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Our Top Rated Picks Compared 

  • Saatva HD – Designed for Heavier People
  • Nectar Mattress – Firm Mattress 
  • Avocado Green Mattress- Pure Latex Hybrid
  • Plushbeds – Pressure Relief
  • Latex For Less – Innovative Material

What type of mattress is best for heavy person 

The right type of mattress for a heavy person would be a Latex mattress. If you are above 250 lbs, most other mattresses wouldn’t either support your weight or would not be too comfortable for you. Latex mattresses are highly responsive and durable. It’s also firmer than memory foam which makes it an excellent choice for people who are overweight. This does not mean that memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and inner coil mattresses are bad for heavy people. There are memory foam mattresses that are designed to handle heavier people. There are Hybrid mattresses like the Saatva HD which can handle a weight limit of up to 500 lbs. But as a general rule, you can expect most latex mattresses to suit your needs if you are a heavy person. Depending on your weight, you may want to opt for a mattress between a medium-firm and Firm in any type of mattress. The advantage of Latex mattress is that it’s very durable and for a person who is overweight, you want to ensure that the mattress doesn’t sag over time or sink you in the mattress when you sleep on it.

We will look at Latex mattresses, Latex hybrid mattresses, and specific brands in the memory foam mattress and hybrid category which are suitable for heavy people. As a general rule, most of these mattresses are medium-firm or firm and only suitable for people who are heavy. If you are below 200 lbs, you may want to go for a more plush option. Also, note that these are not bariatric mattresses. A bariatric mattress is crafted for specific needs just to suit obese, overweight people with health conditions. These mattresses are suitable for anyone and are not crafted only for obese people. Some of these mattresses also fall under the Luxury category. 

If you are looking for a Pure Bariatric mattress, Check out the reviews on Bariatric beds here.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People

A pure Memory foam mattress is an incredibly difficult choice to make. Most of the mattresses in the market are either too soft or too thin for a heavy person to be comfortable on. Memory foam mattresses were made to create the best cushioning effect for a person sleeping on it. Though the firmness can be adjusted, most of the mattresses in the market cater to the regular person with a normal weight between 130 and 200 lbs. For a person who is heavy, you need to look at a firm mattress. The foam should be conforming but should not sink the person into it.  It should be pressure relieving and easy to move on. The right foam mattress should have a firmness level of 7-8 for a person who is heavy while most mattresses stick on to a firmness level of 5.5-6.5 which is great for a person who is below 230 lbs but not for someone who is 300 or more.

Memory foam mattresses also have certain other problems. Heat retention is a major issue and to counter the heat, cooling technology is often used. This may include a gel infused foam or graphite or charcoal-infused foam among others. For a heavier person, the chances of heat retention are much higher because they tend to occupy more space in the bed. A cooler mattress is known to help people who are overweight sleep better. One other concern is the height of the mattress. Thinner mattresses are known to bottom out with a heavy person on it. Choose a mattress with more height. You cannot go wrong with this one. Any mattress above 10 inches should be good for a person who is heavy.

Nectar sleep Mattress

The Nectar Sleep Mattress is one of the few Memory foam mattresses in the market which is firm enough to support heavyweight. 300lbs is comfortably handled by this mattress and goes up to 350 lbs. Its gel-infused foam technology keeps the mattress cool and quilted memory foam cover makes it’s soft and pleasant to lie down on. For most people who are below 200 lbs, this mattress may seem a bit too firm and will require a memory foam topper. For those above 200 lbs, the mattress is just perfect. You will not bottom out because the mattress is 11 inches in height and with a firm base and a softer top gel-infused foam, you have a sturdy, yet soft mattress.

Best memory foam Hybrid mattress For heavy People

Some of the best mattresses for back pain and health conditions are the hybrid mattresses. Its conforming, supportive, and has the bounce which most memory foam mattresses lack. But the hybrid mattresses also have a few drawbacks. For one, the motion transfer is high (in comparison to the pure memory foam mattresses) and the life is also comparatively lower. While a memory foam mattress can last 8-10 years, a hybrid would last 6-8 years in good condition. Hybrid mattresses are memory foam layers on top of encased springs. It’s an advanced design of an inner coil mattress. Due to the coil in the mattress, chances are that they will slowly lose the bounce over time. IF you are a heavy person, chances are that they will lose bounce faster and start to sink. You will need to find a hybrid mattress which has lower gauge steel (bigger sized coils) to support your weight while maintaining all the other features of the hybrid beds. Hybrid beds are one of the best mattresses for pressure relief. If you are suffering from back-related problems, back pain, sciatica and you are overweight, the Hybrid mattress is the right choice. 

Better aerationMotion transfer
Good BounceLesser life span
Pressure Relief

Saatva Mattress – Best mattress for up to 500 pounds 

Saatva is one of the best selling mattresses for people suffering from conditions like back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, and even post-surgery. It’s a memory foam hybrid mattress that is tested and approved by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors. The reviews for saatva are extensive as its one of the few mattresses to be sold online. Saatva comes in firm and luxury firm models for heavy people. For most people, the medium-firm or luxury firm should do great. It’s one of the few mattresses which can take up to 500 lbs. The total weight limit of the mattress is 1000lbs with 500 on each side. Very few mattresses can handle that weight and still not sag. The steel coils are durable and with a warranty of 15 years, the saatva is one of the few mattresses which can be recommended without hesitance.

