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Best RV mattress for back pain

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Traveling could be fun or painful. Long drives can take a toll on you and when you are at your destination, you look forward to that relaxation. A good mattress could go a long way in helping you relax. If you are already suffering from any form of health condition or are just tired from the long journey, you should be able to rest in your bed and go to sleep without a problem. Your mattress should be cool, comfortable, and conforming. Most importantly it should be pressure relieving and take your aches away

There is no difference when it comes to the features of a mattress that you should look for when it comes to a mattress and your back pain. The mattress needs to be medium-firm, Supportive, and pressure relieving. The mattress also needs to be able to remain cool. It does not matter which brand of mattress you choose, as long as it’s medium-firm and pressure relieving, you should be good to go.

For an RV mattress, you have specific brands which are excellent for your RV. They come with dust and mite resistant covers, custom shapes and sizes, and even cool to touch, but are they good for your back?

If you were to buy an RV mattress which can help you rest while you are on the road, what would you be looking for? Check out some of the mattresses and what they have to offer.

Bear RV Mattress

The Bear RV mattress is a full Memory foam mattress. The mattress comes with Celliant covers which are cool to touch. The 1-inch cooling gel memory foam top layer keeps the mattress cool at any season and the second one-inch layer adds the required pressure relief. This layer is important for people with back pain. The second layer is not for comfort but pressure relief and balanced support. No matter what your weight is or your sleeping positions are, this layer plays a major role in keeping your spine aligned. The pressure-relieving feature allows even weight throughout the body of the mattress relaxing your entire body perfectly. The bottom layer is 6 inches of durable high-density foam.

The construction of the bear mattress is simple but highly effective for people with back pain. The client covers help you recover faster from daily fatigue. Added with the pressure-relieving feature of the mattress, the bear RV mattress is one of the most cost-effective mattresses for those suffering from back pain. 

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The Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora is one of the BEST RV mattresses for people with back pain. It has everything you can think of when it comes to an RV mattress and back pain. Excellent pressure relief, Cooling technology, Gel-infused, Individually wrapped coils, Comes in 3 firmness levels, Copper flex for people with allergies. The mattress is packed with a range of features.

For people with back pain, the Aurora is simply the best mattress with state-of-the-art pressure relief, cooling, and responsiveness. The titan flex is conforming and responsive, more than most latex and memory foam mattresses in the industry. 

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The Brooklyn Wanderlust Mattress

The Brooklyn Wanderlust mattress comes with cooling gel foam and variations of firmness levels. This is key for people who are looking for a custom level of firmness. Choose from 5 different firmness levels which may be suitable for you. From soft to firm there is a range of options you can choose from

The wanderlust is a pure memory foam mattress and comes in various thickness profiles. The thickest ones are the plushest mattresses and the thinnest one, which is 6 inches in thickness is the firmest in the range. 

The Wanderlust sports a cooling gel foam to keep the mattress cool in all weather. The open cell technology adds for better airflow improving the mattress coolness. The added advantage of the nano-stain-resistant covers adds more benefit to the Wanderlust mattress.

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The Brooklyn Arctic dreams mattress

The Arctic Dream mattress comes in 2 variations. A pure foam and an innerspring option, both in the medium firm. The medium firm is perfect for people with back pain but we recommend the hybrid for better pressure relief. While the foam mattress does a good job with pressure relief, it is significantly different from a coil mattress. The pressure relief of an individually encased coil system is beyond debate. For people with back pain, this one feature is simply the deal breaker. If you are on the heavier side, you should NOT consider the inner coil and should go for the pure foam option. The inner coil mattress may hurt your back more and the mattress itself will feel too soft if you are above 180 lbs.

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Brooklyn Signature FIRM Hybrid

The Firm option in the Brooklyn Signature mattress is perfect for people who are on the heavier side and want an innerspring mattress. Beware that there is a softer, Medium-firm mattress in this option which is not perfect for people who are above 180lbs. The Firm option is perfect for those who are slightly heavier and over time you will realize that it is perfect for your back

The Brooklyn Signature mattress comes with a premium quilted top for a luxury feel and titan flex for the best pressure relief.

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