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Best Mattress for Couples who are overweight

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This Article is specific for people who are 

  1. Above the weight of 400 lbs up to 500 lbs
  2. Are overweight
  3. For couples but also for a single person who wants a lot of space
  4. Who are looking to replace their existing mattresses due to poor support.

Custom made mattresses are difficult to find and in case you do, they cost a lot. When it comes to your specific needs, specially when you are on the higher weight category, you will need a mattress which is crafted for your needs and not whats commonly sold in the market. A perfect mattress for a person who is above the 400 lbs weight category needs to be 

  1. Firm for a normal person but comfortable and supportive for a heavy person
  2. Have great edge support
  3. Have superior breathability
  4. Have Denser material for longer life

While these may seem very normal for all mattresses in general, specially for those who are below the 250 lbs mark, these are hard to find for people aove the 400 lbs weight limit. Most people who are above the weight limit of 250 tend to compromise on comfort when it comes to mattresses and mattress choice. They do get affected from sleep related problems , primarily because the mattress is not on par with their requirements. Problems include back pain, Allergies and in worse case scenarios, heart ailments. 

While it may be forgiven to choose just about any mattress when you are single, its not a good option for couples. Poor mattress quality in heavy couples could lead to poor sex, apart from poor sleep and health conditions. One of the other concerns when it comes to poor mattress is snoring. While it may not be a major concern when you are single, as a couple, snoring is a concern and your mattress may be responsible for it.

What you should be looking for when you are purchasing your mattress, specially if you are over 400lbs and a couple.

  1. Size : The size of the mattress matters a lot. For most people who are above 400 lbs, you would prefer to have space, and an ample amount of it. While cuddling with your partner may seem like a great option, it is often uncomfortable for more than a few minutes. No matter what sleep position you prefer, you need a bit of space between you and your partner.  You should also consider some moving space at night and be sure that you do not wake your partner up in the process. For most couples, a king sized mattress is recommended . The king sized mattress offers more space than a california king and a foot and 4 inches whe compared to a queen sized mattress.
  2. Support : if you have already purchased a mattress before and tried several of them, of which many include those for weight limit below 250 lbs, you would have clearly felt the level of comfort on those mattresses. When a 400 lbs person sleeps on a mattress which only supports 250 lbs, the mattres sinks and often tends to touch bottom. This does not mean the mattress is of poor quality, but its just crafted for people who are a bit lighter. A person who is heavier will require a mattress which has a different level of construction. The springs (in a hybrid mattress) should be of higher strength, the foam should be denser and the Latex layer should be thicker. The quality and the construction of the mattress changes and this directly affects the support of the mattress itself. 
  3. Height : in general, height has nothing to do with the capacity of a weight a mattress can handle. There are mattresses which are 12 and 14 inches tall but can barely handle 300 lbs. While height is not a determining factor for a mattress crafted for heavy couples, its surely a factor which needs to be factored in, just like for mattress crafted for the general consumers. The height of the mattress , when combined with premium quality material and excellent craftsmanship provides a mattress which will not bottom out even when you are above 400 lbs yet provide you with the comfort you need for a good nights sleep. A good mattress crafted for people above 400 lbs is expected to be around 14 inches or more. 
  4. Heat retention and Cooling capabilities : one of the few concerns among sleep therapists is the poor sleep, specially due to changing body temperature and temperature in the room. Heat retention is one of the major cause of sleep apnea and sleep related problems. ITs also one of the few reasons why most mattress companies are improving their technology to incorporate heat regulating mechanisms by adding Cooling gel or breathable designs. If you think of it, a person who has a higher bmi will occupy more surface area on a mattress when they lie down, preventing air flow and increasing heat build up. Chances of you warming up rapidly in a mattress which has a poor design or has poor quality material is much higher than if you compare it to a regular mattress which is crafted for someone in the average or below average weight category. When you and your partner will clearly occupy over 60 percentage of the mattress surface area, the heat build up could go anywhere between 2-5 degrees higher with a poor design . and this is uncomfortable for you and your partner. Opt for a mattress which is breathable, has less memory foam , more latex and gel foam, preferably something which has a coil based support for better breathability.
  5. Sturdy edges : Whe it comes to edges, most people consider a sturdy edge essential for sitting down, but thats generally the case for a mattress crafted for people below 250lbs. For people on the higher side of the weight chart, A sturdy edge also means not falling off the edge when you are asleep. While sitting on the edge is a good feature to have, its the falling off the edge which scares most people. A good edge support is key for a good mattress, specially when the mattress is tall. A good mattress should have a dedicated edge support mechanism with higher tensile springs along the edges and additional support over the eges for better support.
  6. Durability : Not really related to comfort (at least not in the first year or so) but has great importance. Durability of a mattress means 2 things. You will be happier with the mattress for a longer period of time (nearly 5 years) and its lighter on your pocket. A good mattress which is durable should last 10 years but experts recommend that you change your mattress in 8. Personally, a mattress after the 5 year clearly starts showing problems. Small dents, bumps and uneven surface all contribute to poorer sleep conditions. But if your mattress lasts 5 years, you can say that its worth the money. A mattress costs $3500 + accessories, which is putting you back $700 back every year if it lasts 5 years. If your mattress does not last more than 3 then your investment in your mattress is above $1000 per year which is a big amount. 

