Avocado Green mattress

Eco-friendly and Green Beds are trending. Many people are opting for a safer greener alternative when it comes to pillows, beds, and mattresses. Check out Avocado mattress, the leader in green mattresses.

‘Her Highness’ is usually heavy in the pockets! The queen mattress is the most preferred size especially among people with partners. It is big enough to easily accommodate two people; at the same, it is not too big to eat space of the bedroom making it look smaller. Finding them online for easy purchasing is not at all a difficult job anymore as every company that sells mattress has this size definitely. The difficult job is to find the best Queen mattress for the money.

There are many brands from which you can choose, and the dimension of the queen size mattress differ with the company. Now, that’s a little confusing, but when it comes to quality at an affordable price then there is no confusion. The best queen mattress for the money would definitely be the Saatva mattress! Saatva is ‘America’s Best Priced mattress!’ and why shouldn’t it be? It offers superlative quality at a dumbfounding price! The price of Saatva queen mattress is very competitive. To get a lifelong luxurious sleeping experience at such a rate is a profitable deal indeed!

Saatva queen mattress is well spaced. The standard dimension of Saatva mattress is 60” x 80” (60 inches in width and 80inches in lenght). The height or in term of mattresses thickness of Saatva queen mattress comes in two different sizes: 14.5” Premier luxury and 11.5” custom slim. Don’t worry there is no difference in the price. So, even if you are a rolling person in sleep, or if you have the habit of sleeping as if the mattress is my territory and I am its head, don’t worry. Saatva queen mattress provides comfortable spacious playground for all your sleeping activities and the super best part you will not have to use the ‘Hug & Roll’ technique on your partner to get more space! Saatva queen mattress is good in isolating motion and does not make noise. So you and your partner will not be disturbed and you guys can enjoy undisturbed smooth and restful sleep journey towards a refreshed and energy packed morning.

Learn more about Avocado Mattress pressure relieving support. The natural latex added helps to wick moisture, giving you a pleasant bounce needed. Further, check more to know on the best features offered by Avocado.

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Saatva queen mattress conforms to your body and its ‘Spinal zone’ sleep technology helps in keeping the body in perfect alignment. Thus it actually acts as a barrier and a protection shield between pain and the body. The comforting embrace from the mattress and the support to the pressure points make it easier for you to drift away into the sleep world. Durability and longevity are the other two strong points of Saatva queen mattress. Do whatever you want on the mattress; want to jump?! Want to dance? Just simply do anything!

credits: http://www.dhgate.com/

credits: http://www.dhgate.com/

The Saatva queen mattress is a green mattress made with eco-friendly materials. Though not 100% organic, Saatva queen mattress has some organic and recycled contents in it like organic cotton used as the mattress cover and recycled steel using which the coil on coil design of the mattress is made. But, if for some reason you don’t like Saatva, you can give it back to the company, but you will have to do so within the 45-day trial period that Saatva offers to its customers as a friendly policy to check and test the quality and comfort level of the mattress. The customer doesn’t have to pay any restocking fees, pick-up fee or penalty fees! That really is a cool of an offer!

No doubts Saatva queen mattress is the best mattress for the money!


  • Size: 60” W x 80” L
  • Thickness: 14.5” premier luxury
  • 11.5” custom slim
  • Type: Innerspring with memory foam
  • Warranty period: 15 years
  • Trial period: 45 days.

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