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Mattresses are especially crucial for heavy people since obesity or overweight itself poses a lot of threat to the health of obese people. If sleep too is affected because of improper mattresses, it will further aggravate the health problems if any. So it is very important to choose the best mattresses available for heavy people to have a relaxed and peaceful sleep. Typically, the mattresses should not give any neck or back problems to the user.
Shopping for mattresses for obese people – Some facts

  • The thickness of the mattress is one crucial factor to look for when heavy people buy mattresses. The thickness of the mattress should be at least 12”(people with a normal weight of under 200 pounds can manage with mattresses of about 10” thickness). Thicker mattresses provide better support because of the pressure that their weight creates on the mattress.
  • The firmness level is dependent on your sleeping positions like whether you like to sleep on the side, back or on the stomach. Most of the heavy people prefer medium to medium-firm as these mattresses support their weight better and give them more support.
  • Mattresses with better edge support are better for heavy people as it will help while sitting on the edge and also prevent sagging or collapse when sitting on the edge. Mattresses with coil-on-coil, spring, or a combination of these two will offer the best edge support.
  • Heavy people need mattresses that do not retain heat. The mattresses that do not retain heat are memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, latex, advanced open cell memory foam or some mattresses that utilize gel or other cooling agents. These types of mattresses are more comfortable for heavy people.

The best mattresses for heavy / obese people

Mattress manufacturers are now making heavy-duty frames, foundations, and mattresses to suit overweight people. Some of the best mattresses are, 

  • Sleep Innovation’s Sure-Temp 2,5” thick memory foam mattress has a thickness of 12” and is one of the best mattresses for heavy people. It also comes with a 20-year limited guarantee.
  • Fresh Breeze 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Dynasty Mattresses is also one of the best mattresses for heavy people. It provides excellent support and comfort for heavy people. It has a 3 inch thick ‘cool’ technology foam which provides a soft yet firm surface and also good air flow to keep the sleeper cool.
  • Lucid’s 14-inch plush memory Foam Mattress has a thickness of 14 inches of which it has 1 inch of charcoal memory foam at the top. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • Sleep Master 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress has only a thickness of 10 inches but the price is very competitive, and it has some good features. It has three layers of memory foam for comfort, and there is no off-gassing in this mattress. 

These are some of the best mattresses a 300 pound to 450-pound person. These mattresses are designed to support these people better. 

Some of the other popular mattress manufacturers are Loom & Leaf, Nest Alexander, Leesa, Saatva, WinkBed, Amerisleep Colonial etc. A Canadian made mattress Endy is also available which is suitable for people weighing over 200 pounds. All these brands have many of the features of an ideal mattress for heavy people. 


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What is the best kind of mattress for a heavy person?

 Latex mattress tends to fare far better than other kind of mattress when it comes to heavy people. We recommend Latex for Less mattress for Heavy people because it is natural, safe and best of all, does not give in or sag over time.  

  • Memory foam mattresses provide good contouring support and pain relief. It is especially useful if the memory foam is of higher density. The disadvantage of this mattress is that heavier people may sink and make their movement difficult. To overcome this problem, there should be a 7-inch support layer and a total thickness of a minimum 9 inches through 12 inches are the most preferred for people above 300-400 pounds
  • Latex mattresses are strong and durable. They are cooler than memory foam mattresses. The advantage is that the latex foam need not be as thick as the memory foam mattresses. The disadvantage is that latex mattresses may create impressions which will make it difficult for obese people to move about.
  • Air Mattresses for heavy people: Air beds have been seen to support weight and is generally well-liked by heavy people. Some of the factors to be considered while buying an air mattress for obese people is that the mattress has to be at an optimum height from the ground to enable people to get in and out of these beds easily. The air mattresses should be of a good thickness and have a heavy duty label. The correct size of the mattress is essential if you are a couple. Air beds may also help people with a bad back. Built-in pumps is an added advantage. Sleep Number, Sound Asleep, Serta all have a good air bed for obese people.
  • Heavy people also love Waterbeds. They should look for water beds which are strong and not look for only thickness
  • Inner Spring mattresses rate lower than the above-mentioned mattresses since they tend to sag more and hence become uncomfortable and cause pain. It also makes more noise when used by heavier people. Innerspring mattresses with a coil count of 600 or above for a queen sized bed is more comfortable for heavier people
  • Futons mattresses are suitable only for heavy people who sleep on their side. The supporting frames will not support the very heavy weight, but the mattresses are very firm and are liked by heavy people who love firm mattresses.

On the whole mattress manufacturers are concerned about the needs of the obese people and a number of leading companies are making mattresses for obese or heavy people to suit their needs. It is essential for customers to buy quality mattresses which will last for at least 10 years. 

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Mattress Toppers for Heavy People

When you dont want to change your mattress or want to add a bit of more comfort to your existing mattress, a mattress topper could come useful. Mattress toppers add a layer of foam or latex to your existing mattress making it more comfortable and adding durability to your existing mattress. If you have a thin mattress and if you are heavy, chances are you will feel that you are hitting the bottom. It may feel too uncomfortable and you may be feeling like you are hitting the floor at times. A mattress topper, specially a dense mattress topper could do the trick of adding a padding to your existing mattress giving you more comfort. 

The best mattress toppers recommended for heavy people are usually dense. The toppers should not be extremely soft or you will not find a lot of difference. A latex topper will usually be the best choice. Memory foam mattress, though good, will tend to wear out after a period of time. The life of a latex topper is much more than that of a foam topper. Also ensure that your toppers are thick. The thicker the topper, the better for you. If you are suffering from back problems, you may want to ensure that there is a firm topper. Memory foam toppers usually will sink you in and you will find it more uncomfortable turning over in bed. 


What is the best bed frame for an overweight person?

When you are looking for a bed frame, ensure that you are looking for one which can hold the maximum weight limit. Considering the fact that the mattress itself is heavy, you may want to consider adding that to your weight when purchasing a frame. Most frames will hold up to 500 pounds of weight. This may seem ok to you but when you add your weight to the weight of the mattress, you are in the borderline of maximum capacity. 

When you look for a Bed frame especially if you are an overweight person, you should look for one which has a capacity of 1000 pounds or more. The more the better but it would cost you a bit more money to go for a frame which will have a higher capacity. A sturdy frame which can hold 500 pounds more than your weight and the mattress weight is a good ballpark figure and it wouldn’t cost you anything more than a $100 on amazon. A good frame should ensure a better life of your mattress giving you the required height to get in and out of bed.


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