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Which is the best rated mattress?

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Now that is a question that most of the mattress buyers want an answer for! The title of ‘best rated mattress’ has been bestowed on Saatva Mattresses. It is ‘America’s Best Priced mattress! Now the second question that arises over here is why?! The answer is simple, Saatva is offering high quality at affordable rate. Usually a Supreme quality product like the one which Saatva produces is expensive, but in the case of Saatva it is completely different. It is not that they started the business for charity purposes, but they do think of human wellness. So, they don’t run their business in loss, but they also do not make improper profits

If Saatva Mattresses is selling its mattresses at cheaper rates, then it has been transparent in telling why is it doing so and how is it able to provide high quality products at lower cost without incurring loss. Now Saatva doesn’t have stores apart from the online ones. Saatva Mattresses is an online business. Saatva does have 9 manufacturing factories in America, but no physical stores. Saatva did the right calculation in business! First thing, the shopping trend is changing and 80% of the world population prefers online shopping these days than traditional shopping due to scarcity of time and then most of the people find online shopping more convenient. Then, an online store is cheaper to maintain. Setting up a store is a big expense and then maintaining it is another.Now, when you have a physical store then you need employees, and when you have employees you need to pay salary to them, so again the expense increases. So, by opting for a complete online business, Saatva saves all these huge expenses. The next expense that Saatva Mattresses saves is the middlemen expense. Saatva believes in business, so in the business world of Saatva there is no space for middle man. Saatva interacts directly with its users. There is no third party, only the producer and the buyer. Again an expense saved! Saatva prices its products according to the savings it makes. So, with every saving the price of Saatva mattresses decreases. Since Saatva is saving expenses from all these areas of business procedure, Saatva makes it a point to pass on a part of this benefit to its customers by offering its high quality product at affordable prices.All Saatva mattresses are handmade by well-trained and experienced craftsmen. The organic cotton used for making mattress cover and the recycled steel used in the mattress are produced by Saatva and the rest of the materials is bought from highly reputed companies. Saatva doesn’t believe in compromising with quality and so every material that it uses in its product is of high quality.

The best part about Saatva is that it never pressurizes its customer to buy. It tells its customers all the specification and then whether to buy the product or not is the customer’s choice. The people who use the mattress have all praises for the product as well for the customer service offered by Saatva. No wonders Saatva is ‘the best rated mattresses’ by all means!

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