Best Latex Mattress for Heavy People

Latex mattresses are more durable and forgiving when it comes to heavy people. It has everything a memory foam mattress has to offer and a bit more. It’s conforming and retains its shape even after years of use. Unlike memory foam, the Latex mattresses usually do not sink or sag that easily. They are also much cooler than the memory foam mattresses in the market even without any special cooling technology. Latex mattresses are known to be available as a bit firmer option than memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses come in 2 types. The Dunlop and Talalay. The Talalay latex mattresses are much softer than the Dunlop varieties. There are plenty of Dunlop varieties in the market as well as Talalay. For most people who are overweight, a Dunlop variety is a better option. It feels much firmer and supportive. 

Unlike hybrid mattresses, the pure latex mattresses last a lot longer. With no springs and other parts involved, the foam tends to last a lot longer than hybrids and even memory foams. The good part of the latex mattress is it is completely natural. Latex comes from the rubber tree and is often organic. Companies also manufacture mattresses with organic cotton and organic wool to ensure that the entire mattress is free from chemicals. For a person who is heavy, these factors do matter a lot. Allergy and breathing problems are common in many of us who are overweight and an allergen-free mattress is simply a blessing.

ConformingLesser bounce
Pressure relieving
All Natural

Latex for Less Mattress – Best option for Medium firm and firm in one.

Latex for less is one of the few mattresses with a simple construction yet just apt for people who are heavy. The mattress has 2 layers of latex, one Dunlop and one Talalay encased in a wool fire barrier and organic cotton cover. The mattress can be flipped and you could use the Dunlop side for a firm feel and the Talalay side for a medium-firm side. Chances are you will not go wrong with a Latex for less mattress. At first look, the mattress is only 9 inches thick and you would doubt if the mattress would bottom out or be durable enough to support you over a period of 7-8 years. Latex for less is an exception and so are most other pure latex mattresses. These mattresses will not bottom out so easily as the Dunlop foam is dense and can handle weight up to 350 lbs easily.

Best Latex Hybrid Mattress for Heavy People

While hybrid mattresses are not recommended for people with heavyweight problems, there are a few mattresses that can accommodate people in the range of 250-300 lbs. The Latex hybrid mattresses in the industry are not all perfect. Most of them are not suitable for people with weight issues. When checking to purchase a latex hybrid mattress ensure that the mattress has the required firmness and more importantly the steel gauge should be low. The coil should be strong enough to hold your weight and most mattresses will not be able to handle the weight of 250 +. ensure that the latex layer of the mattress is Dunlop for a firm feel. Talalay toppers can be used to make the mattress softer. In most cases, you will find the Dunlop layer comfortable if you are above 300 lbs. 

Avocado green Mattress

Avocado green mattresses can handle a weight limit of up to 350 lbs per side. Its a 100% organic mattress and comes in the medium firm. The avocado mattress is perfect for people with a weight of around 300 lbs. If you are lighter, chances are you will need a topper for better comfort. The avocado green mattress is conforming, bouncy enough, and firm at the same time. The latex used is Dunlop and it’s eco friendly. The mattress comes with a range of certifications and is one of the few mattresses which meets every standard possible. It’s free from allergies and can be handled easily. Everything from cotton, wool, and latex is 100% organic and obtained from reliable sources. 

Best Air Mattress For heavy People

While air mattresses are a hassle to maintain and the lifespan of the mattress is considerably less, it’s one of the few suited mattresses for people who are obese. Air mattresses can be easy to adjust when it comes to firmness and you can make it as firm or as soft as you want. This makes it a viable option for people who are heavy. If the mattress company says that it can handle 300 lbs, 400 lbs or 500 lbs, go ahead and buy it. You can be sure that you can adjust the firmness to your comfort. There are a few problems with air mattresses. The first and foremost is that it tends to lose firmness over a period of use. IT also will become softer over the night when you sleep. While it may feel perfect when you get into the bed, chances are after a few hours it will lose a bit of pressure and you will sink in. This results in back problems over a period of time. When you purchase an air mattress ensure that these points are addressed. If you are purchasing an air mattress, also find out the warranty which comes with the mattress and the foundation required. 

The best part of air mattresses is that they come with twin side adjustable settings. You can have a firm setting and the other side can be soft. This is often a problem with people of different sizes. While one person who is light may require a plush feel, the person who is heavy will need a firm mattress. This is completely customizable on an air mattress.

Best Firm Innerspring mattress for heavy people

Innerspring mattresses were the go-to choices for beds a few decades ago because it was the only good option. Today things have changed. The options for mattress types are huge and the brands are over 1000 which creates extremely good mattresses of every type and quality. From cotton filled mattresses, coir mattresses, memory foam, air mattresses, water beds, latex mattresses, and a hybrid mattress which incorporates 2 or more of the mattress types are all in the market. Choosing an innerspring mattress is now limited to people who are on a low budget and cannot afford quality mattresses. The hybrid mattresses usually come with foam and coils and is an advanced version of the inner coil mattresses which were traditionally manufactured and marketed. Today Innerspring mattresses are not recommended for most people. Apart from the fact that it has very poor motion isolation, other factors like noise and sagging in mattresses all contribute to the bad quality of innerspring mattresses. For heavy people, specifically, the innerspring mattresses are not really a good choice or an option.