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  • Designed for Heavier individuals with Back pain
  • 180 Night Trial
  • 20 Year Warranty

There are a lot of limitations to a person who are overweight. Its hard to get the right sized chair, traveling becomes hard, even the cutlery seems to be too small to handle at times. Purchasing anything for a person who is overweight requires careful consideration. When purchasing a mattress, you find that most of them are designed for people of normal size and weight. There seems to be no size for a 300 lbs person which says Queen size for bigger individuals. You have to choose from the best available product which may suit your requirement. Well that was until lately. 

Today there are a few companies that have products dedicated for heavier individuals. If you are overweight and are looking for a mattress then there are a few companies who design Mattresses targeted exactly for you. These mattresses are capable of handling your weight and making you feel pretty normal. But are there any companies that create a mattress specifically for overweight people who have back pain? 

While there aren’t any companies that have dedicated themselves to creating a mattress specifically for back pain, there are companies which have done enough to ensure that they test their mattresses for people with back pain. This happens for normal mattresses and for mattresses designed for heavier individuals. They consider a few key factors while testing their mattresses and if they are compliant for people with back pain and specifically for those on the heavier side or overweight.

The best Mattresses for Heavy people with back problems should meet a few key characteristics. These characteristics are the same for normal people too but when it comes to a heavier person, the mattress material has to be a bit more dense and able to take the weight. The springs in the mattresses , if you are using a hybrid should be able to withstand your weight. The foam should not give in to the weight over time and crumble and the edge should be supportive. All these factors are considered in a mattress for a normal person but for a person who is overweight, these factors play an important role. Apart from the material used, its about the design too. For a person who is overweight, the mattress needs to be thick. It should be 12, 14 , 15 inches or even more. The thicker, the more comfortable the person is going to be. But be sure that its Thick but with poor support. Thin , unsupportive coils and foam which is not dense is going to be useless for a person who is heavy. 

For a person with back pain, you should be looking at a mattress which is medium firm. While most companies who sell mattresses claim that their foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses are actually medium firm, for a person who is heavy, they may find that the mattress is actually soft. Oftentimes, spring mattresses which are medium firm would be as good as a thin pad for a heavy person. A good mattress should be Medium firm to you. If you are over 200lbs, a medium firm may feel soft while a firm mattress may be a bit too dense. You may want something in between. 

Trying out a mattress is key when it comes to an overweight person. Purchasing online may or may not give you the right mattress. Talking to a person on the other end and ensuring that the mattress is actually going to work is key. Tell them about your back problem. Ensure that they have a return policy and you can try the mattress for a week or two before you decide. Most companies offer a 100 night trial. For people who are overweight, you would be able to pick out the few mattresses which are clearly not for you the first time you lay down on it. If it hits bottom, you know the mattress is not for you. Prepare to return it. Most companies wouldn’t even try to sell you a mattress if they think that it wouldn’t meet your purpose and the mattress wouldn’t take your weight limit, that is if you have spoken to a sales rep. Email them before you make a purchase and expect them to reply to your email. You will always have a clear evidence of the communication and they wouldn’t be able to go back on their word after the purchase is made and you want to return the product.

If the mattress passes the first night test, chances are that you actually find the mattress OK for the time being. But thats not the end of it. You need to ensure that its supportive for your back. Its unlikely that you find the results on the first night. Chances are the back pain has worsened because of the new mattress. Give the mattress at least 2-3 weeks time to get accustomed to your body and vice versa before you decide. 

If your mattress is responsive and you can feel every part of your body touching while you lay down on it without excessive pressure on any part of your body, chances are the mattress will be good for your back. But don’t take our word for it. Try the mattress for 3-4 weeks. If you are still not comfortable with these mattresses, return them. But before you return the mattress be sure to understand what the problem was. Was it too firm? Was it too soft? Was it not responsive or there was pressure on some part of your body , more than the other. Understand everything you felt about the mattress. This can help a lot when you are out purchasing the next mattress. Maybe you want a much firmer mattress and the same company would be able to replace your existing mattress with a firmer one! Or maybe its a softer mattress you require.

Saatva HD – Mattress designed for heavy people with  Back pain

There are some mattresses which are good for the overweight individual these days. The big fig mattress is one among them. The nectar mattress is known to support good weight and then there is purple. The problem with all these mattresses are that they dont have any evidence on how they support individuals who are overweight and have a back pain problem. The Saatva HD mattress is not only great for people who are overweight but also has a string of research for those with back problems. 

At first glance the Saatva HD may look a lot inefficient when you put them side by side to a big fig mattress. The lower number of coil counts, Lack of encased coils and the type of foam used may all seem to go in favour of the big fig mattress but when it comes to the quality of the coil, the wood used in their foundation and the density of the foam used on a saatva, they are all pointing towards a comfortable sleep for the heavier individual. For a company which has done years of research in the mattress industry, the saatva is known to be very satisfactory for customers who have purchased the product. The reviews are for one , ver positive from individuals who have purchased the Saatva HD . Apart from the reviews, the tests done show a very positive results for people who suffer from back pain related problems.

The Saatva HD comes with 20 year warranty and a 180 night trial. They are also great for hot sleepers, which are common in heavier individuals. The delivery is entirely free.

The Saatva HD has a mix of Talalay Latex with 5 zone support. You will find the Saatva HD to be more supportive based on your body weight. The core body(torso area) is made of high-density latex while the foot and head area are much softer. The Saatva HD is a Luxury mattress and not just another run of the mill mattress which puts together a few layers of coil and foam. You will feel the organic cotton pillow top to be soothing and give you a luxury feel. The mattress is 15.5 inches thick and not 13 inches like a big fig mattress and we all know how important it is to have a thick mattress for the heavier side of you.

The Saatva HD also has a dedicated perimeter edge support which is good. I wouldn’t put it as extremely good , but for a luxury mattress, and the need to keep the mattress comfortable, the edge support is perfect and does not feel like a piece of wood on the side.