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Best mattress for seniors with back pain

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The Best mattresses for Seniors with back pain – Medium Firm, Responsive, Conforming, Supportive, Cool and compatible with adjustable beds. Take your pick here

70% of the US population complains about a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. 65 million people in the USA complain about recent back pain out of which 16 million people complain about persistent back pain problems. The majority of the people suffering from back pain are adults usually above the age of 50. 

Reasons for back pain could range from natural causes due to ageing, accidents, conditions like arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis or a degenerative disc. Whatever the cause, the result is excruciating pain. Medication, rest and therapy are often recommended for patients with most patients being recommended a good medium firm mattress, proper exercise for weight management and therapy, both mental and physical.

Sleep, sleeping positions and sleeping surface contribute to back-related problems. Studies indicate that poor sleep can aggravate pain. Sleeping on the stomach has higher chances of back and neck-related pain and sleeping on a surface too hard or too soft can restrict movement while sleeping and cause pain.

With 8 hours in bed, you can be careful on what kind of bed you want to spend those 8 hours on. Would you get restful sleep or wake up not rested, with sores and pains? Choosing a mattress is not a luxury anymore. After you have turned 50, chances are its a medical decision. Your mattress type and firmness among a lot of other factors when it comes to sleep has to be done wisely and may require professional help.

 The Best type of Mattress for seniors

SaatvaSolaireSmart Air MattressCustomizableThe best mattress which has customizable firmness levels . Upto 50 Preset settings. one touch remote. Adjustable Bed compatibleShop
SaatvaZenhavenLatexDual ComfortFlippable Dual comfort Mattress with 5 Zone Pressure Relief system. Excellent support. CoolShop
Eco TerraLatex HybridMedium FirmGood Pressure relief system . Cool, Supportive AffordableShop
PuffyOriginalMemory FoamMedium FirmChiropractor Approved, Cool, Supportive, good pressure reliefShop
SaatvaLoom & LeafMemory FoamMedium firm5 Zone Pressure relief, Graphite gel for cooling, Good edge supportShop
SaatvaClassicHybridMedium Firm5 Zone Pressure Relief, Chiropractor ApprovedShop
LaylaMemory FoamMedium FirmDual-sided mattress, Variable support for deep compressionShop
NolahEvolutionHybridMEdium FirmExcellent cooling, Best mattress for spinal alignment, Good pressure reliefShop

Seniors are like babies in many ways. They are sensitive to a lot of things, not as strong and require extra attention. When it comes to health, even more so. A good mattress helps them rest well. But choosing a mattress in particular for the seniors requires extreme care and caution. Wrong choice could lead to disasters which may lead to health issues.

