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Best Gel Mattress Features vs Saatva Mattresses

The arrival of gel memory foam helped greatly in removing the tag of ‘heat retentive’ from memory foam mattresses. They completely changed the feel of memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses (perfect cloud elegance gel-pro 12) have some really good features. And Saatva mattresses are no less in good features. Saatva mattresses are one of those beds that not only make promises but put in every effort and succeed in keeping the promises they make. So, let us see which is the best mattress by comparing the best features of gel memory foam mattresses with Saatva mattresses
(comparison is not a bad thing when it is made between two products and when you are going to pay a good amount of your saving on them!)

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress features vs Saatva Mattresses

The competition is really tough but each one of them is great and performs their task really well. The main difference that can be said is SAATVA is safe, free of harmful chemicals and an eco-friendly mattress with the bio-based foam. Not all gel memory foam mattresses are made of bio-based foam. The bio-based foam is healthier than the gel memory foam. It was found that traditional memory foam mattresses sleep hot and the new gel memory foam mattresses are cooler as they are infused with cool gel beads that do not allow heat to build up inside the mattress. But it is not the case with Saatva. They are different from the usual memory foam mattresses. The Saatva memory foam mattresses are made using the bio-based foam and is designed in such a way that the mattress is able to breathe freely, it is well aerated from inside which prevents the building up of heat. That is why Saatva mattresses remain cool and comfortable.

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When it comes to comfort both the types are great. Both have got great contouring feature and pressure relieving property. Saatva is so good in comfort and giving support and relief to the pressure points that it has got chiropractic seal of approval to its credit. Gel memory foam mattresses usually do not come with the tag of eco-friendly, but Saatva mattresses are eco-friendly and have been created using the best, supreme quality and environment-friendly materials. Recycled steel, cotton cover (the cotton used in the Saatva mattress is 100% organic), the fire retardant protection shield is made of natural thistle and the bio-based memory foam.


Saatva is one of the top rated mattress manufacturers. Customers have declared it to be the best online shop of mattresses, whether it is the quality warranty, trial offer or price, Saatva offers the best offer available in the mattress industry. And not to forget the way they treat their customers. Their superbly knowledgeable, well mannered and helpful customer care executives make the shopping procedure really easy and comfortable. The customer is provided with every little detail about the product and is not tricked to buy the product. The company puts forth the truth and leaves the decision making to the customer.

America’s pride which has been entitled with the honor of being “America’s best-priced mattress”, Saatva Is considered the best mattress people have seen in the recent years.

Saatva Mattress Savings

You can avail best Saatva mattress for the high-quality possible value with many discounts, coupon deals. The company offers 120 days home trial on all the orders made at their site, $1000 for getting the Saatva beds, $899 for the luxury memory foam mattress Saatva and enjoy $50 on special purchases.

Saatva Mattress reviews

Saatva reviews are excellent. Most of the satisfied customers have stated that Saatva is a luxury bed, offering best sleeping experience. It comes in three firmness levels with 2 to 6 inches of sinkage, edge support, warranty, support, and bounce.


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