mattresses by Natura

Nature Mattresses Reviews

Natura is the manufacturer of a completely organic line of pure mattresses and bedding for both adults and infants. They are experts in designing unique and exceptional sleep systems for their customers. Natura stands in the belief that, one can’t beat the quality of North American made goods.

Specialities include: Specialty bedding, mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, comforters, baby bedding, pet beds


Widest choice of Mattresses, from Memory foam, Latex and Luxury series. The Best Mattresses at affordable price

Top 3 Natura memory foam mattresses

  • NaturLatex Sunshine Mattress Size Twin
  • Natura Laurel Luxury Mattress Cal. King
  • Nexgel Euro Memo Set (King)

NaturLatex Sunshine Mattress Size Twin

NaturLatex Sunshine is a perfect product for a healthier, good night’s sleep. The firm layers of Talalay latex give support to ease stress thus release muscle tension. It is made of natural wool and hypoallergenic latex which eliminate dust mites, harmful bacteria and other sleep disturbing allergens.

NaturLatex Sunshine Mattress Size Twin features

4” Talalay latex construction: Talalay latex mattress does not contain any harmful substances or pose a risk to the users and thus is claimed. It is safe for babies also because it is natural. The Talalay process features biodegradable, natural elements that come from water-based raw materials and natural resources.

  • Dust mite resistant. It can provide relief for people with asthma.
  • Natural mold and mildew resistant. Thus, prevents you from sneezing and wheezing troubles.
  • Possess anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Besides, Talalay latex mattress has a breathable design and cell structure. It won’t allow your body heat to dissipate.

  • Double-softened terry cotton ticking: Terry cloth is fabric with loops. It is capable of absorbing large amounts of water. You know, cotton is one of the strongest and most washable fabrics. It is easy to remove stains from this fabric. Besides, it can withstand hot temperatures for washing and ironing.
  • 6 oz per yard square Natura wool lining: Wool fabrics have greater ability to retain air in comparison to other products. The pure Natura wool lining wicks away moisture consequently helping maintain a warm, temperature regulated sleep environment.
  • Presence of flat top: This will support your sensitive areas like the hips, shoulders and lower legs.
Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Natura Laurel Luxury Mattress Cal. King

The Laurel Luxury mattress gives the ultimate comfort of all the natural ingredients. The Plush layers contain plant-based & Talalay latex foam which is encased in a coil unit (609 coils).  This Plush layer includes three targeted zones that support shoulders, lower legs, and hips.

Natura Laurel Luxury Mattress Cal. King features

  • 2.3 lbs of pure Natura wool trade
  • 1” Plant-based quilt foam
  • Stretch-Knit ticking
  • 1” Talalay latex–soft
  • Natura cotton fire barrier
  • 1” Plant-based foam-firm

Natura Laurel Luxury Mattress Cal. King Benefits

  • Lowers tossing and turning from temperature fluctuation thus providing sound sleep
  • Improves the rate of circulation by buffering the pressure points
  • Yields resilient support, edge to edge sleeping comfort and overall support
  • Absorbs motion transfer, therefore, assisting in personal isolation
  • Equalizes pressure distribution for whole body support resulting in a better quality sleep
  • Restricts edge sagging thus lengthens the life of the mattress

Nexgel Euro Memo Set (King)

This Euro series helps you to get a good night’s sleep. Nexgel mattress is a nourishing coalition of patented OrthoGel technology and Talalay latex. The plant-based memory foam layer furnishes a weightless feel over a plant-based foam base. While, the patented honeycomb Orthogel columns instantly respond to joints, muscles, and bones for even distribution of body weight.

Nexgel Euro Memo Set Features

  • Mattress height 11 1/2”
  • 10-inch foundation
  • Quilt stretch: Knit ticking 1” plant-based foam
  • Topper: 0.75” Orthogel TM
  • Core 2” Visco memory foam 5 lb 7” plant-based foam
  • Includes no off-gassing
  • There are no dust mites

Nexgel Euro Memo Set Benefits

  • Removes pressure point discomfort
  • Improves cushioning and surface comfort
  • Lowers stress on muscles and joints
  • Conforms to individual sleep patterns
Avocado Mattress

Latex Mattress with the best reviews. Works great for health issues including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Customer Reviews On Memory Foam Mattresses By Natura

These mattresses are made from natural rubber and are resistant to mold and dust mites. It has worked well for most of the user hence The customer reviews on these mattresses are quite satisfactory.

Where To Buy These Natura Mattresses?

One can buy these products from the company’s website or and thus save money. All the mattresses carry a 30-day back guarantee. Besides, you can avail 40% discount on these mattresses from Natura. Amazon offers 60% discount on the memory foam mattresses.


Remember, when it comes to a good night’s sleep, the mattress that you choose can make a great difference. After all, you spent nearly 3,000 hours lying on the bed each year. So, make the right decision before it’s too late! Try out these memory foam mattresses by Natura.


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