The right type of mattress for seniors will need to have the following features

  1. Edge support: Most elders could use a mattress with edge support. Apart from the fact that it could be dangerous for seniors to sleep near the edges with chances of falling, edge support is also a good reason to have because most seniors spend a lot more time sitting on the bed than the younger generation. With good edge support, seniors feel safe and comfortable sitting on their mattresses every time. 
  2. Pressure relief: With conditions ranging from arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia in seniors, a good mattress with excellent pressure relief can make things considerably better. It not only helps rest well but also acts as a healing device. A good mattress is good to sleep on but what better way to heal yourself than at sleep. 
  3. Low motion transfer: IF you have been with elders for long enough you would know how little they sleep. Sleep does not come so well to them. Most seniors sleep for less than 6 hours. If they were to wake up with every movement in bed, they would lose the little sleep they are already getting. Especially when there is a partner to accompany them, motion transfer is always a concern which should be completely avoided
  4. Free from allergens, bacteria, and chemicals: There are enough concerns with health in seniors. Mild back pains to serious issues are common in the elders. An addition of any sort of inconvenience is not welcome. Smelly mattresses, allergens, and dust are all problems when it comes to seniors. Find a mattress that is antibacterial, anti-allergen, and free from chemicals. It’s always a good idea to find something organic when it comes to seniors.
  5. Compatible with an adjustable base: Adjustable bases are one of the most comforting devices which come for seniors and patients who require to spend more time in bed. Adjustable bases need to be compatible with an adjustable mattress. Mattresses that are not compatible with adjustable bases are often uncomfortable on them and could void the warranty. 
  6. Firmness: Firmness is the most important feature of a mattress. For seniors, it becomes even more so. A good medium-firm mattress works wonders for back problems and most conditions. Too soft or too firm is not recommended by professionals and doctors. Find a mattress which is medium-firm and this does not mean medium-firm by company standards. Test the mattress for firmness personally. The person using the mattress should vouch for its firmness.
  7. Temperature neutrality: Nobody likes to sleep in a mattress that’s too hot. Apart from losing sleep, waking up more often, it also leads to disturbed sleep and poor rest. Ensure that the mattress does not retain heat when it comes to seniors. Heat retention could also lead to more problems apart from the loss of sleep. The additional sweat could cause serious issues if the person is spending more time in bed.
  8. Noise: Noise is one of the biggest concerns with spring beds. Every time you move around in bed it feels like a burglar just broke into your home and stepped on something. You don’t want to be in a state of alert or disturbance when you are in bed. Most doctors recommend a calm environment to sleep on with no noise distractions. Imagine the distraction is what you are sleeping on!
  9. Ease of Movement: Movement in bed is a very natural process. People move 20 times an hour in their sleep. These movements may not all be big or about shifting positions but these are movements nevertheless and you don’t even know it. If you are not able to move around in bed, you wake up with sores and aches. Some people complain about lack of mobility in the morning or a stiff arm or leg, all caused due to immobility. 

Memory foam mattress for Seniors

Memory foam mattresses were the most used mattresses for back pain, medical purposes, and health care. Its also one of the most widely tested mattress types since it’s been around a longer period of time, proven to be effective and durable. There are a lot of good things about memory foam mattresses and a few bad ones too. Recent memory foam mattresses have been able to counter their problems by making adjustments in materials used or using some form of technology. For instance, Memory foam mattresses are too hot to sleep on. With Charcoal foam or gel-infused memory foam, heat retention has been reduced drastically. Another problem is with the mattress not being able to recover to its original shape faster. Today many mattresses have countered these problems with innovative design helping the mattress to be more responsive.

Some of the best Memory Foam mattresses for seniors include


The Puffy mattress is designed for all sleeper types. Its pressure-relieving, Cool, and free from motion transfer. The design allows the mattress to be cool and breathable. The adapting dual cloud foam with Climate adaptive regulation maintains the temperature in bed and conforms to the body well. The Puffy mattress comes with 101 Night trial and a Lifetime warranty

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

Loom and Leaf

The loom and leaf mattress comes with organic cotton covers , antimicrobial and allergen relief features and a cooling gel. The mattress is much cooler and the premium high density memory foam is adaptive and pressure relieving. The mattress comes with a 15 year warranty and a 120 night sleep trial. The Loom and leaf mattress is manufactured by the saatva company

  •  120 Night Trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Cooling Gel
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Flame retardant
  • Free delivery and setup

Latex Mattress for Seniors

Latex mattresses are a tad bit better than memory foam mattresses. They are pressure relieving, does not retain heat, and are free from motion isolation. The better part of the latex mattress comes from the fact that they are natural and adapt well to your body.  They are conforming but can bounce back to shape much faster. They are responsive and this helps people move in the mattress much easily as compared to the memory foam mattresses in the market. Most of the other features are very similar to the memory foam mattresses. They are conforming, adaptive, Naturally cooler and come in different firmness levels. Most adults are not allergic to Latex mattresses as compared to Memory foam mattresses.

Latex Mattress Factory

Latex mattress factory manufactures the best DIY mattress and you can design your mattress to your choice. You can put in 2 or 3 layers of latex foam and a cover or even add encased innersprings or coils to your mattress. The Latex mattress factory is also one of the few affordable latex mattress companies. 

  • Comes in 2 Thickness (9 inch and 7 inch)
  • Flippable
  • 2 Firmness Levels
  • 100% organic and Certified (Oeko-Tex, Certipur)


Plushbeds is famous for their mattresses. Its got some of the most premium mattresses in their collection. The Latex mattresses come in different firmness levels and even different thicknesses you can choose. The mattresses are recommended for people with back problems and even the elderly.

