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This is a helpful guide in picking the best mattress for couples – based on you and your partner’s sleep preference. While differences exist in a relationship, lack of sleep is one of the vital factors that can make a person feel irritated and unconsciously disturb a good relationship. Let’s face it, it is more strenuous to be kind and patient when you are feeling irritated all the time because of sore back pain or stiffness in the body.

As per a research conducted in 2012 by The Better Sleep Foundation, it was out in the open that Americans crave for more sleep than sex. Yes, 6 out of 10 Americans are sleep starved and shout sleep more than sex when asked what they need the most. Saddest part is they doze off at embarrassing places they least expect. 8 out of 10 blame the mattress that robs them away of sleep.

That being said, it is important that you consider opting a comfortable mattress that can change your life for betterment. I hope this guide paves a way for you to find the perfect bed thereby a happy relationship level.

Befor Buying Mattress Consider This Tips

Check the space. Before you buy a mattress, make sure there is enough room for you and your partner. Stating the obvious, couples sleep better on queen and king size bed than full size mattress. This is because full sized mattress are quite narrow for couples and changing positions in the middle of the night can actually disturb your sleep. This will without a doubt ruin the frequency of deep sleep.

Shout out. I don’t mean literally scream. Talk to your partner about buying a new mattress. Since it has a direct impact on your day to day lives, it is better to discuss this topic before making the purchase. Look at the common happiness rather than single satisfaction.

Compromise. If you both are NOT willing to adjust, then here is plan B. For instance, if you want firm and your partner needs softer, go with plush firm, cushion or medium firm mattress. If you are looking it economic wise, go with mattress pads on one side of the bed.

The Green bucks. Price is always a matter when it comes to new mattress since it requires good investment. For those who are living in budget, stick to a limit and hunt within that range. If you can’t find a mattress within that budget, wait a couple of months. A couple of months misery is always better than lifelong suffering.

Research. Do some studies about the best mattress for couples that are available in the market. If you have enough time at your hand, test the mattress. Lie down in the middle of the store and check its firmness and how the body vibes with it. I know it can be embarrassing to lie in the middle of store but that’s the only way to buy the best mattress for couples. Another trick is to book tickets and indulge in a romantic getaway. Many hotels offer luscious and soft comfy mattress that are loved by couples. It is a known fact that people ask hotels about the brand of mattress they use.

Types of mattress – Best mattress for couples

There are many mattresses available with various designs and base. Here is a little summary on how they work so that you don’t feel overwhelmed while gathering information.

  • Conventional inner spring mattress – a traditional system using coils and springs with layered upholstery on top. Higher the coil, better the support but it also depends on the design and padding that is used in sync.
  • Wrapped coil mattress – another type of coil bedding system where coils are wrapped individually using cloth so as to independently adjust with your body. This coiling system helps in inhibiting motion transfer i.e. your partner won’t be disturbed even if you toss and turn at sleep.
  • Latex and memory foam mattress – reduces pressure points and supports the body by alleviating pressure using advanced techniques. Memory foam are sensitive to temperature and tend to get heat while merging with body’s temperature especially at body parts such as head, neck, hips, shoulders etc. where body is pressed firmly. Latex foam are highly resilient and give amazing relief to the body by taking off pressure from vital body parts.
  • Latex hybrid mattress or memory foam layers – not only gives a traditional touch with its spring system but also delivers benefit by releasing tension from the pressure points. They provide comfort and support using both the technologies. If you are not comfy using foam mattress, then this is best for you.

Tips before buying best mattress for couples

Credits: http://cdn.diply.com/

Credits: http://cdn.diply.com/

  • Hundreds of brands and thousands of products available online make it difficult to choose a product. Check the make of the mattress such as number of springs, types of foam, construction etc.
  • You spend one-third of your life in bed so make sure to find the perfect one that meshes well with your body. If at some point, you guys are not fully satisfied with the mattress, then it will be a point of argument in the bedroom. So make sure you opt for the one that satisfies both your taste.
  • Test the mattress by lying down for several minutes and listen how your body reacts to it. Even online stores such as Saatva mattress have dealers at various locations so that you can check the product in person.
  • Therapeutic mattress are available that are designed specifically to get rid of back pain and provide good support. They might lean on the expensive side but at least you will be getting quality sleep for a few good years.
  • Almost all the brand mattress provide 10—15 years of warranty and offer trial period just in case you are not happy with the purchase.
  • A box spring, bed frame is a strict yes to keep your mattress durable and lasting. Simply buying off just the mattress is not going to work. You can use your old box spring if you feel it is in a good condition and can last a while longer.
  • To men, make sure to buy a mattress that you are comfortable with. As per study, 38% of men are not satisfied with their mattress selected by their better-halves.

Bottomline, healthy discussions always lead to easy solutions. Make sure to buy the best mattress for couples that will work well for both. For good peaceful sleep, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy regime. So make sure you eat right and work on de-stressing yourself for mental well being.