What else should you Consider when purchasing a mattress for heavy couples?

  1. Sex : does your mattress support your weight and your partners? Will it be noisy? Will the mattress bottom out or will the process be uncomfortable? These are common concerns for everyone when they are looking for a good mattress and specially when you are a couple. Its something which youahve to factor in when purchasing a mattress. To begin with, Most mattresses which will support 400 lbs will support your weight effectively well for a short period of time when having sex. When it comes to noise, apart from inner coil mattress (Not recommended if you are over 400 lbs) , most other mattress will not be noisy. The hybrid mattress available in the market today are well crafted to have no noise at all. And when it comes to bottoming out and comfort levels, if your mattress iscrafgted to handle higher weight limits, its usually not a concern but comfort levels may vary.
  2. Responsiveness : If heat retention is one of the major cause of sleep related problems, then responsiveness takes the second place. Movement in bed while sleeping with a partner who toss and turn regularly is one of the major problems to lose sleep and disturbed sleep. A good mattress should be responsive. It should be comfortable for you and your partner no matter how much the other person moves in their sleep. A mattress which is responsive and conforms tend to be steady on the other side when a person moves on the opposite side. 
  3. Luxury :  Though not the most essential , Luxury is one of the key factors which makes a mattress appealing. Just because you are overweight does not mean that you should let go of the good things you can have in your mattress. A luxurious mattress has to do a lot with the top covers, the softness of the surface and also the material in the mattress. High quality mattresses come with organic cotton tops with no chemicals or fiber glass in their layers. The Coils should be high quality and strong. 

Add ons and Mattress accessories for heavy couples 

While you are purchasing a mattress which suits your requirements and handles your weight, you should also consider a mattress fram and foundation which can handl your weight and the weight of your mattress. Most regular frames will handle upto 500 lbs but thats not enough for a mattress which is already heavy and is expected to handle more than the usual weight. Investing in a good fram and foundation adds life to the mattress while also imprvoving the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

Foundations and frames

A regular foundation and frame will not fit a mattress designed to handle heavy couple. You need a much stronger and a firmer frame . This adds life to the mattress. You can surely place your mattress on the floor and its not uncommon for many to do so. Unfortunately, this will create problems while cleaning the room and also accumulate dust and dirt along the edges. To make things worse, it really does not add to the value of the mattress or the aesthetics of your bedroom. Investing on a foundation and a frame is recommended. A frame is often paired with a foundation , though not essential unless you want to raise the height of of your sleeping area for comfort and aesthetics. The foundation though is extremely important. Opt for a frame and foundation which suits your rooms color and appearance while you put your entire emphasise on the build quality of the foundations

Adjustable bases 

Adjustable bases are trendy but also suits a range of conditions. If you are one of those who are not comfortable sleeping in traditional positions or prefer a specific position which is not possible without extra pillows and accessories, the adjustable base is a perfect add on you could invest on. Adjustable bases allow you to sleep in positions which are usually not supported with a normal frame or foundation. Also it sometimes requires a special type of mattress for an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are perfect for people with back pain problems or other health conditions which does not allow them to sleep in regular beds. 

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