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Night sweats are nightmares! These are a big nuisance when you want to get a sound and relaxed sleep. A wet mattress is the last thing that you want to lie on! Medication can help you to get out of this problem but also with a proper choice of mattress, you can get relief from the night sweats sleep problem. Your excessive sweating can also be related to your mattress, as certain mattresses causes heat build up leading you to sweat. Mattresses of various types, forms and sizes are easily available online these days. It is a matter of just a few clicks to find the best mattress for night sweats!
Excessive sweating at night dampens the mattress and interferes with the quality of your sleep. So what you need is a mattress made in a way that allows good airflow inside the mattress. The best mattresses for night sweats have the following features. Good air circulation inside the mattress will help in evaporating the wetness and keeping the mattress dry. The material with which the mattress has been created also plays a very vital role in the terms of heat build up. Materials like memory foam, latex and polyurethane foam which are widely used in making mattresses has very low heat conductivity. So heat easily builds up in the mattresses containing these materials leading your body to sweat. To avoid this you will have to buy cooling materials along with such mattresses. So the best mattress for night sweat is to buy mattresses which contains the foam with 3D (three dimensional) spacer fabrics.

The 3D spacer fabrics allows free flow of air and are highly durable. These are also very efficient in body’s pressure distribution and are anti-bacterial. The 3D spacer fabrics containing mattresses have the layer of the fabrics at the top of the topmost layer of foam and in some mattresses these are also attached to the sides. The 3D spacer fabrics at the sides and top of the mattresses will allow free flow of air and will prevent from the problem of perspiration. Gel memory foam mattresses are also a very good option for the people with the night sweat problems. You can buy these type of best mattress for night sweats online, and many of them come with a trial offer, so that you can try the product and test whether it works for you or not. The mattresses with the trial offers is the best as you won’t be loosing your money on an unwanted product. Narda mattresses, Saatva mattress and Sleep Science Mattress have got good ratings. In terms of quality these are good and their customer services is also satisfactory. They have been in the mattress industry for years now and have been successful as a mattress distributors. The details about these best mattress for night sweats, their making, warranty and return policies has been clearly given on their official website.

Extra tips: keeping a table fan nearby, drinking cold water, using night wears made of cotton, bedsheets of possibly of lowest thread counts and using cooling pillows. Following these tips along with using the best mattress for night sweats will also help greatly in reducing the uneasiness and disturbance that excessive sweating causes.