Hybrid mattress For seniors

Hybrid mattresses are not the most preferred mattresses for seniors. They are a bit bouncy to begin with and motion isolation, though extremely good does not match those of pure latex or memory foam. While its bouncy, and its not a feature to look forward for, there are other benefits to hybrid mattresses that cannot be overlooked. Hybrid mattresses are known to be extremely conforming and pressure relieving. For seniors with back pain and health issues, the hybrid mattress could be the right fit. 

Hybrid mattresses are comparatively expensive. The construction of the mattress itself could be a bit more complicated than a simple foam mattress or a latex mattress. Unlike Pure memory foam or latex mattress, the hybrid mattresses are engineered to work for certain conditions. They make a perfect fit for people with back pain, Ones who have gone through surgeries and some of them even fall under the luxury category.


The saatva mattress is one of the most sought after brands in the Hybrid luxury mattress category. They are also one of the few companies to have researched a great deal in the mattress industry to help people with back pain and sleep-related problems. Being a luxury mattress, the saatva is also one of the best for adults and seniors. They are extremely comfortable and come with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial. They also have a pure memory foam mattress and pure latex mattress brand.


Plushbeds are made of pure latex. They come in full latex and hybrid. The hybrid mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases that have minimal motion transfer and are cool. They are an excellent choice for elders because of its pressure-relieving features. IT comes with a 15-year warranty and a 100-night trial. Plushbeds are known for their quality mattresses and the reviews are excellent


Aging conditions that affect sleep

Aging has its own set of problems. Aches and pains are common. Back pain is very common among seniors and it needs to be addressed with the right exercises, medication, and rest. A great mattress will help. But it’s not back pain alone which is a problem with seniors. Seniors also face problems with a range of other health issues that affect sleep. 

Considering these conditions back pain is often a requirement when choosing a mattress. If your loved ones are suffering from back pain and also another condition, choose more carefully. Medium firms and firms may feel almost the same for you, but it’s not the same for them. They are more sensitive to the touch and feel of the mattress and they will be the ones sleeping on them.

Some of the common conditions that affect sleep when it comes to seniors include

  • Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s is one of the few confusing diseases. Not only for the patients but also for the doctors. Many patients complain about the inability to sleep at night. Sleep often comes in bits and pieces. The spells of naps often become harmful and result in behavioural changes. With the right mattress, you can at least expect most seniors to stay comfortable in bed which may eventually result in slightly better sleep. The bed is not a sleep solution it’s just a catalyst or an influencer. The better the bed, the chances are they get a bit more rest. 
  • Arthritis: Arthritis and Pain-related problems are often recommended for rest. The right mattress has a lot to do with healing or at least helping relieve pain with conditions like arthritis. A good mattress with pressure relief and one which is conforming should be ideal for people suffering from arthritis. Ensure the mattress is not soft. Medium-firm mattresses are known to be beneficial for most people suffering from arthritis. 
  • Scoliosis: Scoliosis patients are required to use a medium-firm mattress which is pressure relieving. The mattresses preferred for scoliosis patients are expected to take the pressure off the key points on your spine. Your sleeping position needs to be taken into consideration and choosing a mattress should be after considering the same. Seniors with scoliosis will find a hybrid mattress suitable for their condition. 
  • Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia patients will require a mattress which is pressure-relieving and also adjustable. The sleeping positions recommended will need you to have your back and legs raised which can be done with a pillow but is more comfortable with an adjustable bed. The mattress needs to be medium-firm and also supportive. Mattress types are not as important with fibromyalgia though in most cases a Hybrid is often recommended
  • Diabetes: Diabetes patients often have problems sleeping and this is a side effect of the condition and the medication. Apart from a mattress, a calm and temperature-regulated sleeping environment is key to helping people with diabetes sleep. As for the mattress, diabetes patients are required to sleep on a cooler mattress. Prefer a hybrid or a Latex mattress if you can’t find a cool enough memory foam mattress to your liking.
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