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People sleep in different postures, which include sleeping on the back, side, stomach etc. Side sleeping is one of the most popular postures. Since the pressure for the side sleepers is mostly on the shoulder and the hips, a medium or soft mattress is preferred for them. Irregular sleeping postures can cause back pain and other problems. Since the right kind of mattress is essential for a quality and relaxed sleep, it ultimately has an impact on the health of a person.

Almost all brands have mattresses to suit side sleepers. Side sleepers need mattresses which both support and release pressure off the back. If your needs are specific, you can choose one that meets your requirements. There are many brands in the market which sells mattresses with small differences in the features. So it will be better if users go through many brands to choose a mattress which suits their needs. This is particularly important since some brands of mattresses are quite expensive and many users can afford to change mattresses only once in several years (average of 7 – 15 years).

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Benefits of sleeping on the side and ideal mattresses for side sleepers

Sleeping on the side has a few benefits. One is, it relieves the pressure from the back. It also keeps the joints in a neutral position and a few people also get relief from snoring. Side sleepers also need mattresses that contours to the curves of the body. Soft mattresses like the memory foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, but some pillow top or Euro top mattresses also provide adequate comfort. Comfort is usually measures in a scale form 1-10. An average scale of 4-7 provides softness and the required firmness. If the scale is higher, then the softness will increase. Side sleepers are advised to avoid very firm mattresses. Most of the modern day soft mattresses are manufactured to provide support too.

Some of the popular mattresses for side sleepers are,

  • Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattresses provides very good comfort with four layers of foam. It also has a 3 inch gel memory foam layer for a cool and comfortable sleep
  • The Serta 12 inch gel-memory foam mattress too has gel memory foam for comfort and even weight distribution. It has good air flow and helps provide a relaxed sleep.
  • Sleep Innovations 12 inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for side sleepers which provide very good support and softness.
  • Dream Foam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress provides the best value for money and is very affordable. This has three layers of foam with a hyper-flex foam at the top which is very soft and absorbent. It has a second layer of natural talalay latex and another two layers of foam for comfort and support. It cushions pressure points and allows natural spine alignment.
  • Signature Sleep Contour 8 inch mattress provides very good support for the vertebrae and distributes weight evenly relieving pressure. The mattress has independently encased coils which eliminate motion disturbance for an good night’s sleep.
  • DreamFoam bedding Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy Euro Top Mattress, 9 inch has medium firm convoluted high density foam mattress. It has dual convoluted foam core layers with TriZone support. This is a cotton mattress made in USA.
  • Sleep Master 6 inch smooth top therapeutic memory foam mattress is an ideal mattress for children or for guest rooms, where the usage is occasional.

Hence a good mattress will benefit side sleepers as the pressure on their sides and hips are considerably removed hence reducing pain. It is not good to use very firm mattresses for side sleepers. A number of options are available for side sleepers and with some research, side sleepers can find a mattress which is to their liking, budget and comfort. Some of the features and popular mattress options are given above and a number of variations are available from those discussed above.

Mattress For Side Sleepers